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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] The Karnos/Animus Strategy Archives

My Karnos strategy was pretty interesting but made the whole battle ridiculously easy. It will take a wee bit of patience, but as long as you take it steady, there should be no problems.
Mardek ~40
Gloria ~36
Elwyen ~34
Zach ~32
Make sure all characters have plenty of resistance, but if they are only 50% in the basic elements it’s fine. Make sure Elwyen has enough agility to act before Karnos in the first round: have her use Ballad of Balance the entire battle. Have Mardek keep Morality block up the entire fight. Gloria should focus on healing.
Zach should start off with Sinstrike or throwing potions until Karnos uses Rainbow Guard. Once all of the Null effects are on, switch to Coup de Grace—it should to ~6000 damage per hit. If Gloria or Mardek start running low on MP, have Zach toss them a higher level ether (remember: the Ballad will split the ether between the entire party, so use something strong!).