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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

Oh bother! It’s my dyslexia, sometimes my eyes jump lines or flip things around and next thing you know I’m Sex IT instead of Sec IT, or I’m 52 years old instead of 25. It can be so embarassing (and oh how it made math a nightmare)
< ___ >

EDIT: It should be fixed! Let me know if you find any other typographical errors or hypographical areas!!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

I think you’re being overly critical. It’s not a final boss, it’s a bounty boss and may change in appearance. There is no definitive final boss… er… yet… That’s more up to the developers.

The 100-200 souls per run isn’t a bragging point, it’s an example. I’ll reword it with an example, but frankly my soul count is kind of piddly compared to some other players. I merely meant it as a way of reassuring others that things will pick up – not a way of letting you know you’re inferior (because that’d be just plain stupid and rude XD.).

EDIT: Just took a second, replaced the line with an example instead (not accurate I’m sure but really it gets down to luck.). The final bounty boss is actually Lagomorph and even that’s just an “achievement”/“secondary” boss type. The game will go on forever if you let it. Also appended a note clarifying that some/most of the bounty bosses that are coming up are Easter Eggs/Extras.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / No PLAY button

I don’t normally say things that might qualify me for a ban for “discussing cheats”, but you may be able to bypass this bug by the following methods…

1. Refresh your page.
2a. Backup your information if possible (one of the future steps might help as a temporary fix allowing you to do this)
2b. Clear your browser cache.
3. Right click the flash and click “play” to try and force it onto the next frame (I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.).
4. Redownload flash to verify you have the most recent version.

Alternatively if you’re using Chrome, it does have its own independent version of flash that on occassion can cause bugs. It’s called “Pepperflash”. To disable it go to chrome://plugins/ and look for “Adobe Flash Player (2 files)”. Under that (you may need to expand it to see both files), look for the version of flash that has “PepperFlash” in the location path. Try disabling that one, restarting you browser, and seeing if the game will load then. If this results in any problems, simply go back the same way you came and hit “Enable”.

If THAT doesn’t work, maybe try reinstalling your entire browser (bit extreme but at this point ehhh…)

Also, verify you don’t have third party malware, adware, or any other type of malicious junk on your system. Sometimes people who download things like macro tools and automatic clicking tools also download any third party junk along with them. You can go to your add/remove programs, sort by date, and check to see if any weird or unfamilair programs were installed on the same date as those tools.

SOURCE: I’m an Information Technologist and have some experience with this problem. If nothing else, see if you can file a bug report with the developer and supply them with your email. If you’re lucky, they may have more system or browser specific advice for you given that you tell them what your Operating System is, and what your Browser + Browser Version is. For example, I use Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120 m.

P.S. I’ve filed a bug report about another missing button – the Progression/Farm button (Version 0.11). I know others who have had issues with the Progression/Farm button missing, so it’s possible the flash file may on occassion not load the layers/frames quite right, or something else may be getting in the way. It’s hard to tell given that Flash is like Jenga…

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

Noted, reviewed all four (My original link and your three suggested links) links and appended the changes! Thank you for the feedback, I hope others will find those links (and threads regardless!) very helpful!! 8D

EDIT: Thanks to MyManM for eh… “suggesting”… I put down links to other useful threads! Thanks to Skidmarrk for putting up one of the first tutorials and being an all around nice guy (We didn’t kick it off the greatest, but eh… Life happens.), in addition to some helpful critiques.

EDIT: Thanks to JotarkKa for suggesting those links, and jxm1985 for being a good sport and trying to help! Sort of thanks to hahaownedlolz for the “suggestion” to put in an rough approximation example rather than using myself as an example (Remember, some runs will suck, others will rock! It’s possible to get a primal every boss level, or to make it hundreds of levels and never see a single one! You just need to keep trying!!)

EDIT: Thank you JRCameron, rickfury, englishchannel, and lilitschi for pointing out those mistakes! They should be fixed now.

EDIT: A little shout out to Nicollins and all others responsible for the creation of the French tutorial. I hope to see more tutorials out there, especially those in other languages, or expanding upon various details that I can’t really go into in this thread. Feel free to copy and paste from my tutorial, there is no need to credit, I simply did this to save everyone some time with explaining everything.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

Not a problem! Glad to see that you found the information you were looking for. I know it’s a long read, but that’s because there’s a LOT of information… It’s kind of intimidating really o_o; I should get back to researching…

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!

And one more bookmarked slot just in case any of the above run out of room… My gosh I feel like I’m spamming… (Kong has this weird character limit where if you go past it everything turns into one big blob and all the coding goes out the window… No one wants to see that…

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!


Tips, Tricks, and More:

This is not even my final form!:" A common question to find circulating around is “How do I progress in this game”. Without pointing through the basics posted above, the only other way I can think to answer this question is… Invest in the next hero. If you unlock TreeBeast, try to get Ivan, Brittany, and The Wandering Fisherman. Hard pressed to beat a boss? Camp out on the last boss level you could beat for an hour while you do something else (It’s an idle game after all). When you come back, hopefully you can unlock that next best hero, like Sir George II or Frostleaf. It’s best to balance your decisions… Don’t spend too much time upgrading your current units, but don’t forget about them either!

1000 is the New 1: Because of how the game is balanced, you will start out grinding up to heroes like FrostLeaf from level 1. When you hit your highest hero, you’ll wind up needing to go back and reinvest in older units like Treebeast. As you do so, you’ll find that Level 1,000 is the new Level 1. That is where gildings are really going to come in handy, and it’s important to understand how everything works.

Good Skill Usage: Some skills go well together. Here are some examples!

  • Energize + Super Clicks is a crowd favorite for bosses.
  • Energize + Clickstorm can help with the clicking speed achievements.
  • Energize + Dark Ritual can give up to a 10% permanent power boost rather than the normal 5%.
  • Energize + Reload will recharge the last two skills used prior by the amount of time listed.
  • Energize + Dark Ritual + Reload; Then Energize + Reload when the skills are available!! (Because patience is sometimes at least somewhat optional.) This should, if done right, allow you to deduct TWO hours from Dark Ritual’s timer thereby alleviating some of that late level grind!

Bad Skill Usage:

  • Energizing the skill Energize won’t do anything, period.
  • Do not reload a skill, and attempt to use it again – It won’t stack the benefits, it will overwrite them.
  • Using Power Surge, Energize, and Dark Ritual in that order will not give you a permanent 20% power boost.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: Is it more effective to grind the highest regular mob level, or the highest boss level that you can beat.
Answer: Just got done running two side by side copies of the same save under such conditions. The last defeatable boss proved to be far more lucrative over a prolonged period of time. This may change as of Version 0.12 though where you can have an Ancient increase the odds of Treasure Chest monsters appearing, amongst other possibilities.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!


Tutorials, Tips, Discussions, and Guides

By others in the Clicker Heroes community!

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!


A Tutorial for the Future!

(WIP like nobody’s business!)
(It’d be from the future but I’m allergic to paradoxes and don’t have a time machine…)

Version 0.12.2
Clicker Heroes Beta Version

Ancients: A Hero Soul Store that allows you to buy permanent buffs in a similar fashion to heroes. Instead of spending gold on ancients, you spend hero souls.

Screenshot of an old Ancient v0.12:

Screenshot of a new Ancient v0.12.2:

Screenshot of a NEWER Ancient v0.12.2:

  • Ancients provide a unique buff such as enhanced skill timers, increased starting gold, increased boss fight durations, increased gold from Golden Clicks, and so on.
  • You can respec ALL of your ancients (not individually) and regain 75% of what you spent on them.
  • Ancients double in cost meaning the costs will be binary (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024)
  • Some ancients have maximum levels – I have not confirmed whether or not some don’t. (e.g. Kumawakamaru maxes out at level 5.)
  • Ancients stick with you through ASCENSION, so they are a long term investment. Ancients like Rockefeller (now Khrysos) were specifically made for the sole purpose of ascending with extra perks to make runs quicker and quicker over time.
  • One thing to note is that Ancients appear to largely function in “teams”. Solomon gives you more Primal Souls, Atman gives you an increased chance of seeing a primal, and so forth.


  • Atman, Ancient of Souls: Increased chance of getting a primal boss in each boss zone.
  • Bubos, Ancient of Disease: Decreased boss health by percentage.
  • Dogcog, Ancient of Thrift: Hiring Heroes and Hero upgrades cost less by percentage.
  • Dora, Ancient of Discovery: Increased Treasure Chest spawn chance.
  • Khrysos, Ancient of Inheritance: Increased starting gold when you use ASCENSION (Formerly Rockefeller).
  • Kumawakamaru, Ancient of Shadows: Decreases the required number of monsters you must kill in each zone to progress (Up to five enemies).
  • Pluto, Ancient of Wealth: Increases the amount received via Golden Clicks (An Active Skill) by percentage.
  • Solomon, Ancient of Wisdom: Increases the amount of Hero Souls received from Primal Bosses.
  • Vaagur, Ancient of Impatience: Decreases skill cooldown by percentage (up to 75%).

CHANGES: As of this post the next version has…

  • Gold and Skill Duration perks from Hero Souls has been dropped since Ancients provide similar (and better perks eventually).
  • New achievements, such as “Bounty: Rashon, the Duke”.
  • Some graphical changes.
  • Some new bosses (e.g. Rashon, the Duke.). (I just killed a hamster boss ;_;)

ACHIEVEMENTS: A list of the achievements introduced into Version 0.12

  • NOTE: Bounties bosses are like Primal Bosses in a lot of ways. You have a chance on each new boss level to encounter one, they do not leave if you time out, and they do not run away if you change levels. They will persist until dead, or until you ascend before you can kill them. Additionally, they award Hero Souls!
  • NOTE: Techncially these guys qualify as Easter Eggs such as “Woodchip” being a clear reference to “The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” character Splinter. However, they’re not all Easter Eggs and warrant their own sub-section in my opinion. Picture provided for humor, and (as with the Primal Bosses) per request so that people can get an idea as to what these look like. Each Bounty boss should have a unique appearance, and that is but one of many (more possibly to come!).
  • Bounty: Omeet “Defeat Omeet.” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “How can one hamster be so hated throughout the land?”
  • Bounty: The Green One “Defeat the Green One.” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second).
  • Bounty: Woodchip, the Rodent “Defeat Woodchip, the Rodent” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “He used to be a Kung Fu master, but he really let himself go. Probably one too many pizzas.”
  • Bounty: Queen of Bloops “Defeat Queen of Bloops” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “She’s very angry that you’ve been smashing her babies.”
  • Bounty: Doppler, the Robot “Defeat Doppler, the Robot” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second).
  • Bounty: Rashon, the Duke “Defeat Rashon, the Duke” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “Once An ancient, Duke Rashon became mortal when a group of 5 (Five) adventurers stole his Aegis. Good thing, too, because he’s standing in your way of getting this achievement.”
  • Bounty: The Dark Wizard “Defeat the Dark Wizard” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “A legendary boss from another realm, he’s here on a secret mission.”
  • Bounty: Tako, Head of the Octopi “Defeat Tako, Head of the Octopi” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “He’ll probably come back if you kill him.”
  • Bounty: Tako Returns “Defeat Tako, again” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second) “This isn’t even his final form.”
  • Bounty: Lagomorph of Caerbannog “Defeat Lagomorph of Caerbannog” +5% DPS (Damage Per Second).

    “Hey pretty lady, nice gonads~!” (To quote ZeFrank)


  • After using Dora and Thusia (level 20), I have come to the conclusion that increasing chest health does not increase the amount of gold gained from them. While this means you have more time to use golden clicks on treasure chests, I see no further benefit to having Thusia. Possible bug, but something I’d more put down as an advisory note to players and/or the dev.
  • The cost of ancients doubling schema becomes disrupted at once point. Rather than being binary, it goes 35, 70, etc. This makes the description inaccurate.
  • OLD BUG: Sometimes loading a save after skills have been used cuases the cooldown and active timers to be bugged resulting in skills that are active (and won’t be reactivatable) for hours.
  • OLD BUG: Occassionally loading a save will still result in your heroes seemingly collecting a negative number of gold. I’ve found reloading the save some time later will show the number as having been decreased from what it originally said, so that might be an indicator as to where the bug is coming from. Rest assured though, I always start up with more gold, not less or even negative (meaning the bug is most likely just graphical/cosmetic.).
  • A bug in existence since Version 0.11 is still in effect. Sometimes Progression/Farm mode’s button doesn’t load. Sometimes restarting fixes this problem, so if you encounter it, try reloading the game!


  • New Heroes.
  • More creative writing and puns like the earlier heroes had (The ancients appear to have some of this!).
  • More revised graphics.
  • Cid rebalanced and given a perk or a set of perks like the others were in Version 0.11.
  • More bug fixes (such as the occassionally vanishing progression/farm mode button).
  • More balancing.
  • Rebalancing for Betty and Midas in particular since a lot of people feel they’re useless post 1k and in regards to gilding.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Ambrose's Tutorial with pictures, links, and more!


Version 0.11

Clicker Heroes on Kongregate
Clicker Heroes Website

1 Universes, Areas, & Zones
2 Hero Levels
3 Hero Souls
4 Bosses
5 Primal Bosses
6 Ascension
7 Passive Skills
8 Active Skills
9 Gilding
10 Game Features
11 Easter Eggs
14 Tutorials, Tips, Discussions, and Guides
15 Tips, Tricks, and More
16 FAQ

1 Universes, Areas, & Zones:

  • A Universe consists of an infinite number of Areas and Zones.

    * A Universe can only be left via ASCENSION or a Hard Reset.

  • An Area consists of five Zones.

    * Four (4) Zones in each Area contain regular monsters that you must kill.

    * In Version 0.11, a regular mob zone requires you to kill 10 (Ten) monsters to proceed.

    * In Version 0.12, a regular mob zone may require you to kill as few as 5 (Five) to proceed.

    * The fifth (5Th) Zone in each Area will contain a boss or primal boss.

  • A Zone is any numerical level; e.g. Level 1, Level 50, Level 100, and so on.

2 Hero Levels:

Spoilers: Cid is a girl!!

  • Left click the “HIRE”/“LVL UP” button on a hero to purchase 1 (One) level.

    * Hold SHIFT to purchase 10 (Ten) Hero Levels

    * CONTROL (CTRL) to purchase 100 Hero Levels.

    * Starting with level 200 (Two hundred), a hero will gain a 4x (Four times) bonus every 25 (Twenty-five) levels to their DPS (Damage Per Second).

    * Starting with level 1000 (One thousand), a hero will gain a 10x (Ten times) bonus every 1000 (One thousand) levels to their DPS (Damage Per Second).

3 Hero Souls: Hero souls function as a currency and permanent stat boost.

  • For every 2000 (Two thousand) hero levels you have total, you will obtain 1 (One) Hero Soul. Primal Bosses provide hero souls upon their death.
  • As of Version 0.11 Hero Souls have permanent perks, most of which are capped.

    * Hero souls contribute up to a 75% decrease in skill cooldown, 1% per hero soul.

    * Hero souls contribute up to a 50% increase in gold income, 2% per hero soul.

    * Hero souls contribute a 10% increase in DPS (Damage Per Second) per hero soul with no cap.

  • To review your hero soul bonuses please refer to the Statistics tab (blue bar graph icon) and scroll down.

4 Bosses: A boss is a unique, or an elite version of a mob.

Oh dear… Here we go, again…

  • You have 30 seconds to defeat a boss. If you fail to beat a boss within that amount of time, it gets reset (Full health, new timer.).
  • Timing out on a boss will end Progressive Mode and return you to a previous level.

5 Primal Bosses: Primal bosses are elite versions of a normal boss.

Yummeh Primal, come to papa~!

  • Primal Bosses will have certain graphical indicators such as a purple font, and a glowing aura!
  • Defeating a primal boss will award a certain number of hero souls.
  • You have a 25% chance of encountering a primal boss on every Fifth (5Th) zone (aka boss zone) starting with zone 105.
  • Only the first boss in any boss zone may be a primal boss. Therefore it is not possible to grind a boss zone for primal bosses.
  • Leaving a boss zone or failure to kill a primal boss will not result in the primal boss disappearing. It will persist until you defeat it.

6 Ascension:


  • The skill ASCENSION is Amenhotep’s Fourth (4Th) skill with a level 150 and 19,200q (Quadrillion) Prerequisite.
  • ASCENSION will soft reset the world, wiping all progress but achievements, settings, hero souls (and as of v0.12, Ancients.).
  • You must ascend in order to use hero souls.
  • As a Rule of Thumb most players seem to agree a good starting run is 5 (Five) to 10 (Ten) Hero Souls. Over time you’ll start getting more and more hero souls on average (e.g. 10 to 20 maybe on your second run, 50 to 70 on your fifth, and so on.). More is better, but not if it takes too long.
  • Another helpful thing to do is to level up older/weaker heroes like Treebeast and Ivan as you go forward. If your Frostleaf is level 100, odds are your first three or four heroes should easily be level 900, and your next push should be to make them 1000. Similarly the next few heroes after them should easily be 800, and the ones after those heroes 700. This will maximize your Hero Soul Profit for ASCENSION!

7 Passive Skills: A Passive Skill is a permanent buff that can be purchased from any applicable hero once they’re reached the prerequisite level.

8 Active Skills: An Active Skill is a buff that can be purchased from any applicable hero once they’re reached the prerequisite level. These skills have cooldown periods, must be activated in order to use them, and only function for a set amount of time (Dark Ritual, for example, expires when you ascend.).

  1. Clickstorm: Automatically performs 10 (Ten) clicks per second for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). 20 clicks per second (Energized).
  2. Powersurge: +100% Damage for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). +200% (Energized).
  3. Lucky Strikes: +50% Chance for Critical Clicks for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). +100% for Critical Clicks (Energized).
  4. Metal Detector: +100% gold dropped by enemies for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). +200% (Energized).
  5. Golden Clicks: +1% of monsters gold per click for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). +2% (Energized).
  6. The Dark Ritual: +5% (1.05x) increase in DPS (Damage Per Second) until ASCENSION (Default). +10% (1.10x) (Energized).
  7. Super Clicks: +200% clicking damage for 30 (Thirty) seconds (Default). +400% (Energized).
  8. Energize: Doubles the effect of your next skill (Default). Absolutely nothing! (Energized).
  9. Reload: Reduce the cooldown of the last skill used by 1 (One) hour (Default). Reduce the colldown of the last 2 (Two) skills used by 1 (One) hour (Energized).

    Note: An Energized Reload will reduce the cooldown of the two skills used before you used Energize.

9 Gilding: A “Gilded” hero will gain a 50% power boost per gilding, in addition to an appearance change.

Not sure if that’s gold, or beer…

  • For every 10 (Ten) levels you beat starting with zone 100, you will obtain a new gilding.
  • If you have already received a gilding from a zone on a previous ascension or your current ascension, you will not receive another.
  • To regild a hero, purchase gildings (30 kreds per 3 gildings), or to regild (2 hero souls per regildings) simply scroll down to the bottom of your hero list and click the green button labeled “Gilded”.

10 Game Features: Here is a break down of some in-game features and how they work.

  • Settings: A wrench icon on the upper right. It allows you to save, import (Hexidecimal Text File), export (Hexidecimal Text File), disable and enable various features to improve appearance or performance, and hard reset (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
  • Community/Follow: Two icons on the upper right. The Reddit icon is for Clicker Heroes’ Reddit Page, and the Twitter icon is for Clicker Heroes’ Twitter Page.
  • Quality: An eye icon on the upper right. Allows you to reduce or increase the quality respectivelly (I play on low, hence low res pictures.).
  • Farm/Progression Mode: A boot shaped icon on the upper right. Farm mode is a game default in which you stay on the current zone until you specify otherwise. Progression mode is an in-game optional feature that causes you to automatically progress after completing a zone. Progression Mode will automatically turn off once you time out on a boss.
  • Mute Music/Sound: Two icons on the bottom right. The note icon is for music, the speaker icon is for sound.
  • Tabs: There are three tabs on the upper left. “Heroes” (Currently a blue man, soon to be two swords), “Achievements” (Three stars), and “Statistics” (A blue bar graph). Additionally a new tab “Ancients” (Pyramid with an eye) will be released in Version 0.12.
  • Spend: A green “Spend” button will allow you to spend Kreds (Kongregate digital currency) to speed up time (20 kreds per 8 hours) or purchase three random gildings (10 kreds per gilding; 30 kred option only.).

11 Easter Eggs:

  • Kappa is a Twitch meme and Easter Egg boss on Clicker Heroes.
  • Shift or Control clicking a monster should result in flavor text appearing stating things like “0 Damage” and “Nice try!”

12 DISCLAIMER: All images are owned by the creators of Clicker Heroes respectively. The screencaps above are simply for educational purposes only, I claim no ownership over them. Any discussions of cheats within the forum are to be discouraged based on the ToS (Terms of Service) and CG (Conduct Guidelines). I take no responsibility for any comments of others who choose to discuss cheating. How you play the game is up to you, but this tutorial is intended for legitimate playthroughs only (legit meaning no cheating of any nature used.).

Special thanks to Skidmarrk, MyManM, JotarkKa, JRCameron, rickfury, englishchannel, and lilitschi. I know not all feedback was intended to be feedback, but they were valid points all the same. I also appreciate the support I was eventually shown, and will use it to try and put out the most helpful tutorial I can! When lilitschi chose to sticky my tutorial I immediately got to work trying to polish it out since it was still freshly a Work-In-Progress… It’s now like… 3 AM… I should probably get to sleep… o_o;

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / OLD TUT - KILL THIS THREAD!

O_O! NOOOOOOOOOOSKIDMARRK! I might have disliked you at first but we should be tut buddies! I wonder there’s a way we can do that…

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / OLD TUT - KILL THIS THREAD!


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Game wont load

Hate to be a tech about it – but are your browsers and flash add-ons up to date? If you aren’t sure, I may be able to walk you through it.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Lost the ability to mouseover for details

This is another issue where I found scrolling down and back up again actually fixes it – no clue why.

Chrome Version 36.0.1985.143 m
Shockwave Flash 14.0 r0

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Game wont load

If it’s a white screen, this may seem obscure, but try scrolling around on the page before refreshing or closing it. I often find it turns white after loading and that if I scroll down and then back up again the game shows up just fine.

Edit: I’m using chrome to note. Version 36.0.1985.143 m – Shockwave Flash 14.0 r0

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / auction loss of card

Auction cards may take up to Twenty-Four (24) hours as Caldinda mentioned, and she is sadly right that threatening to sue them won’t do anything, but appealing to Kongregate may be an option if you are not given a satisfactory answer within two (2) to three (3) business days by an IGG representative via one of their contact methods. I can’t guarantee it’ll go very far, but Kongregate does have to take some level of responsibility seeing as they host it… Sadly, however, Kongregate is fully of lazy admins and blackguards so that might take more effort than you’ll find comfortable/reasonable.

On the other hand, I’m owed actually a VERY substantial number of cards and other such rewards because they have on numerous occasions advertised in events that you’ll get reward X or reward X with bonus reward Y and didn’t receive anything because the event was improperly scripted. Auction cards should always be within Twenty-four (24) hours, but be very leery of events because as far as I’m concerned there is no guarantee you’ll win anything, regardless of what the messages might say.

Oh, and just to clarify, even still the Twenty-four (24) hours is a load of BS at points. I got a card once after roughly two (2) business days, so round about Forty-Eight (48) hours.

P.S. I take some level of responsibility for the event loss because I spent money on this game despite warnings from others about the quality of IGG’s services. That said, my reports were never responded to and I still reserve the right to file a larger scale complaint if I feel it necessary. I think I’m owed around about one hundred (100) wild cards, and about ten million (10,000,000) silver, not including various energy packs and so on. I kept mental track, but haven’t participated in events in weeks because of this and have since lost track of what I noted missing. The last event I actually really participated in was the Treasure Hunt and I think some Pachinko slots rounds. All events that I didn’t receive rewards on were events prior to those two.

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Black screen/stuck loading?

Usually if I get a black screen, I wait 15 seconds, hit “spend gold” if I can see the frame and then “play game” and sometimes it comes up. If that fails I try scrolling down and then back up on the screen and sometimes that works… If that fails, I reload and repeat the process up to two (2) or three (3) times.

However in Blazerius’s case, I’d suspect a possible network or filter change at his office. CEO’s and some technicians don’t like people doing non-work stuff at work, and a lot of technicians can see the incoming/outgoing traffic. This is a game that loads some data over ports other than 80, so it’s possible to block it and not the rest of Kongregate or anything else you might need.

P.S. if I’m right about Blazerius’s instance, it’s not necessarily about productivity. Some technicians view doing non-work related stuff at work to be a vulnerability or a threat they need to lock down. This is, sadly, not completely without warrant in some instances. It’s hard to explain and not essential for outlining what may be going on.

EDIT: I tried to look up the ports that are used by this game and once again IGG is one of the only companies of this type incompetent and utterly worthless enough to have no information up, and to have ignored a bug that prevents potentially paying customers from even playing. It’s the epitome of sloth and stupidity to the point it triumphs their greed. If it wasn’t for the community being so friendly, I’d imagine most of the people still clinging on would just up and quit overnight. This is just plain disgraceful. I even went on to their Kong profile and it’s clear they’re ignoring all of their games and focusing only on supporting Galaxy Online 2 which is rather sad considering how many gamers they could have had if they even mildly supported their other games to a realistic extent.

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Tips for Success

[Kongregate’s formatting system breaks after a certain point so I needed to break this up into multiple portions]


  • Formations: Your formation can be a vital part of your offense or defense. Each formation improves a specific stat for every character within that formation (so the Evasion formation impacts every active party member’s evasion). If you’re running into a wall of any nature and your whole team is being affected, be sure to take into account what’s going on and see if there is a formation that might help you compensate for it.
  • Battle Royale: Registration begins Server Side at 17:00, and ends at 15:30. If you are making any modifications to your team, battle formation, or any character, be sure to have it all sorted out before registration closes because the game takes a snapshot of your active battle formation and the characters in it. Similarly, if you’re going to use a Form to boost your performance in Battle Royale, do so before Registration closes at 15:30 or it will not be in effect.
  • Reputation: Reputation is an important thing to keep up on as it enables you to unlock new recruitable units over time. While some units require vouchers or gold and a Star Level to recruit, most only require a certain amount of silver and for you to be the correct reputation level. Be sure to collect reputation when possible since it will ultimately allow you to better fill out your team, or upgrade a unit to a more powerful (albeit slightly different) version that may better benefit you.
  • Lucky Trees: Watering any lucky tree increases your lucky tree’s level. For each level it goes up you get a very small bonus to the amount of reputation and silver you gain when harvesting your fruit. To my knowledge your tree level has no influence over the energy and skill points awarded. Additionally, it would appear you do get a small amount of silver when your tree levels.
  • Power: Power is allegedly the overall output of your characters gems, mounts, mount souls, souls, equipment, stats, and pets; but it’s also deceptive. It’s possible to beat a player with a much higher power level, or lose to one with a much smaller power level, depending on who invested in to what and how it impacts their units. Your focus should always be on a well rounded and established team, rather than a team with a super high power level.
  • Using Souls: Once you have obtained a soul, you can do a certain number of things with it. If it’s in storage, you can left click on it to bring up a menu that allows you to equip it, open up the “reset” menu, display it in chat (rather pointless imo), sell it for a certain amount of monetary souls and silver, or lock it just like you can with gems. From the reset menu you can access various other functions previously explained, including unlocking stat booster slots, resets, batch resets, and the “BEST” function which is explained below in the “Advanced Pointers” section. To note, I do not recommend the batch reset function in the slightest.
  • Stat Points: From the Heroes window you can access a “Boost” tab where you can spend vouchers, gold, or skill points to improve your characters base stats. There are four kinds of “effects” you can use depending on your character level and star level. “Regular Effects” use skill points, whereas Enhanced, Platinum, and Supreme effects use vouchers. Of these, I recommend ONLY Regular and Supreme, and I recommend using the Develop (x10) button function. With the Supreme effect, you will be dishing out 1800 vouchers or gold, but you’re also getting a guaranteed boost of 50 Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), and Intelligence (INT) every time. With the Regular effect you may wind up wasting thousands to millions to quite possibly even billions of skill points before you get any noticeable effect, and that becomes more complicated with each stat you try to boost and the higher up you go. Doing Develop (x10) costs more initially, but less in the long run, because you get a discount for buying each stat point roll in bulk (not unlike how buying in bulk in real life can often times cost less.). The bottom line goal is to try and improve the recommended stats of each character (with a few exceptions) to the maximum that’s allowed. Angelina, for example, will gain notable amounts of Magic Hit (MHIT) and Magic Attack (MATK) if you max out her Intelligence (INT) which can be the difference between her missing everything and doing little to no damage, or hitting everything and doing massive amounts of damage. Clearly something to save up for when you’re not investing into talents or trying to catch up a reincarnated character.
  • Reincarnation: Reincarnations are tricky, but there’s a rule of thumb virtually every high level player will want me to pass on… Never check the “Automate” button next to the Reincarnation button found in your training menu for any character. Reincarnations should be done when you are ready to deal with a temporarily nerfed character. What Reincarnations do is they send your recruit back to level 1 and then add in any surplus experience points (so if your character can reincarnate at level 50, but is now level 51, odds are he’ll be somewhere around level 5 after reincarnation because of how things even out.), in exchange for a permanent stat boost. While Reincarnations can be a very good thing, they can also be a catastrophic nightmare if, let’s just say you’re trying to take over a node at 15:29 and three of your characters just got sent back to level 1… Not hard to see why automating that process might be messy. However, a 2nd reincarnation level 65 Arnie will be more powerful than a 1st reincarnation level 65 Arnie – which is obviously a good thing when you can get it. A pro-tip for this would be to save up all of your experience cards and some skill points so that when you reincarnate a character, you can dump those exp (experience) cards into him/her/it and get them back up to speed much more quickly.


  • the “BEST” button: When you’re resetting souls, one button you may not have noticed is the “BEST” button. For 500 vouchers or gold you can improve stat boosters on a soul without changing them. This is one of those things you may want to some day consider doing if you have a full set of Grade IV souls with all the stat boosters you want already on them. What you can do at that point is improve those stat boosters to their cap thereby maxing out your soul’s perks. For example, giving a Rogen a Grave IV soul with maxed Physical and Skill Attack (800 cap for each) could be quite beneficial if you have nowhere else to invest your vouchers or gold.
  • Defense, Offense, & Accuracy: Gems come in three flavors (in my opinion); defensive, offensive, and accuracy boosting. Sun and Zircon or Spinel are accuracy boosting; most every character will need some level of accuracy enhancement after awhile if not right away. Azore, Jet, Chalk, and Topaz are some basic defensive gems and can make the difference between a one hit wonder knocking out your whole team; very important later on. Opal, Ruby, and Jade are some basic offensive gems, and can make a huge difference when dealing out damage with your favorite skills, or healing damage after a vicious assault.
  • Making The Most of It: Think about your hero, think about their needs, and observe them in a fight. A good healer is one that will stick around and heal every last bit of damage or more that your enemy can dish out; that means lots of defense, and lots of stuff to boost his healing powers. Think about how long you want a fight to last, how you want it to pan out, who is going to do what, and invest in that setup. If you setup fails, don’t throw it all away, think about what’s wrong or what you’re missing and compensate.
  • An Example: Your team is getting wiped out in one hit, and it really feels like you can’t win; but have you tried increasing your defense? I’m sure the answer is probably yes, but did you think about the effects? Block Formation with Beryl increases your chance of blocking, and blocking reduces any attack by 50% if it succeeds. Still can’t survive? Maybe Coral can help increase your health enough to make a dent. Still not enough? Ask yourself; is it a skill (Jet), an attack (Chalk), or a magic (Azore) attack! Need more? Maybe try throwing in a Topaz for evasion, or grabbing a hero that removes rage if it’s a skill attack so that the enemy can’t use his skill right off the bat (Merlin is a good freebie hero that does that early on.). Still not enough!? Keep cranking out the gem levels, improve your gear, and maybe invest some stat points. Dexterity not only improves a characters skill attack, but also their skill defense! Intelligence isn’t always wasted on a character if you need defense against magic attacks, and similarly strength can bolster your physical attack defense. Give yourself some direction, and you may be surprised where it will take you!
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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Tips for Success

Alright after getting more experience in this game…

1. Adjusted the levels on the equipment listed.
2. Adjusted the advice on the gem combining features.
3. Adjusted the advice on gems (it’s orange, not yellow… apparently).
4. Adjusted the advice on mounts.
5. Adjusted the advice on stats, and so on.
6a. I know right?

6b. That depends on your opponent and your team. Topaz increases evasion which can be paired with counter attacks (your opponent doesn’t need to hit you to activate your chance to counter.), but is generally wasted on characters like Eric or Henery who have low levels of evasion on their own since you need to compensate even more. Evasion on Medusa though, along with a higher critical chance, could prove to be a deadly combination against some opponents. Jet will provide more defense against a lot of characters because it will reduce the amount of damage you receive from a skill attack. Sun would be most useful for a character like Jason who hits more than one character at a time, since your chance to hit each character within the field of attack is unique – just because you hit the first two, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to hit the third one.

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Need more details about Soulshift

1. Eric will be level 15, Nessa will be 30.
2. Assuming the gear is level 10 or lower, yes. If I’m not mistaken he should be able to, but don’t quote me or take my word for it.
3. I’ve noticed that gem slots don’t change, so he should have 2 gem slots still – not sure why this is.
4. Reincarnation, all stat boosts, stats, and skill levels will be swapped. So if Eric was Reincarnation 1, and Nessa Reincarnation 0, that will have flipped around and Eric will be 0, Nessa will be 1.
5. Skill Level only, skills cannot be swapped around and are unique to that character only.

Does that answer your questions..?

Additionally. Gems, souls, and gear will need to be manually moved from character to character. If you’re going to move Eric’s gear to Nessa because it’s a higher level, you will need to pay to Transform the item, which imo isn’t worthwhile until much later on (level 60+).

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Undoing pets

Pets and mounts have no impact on your battle formation… there is a maximum of 5 heroes you can put in once you reach the appropriate level and have upgraded your formations to that level (can’t remember what level off the top of my head). To put pets away, click the Mounts button, then go to the Pets tab, and you should say a button that says “keep” somewhere on the resulting window. To redisplay the pet, simply click the same button which should now say “display”.

“Keeping” or “Displaying” your pets has no impact on your stats, battle formations, nor anything else. Same goes for riding and recalling your mount.

Additionally, each new mount and new pet adds a permanent boost to your stats.

… I see no correlation to pets and your battle formation though, so I’m left to assume that’s what you were asking, at which point all the previous should have more than answered your question…

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / A thread to report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Double post necessary in this instance: Holy crap, you guys actually FIXED something… There’s still a ton of bugs in this thread but that’s a first in my book and most of the people I’m talking to on Kong chat are actually almost comatose from the shock! o_O Do that a few more times and people might start sticking around long enough for extra profit.

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / A thread to report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Not that it’ll do jack, and my information is in a post just a few above this one, but I’ve noticed some of the events are becoming increasingly bugged in that I’m getting less and less of what I win. 16 wild cards here, one million silver there, half a dozen SP cards here. This last event (the exploring space one) has actually done a pretty good job of demonstrating your system has some bad bias to it and of completely failing to pay out I’d ballpark close to 40% of the time which isn’t good considering.

Fix your shit or expect to lose a lot more players. People won’t be inclined to spend anything and might start leaving at accelerated rates if they start getting screwed out of what they’re paying for or even getting for free. I pointed this out awhile back, I know I’m not the only one… Figure out why your system isn’t coughing up rewards properly and fix it. I even had a slot reward go missing on me yesterday. It was only 5k silver, but that’s still not a good sign.

P.S. I normally get my rewards within half an hour. It’s been 4 since the most recent, and NONE of the items I hadn’t gotten from previous events (we’re talking up to two weeks here) have decided to find their way home. In short, don’t tell me to refresh my browser or that I’m not waiting long enough. If they don’t show up within the first few minutes, they never show up. I’m still waiting on my January 21st 24 hero cards AMONGST OTHER THINGS (keep in mind, that was just an example, I’m down probably close to 150 cards now, several millions of silver, a few voucher packs probably totaling at around 1000… It’s not good dude, not good.).

I’m going to have to start keeping a tally of what it claims I’m getting…

P.P.S. Bravo on not beta testing your events first, pulling the events instead of fixing them, and leaving events that were broken to the extent no one could play them up and still broken thereby causing you to lose out on income… Be thankful I like the community, because I sure as hell don’t appreciate your business model…

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / A thread to report the in-game issue, bug and so on

Same as ggyy584.

Server: Lepus
Name: Imadi
User ID: 201641

Just sits there telling me my login session has expired which is far from correct, especially since i just refreshed.

Edit: Nice to see a grand total of no-one do anything about it.

Another Edit: In the event anyone actually feels up to repairing or replying to my comment. The egg smashing event has been failing to provide me with any bonus rewards it advertises. For example, I was just informed I got 1 Mill silver coins, and the “Easter Bunny” also gave me Hero Card*24. I got the silver, but once again didn’t get the bonus gift. I’m owed a significant number of bonus rewards of this nature given that I’ve gotten at least four of these kinds of messages previous to today. Do any of your events work right..?

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Tips for Success

[Kongregate’s formatting system breaks after a certain point so I needed to break this up into multiple portions]


  • Equipment Type: Each piece of equipment has a class limitation (Staff for a Shaman; Knife for a Rogue) and provides a different stat bonus. Amulets increase your HP (Hit Points), Rings increase you SDEF (Skill Defense), and so on.
  • Equipment Tiers: Increasing an items tier increases the stats you get from leveling it.
    Oriental (Level 0) < Tidal (20) < Sandy (40) < Storm (60) < Frosted (70) < Radiant/Blazing (80) < Dusk/Crescent (90) < ???
  • Equipment Enhancement: Each level adds a certain number of stat points to an item making it more effective when equipped.
  • Rule of Thumb: It’s a good idea to keep your equipment tiers up to par with your level (so once you hit level 40, start really trying to collect Sandy Blueprints, and then try to level up all your gear to the Sandy tier.), but less important to keep the Enhancement up to speed. The difference is that obtained blueprints and increasing your gears tier gets you silver, experience, and helps you complete side quests (or visa versa for the side quests), whereas enhancing costs an increased amount of silver per enhancement level and provides no other perk. By the time you get to Enhancement Level 70, going up one level on a Frosted Rune roughly 1 Million Silver, which may be better invested in to something else!
  • Rule of Thumb (Simplified): Your Enhancements can lag behind 5 to 15 levels without majorly impacting you, but always try to keep the tier of your equipment pretty close to where you are level wise.


  • Gem Type: There are different types of gems, and each type of gem has a unique benefit or benefits. For example, Amber provides a boost to your critical rate, making you more likely to deal extra damage when you attack.
  • Gem Grade: Gems come in four straight forward grades, and two less obvious grades… For example, you can find Opal I (Green), Opal II (Blue), Opal III (Purple), Opal IV (Orange), and Opal IV+ (Grade “V”). Don’t ask why it’s not Opal V, I couldn’t tell you… All Opals Tier I to Tier IV provide one perk; PATK (Physical Attack). Opal IV+ provides two perks; HP (Hit Points) and PATK (Physical Attack). Additionally, to further confuse the daylights out of you, Opal IV+ is on the same tier as Nacre II and Iolite II for example. Despite sounding like they’re be Grade II (Blue) gems, they’re actually double perk Grade “V” (Orange +) gems.
  • Gem EXP & Level: You can improve a gem by putting it into the fusion slot and fusing it with other gems. At first you’ll need to do this manually, and rather slowly, but as you level new options will appear and give you more control over what happens. The higher the level the gem, the higher the perks. Gems cap out at level 40, allegedly; but I’m not sure if anyone has been able to actually confirm this yet…
  • Auto Combine: Actually easy to use if you know how. Drag a gem to the fusion slot, click the Auto Combine button to open up the Auto Combine menu, and then select the grades you want to fuse automatically. For example, if you want to keep Purple and Orange, but fuse Blue and Green, select “Blue (and below)”. Then you can either hit “confirm” and walk away as it eats away at your silver supply slowly, or you can spam click the confirm button (WARNING: This can cause major lag!) so as to repeatedly confirm and cancel the process. Depending on how fast you click, the latter option can burn through millions of silver in seconds if you have it on hand, but you won’t be waiting around for all eternity.
  • Convert Gems: After awhile you’ll accrue a lot of “Gem Shards” as a sort of tertiary monetary system within the game (Think Gold or Vouchers being primary, silver being secondary, and gem shards being tertiary in regards to power or worth.). You obtain gem shards from every single rock or gem you dig up in the game, and they’re only usable for crafting Grade I (green) to Grade IV (Orange) gems; assuming you’re the correct level with which to do so. This is best used early on if you need to upgrade a gem to a higher quality, because most people I know saved their gem shards in hopes of obtaining Grade “V” gems and were very disappointed to find out those cost gold… The “Convert” button can be found on the top of the “Mine Gems” window where you originally would have to go to manually mine gems yourself one click at a time.
  • WORD OF CAUTION 1: One common question is “can I equip gem x and gem y”, normally the answer would be yes, but usually this is in regards to the game’s unconventional naming system. The key thing to note is that gems with the same perks can’t be equipped. So if you have two different gems that give you a boost to your MHIT (Magic Hit Rate), odds are you’re only going to be able to equip one of them. If that’s the case, equip the highest grade gem and level it up or use the lower grade gem on it. Most commonly this applies to questions about Spinel IV and any grade of Zircon. For some confusing reason that makes no sense what so ever, it goes Zircon I, Zircon II, Zircon III, Spinel IV.
  • EXCEPTION TO WoC 1: There is an exception to the previous word of caution (#1). Some gems that have two perks (some may contain more than two, but I’ve never seen one) can be equipped with gems that contain only one identical perk. For example Nacre II (Hit Points and Hit Rate) can stack with Iolite II (Hit Points and Evasion), and both can stack with any single Coral, Topaz, and or Sun.
  • WORD OF CAUTION 2: Some gems can be bad or ineffective on certain characters. Critical gems, for example, will never impact a character’s healing or buffing skills (so Sarlaaca, Baja, Nairobi, and so on). Additionally, equipping Spinel or Zircon on a character that doesn’t have a magical attack or skill is pretty much useless (so much so the game will actually prompt you letting you know that’s not a smart pairing.). Always think about the build of your character, and experiment if you’re not really sure what’s going on. Gems can be a wondrous power booster; or a wondrous time waster that will leave you thumping your head on the desk.
  • EXCEPTION TO WoC 2: You wouldn’t think there would be an exception for this, but there is. Apparently some characters receive weird perks from gems they really shouldn’t. Baja, for example, will heal more if you give him a Ruby to boost his skill attack. It makes no sense, but it’s a thing… Just don’t get too experimental, oddities like these are usually oversights on the developers’ end, not intentional.
  • WORD OF CAUTION 3: There is no such thing as a free level “V” (Opal IV+ or Nacre II for example) gem. You need gold which costs $$$ to get them via events or via gem exchange. Sadly, there is no exception to this WoC that I’ve seen…


Note: There are two kinds of souls. Equipable souls that boost your stats, and a sort of tertiary currency called “souls” that you can exchange for other souls; not unlike gem fragments.

  • Gladiator: The Gladiator “Mini Game” starts out insanely over powered compared to what you’ll be used to, so don’t expect to start raking in copious amounts of souls right off the bat. It’s a slow process and will require you to think and refine a lot if you want to make huge leaps and bounds in it. Each
  • Soul Tier: As you level you’ll unlock new tiers. Whispering (Level 40) < Howling (Level 50) < Ravaged (Level 60) < Misty (Level 70) < Frosted (Level 80) < Shadow (Level 90). Despite what the game may lead you to believe, you can equip souls at any level, so if you win a Shadow soul, don’t wait until you’re level 90 to equip it!
  • Soul Grade: Much like gems, there are different soul grades. Soul I, Soul II, Soul III, and Soul IV exist, but nothing any higher to my knowledge. Grade IV souls are hard to get a hold of and are rather expensive to exchange for (2000 currency souls per IV equipable soul). The higher the grade of the soul, the more likely you are to randomly roll a higher base stat, and the higher the cap on each stat boost.
  • Stat Bonuses: Souls naturally only come with one stat bonus unlocked, such as PATK (Physical Attack) or Block rate. It costs 20 vouchers or gold to unlock the second stat booster, and 30 vouchers or gold to unlock the third stat booster (I do recommend unlocking Grade IV souls if nothing else.). It costs 10 gold to reroll all stat boosters (this applies to your unlocked slots, so if you only have one or two stat boosters unlocked, it still only costs 10). The cost to reroll stat boosters changes based on the number you have unlocked and the number you have locked down (A locked stat booster stays the same and is not impacted by a reroll.). If you want to reroll only one stat booster, for example, but have three unlocked, it will cost you 30 vouchers or gold per reroll. I do not recommend spending vouchers or gold on rerolls, however, since you get three free attempts per day to reroll your stat boosters (free regardless of how many slots you have unlocked or available to you, so if you have all three open and locked down two stat boosters, it’s still free to do what would normally be a 30 voucher or gold reroll.). Each stat booster has a cap that reflects upon the grade of the soul and the impact of the stat.
  • PRO TIP: One thing to keep in mind while going through the gladiator levels is that formations can make a big impact on some of the levels. Block versus enemies that hit your entire team, Force against enemies that are prone to countering, Resilience against enemies that critical hit a lot… Think about what’s going on, and try to negate their bonuses for a more evened playing field.
  • EXTRA: Please note that it is not possible to obtain a Grade IV soul via gladiator. They are only obtainable via soul exchange or in game events such as Pachinko Slots or Treasure Hunt when listed as a possible reward.
  • GLADIATOR MAP EXPLANATION: Each Map (such as howling) has 25 levels. Every 5th level gives one soul as a reward when you initially beat it, and then you can use up to 5 automated attempts to obtain a soul from it after that. From what I’ve seen, you can only collect souls from a level if it’s the 5th level in a set (red with an auto button after you beat it initially) and with automated attempts so don’t waste your time trying to manually get souls from a level you’ve beaten. The rewards are as follows. Level 5 may give Soul I, Level 10 may give Soul I or Soul II, Level 15 may give Soul II, Level 20 may give Soul II or Soul III, Level 25 may give Soul III.


  • Mounts: Each unique mount you get gives a permanent stat boost to your character (Jacrix, for example, is a permanent 1000 HP bonus to your main character.). You do not need to ride a mount in order to receive any benefits from it, so they’re largely just cosmetic trophies.
  • Mount Level: You can obtain mount levels by “riding” your mount a certain number of times a day. Each “free” attempt at riding costs a certain amount of silver, and once those “free” attempts are up, it costs gold or vouchers. Once you hit a certain number of mount level (50 for example), you unlock one of the many mount souls which you can then quest to upgrade from the “souls” tab of the mount menu.
  • Mount Souls: Mount souls generally dish out on a 1:3 1:9 ratio. Think Soul:Rounds and Soul:Energy. Each round costs three energy, and I’ve found I generally get one soul per three rounds I engage in. So for 90 energy, I may get 10 souls. Souls are used to upgrade your main character as a part of the “mount” system. Each soul level costs more souls, but also further increases your main character a specific way. For example, Morale (Fury Cores) improves your PATK (Physical Attack).
  • Note: Most people grind for mount souls last, but some people do it first so as to avoid leveling too quickly from side quests. Whichever way you do it, just keep in mind it’s not the most efficient use of energy and it will yield fewer benefits than getting your equipment up to tier.


  • Pets: Each unique pet you have, much like mounts, provides a permanent boost to your main character.
  • Bubbles: Bubbles are unlocked after you reach a certain level, and they determine in a Player Versus Player (PvP) scenario who attacks first. Speed, which is obtained by blowing bubbles, is not in any way useful outside of PvP events or mini games since the player will always attack first against an NPC (Non Player Character).