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Topic: General Gaming / Idle Game Ideas

Basically I’m thinking of making another idle game, (much better this time.)
And I would like some ideas to be in the game, e.g. minigames for rewards etc etc. Or just anything you think would be nice in a game.
Just post any idea.

And just on a side note:
If anyone wants to do some art on the side for my idle game I’ll be happy to discuss that via PM.

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Topic: Kongregate / Halloween challenge image contest! (Winners have been announced!)

This is my entry, made on paint :)

Transparent version

Without text

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Topic: Game Programming / is game programming a good job

i do both i work and make game (not good ones atm) but im working on it unless u get really good games do both.

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Topic: Collaborations / need ideas?

anyone needs ideas for games pm me

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i know you have an idea guy but i would still like to offer my help. i have helped with ideas with many madness mods =]