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Topic: Swords & Potions / Guild for ALL!!!

guild needed :P

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Topic: Collaborations / Please listen

Hey guys, I’ve finally come out with a good quality song, can you guys listen to it and tell me what you think? (It’s for a game soundtrack)

Thank you

I can also do view for view if you want (you look at mine, I look at yours) so to speak…

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Topic: Collaborations / Music chat room

Hey, It’s come to my attention that there are very few places on the internet in which there are musicians, and even fewer with a strong, active community.

Is there a chatroom on the kong that has a large number of musician types that chat there often? I’d like to know so that I can chat about music (doyyy….)

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for some free, exciting, dramatic music

You could use my “Your Last Night” song. I know that it won’t be free, but all I want from it is 1% of the ad rev. :D

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Topic: Collaborations / Music Wanted - RPG

Hi, I’m a new musician, and I want to be noticed in the industry and get myself a reputation. If your game has a cave area, could you use my “Your Last Night” song?

All I want is to be credited in the credits and dis. :D :)

The game looks amazing!

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Topic: Collaborations / Need music, translator or tester?

Hey, I’m a self teaching musician and I want to get my music out to people, not least so I can make it better from feedback and spread the word :P

I know that this by itself is probably not a very sweet deal, so along side that, I will throw in my skills of testing and translating. :)

Either message me or send me a message, you can check out what I currently have up to see if you want any of it.

If (for example) you only like the bassline in a song, I can edit the song so that all you get is the bassline as well :)

Lolcat75 _

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Topic: The Arts / My music

Hi, I’ve started to teach myself music and I need a good and loyal fan base who are good at critiquing music, so I came here. :)

Please subscribe, rate and leave constructive criticism on my videos :)

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Topic: The Arts / Welcome Musicians! (Please Read)

Hey guys, I’ve started to teach myself music and stuff.

Please check out my work, rate it and leave constructive comments. :D


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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

Hi I’m lolcat, looking for a collab for my music, I would prefer 8-bit music, I have some stuff of mine that isnt up on the kong, but I’m still learning and would love the experience of working on a game. :)

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Topic: Collaborations / I have a game... it needs music

Hey, I’m a self taught bassist (currently finalising my awesomeness in bass, while teaching myself piano and electric guitar) and I’d be happy to collab with you. :)

The current song on my profile is usable if you want, but I intend to get a good many more up there (hopefully in a short amount of time). :)

I’ll admit that I’m new to collabs and am unsure as to how they work, so this will be a learning experience for me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S.: Your link leads to the homepage of kongregate.