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Topic: Technical Support / Little Achemist Free Kreds?

Originally posted by TheRealPip:
Originally posted by ventuz:

Question! – how long does it take for them to email code?

I’ve been waiting 6 hours, no code.

I got it right away (in about a minute). Make sure your correct email address is configured in Kong and that it didn’t go to your spam folder. You should have a Kong PM with a link to resend the email to you, you can try that.

If all else fails, after 24 hours, Kongregate should send you a second PM to follow up on if you have not yet gotten the email.


I never got the email, even though it’s been over 2.5 days, so there definitely was some sort of issue with sending the emails. However, the email is not even required, since the code is contained within that initial private message you receive. Just copy the link location for the resend link, and cut the code out of there.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is the Little Alchemist promotion for 30 free Kreds legit?

Originally posted by corizon:

Nada here either , i signed into Kong , my kong inbox says ty for playing will send code within 24 but no kreds code yet

If it’s the message with the link that says “request a new code,” then it’s really silly why it’s set up the way it is, since the code is actually embedded within that resend link. Just right click the link and copy the link location, then cut out the code part, and submit it. I’m really not sure why they’d require an email with the code when the message they’re already automatically sending you contains the code, but they don’t tell you that it does.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is the Little Alchemist promotion for 30 free Kreds legit?

Originally posted by DragonDew:

Is there a way to make the ad stop popping up in chat? I got K+ so I don’t get ads, yet here we are.

You can use the Challenge Notification Remover script.

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Topic: Kongregate / January '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Gourry:

Hello, I was told to post this here; it’s about usernames. Would like to know if there could be an option to transfer unique rewards from your old account to your new one? This is for not being able to change your name and have to make a new one. If not, maybe merge them? For example, keeping your current data mixed in your old account while keeping the old info with verification. If someone wants to use the old name, they can take it.

This cannot be done.

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Topic: Kongregate / January '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Bluji:

If it’s technically feasible, give out gift codes for the mobile version of ESCAPE instead of thirty kreds in some future giveaway like the Global Assault and the Little Alchemist kred giveaways. It’s like third the price of the thirty kreds but provides much more fun.

Or at least give the option for either, since some people might have already purchased it, so it wouldn’t do any good to get a code for it.

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Topic: Technical Support / didnt get kong bonus

Email about the issue, they’re more prepared to help you than this public forum is.

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Topic: Kongregate / Extended Leaderboards: Top 827,464 [Updated: January 24th, 2015]

Originally posted by back900:

wonder how many people care about the leaderboards outside top 50k

Probably not a lot, but that could be because Kong has never shown any interest in telling people where they rank, outside of the top 25. Perhaps if Kong were to show people their rank on their profile (like ArmorGames used to, before they revamped their “points” system), more people would be interested, but I couldn’t know for sure, and it probably won’t happen anyways.

Originally posted by CypherDextrous:

413 weekly positional change this week nice. I want to know how it’s possible to go up 8,189 points in a week Top 25 Kongregators Weekly or 26,670 points in a month Top 25 Kongregators Monthly That seems highly improbable to me if not impossible.

Congratulations on the rank increase. As for those users, sometimes people sign up alternate accounts and open up a bunch of old badged games that they have save files for, and sometimes people cheat.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Yeah, the problem isn’t a poor computer, it’s a poorly coded game that doesn’t properly dispose of entities as necessary, causing a memory leak. It’s still a fun game which merited badges, just the fact that you need to refresh about once every 5 minutes becomes a little tiring. Maybe if this happens with any future games they can still be eligible for badges, just nothing that requires any more than about 10 minutes, or however long it takes before the memory leak grows too large.

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Topic: Kongregate / Extended Leaderboards: Top 827,464 [Updated: January 24th, 2015]

Updated for the past week. Thanks for the kind words everyone, it really means a lot.

Originally posted by crashzilla:

Does anyone know if there is also a ranking for the quantity of medals? I’m curious too :P

I don’t think this is something that’s in any available source, unfortunately.

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Topic: Technical Support / 2x Kreds ads and K+

Originally posted by MrJ17:
Originally posted by SugarMonkey:

The sale is for kreds, not an in-game promotion. So if you buy during our sale with the extra bonus kreds, you actually get more kreds than you normally would regardless of any in-game promotion. No in-game promotion affects the amounts of kreds we offer for a given dollar amount.

I know that. What I said was that it’s much more effective to wait for an in game promotion than a kong promotion, seeing that kong promotion bonuses aren’t normally as cost effective.

Still, back on topic, will I just have to wait for this promo to end for me to get rid of the ads? ._.

You could compound the promotions for even greater savings, though. This promotion gives you extra Kreds, and then the in-game promotions give you extra premium currency for the Kreds, so if you find yourself frequently using Kreds, then picking up extra ones right now will help you later on when you want to use them for an in-game sale.

And yes, you’ll need to wait until the event is over for the ads to go away. You can use something like the Challenge Notification Remover script to remove the ads from the chat, if you’d like.

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Topic: Kongregate / I can't find my chat.kongregate folder

My Chrome folder was at the following path:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects\[string of characters]

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Topic: Kongregate / The King of Towers winners list

Originally posted by Americanlies:

its a computer job to pick winners as u said and a computer isnt gonna take two weeks to pick 201 winners its the 21 century ..

They also need to contact everyone who’s drawn as a winner to verify details with them. As well, if some people don’t respond in time, they need to redraw those names and try to contact new people, so it does take a bit of time to get everyone.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't access Kongpanion Avatar Maker

Originally posted by adv0catus:

I don’t think jmtb02 has enabled access to anyone. I imagine the Kong+ message is generic.

The game is open to everyone with Kong+, since it’s shown on the front page in the Kong+ beta games section.

You need to use this link, the problem is you were trying to access the beta game without the “preview” part of the link.

EDIT (10 hours later): Game is published publicly and available to everyone now anyways.

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Topic: Technical Support / saved games

Review this post about losing saved games.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] The Cuteness Overload Quest!

Originally posted by IAmTheCandyman:
Originally posted by zdigiz:

And about 2% of all accounts have at least one kongpanion
Thanks candyman

Yep, though it’s a little misleading since there are plenty of accounts that were made a million years ago but haven’t been used in ages. I don’t have a count of total active accounts in the time period that Kongpanions have existed, though, so I can’t clarify that number at all :(

To put some perspective on that 2% of accounts thing, as of last weekend, 2% of accounts had 1,993 or more points, which is level 16.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by LethalMutiny:

RIP badges.

If we go back to last year a bit, there have been 5 badges in the past 36 days, basically averaging 1 badge per week over that stretch (which can be extrapolated out to ~50 badges for the year). If just this year is taken into account, we’re looking at being on pace for 73 badges in the year, which is roughly 100 less than were added last year.

Hopefully these numbers don’t actually mean there are going to be so few, but considering greg said that he was going to add badges “tomorrow” on the 14th, and it’s been a week since then still without anything, I’m not sure what to think.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] The Cuteness Overload Quest!

Originally posted by Asatoth:

Is there a graph for how many that have taken all shiny kongpanions?

You don’t need a graph for that, since it’s just a number, and was already posted:

Originally posted by IAmTheCandyman:

We awarded about 10,100 Kongpanion Catcher awards, and about 2,100 Kongpanion Master awards. :)

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Topic: Technical Support / Profile picture dillema!

Is this the avatar you used to have?

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Topic: Kongregate / January '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:
Whatever. I suggest this again

This post has been removed by PumpkinBrigade

Add the name of the person that removed a post so people can contest it. If “harassment” is such a big deal at least add “contest post removal” under the flag button.

You can just message any forum mod in the forum your post was in, they can help you with it if you think it was removed unjustly.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Originally posted by YearOfComing:

I’ve got a question. I accidentally received the Kongpanion Collector award for having 52 kongpanions (I had 51 2014 kongpanions and 1 2015 kongpanion) so kongregate removed the award some time later with a message about being able to gain the missing kongpanion by completing the Cuteness Overlord quest. I completed this quest and got the missing kongpanion, however I did not receive the Kongpanion Collector award. Is this award still obtainable?

I could be wrong, but I think it might be that you needed to have all 52 from last year already, and if you got the last from the quest it would not count.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cuteness Overload Not For Shinies?

Originally posted by condude3333:

I understand what is currently happening.

I’m wondering if there are other people who also think this isn’t quite fair.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever get anything from this quest.

There are other people who have asked the same thing, however it’s not possible with the way they did it:

Originally posted by IAmTheCandyman:

Hey people! There was a bit of an issue with the Kongpanions API, but it has been mostly fixed now. The game should work in all browsers except for Chrome right now. We’re working on a fix for Chrome too, but it’s a little more complicated to solve, so we haven’t finished it yet. So just play it in Firefox, or Internet Explorer if you have to. :)

You will not get anything (other than the points) from this quest if you already had all of the Kongpanions.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Event] The Cuteness Overload Quest!

Originally posted by StickmanAl:

Quick question: I have every Kongpanion except for the one from last week (Iam, the walrus). If I complete the Cuteness Overload Quest, would I be able to choose Iam as my new Kongpanion?

It was not part of the first year of Kongpanions, so no. Only 1 of the first 52 can be earned from the quest, the walrus was the 53rd.

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Topic: Kongregate / "Highest Played Games" Metric should be based on unique players too

Originally posted by bkdonline:
Originally posted by back900:
If I was to suggest something it would be that when you go on top played games you also restrict it by a genre, that way you are searching for the best games of the genre you like and not just overall.


You can do this, though, just go to the games page and select a genre/tag, and then use the “most plays” filter in the drop down menu on the right. There’s no way to filter out a tag, though, only filter on it.

EDIT @below: Wasn’t quite sure if you were giving a solution or not, bkdonline’s response wasn’t clear on whether he acknowledged it as such, or as a suggestion for something to be implemented.

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Topic: Kongregate / January '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Doppelgangbanger:

Username it can be changable. How username changes can cause problems to your database? Several forums have available this option and when we change the username your mods and admins notified then and why changed usernames break my saved games? So we can change main e-mail at Facebook but our saved games didn’t break and this didn’t cause problems at Facebook database and confusing to their mods and admins, so Facebook have billions of members and you have under billions of members I think, how it can be? How username changes cause problems your database?

They may have structured their databases differently. The save games that can get unlinked are mostly multiplayer games, since the developers often link their databases to the accounts through your username, so if your name changes you lose your link to the data.

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Topic: Technical Support / Problem with Kongpanion Award

It’s a separate quest not associated with having earned Kongpanions themselves, you need to have earned all of the badges in the quest. If you’ve already earned them all, just open one of the games.