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Topic: Kongregate / May '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Bluji:

One things that shouldn’t be too difficult to code regarding the friends page ( ): Search feature. I have over 400 friends and I want to know if one specific person has added me back as a friend (the star on the friends page notes that). That means I have to go through 24 pages of people to find the one specific guy. If there was a search feature, it would take me maybe 10 seconds or less.

A slightly obnoxious workaround, but you can use a json query to find out what you want. For example, if I wanted to see if you’ve added me, I’ll go to and use control+f to search for my name, since it shows up it means you’ve added me. Just query the user you want to know about, and search for your name in their friends list. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that it works for private profiles.

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Topic: Kongregate / Why are kongpanions so useless?

Originally posted by Joseph_Victorian:

I can’t explain my affinity towards Kongpanions but my hope is that they’re recycled at some point. They can’t go on forever, can they?

They may have additional runs thorough like Kongai cards did, or they may just end, as far as I know it hasn’t been fully disclosed what the final plan for them is.

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Topic: Kongregate / Broken 2015

Profile messages to the Kongregate account were disabled a few years ago, it’s not a bug.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Clarify the Technical Support forum's description.

Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by VforVendetta:

Yep! I’m sure quite a few people agree with me too.

Links to threads.

You said that “Everyone thinks the forum is for in-game support,” and then show that something like 12% of threads (10 of the last 86 threads, it drops to a different percent if you continue to look for the next one as well) are related to specific games and not just the site. To me that seems like it’s quite far from being everyone (it may also be far from being no one, but still it cannot be claimed that it’s an overwhelming majority or anything like that).

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by back900:

uzz if you want to talk about badged games you should post here

This thread has sort of morphed into the place to discuss the newest set of badges as well, the one you linked has been dead for quite some time now.

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Topic: Technical Support / Chat Covers game..

Your browser zoom level might be off, try pressing control + 0 to reset it.

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Topic: Technical Support / I Did Not Receive My KREDS

Review this post. It is TrialPay’s issue, not Kongregate’s, use their support system (linked in that post).

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Topic: Technical Support / HOW TO RE-ENABLE UNITY ON CHROME

The issue with this is that it is not a solution, since the problem still exists and will need to be fully addressed eventually. It’s probably in your best interest to just switch over sooner so that you can get used to a new browser. There are themes you can download for Firefox to make it look like Chrome if you’d like anyways.

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Topic: Kongregate / Extended Leaderboards: Top 834,293 [Updated: March 28th, 2015]

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

I would be in the top 1000 by now, according to the latest update. o/

The sheet definitely needs an update, it’s just that the past few weeks have all been busy in one way or another (Easter, internet didn’t want to fully cooperate, out of town a few times, moving from one city to another, etc). I’ll try soon though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Please Welcome Our Newest Kongregate Forum Mod--Precarious!

Congrats, Prec, do us proud.

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Topic: Kongregate / some site disruptions today

Originally posted by Garet28:

Only problem is trying to get the Botd XD can’t connect and achieve it XD

If you go to report it as a missing achievement it should be awarded to you. I haven’t been able to connect this morning either, but I reported it as missing and it was given to me instantly.

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Topic: Kongregate / Calculating points for level

Originally posted by DonutKnight:

Also, may I ask what the highest possible level? I’m too lazy to scan through all this.

Highest level is currently 65, which you reach at 36,560 points.

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Topic: Kongregate / / ESCAPE \ Mobile has badges, and also costs money

Pretty much anything that can be mentioned for this topic can be found in this 3 year old thread.

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Topic: Kongregate / kreds

Kreds are worth real currency, so they will not be given away in that sort of way. Feel free to try some of the TrialPay offers to earn some, if you want to get some without paying.

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Topic: Kongregate / Konpanion Question

I think that they were implemented with the hope that external developers (ones not employed by Kongregate) would find some use for them in their games, but that hasn’t happened a whole lot, for various reasons. Kongregate’s own developers have been making some games that use them, and could very well continue doing so, but that’s still to be seen. Right now they’re basically being treated as Kongai cards were, something that can be used in a game, but really just something that most people collect for the sake of collecting.

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Topic: Technical Support / Useless question

This is some text in a paragraph. Probably something to do with the system not being updated perfectly in real time, so if multiple people were added quickly in succession (like from the miniprofile in chat) they’d sneak through before it realized that the limit has been surpassed. It’s not a physical maximum anyways, more an imposed limit, the system initially had no limit, but one was added when Add_me started breaking things (as you can see, he has 5,067 friends, and his profile mentions the message he received when the limit was added).

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall 2015

Originally posted by TheLinkToThePast:

Just out of curiosity(I don’t mean this in a berating way or anything), but how much work would it be to have each avatar have a hyperlink to that person’s profile? If it isn’t that much, could you do it?

I don’t really think that’s possible, since it’s currently all one image, and Kongregate broke the ability to put images beside each other in the forums, so it wouldn’t be possible to make a nice looking wall out of individual images in order to add links to each avatar.

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Topic: Kongregate / Connecting to Facebook.

I don’t think that people can find your FaceBook account from the linked Kongregate account, but people can find your Kongregate account from your linked FaceBook account. By that I mean that if you have any friends on FaceBook who also have Kongregate accounts linked to their FaceBook, they can find your account here.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion: allow us to sort the game foums by genre

You’re in luck, the Suggestions Thread for this month is catered towards forum suggestions, this would be the ideal time to voice your idea there.

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Topic: Technical Support / .Gif Avatars Not Working..

Kongregate has not fully supported .gif avatars ever (they’re supported in the sense that they can be uploaded, but not that they’re guaranteed to be animated), and while they used to work in the past, they stopped working a few years ago. Some still work because people uploaded them when they still worked, or because they’re the correct file size/frame rate/length, but overall they’re likely to not work.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall 2015

Since I had a rainbow themed avatar on the 2010 one, might as well use another rainbow one.

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Topic: Technical Support / tyrant unleashed missing reward

You would need to contact the game developer about this, as it’s as issue within their game, and outside of Kongregate’s control.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Level Cap

Originally posted by Lloyd_Majere:

They could get away with another 10,000 points from badges alone. Though granted, that would only be a few levels difference.

However, levels are completely demolished by rating and referral systems, so… it’s not like they matter much any more. You can feasibly reach 65 by rating every game on the site. With a system that broken, why would you waste time to fix it?

I agree with what you said completely, there are over 44,000 badge points, so clearly you can get to the current cap from them alone, and even ignore most of the more difficult badges. This wasn’t always the case, since there was a time when it was impossible to get to the cap without referral points (even with all badges and rating every game, which was certainly more possible before the daily limit was implemented).

It’s been suggested before to have sub-levels that show point breakdowns between different sources (show badges, ratings, referrals, game development points, then maybe just lump everything else like BotD, point challenges, and whatnot into a miscellaneous category), and respective leaderboards for those, but I’m fairly certain it would require a massive restructure of the databases to accomplish that (as far as I know, points earned are not kept track of to know what the source was, they’re just all lumped together right away), and be difficult to retroactively work out the numbers for existing accounts.

And as for your comment on reaching the cap through just ratings, it would only take 2 years to do that if you kept up a pace of 50 games every day without missing a day (which is 100% possible with proper preparation and scheduling), so that’s completely within the realm of possibility for every user, especially when combining it with other point sources.

In the end it kind of boils down to what a proper cap would be. It could be argued that, while easy to obtain now, it would just be pointless to raise it much further since it wouldn’t really make it all that much more difficult (with about 100,000 points available from rating games, there’s no difficulty to reaching it, just time spent), so keeping it “lower” is nice since it’s reasonably attainable through fun means (not having to monotonously rate games or play through badges you don’t like). It could also be argued that no cap is better, since then people are free to just do as they please and continue progressing with actually seeing results (some people might really enjoy seeing that level up message).

I’m really just curious as to the number of users at level 65 it’d take before it might become a priority, currently there aren’t too many, but the number is increasing fairly quickly.

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Topic: Kongregate / What kind of game will 100,000 be...?

Being the current 100,000th game is kind of a pointless goal anyways, since there have already been well over 100,000 total games uploaded to Kongregate, it’s just that a large number have been removed or made private over the years. In actuality, when the counter does hit 100,000, at some point in the future that game will no longer be the 100,000th since older games will probably disappear, making a newer game sit in the 100,000 spot.

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As was mentioned in the original thread on the topic (here), this is only a temporary workaround for the next few months before they completely phase it out. Sure, for those users who can’t live without Chrome this will allow them to hold on a bit longer, but the only other solutions are to never update their browser again (terrible idea for security and future compatibility reasons), or switch to another browser with proper support (FireFox, for example, which already looks and feels enough like Chrome, and I personally enjoy more because it has more functional userscripts for Kong than Chrome has).