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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Possible bug with MIB V.S. DDT?

Scenario: Contested Territory – Lake Terrain, Lv. 36

2/3 Monkey villages x 2, covering all towers
2/3 buccaneer, 3/2 buccaneer, 2 each, placed in the center of the map
2/2 supermonkey, lower left island
plus 3 3/2 Disciple of Air placed on the islands
(3/2 buccaneer and supermonkey were set to target “strong”, and 2/3 buccaneer were set to “First”)

As soon as the DDTs appear, I here the “clink” sound of regular darts hitting lead, and ALL THREE DDTs pass through the track VISUALLY UNHARMED. I am certain that the MIBs covered all towers because of the reduced cost. Anyone know what’s happening here?