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Topic: Cloudstone / Some Gripes/Suggestions

Well, this seems as good as place as any to add my 2 cents. First off, I think you have something special here in this game, and I wouldn’t be commenting if I didn’t enjoy it so much, so here’s some much needed tough love.

1. You need to re-balance the current pay-to-win weapon situation. Yes, Rubies can be gotten for free by various methods, but it would take MONTHS if not YEARS to get enough to pay for just one weapon. Either equalize the weapons such that the coin-bought items are just as good as the ruby-bought items, or ditch the ruby items completely.

2. Lower the cost of energy. I understand why there is an energy system, and quite frankly I’m OK with there being one. The problem is that is far too expensive. Right now, a player has to pay 20 cents (2 kreds(2 Rubies)) for just 1 piece of energy, which adds up to about 80 cents for what amounts to a 2 to 3 minute level. It might seem like not too much at first, but when people need to grind, that mess adds up. Either increase the potency of Boba drinks and dumplings, or decrease the price of Rubies. If I had to hazard a guess at a good price point, I’d say no more than 25 cents a level (akin to putting a quarter in an arcade machine)

3. Your looking for money in the wrong places (Includes the above). Monetizing the competitive side of things is NEVER a good idea. It kills many good games by driving away the average player. Refocus your monetization more into player personalization. Introduce a dye system (Nexon is your sponsor and lets face it, they love those. Just have different sprite “layers” that you can change the color of.), create unlock-able “vanity” slots(the armor pieces put here would be shown rather than the ones that are equipped), Add special skins and such (If there are different races, then why limit your self to human? Though I suppose this would put heck of a lot of work on the artist, with having to recreate the armor sprites)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] BHB Rating Contest Rules & Entries

My porpoise here? To say your game is great. 5 stars.

(please don’t hurt me for the bad pun)

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Topic: War of the Web / Best Soldier Names

Heh, I just got one by the name of Richie Rich.