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Topic: General Gaming / Best RTS game?

Age of Mythology is epic RTS without a doubt. My favourite :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Favorite PC game of 2010?

Thank you Beny for created this topic… I wouldn’t know about Amnesia : Dark Descent without this topic. I like Penumbra series. Maybe one day when I get a stable job. Then I will make a credit card at bank, and able to buy the whole series :D

If I don’t see the game on shelves at store, no matter how much I want to buy the game it isn’t possible. So it’s not my fault :( The only 4 games (um… 3 of which are expansion packs) I bought during 2010 were World Adventures/Ambitions/Late Night expansion packs for The Sims 3. And Cities XL 2011. For me those 3 expansion packs added so much to the base game. I think it’s sad though from the look of it, they trim The Sims 3 down and saved up some good features that could easily added to base game. That’s the only down side for that sandbox game… It’s quite a big price to pay for those EPs in return getting more gameplay & fun of The Sims 3. But at least I can buy it in game stores unlike Amnesia which I can’t find in PC game stores locally :(

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Topic: General Gaming / what are the best idle games?

I tried some of the suggestions here. I never heard Idle games before, Anti-Idle: The Game is the bomb! Totally loving it

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Topic: General Gaming / Spore quistion!

Oh changing the Operating System also counted as 1 use too…

How Many Installs do I Get? How do authorizations work?

How do I back up my saves in Spore?

Is there a way to back up my saved game?

This one is very long, tons of questions we can spend a whole day reading this and still may not fully understand. so be warned
FAQ / Master Help Thread;jsessionid=509F0B57AED77B9903C69343998C9B52.240110

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Topic: General Gaming / Spore quistion!

question like this you get much better answer at Sporum (Spore forum). This situation is complicated

depends on different package, 1 game code can be used max 3 times on 3 different computers/Mac, but if you changed hardwares/graphic card even you don’t install it twice, it will automatically counted that as 2 use. There is a deauthorization tool from the spore websites for us to use BEFORE uninstall Spore/changed hardware of our computer. (no Mac verison available yet…)

I have never used that, but I’ve heard if we use that before we uninstall Spore/change computer’s hardware e.g. graphic card, the code we have still able to use 3 times. I’ve heard some of us can indeed use our Spore code 5 times. Not sure if it is still true. The safe thing to do is ask on Sporum or read those sticky/FAQs

Here is a link to Spore forum for you to read about this issue.
(read all those 7 pages just to be sure)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / An Odd Question

I would say yes. Assuming my memories will stay, body should be the same. While I could travel from places to places. Why not… Even with memory lost – I can start all over again with same body. Even with body shaped being altered by accident into something very strange. It would be still me as long as the my memories stay. And the fact is none of them will have anything different. Bodies are just bodies. Once we die, they decomposed themselves.

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Topic: General Gaming / MMO's

I don’t know what you think about this opikop. Have you ever heard of and played Planeshift?

I would say that’s a good one and everybody is equal since it’s free and open sources :) work hard or stay relax. I choose the latter choice ;)