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Topic: Technical Support / WASD or Arrow Keys "stick" on moving games only on Kongregate - Problem solved, check the sticky!

Originally posted by amtie:

I had this problem for a few days now. I came upon this thread, and tried the protected mode fix, and I got multitask to work perfectly. However i didn’t like the lowered security. I turned protected mode back on, and tried playing multitask again, and, no surprise there, my keys stuck. However, when i tried to run my browser (IE8) as administrator (right click on quicklaunch button – run as administrator), even when you go to the security tab and check the “protected mode” and restart the browser, you can play games without the keys sticking. However, by merely running IE8 as an admin, i get the “protected mode: off” status on the bottom, even when i checked that it was on in the Security tab. I also get no security warning (yellow bar on top). You might prefer running your browser as an admin rather than reducing your browser’s security for a few games. It’s not worth it.

Comp specs:
PC Vista Ultimate 32-bit
4GB RAM (~3GB actual)
Quad-core 3GHz
2 Nvidia 8800GT (SLi) GPUs (not required for flash)

I found that even the slightest lag in game, either from particles, animations, or processing, the keys would stick. This glitch is most prominent in B29 Assault. Hopefully my info helped.

thank you, no more sticking here