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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Being Deprecated?!?! Wasup with this rumor?

Wow… look what I started… LOL…. thanks guys for all your input. I’m going to stick with AS3 and flash for now because I absolutely loathe the ad hoc nature of ‘html5’. Game programming using the DOM is just (imho) retarded, like pounding in nails with a screw driver. I don’t find the canvas any more fun.

I’m feeling pretty safe with my decision after this dicussion and a little research. Seems the general consensus is that Flash AS3 web gaming is not going anywhere soon, that there are still years of life left to AS3. Hopefully by then we’ll have good tools and a decent language to hit the canvas with. Until then I figure busting my balls for a few years to master flash ( and unity ) can’t fail to pay off in the end.

My apologies to javascript lovers. It’s just a matter of personal taste with me – probably because AS3/Java were my first languages. The AS3,Java,C# style seems to conform to the way my mind works ( or vice versa ).

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Being Deprecated?!?! Wasup with this rumor?

UG Announcement: This thread is allowed to be necroed because it will be the only one of it’s kind.


I’ve been doing web development and enterprise programming for a couple years and have always wanted to get into game programming. I love the AS3 language, tools, community, and documentation. So now that I have some time on my hands I’d like to devote some of it to mastering the language and creating a few games. However, I’ve heard some nasty rumours to the effect that flash won’t be around much longer. Now, to my mind, sites like Konggregate, the number of libraries and flash books being published, the ubiquity of the flash player, adobe’s investment in molehill, the unreal player and unity now publishing to flash — all these facts appear to give this rumour the lie.

What’s the general consensus among flash game developers? Is there really an exodus away from as3 to html5 and javascript ( an awkward language for game programming at best, in my humble opinion )?

What prompted the question is I just noticed the aviary project is closing on the 15th and the site says flash is ‘being deprecated across the internet’.

Please agree with me — this is bullS***, right? :)