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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

One more update to the formation:

Yesterday my city got successfully raided by several people, which inspired me to try a different formation. I came up with this one.

It was a simple solution. Swapped the placements of Buri and Serpence. With this change, Buri can now move to two spots on the first move. Also Serpence does not get pushed to the corner on her first move as she was sometimes being forced to do.

Now if Buri just moves to the side she ends up at the center of the field for a while helping to control everything from there.

And Serpence can join forces with Myseria on one side of the field, following Myseria in helping to deal with enemy defenders and chargers.

Myseria being slightly upfront generally means that Myseria is one of the first to be targeted by enemy chargers still. Only solution for her would be if she had the Hawk Eye skill already, then it could help her to stay away from trouble from time to time.

The new formation also seems to make for a happier Santa Kloea as she doesn’t have to come under fire so much.

Generally speaking the side of Snipher, Myseria, Serpence, Neroeru, Rascal Duora and Santa Kloea get a lasting advantage. With Buri also staying healthier thanks to having more room behind all the other units.

Today my results with the new formation have been good. At colo the worst I got was “S” score. Whereas yesterday I got two “A” scores. I also defended well against some raids.

I think further improvements could come from hero skills and AI settings.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Charger Strategies

One Charger Called Silver Yamar

Although I have yet to own a Silver Yamar, I have seen a good success rate of armies with just a single Yamar for charger.

The most important feature of Silver Yamar is the Confuse skill. When cast on one of the backline heroes or even on an enemy charger, the confused hero could end up even killing a team mate.

What makes Yamar even more interesting is the invisibility skill Shadowhide. With it, Yamar is capable of sticking around for several turns, which means more tries at confusing enemy heroes and weakening the enemy backline.

When Yamar is not invisible she becomes an easy target. To get her some more turns one should give her a lot of wil/wis stats.

The problem with this strategy is that Yamar is only sure to cast the Confuse skill on the first turn. After that it becomes only a chance. Yamar thus enjoys more her Confuse skill when she’s placed near the frontline. Which also exposes her a little to enemy heroes that target chargers.

Defenses with a lot of detection heroes can make short use of Yamar even when she’s invisible. So between this strategy and the one with one Dark Soul charger, the difference is small enough that it may depend on whether your army is more to the front or more to the back. Also there are more chargers with dark soul anyway. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Charger Strategies

Two Chargers

Likely the most versatile of the charger strategies. Very good for PvE since it improves the likelihood that the chargers will live enough to either kill some enemies or to distract them enough so your backline has time to clear the enemy’s frontline.

The one issue with this strategy is that if the enemy can kill one charger, they can also kill two chargers before long. It can also take some time for both chargers to reach the enemy territory. If just one charger comes at a time, it could make it easier for the defense to focus fire on each one of them.

With two chargers you could try many different ideas. A common one would be a more defensive charger and a more offensive one. Even against some strong opponents, having two chargers could cause them a lot of trouble and potentially win the battle.

Only somewhat overpowered chargers can survive on their own long enough. But two chargers plus defenders can cause a real issue to any defense.

Many ideas can work for the two chargers. Both could have invisibility skills. Both could have dark soul skills. One could have a lot of strength to try for an easy kill. One could have solidarity/blocking skill and work as an advanced defender.

The major problem is running into a defense with confusing casters that can waste your charger’s turn. Or running into a backline defense that can focus fire on your charger. Or even to run into a defense that includes an anti-charger hero like Dahad Bluarth that could use triple fire and kill your charger in just a single hit. Not to mention the many strong fighters like Raging Klide that can nearly kill any charger in just a single hit.

At least with 2 chargers you are not overly committed to just chargers. But it does help to have the chargers with good stats and skills.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Charger Strategies

One Charger with Dark Soul

Recently I started using this strategy. I have only enough room to add 1 charger. Before I had been using at least 2.

The Dark Soul skill helps to give the charger some extra life most of the time. When an ally dies, the charger gets healed by 25% of the HP.

Another hero that may go well with the charger working like a partner to the charger would be a good defender with the Dark Soul skill. Set the AI of the defender to go after enemy archers, and then it could be that the charger and the defender would be chasing the same enemies through the battle field.

Rascal Duora is likely the best example of a defender that can partner well with a dark soul charger.

Now add a couple of fighters to the team so enemy archers can target them. If the enemy archers target the fighters, at least they wouldn’t be targeting your charger and defender. And if they kill your fighters, both the charger and defender would be healed by 25%.

Since it’s such a tough job sticking around in enemy territory, chargers that have a greater wil/wis stat will resist better until the 25% heal effects come in. So build that charger with more defense.

Then if either the charger or defender died, they would heal the other one by 25% too. Not a bad deal. And in Duora’s case she could grow even stronger with the Iron Will skill.

Mostly wolves have Dark Soul. They also have the Haste buff that helps to get them into enemy territory sooner. Tavena is an alternative. If you’re lucky to have it, Dark Hiserian is a t4 that is even better with the Demonic Soul which heals 50% on ally death.

Sometimes opponents can have a real hard time getting rid of a charger with Dark Soul and Duora at the same time.

Against weaker opponents, just having a charger helps to ensure a faster kill saving everyone a little time. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Charger Strategies

Want to talk about some charger strategies, since I have played with chargers a lot and the community looks interested in chargers.

When I first joined the game, I often had to fight for the idea of using chargers with other players. Many tried hard not to play with any charger. But the game updates kept on adding more chargers and eventually some of those players started getting some overpowered chargers of their own.

With the Valentine’s event armors, chargers improved their defense and also their offense.

Table of content:

  • One Charger with Dark Soul
  • Two Chargers
  • One Charger Called Silver Yamar
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / DNS issues

You guys should complain at:

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

I just changed the formation slightly. I tried several versions until I came to this one.

The new formation exposes Battling Protia a little too much. On the other hand, the caster behind Protia has a spot to move to since the caster is before Protia in the move order.

Although Protia is exposed, it also means that Protia is more likely to find a target for her first turn Blaster main skill. Both Kyderio and the charger move before Protia also giving her some shelter.

We may disagree on whether to use chargers, fighters or other units considered weaker. We need to find a use for heroes that may not be considered too strong to begin with.

Once the fighters die, if the charger is still around, the charger gets healed by 25% with the Dark Soul skill, for example. It’s still true though that the charger is not a huge killer himself. But he is at least a good harasser.

A good move order should provide the stronger hitters with good targets. That’s why for example ever since I moved Myseria a little up she improved too. Since she would move into the spot in front of her once Neroeru moved from there in her turn. That could give Myseria a 3 range target, since most casters enjoy just that range. But in Myseria’s case, she could also pick up the Hawk Eye skill buff and have a 5 range to work with.

I like the updated formation. Although Protia is exposed, she also continues to create a buffer to the backline. And despite Protia not being a defender, the Iron Will skill can often buy her some more turns. She’s cool.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Kyderio profile

This is the fourth profile of the series. I have made one for Rascal Duora , one for Warm Serpence and another one for Cursed Neroeru .

Community interest in the heroes and experience with the heroes is what makes me to write these profiles.

Kyderio or the version of him that I play with called Resisting Kyderio, is one of the most common top-level defenders. A tier 3 defender that gets a couple of good skills and a highly polemic skill called Master’s Hands as main skill.

Master’s Hands pulls an enemy within 3 range to near Kyderio. It still deals some damage as well.

The problem with that skill is that it can backfire. Kyderio may pull a hero when you’re not ready for that. Say a boss enemy with huge HP. Very often that’s not the case though. And the best way to deal with it is to put some strong hitters following Kyderio in the move order. So whoever Kyderio pulls becomes the target of strong focused fire.


Pulling an enemy is a skill found in a StarCraft Zerg unit too. That’s what I think of as a comparison. Let me try to find its name and picture. It’s called Viper :

The Viper is a flying support caster for the Zerg that requires a Hive. The Viper deals no damage, instead using its spells to disrupt the positioning of enemy units. The Viper is particularly effective against entrenched positions and clustered armies. It can also separate high value targets such as Thors and Colossi from a group so they can be surrounded and killed more easily.

The other possible skills are:

  • Cure counter: Chance to heal self for 20% of the damage taken.
  • Solidarity buff: Reduces damage taken from physical and caster attacks by 40%.
  • Back Step passive: 30% chance to evade a normal attack.
  • Elemental Defense passive: Reduces elemental damage taken by 15%.

Many players prefer their Kyderios with Solidarity. I also agree that it’s a strong skill. But I think that Back Step is the one skill that Kyderio needs to pick up to be good enough.

With Back Step Kyderio can dodge some strong hits from time to time. It can be enough to make Kyderio to last say 2 or 3 turns at times. That won’t be the case in every fight since some opponents have very strong hitters that won’t allow Kyderio to stay around for long. Also the opponent may have a Kyderio of their own that may pull your Kyderio and then he just can’t last that much indeed.

Kyderio was my first hero to reach level 40. At the beginning, I just did not have any strong defenders to choose from. But my Kyderio rolled good enough skills Cure and Back Step. And as I learned to control his pull by moving my army to the back, everything just seemed quite perfect with him.

Attacking Defenders

Now I also have a Rascal Duora. What she has in common with Kyderio is that she hasn’t rolled the best skills either, but she’s that bit more offensive with the Confusion skill and the extra attack of the Battle Master class. Kyderio is just a Gladiator, which is one class below the Battle Master.

Defenders have a tough job surviving the onslaught that befalls them after 1 to 3 turns. Kyderio is very resistant against weaker opponents. But against stronger ones, it’s hard for Kyderio to last more than 2 or 3 turns.

Luckily, in just 1 or 2 turns Kyderio can help to kill 1 or 2 enemy heroes. Unless the opponent is far to the back. Those are the trickiest ones. Even then, it’s better to have a pull hero on your team, as the opponent may also have 1 or 2 pull heroes and then it could be trouble anyway.

Move Order

The best move order for Kyderio is 2 to 4. Going first can be a problem for Kyderio since the opponent’s heroes could be out of reach in the back or to the sides. The longer it takes for Kyderio to move could mean that one of the opponent’s strongest hitters could act before you could take them out with a Kyderio pull followed by strong hitters.

Another case for the pull skill is to help to single out an enemy defender like a t5 defender or Duora. Because it can be tough to kill those when they are sharing the hits with other team-mates like Lichne or Hopeful Ilitia. Duora will heal up once an ally dies and become even more resistant with the Iron Will skill, for example. So single them out with Kyderio or another pull hero like the Ardella figthter or another defender with secondary pull skill.

Sometimes you don’t even know what heroes may have a pull skill, like Cute Limonet or Lost Ilitia. And then bang, they use the pull and kill one of your guys more easily.

It would have been better to have the best heroes like Hopeful Ilitia and so on. Short of that, you could use Kyderio and give your guys some advantage versus unprepared opponents.

Other defenders to try

  • Canna
  • Victorious Owen
  • Traveler Rejyna
  • Cursed Ledfei
  • Orcs
  • Hasmusto
  • Lichne
  • Rascal Duora
  • Lost Ilitia
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

Hero diversity

Each hero has a liking, a preference to target a unit type. Fighters like targeting defenders and chargers. Archers like targeting fighters and casters. And so on. Find about this on the AI settings.

With hero diversity, your units may confuse the enemy heroes making them to waste turns say trying to chase your charger when they could be targeting your defenders or worse.

Also the AI preference to target the closest enemy may choose to target one of your heroes that’s more advanced into enemy territory than the one just next to the enemy hero. Giving your own hero a good shot at the enemy hero next turn.

Hero diversity is good. With the defenders gone, fighters can work as small shields to your backline. Your chargers can work as advanced defenders. Your casters can help to deal with strong physical defense enemies. And so on.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not for the successes of my teams, but I have always tried to have some hero diversity in my teams. I was happiest when they were more diverse.

So take a note and use at least one of each: fighter, caster, archer, defender and charger.

A solo charger will die probably sooner. But skills like Dark Soul can help to give them some extra life. If you have a say wolf, get them the Dark Soul skill.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

Follow the trend

Your heroes are not all equal. At some point you may find what your strongest heroes are. For me, it’s my Neroeru, Kloea and Burihara. If I am making a new formation, I need to give my main heroes the attention they deserve. Say I make a team that gives Neroeru just 15 synergy points. Whereas some other team could give her 25 or 30 synergy points. Since she’s often needed for getting rid of enemy defenders and such, I would rather she be the strongest she can be.

That’s what you need to do for your own heroes. Find the ones that are the make or break of your team and give them the power they need. Watch the battles, see what works and what doesn’t. Try to improve how your teams work from there.

Sometimes it can be hard to fit all the heroes we want into a single army. Finding a use for all of the tier 3s and tier 4s we may get. It’s tough.

Once your team is about settled, it could be better to say give them a total team synergy improvement than to try to fit a new hero that would just lower their total team synergy.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

Hold your horses

One reason not to have your chargers ahead, either on the battle field or on the move order, it’s because chargers can be targeted by say illusionists, confusers or even fighters or some other strong hitters.

Also recall that you aren’t just going to attack. You are also going to defend.

One exception to this rule might be if your team is advanced. If it is, then making your chargers to move sooner and be slightly ahead might pay off, since the enemy heroes would need to cope with all of your heroes at once, instead of just one at a time.

If your team is advanced, take advantage of the time it might take for the enemy to get rid of your defenders and chargers.

Also be careful with the way you position your fighters, since they are a target of preference for enemy archers, which could be strong enough to kill your fighter in a single hit. Fighters should preferably be at least slightly behind defenders. Sometimes even a lot behind defenders just to be sure.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

Putting the team in the back

Why would anyone put the team in the back, so far away from the enemies?

One reason is that some heroes have powerful main skills which always activate on the first turn. By avoiding exposing our own heroes to them, their skills might find no target and be useless on the first turn.

Another reason is that your heroes are so strong, they can cover ground to reach the enemy at their own pace and still win.

Yet another reason is that you can protect your backline better from say chargers.

Finally, your heroes could focus fire on an incoming enemy hero and get rid of them before they could cause harm to your heroes.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

The formation of my new team borrowed from ideas I implemented in older teams.

In my earliest teams, I liked that defenders move first. I used to play with a defender called Haruk. He had a counter if attacked by melee enemies. So he was fine moving first.

But then I started changing teams and added Kyderio to the team which eventually replaced other defenders. Kyderio has a skill that pulls an enemy within 3 range.

Since Kyderio was bringing an enemy within reach of my backliners, I found it a good idea to have some big hitters follow Kyderio in the move order. That worked out once I got both Kloea and Neroeru. Kloea would hit with rapid fire any enemy that Kyderio had pulled. And Neroeru could follow that up with another strong hit. Killing most enemies in just 3 hits from my guys. Kyderio pulled, Kloea double hit and Neroeru also hit. Game over for them.

But then I continued to hire more heroes like Burihara. She’s an incredible archer with 6 range counting with her Hawk Eye. At first she was last to play in the move order. As I learned more about her, I figured it would be better if she played first instead. Before Kyderio. Since she was last and Kyderio first, it was just a matter of changing the circle formed by the 10 heroes in the zodiac synergy that they form.

Now Burihara would play first. Hitting a frontline enemy. Maybe casting Silence on them to disable their skills for 3 turns. Or maybe Blind and stop them for 2 turns. That would give time for the enemy units to move and get closer to Kyderio. If they got within range, Kyderio would pull them just like planned. Now I recall the motivation for the Burihara change actually.

It was because when raiding some people, I found that when I was attacking, Kyderio could have problem pulling anyone if they were too far in the back, since my own guys were also in the back. With Burihara playing first, the enemy would have to move, and then Kyderio would have a greater chance to pull someone.

Given the move order of the heroes, I have tried to make them to move in a way that they spread out making room for other heroes to step into their vacationed places if possible. Except for the Protia of the picture above, the heroes move very well on their first turn.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

The Sun Tzu of Formation

Hi all,

Many times folks wonder just how to do their team formations.

It’s a difficult task that we need to get used to.

One of the first things we need to do is assemble a team of the best heroes possible.

Then we need to work on how their zodiacs synergize with one another.

Finally we need a move order that tries to take advantage of the main skills of the heroes and so on. Since on first turn the main skills are always activated.

Also make a team to take advantage of collections say Perfect Ratio or Circle of Life.

After all of that and including all of that we need to position the heroes on the battle field.

As an example, see the picture below for my team’s formation. I will write a little about how they work together.

BTW, use the Synergy Calculator to get best team orders for your heroes:

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Rascal Duora profile

I am impressed by Duora. Out of the defenders that I have tried, she’s the one that has impressed me the most. I am still mystified by her power.

Duora is a Battle Master tier 3 defender. She has Iron Will as a main skill. The other available skills are:

  • Dark Soul passive – Heals self by 25% HP when an ally dies.
  • Elemental Protection passive – Reduces elemental damage taken by 30%.
  • Confusion debuff – Chance when hitting to confuse an enemy, potentially making the enemy to attack one of their own.
  • Taunt active – Taunts enemies within 2 range to attack her for 3 turns.

What I wanted on my Duora was Dark Soul. I always thought it was an excellent skill on her. But mine missed it so far. So I have been using her without it and seeing how she fairs without it.

Even without Dark Soul, Duora is very impressive, both at arena and elsewhere. Her above average stats and unit class (Battle Master) give her some lasting power. And even without Dark Soul, she might get a couple of other very useful skills.

My Duora got Confuse and Element Protection. If anything can replace Dark Soul on her, it must be Confuse. And vice-versa. It can sometimes backfire when another player uses heroes that can confuse her, and then she could cast Confuse on one of her allies.

When training my new team with some level 20-21 heroes, I by mistake started a battle against the Transylnia boss on heroics, when I meant to start it on normal mode. I still won, and Duora with her Confuse skill played a major role in it as you can see in the following video that I recorded of it:

What makes Duora a tough lady? I think it’s her Iron Will skill and her Battle Master class and her passive skills namely Dark Soul and Elemental Protection. Unless the enemy has powerful casters, the chances are that Duora will last for a while. Even without the Dark Soul skill!

Duora in my army plays after other heroes. She avoids a first turn hit and has time to grow stronger. But with Dark Soul, she may even be the first to get hit and can be healed back up as other allies die, giving her a lot of survivability.

Duora’s unit attack is 8 from the Battle Master she is. Which is 1 more unit attack than the 7 that Gladiators get. That means that Duora can hurt enemy archers quite a lot when she approaches them. And if she confuses one of them, it could mean the death of another fully healed enemy unit once they attack each other. That’s just incredible for a defender.

Stronger enemy heroes with incredible and massive blaster skills could maybe kill Duora a little too quickly. Just the fact that it may require a beastly enemy to deal with her already means that she’s just maybe a little too strong. :-)

Other defenders to try

  • Canna
  • Kyderio
  • Victorious Owen
  • Traveler Rejyna
  • Cursed Ledfei
  • Orcs
  • Hasmusto
  • Lichne
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Best Heroes and Skills

Defender Skills

The primary role of defenders is to serve as distractions to the enemy attackers. A secondary role of defenders is to help to block and deal with enemy chargers.

Defenders tend to be bad attackers themselves. Not to mention that being upfront, near the enemy lines, defenders that risked being attackers would meet their fate much sooner.

Being targeted by a lot of enemies, defenders need all the help they can get from both skills and stats to resist that bit longer. Most stats go into will points, given that most enemies are physical attackers such as archers and fighters.

Defenders have different classes such as Swordman, Gladiator, Battlemaster… What differentiates them is how much HP per unit they get, mostly. Since the attack points matter a little less for defenders.

The new Orc defender heroes are very good too. Four of the Orc defenders have some affinity to a element. Fire Orc, Earth Orc, etc. Their defense is stronger against enemies of that same element. Also there’s a new Darkness Daorc Orc hero. That one is rare and stronger than the other ones.

When deciding which defender to use, look into things like how much HP per unit they have. The more the hero levels up, the greater that extra HP will be, sometimes offsetting relatively weaker skills.

The skills that help defenders mostly are these:

  • Blocking buff – Blocks 25% of the physical and magical damages. Lasts 3 turns. Found in Orcs and in many other older heroes. Being a main skill on the Orcs.
  • Solidarity buff – Blocks 40% of the physical and magical damages. Lasts 3 turns. Found in Canna, Kyderio, Stoma. In Canna it’s the main skill. In Kyderio and Stoma it’s a secondary skill.
  • Mental Wall buff – increases own will by 30% and decreases own strength by 25%. Lasts 3 turns. Found in the Orcs as a class skill present by default on them.
  • Mental Fortress buff – increases own will by 60% and decreases own strength by 45%. Lasts 3 turns. Found in
    Hasmusto as a main skill and in Cursed Ledfei as a secondary skill.
  • Cure counter – chance to heal self for 20% of the damage taken. Found in many defenders such as Canna and Kyderio where it’s a secondary skill.
  • Resurrection counter – chance to heal self for 25% of the damage taken. Found in Victorious Owen as a main skill.
  • Back Step – 30% chance to evade a normal attack. Found in Kyderio and Lichne as a secondary skill.
  • Dark Soul – Heal self by 25% HP when an ally force dies. Found in Hasmusto and Rascal Duora as a secondary skill.
  • Element Protection – Reduces elemental damage taken by 30%. Found in Hasmusto, Rascal Duora, Libre and Young Siaris as secondary skill.
  • Drain element counter – Heals self by 60% of the damage taken from an enemy of that same element. Found in Orcs, Traveler Rejyna and Defender Arberes.
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox


I have thought about expanding the features. But more features would likely be added on another screen to keep the main screen straightforward and stable.

I was experimenting with more features on the Astrologer screen. But the performance was a little bad with over 10 heroes up to 13 heroes. I have experimented with a different programming approach and I may have found a way to speed it up a little and maybe make that nicer.

I have recently felt the need to expand the features since I have been hiring more heroes and want to try to find other army dispositions. I first wanted to add wild zodiacs like add 8 heroes and find which two zodiacs would go well with them.

Then depending on performance I might add more features.

For now I have taken a little break from coding it.


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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox

Folks I have a new tool. It’s an Alarm! Never go by missing the important stuff again!

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Cursed Neroeru profile

Cursed Neroeru is a tier 4 archer. A harpy. Frost element. Her class includes an extra skill called Demonic Soul that heals 50% of her HP when an ally dies, which makes her quite a tank.

Her main skill is Frost Aura Mastery for more 50% frost element damage.

Her 4 potential skills are:

  • Aqua Arrow, deals incredible damage proportional to her strength. Maybe 2/3 of the damage is elemental.
  • Critical Mastery, passive for more 15% critical hit chance.
  • Critical Roar, passive for more 10% critical hit chance.
  • Unleashed Fear which is an active skill that sends an enemy away for 2 turns.

Without a doubt, Aqua Arrow is what makes or breaks her. Aqua Arrow is an “incredible” skill only found in tier 4 and maybe tier 5 heroes. Only “massive” skills of tier 5s may hit harder.

What you don’t want on her is Unleashed Fear. It’s a sorry Neroeru that has Unleashed Fear, because when she could just kill an enemy, she sends them back, which is not good enough.

Aqua Arrow power

Being a tier 4 makes her very hard to upgrade for mostly free players. Once upgraded she gets many more points on strength, making her Aqua Arrow skill much better, with potential to one-hit kill many enemy types.

Now with the Blessed armors of the Valentine’s Day event, it has been easier to give her some extra strength so even free players get to enjoy a Neroeru capable of vanishing with enemies in just one single hit, if it happens to be an Aqua Arrow attack. Dealing over 2,000 damage with over 1,000 of it being Frost element damage is no mean feat. That is even without critical damage added to it.


Demonic Soul makes her a lasting hero. She can absorb a lot of damage and be fully healed for a comeback at the end of the fight.

Neroeru is mostly exposed when marching forward once the defenders are gone. Then she could get focused on by enemy backliners. Also heroes that can pull enemies may pull her into enemy territory making her to last a lot less.

Being a huge damage dealer, Neroeru is one of the heroes that you don’t want to get confused by enemy chargers, as she could kill one of her own important teammates in a single attack.


Neroeru can save a fight when outnumbered. But without backup, she could soon fall too. Her range is just normal for an archer, so while she gets a shot out, she could also get shot at and either be disabled or seriously hurt. Burihara is a huge foe of Neroeru, as Burihara could Silence Neroeru’s Aqua Arrow skill, could Blind Neroeru for 2 turns, or could just stay out of range with the Hawk Eye skill advantage.

Many consider Neroeru to be one of the game’s strongest archers. Being a tier 4 one though, she’s harder to get. I got one from an Oracle formula. Most folks got theirs from a formula as well.

Other archers to try

  • Burihara
  • Lost Kloea
  • Charlotte
  • Aleith
  • Roy – being a tier 2 and not a bow master, he needs at least Aura for extra damage. With the new Valentine’s armors, he needs to be extra strong to overcome defenses.
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Warm Serpence profile

Warm Serpence is a tier 3 caster. Fire element. Rare card. Her unit type is one of the best being an Arch Mage. That gives her some more attacking power.

Her main skill is Fire Aura for 35% more fire element damage.

Her 4 potential skills are:

  • Fire Ball for active damage that is proportional to her intelligence stat.
  • Hawk Eye is a buff for 2 more attacking range and lasts for 3 turns.
  • Illusion is an active skill that can confuse the enemy for 2 turns.
  • Side Step just gives her 25% chance to evade an enemy skill.

Players don’t consider her too strong. For one, she does not have a double attack skill like Rapid Magic. Neither does she possess a tremendous skill only found in tier 4 or tier 5 heroes like other heroes may have. On top of that, her main skill is not an active attacking skill which is always handy for a first turn kill.

Comparison with Casey

When I finally got a Warm Serpence I already had a good caster in Casey. Casey is similar to her, but Casey comes with Fire Ball as main skill and a Fire Aura skill for 50% more fire element damage. Where Casey lacks is in her unit type as Casey is just a Sage, which is a little weaker than an Arch Mage.

Even now, some players consider Casey to be superior to Warm Serpence.

For my Serpence I wanted the Hawk Eye skill, since I had seen how the Hawk Eye skill worked for a very successful hero called Burihara. Also, from seeing how Casey would sometimes die without being able to help out more because of her shorter range, I wanted something different for Serpence. So I could maybe use one or the other depending on the circumstances.

Illusion skill

With Hawk Eye in mind, the next skill that I wanted was Illusion for what we like to call Crowd Control. My goal at the time was to try to beat Transylnia on heroics, and I thought that with Serpence and Illusion I was going to be able to do that a little sooner.

But my Serpence first rolled something like Side Step and Illusion or Fire Ball don’t recall which. It was missing the Hawk Eye that I so wanted. I tried to reroll it once again using a scroll. But then I got a combination of Fire Ball + Illusion. Two active skills, and still no Hawk Eye. That got my blood pressure up. I spent a round of 3 cubics to reroll both skills. This time I got Side Step + Hawk Eye. So finally I had Hawk Eye on her. But now I was missing a more useful skill. So I used VIP points to buy a reset scroll as I couldn’t wait many days to get one from the daily login rewards. After using it I got Fire Ball + Hawk Eye and that settled it for her.

Before I got the “perfect” Serpence, I tried one of her builds with Illusion. It was very successful at arena. But I noticed something that I didn’t quite like. She would cast Illusion on defenders who would move back and make my guys to also move forward after new targets. That kind of helped the enemy to get a more compact army while sparing their defenders for a few extra turns.

I wanted Serpence with Illusion thinking she would help to send back enemy chargers which continue to be a serious nuisance. But in reality the chances of that happening were very small. She could also cast Illusion on an enemy which had been previously hit by Burihara’s Blind or Silence skills.

Hawk Eye skill

One of the advantages of Hawk Eye is that it can make Serpence to focus fire on an advanced enemy invading from the other flank. It also makes Serpence to stay a little away from the enemy troops until the effect runs out. And that could make Serpence to join forces with other backliners for a last try at a comeback. Also Hawk Eye gives her a little something against enemy archers.

Whether the right skill order is Fire Ball + Hawk Eye or Hawk Eye + Fire Ball, I don’t know which one would be better. Maybe Hawk Eye first would be better for a 5% greater chance to activate it. But Fire Ball is a good damaging skill too.

Other casters to try

  • Casey
  • Kridy
  • Tyra
  • Ferkere
  • Amoth
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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox

Updated it with a cute little game to guess the hero name.

Can you guess the name of at least one hero? It’s pretty hard. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox

Just in case, here’s another cute chart showing the strongest affinities among the zodiacs:

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox

No problem guys.

I have added a Synergy Calculator that works from the web too.


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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Heroes of the Realm Dictionary and Skills - HotR Toolbox

Hi folks,

For a while now I have worked on a listing of heroes. And I recently also started working on a listing of skills.

I published the hero list including their skills on a Google Spreadsheet.

And the skill list is also available on a Google Spreasheet.

Beside those, I have created a Hero Dictionary searching tool that allows for filtering of the heroes and searching of the heroes and their skills. It’s available from a few different sites:

The data have been updated to include the latest Valentine’s event heroes.

The Hero Dictionary can be downloaded to use in offline mode too. The zip can be found in the sites above.

If you want you can use the game’s own Hero Dictionary if it happens to be more up-to-date:

But the game’s own dictionary does not include some heroes nor does it allow for searching on the heroes’ skills.

I have just added a Synergy Calculator tool as well:

Added a new tool called Affinity Table which lists the zodiac numbers:

Included a little game to guess the hero name:

Released a new tool to calculate the best synergy of up to 13 heroes called Astrologer:

NEWSFLASH: The tools have now a faster home:

P.S. I originally hosted one of the sites on the’s free service. But in just about two months they suddenly blocked the service saying that it had used too much CPU, when the application runs entirely on the client with JavaScript and the only thing the server did was to transfer static files to the client which requires minimum CPU usage. Not to mention that there were other sites hosting it, sharing the load with that one. The savvy users were already using the one hosted by Google which was much better here:

I think future users of’s free service should consider it more like a trial than anything else. I have for now removed all the links to the Hotr tools hosted there. The current links above should be good! Enjoy!