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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Arrivederci

I have been playing this game for 322 days, according to the login rewards data. At the beginning I skipped several weeks when I was playing other games at the time. But I resumed playing this one on a daily basis after that. This is the game I have played the longest ever, at almost 11 months. Before this one, only Ultima Online lasted over 6 months for me. (Edit: I forgot about Backyard Monsters which I also played a lot, maybe over 6 months too.)

I was hoping to find another cool game to steal me away from this one, but it has been hard. Lately I have tried Rise of Mythos which is quite colorful and in line with the dynamics of this one, but Rise of Mythos is less fun. Fights take longer as we watch them, 3 minutes, sometimes way more in team fights… And Pay to Win is more of a concern on Rise of Mythos than on here as it clearly shows in the quality of the cards being played.

I also spent a few days catching up to Elements. Maybe that helped to burn me out. It’s difficult to maintain the stamina playing more than one game, or even playing just one too much.

Since I have made many friends on here, I chose to leave a note to explain why I was going to take a break.

The programs I created will continue to be hosted by the free sites I host them on. But in trying to leave this game, I would rather not spend more time maintaining the programs. They will be up, but heroes may become outdated.

The synergy calculator has support for generic zodiac cards that could take the place of new heroes. Or you could use an old hero of same zodiac as jokey card. Another programmer could also borrow the ideas and maybe recreate the programs with updated content. Mae already has a synergy calculator too, so making the hero dictionary and hero skills wouldn’t be too far off for him. But the source code I used has dependencies that are not open source, so I would rather keep the source code unpublished. Perhaps 90% of the code is in the dependencies. 10% would be unique to the game.

Also I am against donating the items I collected in game. I would rather keep them if I decide to come back at some point. It’s more incentive for me to come back to at least take a look at any new content and maybe update the programs with new hero data.

I intend to perhaps try some games that need downloading. Just to see what the fuss is about. And I hope flash games or web games will continue to surprise me. But lately it seems as though mobile games have taken precedence over web games, unfortunately. Mobile games have simplified interfaces, which I quite like, but sometimes a little more complexity is what makes the games to last more than 6 months for us, right? :-)

Much love and appreciation. Be happy for me if you can. :-)


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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A formation re-spec

I tried other setups recently, but ended up with the slightly changed formation below:

The change was to pull Canna 1 square to the back. This change helped to make Xenon to move ahead a little more since Xenon does not have room to move to the edge on her first move, with Canna occupying it.

Also Canna staying a little behind keeps her healthier for longer. Enemies that could hit her on her original place now may miss her and lose their first turn attacks.

Something else is that Canna staying a little behind may also give the enemy chargers more room to move, only to close the door on them when she moves, blocking their path with the help of Duora just next to her.

Finally, Canna on her first move will not get in the way of other heroes by moving to the center as she could in her old position. And she might even continue to encourage the other heroes like Xenon and Myseria to move forward on their 2nd and 3rd move turns.

Making the archers to move forward is something unique of this formation. It is pretty much an attacking formation since it pushes the archers to the front, risking to lose them sooner as a result. But Buri, Kloea and Xenon could kill a couple of enemies very easily by targeting enemy casters and fighters.

How it Works

Archers will try to move back and to the sides when their range can reach an enemy. But that’s troubling since defenders are often in front of other heroes. Since the archers will try to move back and to the sides if they can hit those defenders, they may lose a juicy target behind the wall of defenders like casters and fighters.

By placing heroes both behind and on the sides of the archers, we force them to move forward. So now instead of staying 4 squares away from an enemy defender, they might stay as close as just 1 square away. But that gives the archers range to hit enemies behind the defenders that may be 2, 3 or 4 squares away from the archer.

This formation goes one-up on that strategy by controlling the movement of the archers even on their second moves. Because again there will be other heroes both behind them and to their sides, forcing them to continue moving forward.

Buri in particular with her 6 range reach with the help of the Hawk Eye skill can hit enemies hidden in the back for a while if she does not get killed soon enough. Sometimes she wastes some turns by using the Blind skill on enemies that she could have just killed with a normal attack. Since casters are very weak against archers.

In older formations, Buri was capable of huge comebacks at the end of the fight. But in my team with 5 and 6 backliners, she wasn’t very effective at the end of the fight any longer. The Valentine’s armors also helped to shield enemies against her. And my Buri didn’t get perfectly rolled skills either. In the new formation she is sacrificed early on and might not survive till the end. Often she will take out one or two enemies though.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / How to make progress on Epirops?

That’s my current progress. I didn’t rush to get to Epirops, since I heard how tough it was for other players. I was very weak in comparison. I didn’t have the best heroes, nor the hero levels. I thought at a minimum I would need very high level heroes to give it a shot.

I kept hiring better heroes and then the Valentine’s armors event came to be. All of a sudden I started to get much stronger than I ever imagined. It was time to hit Epirops. I upgraded the Portal and tried my luck at the Epirops stages. I cleared 2-3 stages on normal without losing a single fight. That was because my army had gotten a lot out of the new blessed armors, for one thing!

With time my heroes improved more, until I hit the roadblock of the Epirops boss on normal. I couldn’t beat him. My defenders, I thought, weren’t good enough for him. But Duora was, and eventually she helped me to clear it. You can watch it on YouTube:

The problem though is that my heroes are still not that great. I don’t have any t5. My t4s aren’t upgraded yet. Only most of my t3s have been upgraded to +3s, that’s part of the reason for me being able to clear more stages on Heroic.

How do you do it? How can you beat Epirops?

That’s the problem for everyone. It’s not easy at all. Everything that you can do to increase the attack power of your heroes or to make your defenders to last longer is a good idea.

Formations for Epirops may need to be custom formations. Since fighters can’t last a lot there unless they have invisibility or at least Back Step, don’t bring most of them there. Chargers may also be weakened or killed in just one turn if they don’t have invisibility and you get lucky with more invisible turns. The Epirops boss in fact is an archer that will try to lure your invisible charger to a sure death. Maybe even using a custom AI for the boss might be a good idea.

You kind of need to try to out-range those enemies or sneak invisible past them. Heroes with extra range like Buri, Ferkere, Eagle Eye Hawk to be able to kill their archers…

Epirops is the game’s final chapter, its nightmare mode.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The stories of my tier 4s

Thanks Bobby. I am happy to entertain others when possible. Cheers! :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The stories of my tier 4s

Many players haven’t had the luck to hire many tier 4s yet despite playing the game for over six months. I have been playing it for 264 days, and those are my only tier 4s. I don’t own any tier 5 yet. It’s a lot of luck to even see one in the 4 Oracle slots, let alone to actually win the hero over.

Note: I always try to roll the Oracle with the Pillar of Light being activated at least. I tried to roll the Oracle without the Pillar of Light on an alt account and the results were often underwhelming. So I don’t see a reason to roll it without Pillar of Light.


My first tier 4 was Marsen. I got her from a lucky Oracle pick. She didn’t get the right skills right away. When I could, I tried to fix her skills and I was lucky to get them fixed before long. Her best results came from helping me to clear Transylnia. After I got Myseria which is the same zodiac as Marsen, it became harder to find a place for her in the team. She’s benched now.


After I cleared Transylnia, I was rewarded with Ray. It was a little underwhelming. I didn’t get to play with him much, but I eventually leveled him up to 20 to see what skills he would roll. He missed the Stone Aura skill which again worked against him. Even when I could have played with him, I preferred to play with another hero instead, like the tier 3 Battling Protia.


Neroeru was my first breakthrough. I got her from a formula, which I was lucky to have the ingredients for like Burihara and Ferkere. Formulas are extremely tricky. If you have the ingredients, great! Otherwise, it can be a mirage ever so near and yet so far away. I used the only Ferkere I ever got. She also rolled very well on her first skill by picking up the active skill right away. I may have fixed her second skill with a reset scroll. She is used a lot still.

Ray 2

When I got to level 40 I got another Ray which is not showing in the screenshot above, because he got used for the Lustful Carlson formula later on. Again I was underwhelmed.

Enraged Fendeo

On the reward of level 45 I got Enraged Fendeo. Fendeo was good, but by now I had other defenders like Kyderio, Canna and perhaps Rascal Duora. I played with him up to level 20 to see what skills he would get. He got the best skills which encouraged me to keep him around. He is being trained alongside the other tier 4s now, but he is not on the same level of Duora, despite being a tier above her and having about the same skills, including Dark Soul.

Merchant Myseria

With another huge chunk of luck I was able to complete the disputed formula for Merchant Myseria. She was a limited formula I think. I was lucky to hire the ingredients needed like Suppressed Raola. She rolled bad skills. I waited till I had credited more cubics to try to fix her. It was worth it though. She has since helped my main army to win many fights.

Charging Charles

Charging Charles came from the Oracle. He rolled bad skills and I was able to fix just one of them. He is missing the buff skill. It’s very tricky to play with him, since he can die as quickly as he can kill enemies. I found him to be a great killer at arena. But without the buff he is not too overpowered. I tried to fit him into the team, but once I hired Xenon he got benched.


The reward for level 50 was Xenon. I was very surprised at that since I did not even know that the tier 4 card could be a rare hero too. She made the main team soon, even though she didn’t roll the best skills. I had to fix her skills, but I was very lucky to get the best skills for her in just a couple of tries. In particular I really wanted the Quick Step skill so she could dodge some attacks. Aside from her high strength, her other stats aren’t particularly very high. All because she comes with a very powerful main skill attack and that Quick Step defensive skill.

Lustful Carlson

Lustful Carlson came from a formula. I had to use a tier 4 Ray to get him. I was excited at first, but in testing him at arena, I found that the “massive” attacking skill wasn’t too strong. I lost interest in him as a result, even though his zodiac is interesting (Sagittarius) and with him I could also make a 33 req. team. He is rare, but not that great.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A formation re-spec

I just thought about a name for this formation: A Tight Ship. :-)

From Buri’s point of view she is like a cannon, ready to fire.

I tried maybe over 10 different formations for the past couple of days. I tested them in Epirops, Arena, Colosseum and during raids.

Some other points about the formation is that I like that Duora is more to the side. Since she’s one of the first to move, she could be an easy pick to an enemy Kyderio. On the other hand, I like that Kyderio is more central. He covers a potentially greater area from there.

I also like that Kyderio is not moving first of the defenders. That means that he could have more chances to pull enemies. Something that I noticed enemy Kyderios doing a lot lately.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A formation re-spec

Running a Tight Ship is not easy.

Ever since I added Xenon to the team growing the count of my backliners to 6, and even before that in fact with my older formations, it was sometimes too easy for enemy chargers to find ways into my backliners. When I had 2 fighters defending them, it wasn’t always so bad. With luck the fighters could also block the pathway of the enemy chargers. And even my own charger when I used one (Dusnum) also used to help with blocking enemy chargers, so they didn’t all come at the same time.

Recently though, when the strength of my army was supposedly increasing with the addition of Xenon, sometimes it was hard to defend against 2, 3 or more chargers. Some teams may use chargers like Mesmer Rosy, Silver Yamar, Impenum, Jonderin, and so on and so forth. If the enemy’s backliners survive and prove to be efficient, it can be a very tough fight indeed. Chargers are very efficient against archers, and I have 4 archers on the team!

The last drop was at this week’s arena with the active skills being disabled. Some teams with up to 4 chargers were way too much for my guys. The choice could be between allowing faster movement of the troops even if they might get challenged by enemy chargers, or pulling the troops back a little.

Also, since other players have been creating formations that countered my main formation, either that or just because they created formations that were further to the back, I noticed that my Kyderio’s 2nd move order wasn’t enough for him to pull enough enemies. By being one of the first heroes to move and being so advanced, my Kyderio was in fact being pulled by enemy Kyderios and that was often the end for him.


Luckily I have 2 Libra and 2 Capricorn heroes. I reordered them a little. Kyderio and Neroeru are Libra. Duora and Kloea are Capricorn. By reordering them, I delayed Kyderio to play 4th and Kloea to play 5th following him with her rapid fire. That was an interesting change all by itself. I need more though. That was a chance to come up with a different formation.

The new formation is a riskier one perhaps. More heroes are exposed even though they are in the back. Buri could be targeted by an enemy’s charger right away, for instance. The problem is that many other armies that I have been facing also run risky formations. Formations that perhaps could be countered by a specific formation.

I have also slightly compromised the movement of the heroes. Not all of them advance as well as they could, and the ones that do could become targets of enemy Kyderios and such. I just hope that it would be a balance in case my Kyderio also pulled enemies or my casters/archers could deal with advanced enemies in a timely way.

Counter Chargers

In order to avoid leaving my backliners too exposed to enemy chargers attacking from the sides, I opted to close one side with defenders and to not put any backliner on the other side.

The fighter now can also reach for the defense of the backline or use the first move rapid fire against an enemy defender at least. Although the fighter is more on his own.

Buri Center

Before I didn’t want Buri meddling with the movement of the other heroes. But now she’s enjoying a central position. It can be good to try to take advantage of her aim reach early on. Although by being upfront she gets in the way of her teammates and might not survive till the end. At least she has more HP than most archers. Also if she gets confused, her attack is not too strong to kill one of her own teammates right away.

Xenon now has been pushed more to the edge. It’s difficult though to give all backliners a chance at the center.

The two casters can use the Hawk Eye skill to get the much needed range from where they stand. Myseria is kind of better protected from where she stands, I think. She could last until the middle game at least.

Something that worries me is that Kloea is kind of exposed after the first couple of moves. She could die soon if either pulled or targeted by enemy chargers.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Just stumbled across this game

I have now watched how some of those games work on YouTube. They seem more turn based. I have played some games like that here on Kongregate. But in general I find their game play too slow.

One game I know that takes some tactics “seriously” is War Commander. But you can only play it on Facebook I think. It’s by the same company that created Backyard Monsters. The difference is that in War Commander you get to control the units one by one. It is more of a bummer for the defense though, because they can lose a lot of units whenever they get destroyed. Something that I didn’t like about it was the size of the units. I found the soldiers too small. I never got to play with the latter units though.

Another game by the same company that also had some tactics was Battle Pirates. Maybe all their newer games have more tactics. They have a couple more. All are Flash games.

I am not too fond of games with war themes. A little fantasy entices me more. Also as I recall it, it can be very hard for the defenses to survive an attack in a more tactical game. You could lure the defending units away and easily ambush them.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Just stumbled across this game

“One of Fire Emblem’s signature elements is the concept of “permanent death.”

I don’t know what those games are like. The description of Fire Emblem looks enticing though. But it says it’s for Nintendo.

Single player games may have a different approach. Also something that works for single player games is difficulty mode and even cheat codes that give you many extra lives and godly power. But in a multi-player game, if one player can always win, it’s bad.

That’s for example what doomed games like Crystal Saga and Wartunes. Players could buy themselves a lot of power. They were godly and would often supply the market with good loot that they did not need since they could loot everything after they became that powerful. Then free players would wait for some of that loot to try to become a little stronger themselves. In Crystal Saga you could even kill other players. But it was so quick. It was like you are wandering in an area trying to loot. Out of the blue comes a guy that you have barely seen given the lag. Then bam, bam, bam you’re dead back in the city. You hardly saw what hit you. It had some tactics perhaps, but the distribution of power was uneven.

Games that scale the enemies as you grow stronger can be very bad. One example I have is Dream World. You get 1k stronger because of level, the boss gets 1k stronger along with you. If you then don’t become as strong as the game expects you to be, perhaps because you lack the right pet or something, the battles get very long since the bosses get a lot more HP.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Just stumbled across this game

Merlin, say you play a game like StarCraft. You want to build up your strength and then attack or defend. But then comes a guy who is not waiting and beats you in 2 minutes with a rush attack of just a couple of units. That is bad. Then the StarCraft company helps you by making it harder for someone to beat you in just 2 minutes. And you try it again. You start a match and then someone comes and destroys you in 5 minutes. Well, it was not in 2 minutes as before, but you are still pissed off that it didn’t last nearly enough and that you weren’t close to winning it. Then you may try to adopt the other guy’s tactics. You want to be a rusher. You get crazy at clicking and pressing… and you now can beat some other guys using that tactic. But it’s a little stressful and you aren’t taking the enjoyment that you expected out of it. You aren’t using the technologies that can only be useful after 20 minutes of playing, just the ones that you can use right away like “zerglings”.

This game gives us the chance to build up and try different approaches. You can play it against yourself or against other people. If you play it against yourself, you could try to improve your army from week to week, nevermind what other people may be doing. And if you are playing it against other people, you could try to beat them at Arena, Colosseum, raids…

If you instead like teamwork, maybe playing at the Party Portal would be more of your thing, even though it can be hard to get the dungeon tickets needed for it. Again, the battles don’t just cost energy. The battles may be limited by number of opponents provided to you like at Arena and Colosseum.

We can see how a highly tactical game like StarCraft may not be appealing enough to many people. It’s a great game. But so what if not many people find it appealing?

I used to play games like StarCraft with friends. One of my friends was very hard to beat. He would always try to rush me with whatever units he had, towers, cavalry, etc. I recall watching some StarCraft battles when the battle would be won by just the very first Protoss Zealot built. A rush of 1 single unit would be enough.

Games need to have a balance. Just wishing for tactical features maybe wouldn’t be enough. Then the developers would need to be nerfing cards or something like that to try to find a balance and encourage more diversity of techniques. Otherwise players could find a handful of rushing techniques that would nearly always win.

Some games seem to have been introducing puzzles to try to find a power balance. Maybe even this game has puzzles to try to balance it. The Arena and Colosseum have different features making battles unique. For example, the Arena makes the heroes to be level 1 and without gear. The Colosseum does not have army-wide mystic cards, but does have tactical cards. Even Synergy is a puzzle that we have mostly solved by now.

Whenever you think that the game is “too slow”, think also that some games are “too fast” lasting just 2 minutes a match. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Just stumbled across this game

What also makes this game good is how well-programmed it was. Sure, it has flaws. Sure, it can be demanding. Sure, it might work better on Chrome or on faster computers. But the technology is good.

It’s as though the programmers behind this game had a lot of experience. Maybe they went to game programming schools and learned how other games did things like damage formulas. Maybe they learned from Blizzard’s games.

Also consider the origin of the game. This game apparently came from Korea. Nowadays many games come from China. And the formula that Chinese games use to extract more money from players can kind of doom the games after the first month of playing it. This game being Korean, maybe it’s one of the company’s first and only games using this exact format… They put a lot of originality into it. Those things like varying conditions…

I have played many “original” games and I miss some of them. Maybe not all of them worked as well as I remember them… I do recall that what doomed some of them was having to start new servers all the time. And perhaps the PvP that some players really hate when they have their cities/planets destroyed by others.

Make it feel less boring.

Consider that the developers have created a game like this one. Then they could ask, “How can we make it better?” One answer is to make the repetitive tasks less boring. Say, if the battle could last 1 minute, but they made it possible to skip it, wouldn’t that be better than having to wait out the 1 minute times how many fights you do every day?

Some games try to charge us for the feature of skipping the battles. No, thanks!

Some games that have battles like this one’s that are just played out have really boring units. I don’t want to watch armies like Roman soldiers moving across the map and they all look-alike and they hit each other for -1, +1 damage. The battles being played for us makes the process less demanding, and thus fewer players feel the need to cheat it. The servers can better protect against cheating too.

You could also be one of those players who really like cheating in games. Say, you could maybe use a bot to automate 95% of the playing for you. To avoid that games have started to come with AFK features, but leaving the AFK turned on all day can be kind of boring after a while.

Since some players can play 24 hours a day, and others can’t, developers try to balance it by only giving players limited energy. They also balance the loot so those who can play it a lot don’t just get all that they need in just a week of playing it. Some games like Tyrant start to feel very slow at latter levels with much more limited energy since the battles start to cost too much energy. Say you have 100 energy, and a battle costs 12 energy. You can only do a handful of fights and then have to wait another hour or so to do more. Limiting the fights based just on energy alone can be a problem.

The game feels right.

That’s some of what this game gets right. There’s plenty of energy for those who play a lot. Events can help with giving more loot that then takes a while to reappear. Battles can be skipped. Units are different, have different skills and avatars. The game is not too appealing to cheaters. Even players who start alt accounts don’t enjoy too much advantage and may even get burned out more easily if they do because there’s a lot of energy to spend and a lot of repetitive tasks to do in 2 or more accounts. PvP doesn’t just kill you. And PvP is worth game coin (Soulstones) so you don’t just want to be the bully in case you could profit more SS by hitting stronger opponents.

The game can cost money. Which is a downside. But at least it’s not a guarantee that those spending money will always be stronger than you, since there’s a lot of differentiation and luck and effort that can help you along the way.

Is this game dying out? No, not quite. Hundreds of players play it a lot. But to the developers they just want money to help to maintain it. Events cost money to develop. The game keeps changing too, new features/cards are added from time to time. Although the origin of the game is Korean, the American version has its own flavor of cards and heroes that are at least slightly different to the ones in the Korean servers.

My interest lies mostly in these Kongregate Flash games. I don’t even have Unity3D installed to try the games that depend on that. I have played a lot of Flash games that wow’ed me and I hope new ones will continue to surprise me. :-)

I briefly tried that game that you pointed to me Merlin, the King’s League, but I didn’t get to play it a lot. It seemed to be single player. It looked quite interesting though. Thanks. Maybe I will give it a shot again.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Arena Strategy

Another strategy mentioned by a guild mate was that on Mondays we could beat the 18 opponents and then refresh it and beat 2 heroic ones. Since we have just 20 tries a day and just 18 opponents a day. Perhaps this strategy could be even more profitable since we could always use the 20 tries every day to try to profit more points from it.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Arena Strategy

Thanks for jumping in, Ricardo.

I just scored 641 points on just the first arena weekday, Monday today.

It went like this: Beat 6 heroic and 2 difficult quickly. Then refreshed the list, and beat 6 heroic and 6 difficult more.

On Monday, it’s important to wait to start the arena fights just when the Refresh button is enabled. Then you can score points quickly and refresh it, before the points that you have scored get computed by the general system.

When refreshing the list, the general arena system will use the scored points to decide on your opponents. You may have seen that it takes some time for the scored points to get computed for you arena rank. If you refresh the list before that happens, you will get opponents who haven’t scored any points yet, which means that their armies will tend to be less powerful and by beating them you will score even more points.

P.S. I missed that by using this method I also got more Roullete ticket rewards from the 6 normal fights left.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Just stumbled across this game

The game is MMO and RPG. Those of us who take enjoyment in it appreciate it even though it can have a slow build up or even cost money to perfect it. And it’s true that there is luck involved. But sometimes we can help that luck. Also events help with the luck part. We may just have to wait for them.

This one was a rare game that I played that I was not top 10 after a month playing it. As you say, many players give up on these games, sometimes after just a few minutes of playing it. Some even come back after a while and try to resume playing it.

Some games like this one betray the long term players by starting new servers all the time. But this one is different. It’s more like Tyrant by having just one server for everyone. It can be painful to those just starting out, but those starting out get to fight at their level too. I started an alt account two weeks ago for testing purposes, and I noticed a lot of activity at lower levels, by getting attacked by other folks many times a day.

And that’s something that some players can’t take. Being attacked. On some games the PvP aspect of the game can completely ruin the game for those who just want to have some peace building their city and strength up.

I have recently noticed a different kind of MMO, with more action involved. But I really dislike them. The only thing worse than having to spend months playing the same game is having to jump, jump, move, shoot, shoot, jump, jump during all that time. :-)

Sometimes what sets these games apart is that not all players get the same items and cards. If you feel that your character is unique, maybe that’s cool. In games like Elements you can end up with the same cards and even use the same setup. There’s no unique value to it.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Arena Strategy

Only recently I started paying attention to how the arena scored points. I never expected to win it before. But last week I think I came on 3rd place. I wasn’t surprised that Kuris won it. But I was surprised at the second place whom I had noticed just now. The second place was around 200 points above me for a few days and I started to wonder why. Then I got to know her army. I thought it was more of a t5 and t4 army than it actually was.

I was also running behind Kuris. He had around 300 points over me. That was like about 1 day worth of points. And he had it by Wednesday or Thursday when I noticed it at first.

And last week I also took note of the points scored by the different brackets for the first time. I hadn’t yet taken the time to do that, since I wasn’t close to winning it anyway. For a long time I couldn’t even hope to get into the top 10. Then recently I was managing top 10 more consistently. Ever since I got Charging Charles and then Xenon, I got more chances to stay at the top of the ranks.

I also had been trying to hit 20 different targets on Mondays. But I wasn’t hoping for much else before. I just wanted more Honor points and Roulette tickets, and sometimes I even missed that by resetting the players and missing the chance to hit a couple before the reset.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / The Arena Strategy

When you get strong enough to win arena, you may start to wonder why other players are always ahead of you every week.

Until today I also hadn’t figured out where the advantage of some players came from. Then it clicked: what if some players were beating the most difficult opponents and then resetting it and beating the most difficult opponents again, on the Monday resets?

It would give them more points to start the week with.

The arena has 3 brackets of 6 opponents each. So it’s 18 opponents every day. The 3 brackets try to separate opponents based on difficulty, although it’s more based on the points that you and the other guys have scored than just the stats and skills of heroes. The brackets are Heroic, Difficult and Normal.

The harder the bracket, the more points you get if you win. If you beat more Heroic and Difficult opponents, you get to score more points. This matters more on Mondays after arena resets.

On Monday the arena gets reset after midnight and you can still reset its opponents again on your own. You get the chance to score more points by beating the most difficult opponents of the Heroic and Difficult brackets. And since other players may not be able to do that for some reason, you can carry that advantage for the whole week.

That’s why, say, some folks can score over 600 points on Mondays, while most folks only score around 500.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

Just another fun team:

This one has Circle of Life collection and a pair of nice chargers. Also a good fighter. The problem is the lack of detection on the fighter, caster and archers. Still this one is fun!

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

I think this team looks nice:

It’s a variation of the heroes of the first posts.

The main advantage is in the way the heroes take advantage of their first moves. I have found it tough to find a balance with other heroes. I have been testing them at Epirops, and there having an extra defender is a good thing. As is not having our heroes killed just because.

I have tried too many teams with Xenon already. I was hoping to get excited with one of them.

I watched a battle where Roy cast the rapid fire just once out of 6 or so opportunities. Roy does cast Bind every once in a while which is unique. But missing casting rapid fire is kind of hard to take. I don’t get it why some heroes may have a harder time casting their main skills. I think it helps that the hero starts with a lot of luck, and condition and synergy might also add to that initial luck, so heroes like Neroeru can cast their cool attacks more often.

Neroeru, Myseria, Xenon and Santa Kloea have very good attacks. When dealing with enemy defenders, archers don’t work as well. So having a hero like Myseria is a good idea, because she can hit the low wis defenders and kill them sooner.

As is having the backup help of Serpence. She too can help to deal with enemy defenders and chargers.

This team is quite exceptional. Maybe I just ought to give it a try for longer.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

What goes around, comes around!

That is a team featuring a diverse group of heroes. A much more fun one at that. It also enjoys good collections, Circle of Life and Perfect Ratio! All at the max of 33 req.

Never even tried it yet. But it looks fun. Charger, fighters, casters, archers and defenders are present. It does have some less attack/defense score. Still high enough though.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

Made another change. Now the team is down to 32 req, since I replaced Canna with Roy. The reason for the change was that Canna was just a meatshield, and she was buying time for what exactly? I wasn’t rushing the enemy with backliners. Backliners take time to move, during which my defenders would be gone anyway. Without chargers and fighters, defenders have nothing to buy time for.

If you ask me, 7 backliners it too much. Even 6 is too much. But guys like Santa Kloea can hit very hard, making moving her out of the team a tough choice.

Roy is not too innocent. He does bring rapid fire and Bind skill and detection. All could come into play for instance in helping to remove barrier from enemies.

Problem is that my Roy is still at level 20. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

Thanks for the suggestion.

I have now tried a new one, including Charging Charles and Explorer Roy, while losing Canna and Santa Kloea. That allows for the Circle of Life collection. I also think it can be more fun with Charging Charles one-shotting some enemies.

We’ll see.

It’s good to be able to try different team formations, even if they might fail at times. :-)

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

I think Sombrero suggested the following change to the team, but I am not sure. I figured it out by testing the team at Epirops a little. Xenon was falling behind the other heroes and missing attacking chances. And Myseria was getting targeted by enemy chargers a little too much.

I changed the formation to the following:

This formation actually resembles the old one before I had Xenon. I like the symmetry of the 3 archers and so on.

Although I haven’t tested this formation much yet, I think it could turn out as the one. crosses fingers

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Xenon team

I just got a shiny Xenon! It’s a rare tier 4 archer I got from the level 50 tier 4 card reward. I wasn’t expecting to get a rare card at all. I was expecting a normal hero that perhaps I would never use. Then I got Xenon!

Problem is that I already have plenty of archers. Buri, Kloea and Neroeru often are enough. As I also use 2 casters. That’s 5 backliners I usually trust. Then comes Xenon out of the blue!

I tried several team variations including Xenon. Some added maybe Lichne or Roy… I tried to keep Charging Charles who is a great fighter… But finding a team that balances different unit types is tough.

I have ended up with the following team instead:

It grew the backliners from 5 to 6. Not too much of a change. I lost a charger, Dusnum, and a fighter, Charging Charles who is a tier 4 at least.

And I got in Xenon and Canna.

Considering that I evaluate chargers as advanced defenders, replacing Dusnum with Canna wasn’t too bad a change.

And replacing a fighter like Charging Charles with an archer like Xenon also wasn’t too bad. Xenon does pack a powerful main skill too, with the advantage of range and some greater survivability. Problem is all of those backliners trying to find good targets. Also avoiding an onslaught of incoming chargers. So I am glad I could at least keep Snipher.

With this team I also lost the Circle of Life collection because I have just 1 Earth hero on it. Then again, 5 of the heroes are rare ones, and the other heroes also pack a lot of stats and useful skills. So all in all, losing a good collection didn’t impact it too much so far. Now I have the Frost and Fire collection in place of Circle of Life. And by having more females on the team they enjoy the female collection a little more too. Before I had 4 males, now just 2.

This team could prove more useful in fights against other backliners. And I kept all the heroes I so love, like Kyderio! I also kept the move order I have come to appreciate.

The next thing to do is to see how it works. I will miss having a good charger in fights against weaker enemies. We’ll see.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A Case of Formation

I have tried to change the formation in numerous ways. But the only feasible change I came up with was moving Buri one position to the north of where she was. The reason for that change was that Buri was on her first move moving to that place, which was leaving Kloea without room to move there in case she wanted to like against an advanced formation opponent.

Now, Buri moves, stays in the back, doesn’t annoy any of the big hitters on the first turn. In fact, Buri can even take a step back against a really advanced formation with a hero 5 steps in front of Buri’s column. That way, Buri continues at the center of the board and again doesn’t annoy any of the big hitters which are Kloea, Neroeru, Myseria and Serpence.

The only downside to this is that Buri may miss the chance to hit an enemy on the first turn and may be left a little too far in the back against an enemy that is too much to the back.

Yesterday I had a fight against a player whose army was entirely to the back with 8 casters and archers and 2 defenders. Somehow that caught my guys by surprise, but it was merit of the defense to make that happen. The fortune was turned around when the same player tried to raid me back.

As another player suggested, a formation like that that is too defensive may not work often enough either. We may need to find a balance between attack and defense and live with the drawbacks of the formation.

That’s why I have settled on my current formation. It should be the final one with these heroes.

If we could write every little thing that works and doesn’t work about the formation it could become a lengthy article indeed. For instance, the fact that my Protia who is advanced may attract the fire of the enemy’s Buri, which would leave Kyderio free of silence/blind spell on his first turn so he could pull an enemy hero within range of Kloea. That does expose Protia a little too much, and many players have tried hard to keep their fighters safer so they can do their job. But between Protia luring the fire that could hit Kyderio or Kloea or Neroeru and her being able to use her main skill on the first turn by being closer to potential targets there’s a lot to like about Protia’s placement too!

For rules there are exceptions. There is also player creativity that makes their formations unique. It’s fun to experiment. When testing some of my recent formations, I was even bringing my army to Epirops fights so it was more real and I still gained some good exp. And before that I was testing it in Transylnia tough fights too. And in the Colloseum and Arena. And when raiding other players.

When we have reached the limits of the formation, the army could still improve in other ways. Like better armors, weapons, hero upgrades, etc. Perhaps the problem wouldn’t be so much in the formation, but in lacking the proper build up, the needed stats to keep up with the enemy.

Good luck!

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Rating the tier 3 Devilin wolves

I recently got my second tier 3 wolf, Devilin Gram. My first one was Devilin Dusnum, which I had recently been using a lot.

Since I got the second wolf, I thought maybe I should give the other wolf a try. And that got me thinking whether it would be worth it.

There are four tier 3 wolves. They share the same skills, except for the main skill.

Devilin Dusnum

Main skill: Lunatic Eye. Lowest strength. High wil/wis sum.

Str: 60. Wil: 74. Wis: 70. Wil + Wis: 144. Str + Wil + Wis: 204.

I rate him highly because he has the second highest Wil + Wis combo and his main skill is unique, Lunatic Eye. I would propose a build around Wil + Wis, with more Str coming from armors such as blessed Valentine and red armors.

The main problem with a build of Wil + Wis for him is if you lack good armors that would give him enough Str. I think he really needs say around 110 Str to be effective enough against archers, casters and who knows other chargers. But you should not sacrifice Wil + Wis because he is not exactly a damage dealer either. He does better when lasting a bit longer, helping to absorb some damage and maybe upon death to heal allies that have the Dark Soul skill such as Duora.

Devilin Gram

Main skill: Heavy Counter. Second lowest strength. Highest wil/wis sum.

Str: 62. Wil: 73. Wis: 72. Wil + Wis: 145. Str + Wil + Wis: 207.

He is OK. His main skill is great versus melee enemies. The problem is that casters and archers can deal with him and avoid the counter. Rendering the main skill kind of ineffective. He is like Dusnum to some extent, good with a build around Wil + Wis. In fact, his Wil + Wis + Str is the second highest one of the wolves. So in terms of stats he’s pretty OK. Use armors that give plenty of Str to compensate for a build around Wil + Wis.

Considering that many players avoid using many fighters, the poison pill of the counter is not always needed. Nonetheless, I at least favor using fighters, so it could work at least part of the time.

I slightly prefer Dusnum’s main skill to Gram’s. The detection of Dusnum could be effective against some types of enemies that hide like Letio, Arvol… And the bonus damage of the Lunatic Eye could come into play against enemy chargers. On the other hand, I think that Gram and Dusnum are in the same ballpark. Either one could be used when favoring team synergy. For me, Dusnum fits my team’s synergy a little better.

Devilin Bliza

Main skill: Critical Mastery. High strength. Highest wil/wis sum.

Str: 66. Wil: 75. Wis: 68. Wil + Wis: 143. Str + Wil + Wis: 209.

The highest Str + Wil + Wis of the wolves. The main skill favors the attack. But it’s only a chance. It might not come into play that often. Making a build around Str very risky. So again I would favor a build around Wil + Wis and let Str come from the armors.

The main skill is a little bit boring. Neither here nor there. The stats may try to make up for it. Considering how hard it can be for wolves in PvE, I am not sure we can decide on which wolf to use based on which one would be best for PvE. For PvP, Gram’s counter or Dusnum’s Lunatic Eye may be a little more exciting, even if none of them can be considered a killer. Except for Impenum.

Devilin Impenum

Main skill: Power Charge. Highest strength. Lowest wil/wis sum.

Str: 73. Wil: 61. Wis: 72. Wil + Wis: 133. Str + Wil + Wis: 206.

The most offensive of the wolves. The highest strength and a damage dealing main skill. Folks often prefer him for his attacking traits. And they build him with a lot of Str. Definitely worth a shot if you want a highly offensive charger.

The problem though is that a low wil exposes him to enemy fighters that use rapid fire such as Narun and Snipher. Then an archer could finish him off.

Since he has the lowest Wil + Wis of the wolves, trying to make a defensive build of him might not be worthwhile. So when trying to make a defensive wolf, try one of the other ones.

Then again, Impenum can become a highly offensive charger, capable of killing enemies in one hit. Some players who use 2 or 3 chargers might try to include Impenum and hope the other charger can take some of the hits so Impenum can do his job in one or two turns. One of the other wolves if built defensively could be used solo. Maybe Impenum works better with at least another charger to share the hits with.


Those are the tier 3 wolves. There’s also a very good tier 4 wolf with both offensive and defensive skills. A tier 2 wolf that lacks perhaps stats but is still good. And four tier 1 wolves that are kind of cool for beginners.

I am a proponent of wolves with the Dark Soul skill at least. Since it’s really sad when the wolf could be healed upon the death of an ally, but is instead left with low health.

The problem is that these wolves have very cool skills. Most are attack oriented though: Aura, Blaster and Shadow Revenge. Only the Dark Soul is defensive. Since I propose that wolves be built with Wil + Wis except for Impenum, it’s up to you what to try.

I think of chargers as advanced defenders. And if my wolf dies, he helps to heal Duora and Neroeru that have Dark Soul/Demonic Soul. And the wolf’s death also makes heroes like Duora that have Iron Will skill a bit stronger. But it’s nice that the wolf sticks around a bit longer with their high health and takes a hit or two for the defenders.

Without Str armors, wolves built defensively can have a hard time getting past the armor of some strong enemies. But when they get to around 110 Str, they should deal enough damage to some of those enemies. We’ll see. My Dusnum will get to around 111 Str soon and I will be able to tell whether it’s really enough. If anything, a Necklace or Ring could give him some more Str, right? :-)

I also like that these wolves have the Haste buff skill for +2 movement. It may push them into enemy territory sooner. Also, having at least 1 charger is great versus weaker enemies, helping to end the fight sooner.