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Topic: Castle Clash / My Arena Rank 1,032

I just managed to get a high arena rank. I don’t think I deserve it, since my heroes are still lower level than the competition and I still use an elite hero.

The thing that changed today was that I finally got my Immortep by buying him with 7,500 shards. I quickly leveled him up to level 105 and I have been having fun since. It’s a very good hero.

Shards come from doing quests, dungeons, guild torch battle events, Here Be Monsters defenses and sometimes by buying them with merit points we can earn at Expeditions.

I bought some gems at the beginning. Just 20 kreds a couple of times. Otherwise I’ve been just a free-to-play player.

My Thunder God I bought with shards as well.

Paladin and Druid came from daily login rewards of days 21 and 30 respectively.

And only my Champion I got by rolling with gems.

And now I am up to 5 legendary heroes and my might is still low at 8,231.

I hope others will feel encouraged to try to get their own special heroes with shards! :-)

Good luck.

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Topic: Castle Clash / A Good Castle Defense Should Have...

Hi. I welcome others to give their own opinions of what a good castle defense should have.

I will start.

Wall Blocks level 8+

A good castle defense should have upgraded wall blocks. A minimum of level 8. If you put some more effort into it, the wall blocks should be level 10 which is the max level. Any excess gold can be used to upgrade them. It doesn’t even require a free builder.

Circular or Square Building Layout

With a circular or square building layout, enemy troops are more likely to try to split into 2 or more groups, giving your defense more time to defend from a focused attack.

No Gaps Inside Where Enemies Could Be Dropped

Sometimes with spread out designs, leaving a gap inside the core defenses could allow for an attacker to more readily deal with the core defenses. A maximum of 2 blocks gap between buildings is required to avoid the gaps. But if anywhere a gap of 3 blocks is found, it could easily be spotted by an attacker before they started their attack. An attacker can pretend to drop a unit on top of a building, and the gaps would instantly be revealed by the game’s own occupied area effect. When you lay a building on a new spot when designing a castle, the same occupied area effect can tell you where possible gaps exist.

All Sides Covered By Less Useful Buildings And Camps

Sometimes players think that if they put their buildings at a corner, they cannot be attacked from the backside. Or if they can be attacked from said side, they can properly defend by concentrating most of their towers and heroes at said corner. Thing is, the attacker can drop troops at any corner by clicking offside. Also the attacker could use useful spells like Guardian Angel and Restoration giving their heroes perhaps about 12 seconds of protection, during which most of the defense’s heroes would vanish.


It seems obvious, but many players grow tired of resetting traps after they get used up. But traps can be the difference between killing no enemy units or at least killing some of them.

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Topic: Castle Clash / More heroes or more builders?

Oh yes, I forgot to say that “retired” heroes can be used as tower garrison and during Expeditions at arena. Duplicate heroes can also be used as tower garrison and Expeditions. The tower needs to be upgraded to level 10 and then converted to an advanced tower before they can take garrison heroes.

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Topic: Castle Clash / More heroes or more builders?

Besides randomly rolling for heroes, we could just save enough shards to hire specific heroes we need. Half of the Legendary heroes cannot be hired with shards though. Some can only be hired by rolling with gems. And some may be restricted to events or some such.

Saving shards seems impossible at the beginning. But once we manage to defend in Here Be Monsters we may get 10 shards per successful defense on the first stage A. We can also hit dungeons for a chance to get a couple of shards at the beginning. Plus, when we get to Town Hall 7, we get some quests that may give shards as rewards.

Just by using shards we could in a week assemble a team of Ordinary heroes. And manage to save Honor Badges and gems for other more important things.

A good Ordinary hero to get with shards is the Angel. The Angel is also a reward for crediting 20 kreds at the beginning. She costs just 30 shards to hire and could make a good 3rd hero to have alongside your Executioner and Frost Witch. And in a week you would get the Pain-Da as login reward. That’s 4 heroes that will relatively soon occupy your hero bases.

But we have 5 hero bases for a good while. The 6th hero base is possible, but it comes at a much later date after we’ve upgraded our castle a lot.

What will your 5th hero be? Up to you. All roads lead to Rome and more heroes if you so wish. :-) Make room for your Paladin and Druid too!

To give you an example, to get the 6th hero base we need to upgrade some buildings up to level 16. Level 20 is the max level of buildings. And to get there it will be a while with however many builders you have.

Another advantage to upgrading the castle is that we can more easily defend the castle in Here Be Monsters and Hero Trials defenses. We could also own a 4th and 5th towers and get them to max level eventually. And for that we need more builders.

As important though is that building and upgrading is fun. We want to see things evolve. If we don’t invest enough into the future, the present will look like deja vu every day. :-)

Good luck!

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Topic: Castle Clash / More heroes or more builders?

While hiring heroes with gems is the best option to get higher quality ones, with a 5% chance to get even a Legendary hero, gems are also used for other aspects of the game. An important one is just hiring more builders.

We start with just 2 builders. I joke that if we played with just 2 builders, all of the upgrades of the game would take over 2 years to finish. I don’t even know how long it would actually take, but by mid-game the upgrading time gets longer from days to even weeks per upgrade.

The game kind of assumes that everyone can get a couple more builders free of charge, since we can win gems by just login in every day and doing some easy quests.

The 3rd builder costs 500 gems. The 4th builder costs 1,000 gems. And finally the 5th builder costs 2,000 gems.

Comparatively, we spend 150 gems to try to roll for a hero. But there’s a big chance we’ll get a sacrifice hero or even a repeat one as well. Say, a second Executioner. There’s even a chance we will get just an Ordinary hero! While we’d be hoping to get at least an Elite one.

So, for the price of the 3rd and 4th builders we could even get 10 new heroes. And for the price of the 5th builder we could get even more new heroes. What not to like about the deal?

The problem though is that we are ambitious one on hand. And we don’t have much use for many more heroes on the other hand. After we hired the initial set of heroes we can use, say the first 5, we start to want to get better quality ones. If we started with plenty of Ordinary heroes, maybe we could have upgraded them to Elite ones. And if we got Elite ones, maybe we’d want some Legendary heroes of our own. Since other people have them.

Then we realize that all the energy we put into hiring and upgrading the skill of our initial heroes will go to waste once we hire a new one that will replace the old one. It’s even possible to “Consume” the old one to try and upgrade the skill of the new one. But then we could think, did our initial pursuit of heroes pay off in the long term?

It’s tricky. If we get lucky at the beginning and hire say a Legendary hero, we could quickly evolve that Legendary by upgrading their level and skill. But even Legendary heroes can be replaced later on by better ones. There are over 10 different Legendary heroes. There are 9 Elite heroes. And there are 8 Ordinary ones. Some heroes could be better tailored for, say, Arena. Some heroes could work better for raids and Here Be Monsters defenses.

So in the end, all the energy we invested into hiring a Legendary hero at the beginning may not be too important in the long term. We’d still need to hire builders to upgrade our castles more quickly. And there’s also the topic of hero talents that can be improved by spending 300 gems to try for a better talent for the hero. No two Legendary heroes are the same, for their talent could vary wildly.

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Topic: Castle Clash / More heroes or more builders?

While we start with just 2 heroes. We are soon given 4 or 5 bases to fill with heroes. Do the math and we need a couple more heroes for them.

How do we hire more heroes sooner?

It is possible to hire more heroes by rolling for them. Rolling means spending some resource for a chance to get a random hero.

If we use Honor Badges (HBs) for rolling heroes, the chance to get a good hero is small. And since HBs are required for leveling up the heroes past their current level caps, it’s also discouraged to spend all of your HBs trying to get your heroes. If you do spend all of your HBs trying to get heroes, your heroes will be stuck at level 20s and 40s for a while.

Heroes have their levels capped every 20 levels: 20, 40, 60, 80… To get past the cap we pay honor once the hero gets to the cap: 1,000, 3,000, 10,000, 20,000… When the hero gets to the cap, an Upgrade button will appear on the hero’s Hero Altar window.

Another option to roll for heroes is by using gems. Gems give a chance to hire a random hero as well, but the quality of the heroes tends to be higher than the ones hired with HBs.

Rolling with HBs may get us just a green sacrifice hero, the lowest level one worth just 100 skill level points when consumed. Folks tell us that the chance is very big to just get sacrifice heroes with HBs. Like, probably 70% of the chance is to get just a sacrifice hero. Tell me whether you feel the chance is wrong please. I am just assuming it.

Also when using HBs to roll for heroes, the first one costs just 500 HBs to roll. The second one costs 1,000. And it keeps getting progressively more expensive. Apparently the cost resets the next day to 500 HBs. So if you just spent 500 HBs or 1,500 HBs per day trying to get one or two more heroes and stopped there, you wouldn’t lose too much HBs. That’s why I am undecided whether it’s worth spending HBs to hire one of our first heroes.

Sacrifice heroes cannot be used in battle. They are just used for upgrading the skill level of heroes when consumed. On the hero’s Hero Altar window there’s a Consume button that allows for that.

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Topic: Castle Clash / More heroes or more builders?

It’s a doubt we all face. Should we get more heroes or more builders?

At the beginning we start with just 2 heroes: Frost Witch and Executioner.

The Frost Witch is a mage type of hero with strong damage, but she’s just an Ordinary hero.

The Executioner is physical damage dealer with strong damage, and he is an Elite hero, which is a tier above the Ordinary ones.

Both can be useful till the middle game. Both can be useful at level 80. But spending the Honor Badges (HBs) to upgrade their levels that high can keep you from saving HBs for other more important heroes.

We can easily hire other important heroes by just login in daily as we get them as login rewards. On day 7 we get the Pain-Da. On day 21 we get the Paladin. And finally on day 30 we get the Druid. Then the login rewards reset to day 1 and we start getting them all again.

The Pain-Da is a physical damage dealer like the Executioner, but his skill allows him to target more enemies at the same time. The Pain-Da is also an Elite hero.

Comparing the Pain-Da to the Executioner, the Executioner’s skill can stun a single enemy for 1 second. The Executioner’s damage is very high, but his health is not as high. The Pain-Da has lower damage and more health than the Executioner.

Another important Elite hero to consider is the Serpent Queen. But she can only be hired with luck. Mostly by rolling for heroes using gems. She can target many enemies at the same time with her skill, comparable to the Pain-Da. But her skill takes a while longer to deal the damage and she can target all the enemies in an area, whereas the Pain-Da’s skill can target only so many at a time and it may have a smaller range of effect.

The Paladin is the first Legendary hero most people can get. Legendary heroes are a tier above the Elite ones. He is a tank hero whose purpose is less killing and more stalling the enemy’s attack.

The Druid is also a Legendary hero whose skill is mostly healing some nearby allies. His healing range is quite big. His skill also gives an attack buff to the healed allies. The Druid is very important for farming some harder dungeons.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Castle design: Laziest Box Ever

I am using this design for a couple of days. The closed walls do seem to help with Here Be Monster challenges, which was an issue with my previous design since it didn’t have closed walls.

I have plans to continue to evolve this design as buildings and wall blocks become available.

So far the monsters are easily lured by the buildings inside the closed walls which puts them in a bad situation, as getting rid of wall blocks can be a tough thing to do while being shot at.

My heroes are surviving much more with this design as well. Since they don’t need to rush for the defense of the castle and can work in cooperation with the towers. Which seems to be a design goal of many defenses: to keep the heroes at/behind the towers, otherwise they may die quickly.

An alternative for when you want to protect the heroes even further is to switch their bases with the gold vaults and cannon tower at the center.

So far I haven’t seen monsters pathing well in this game. In backyard monsters, they used to switch targets if given a better deal. In this game, they may go by a closer target in order to continue to hunt the original target they had aimed at. It’s at least an interesting difference, but it can further help the defense.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Castle design: Laziest Box Ever

One of the differences of this game to other ones that I have played is that closed walls can be pretty strong. It seems that some units don’t do well against armor/wall, but I am not sure. On the other hand, some units do shoot over walls and even fly above the walls.

Inspired by what I have seen I came up with this design:

With 4 separate boxes, it could take enemy units a while to break them or to go around them. While the proximity of the buildings with the towers still give all of them a lot of focused fire.

Perhaps the design is not too tasteful. And it would only be complete with 4 army camps and perhaps 5 towers. But I kind of like it still.

Many folks seem to go for just one big box. I think separate boxes can be better. Some buildings can work as tanks for the towers too, while the tower help to protect them.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial

Guild and Achievements

I hope that I have covered enough of the game to give you a head-start. Anything else you need just ask. We have some great players here on Kongregate who happen to have over 10,000 might! They are much more experienced than I am and may help to answer your questions.

I didn’t touch on the Guild part. For me personally I only care about guilds to help with completing some quests. Guilds can have other kinds of challenges like a boss fighting and so on. But only strong players may get a try at them. The more you advance in terms of might and heroes, the more you will be able to join better guilds and help them with challenges. We also donate shards to help the guilds. But since we may be saving shards to hire a legendary hero, we may only donate a little to guilds. I only donate a little to mine when required by quests. :-)

We share a big server with Facebook players. While it can tough to fight for the top rankings with all of these players, it also means that we can hit many more players to farm resources for buildings and upgrades. I have raided over 100 of them! :-)

Try to complete achievements to get some gems. Also complete the daily quests to get some gem rewards.

Good luck!

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial


Towers are not too strong until they reach level 10 and can be upgraded into special towers: Arrow tower, Cannon tower and Magic tower.

It is important to upgrade them to level 10 as quickly as possible to better be able to cope with the difficulty of Here Be Monsters challenges.

The Cannon tower does splash damage to an area with monsters, helping to clear more of them in one shot. So owning at least 1 Cannon tower can be a good idea at the beginning. Their range is the greatest one and can cover most of your castle. But Cannon towers don’t hit flying units.

The Arrow tower does great damage to one enemy at a time. And the Magic tower does good damage to 3 enemies at a time.

The defensive power of the towers is greatly aided by your own defending heroes and units in the Army Camps.

At Town Hall 10 a layout designer is unlocked, potentially helping you to design and use up to 3 different versions of your castle to deal with the different challenges like defending against Here Be Monsters or just trying to defend against the raid of other players.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial


Heroes are placed into 3 categories: Ordinary, Elite and Legendary.

Ordinary are the weakest and legendary are the strongest. While players can rush to get a set of legendary heroes, the game can be enjoyed by just playing with the weaker ones until you have managed to get some legendaries yourself.

The game gives us some good heroes as login rewards. On day 7 we get an Elite hero called Pain-Da. On day 21 we get a legendary hero called Paladin. And on day 30 we get another legendary hero called Druid. The Druid one is special, since he is the greatest healer of the game, and he is a must for many of the challenges that we face in the game.

There may be some special legendary heroes that are only available during some game events or by trying your luck with gems for hiring heroes.

There is a lot of pressure to get the greatest heroes if you want to be a great player. And there is also pressure to get the “right” secondary skills on the already great heroes which also demand gems. The more immersed into the game you become, the more you may feel that pressure since there is a lot of talking about them. Nonetheless, it’s good to learn about what the secondary skills can do. Since those skills can randomly appear on weaker heroes that we have a greater chance of hiring anyway. :-)

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial


Raids can get our heroes killed. They just take a while to revive and be ready for another raid. The higher the quality of the hero and the higher their level, the longer it takes to revive them.

While you wait for your heroes to revive and your units to be trained for another raid, you can always play other game events like Dungeons, Arena, Expeditions and so on. The hero may be dead for raids, but the hero never dies for Arena, for instance.

A raid to be considered successful needs to destroy just 50% of the defending castle. After that, you may even end the attack to spare your heroes for another raid. On the other hand, getting 100% of the castle destroyed gives back more rewards, including Honor Badges.

Later on, heroes tend to die during raids. And waiting for them to revive can be boring. Fortunately you have other heroes to play with and tasks to do in game. Strategically you may also keep the level of the hero lower by not upgrading them, cutting on the need to wait for them to revive, while saving some much needed HBs for better heroes later on.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial


Might! Buildings and upgrades give us a lot of might. One important source of might is our heroes. Heroes gain might the higher their quality and the more they level and get their skills upgraded. Since we can hire many heroes, and each could give over 100 might each, a lot of might can come very quickly through heroes. Especially for players who buy gems to use to hire heroes with.

Some players rush to increase their might. One problem with that is that it can increase the difficulty of the raids that you do based on the strength of your opponents that are chosen based on your own might.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial

Game Tasks

The game offers different kinds of tasks as we unlock them and become strong enough to deal with them. Dungeon, Arena, Expedition, Here Be Monsters, Quests and Hero Trials can keep one busy and are beside the need to raid the castles of others.

At Dungeon we can beat some PvE (Player versus Environment) stages that may give shard rewards.

Arena tests our heroes against the heroes of others. It can be very tough though, as we advance through the ranks very quickly.

Expedition is like a special raid with only heroes. No other units are allowed for attacking, but the defending castles can have units defending them. If the hero dies, you need to wait until the next day to be able to use them again for expeditions. Expeditions give HBs and Trade Merits as rewards. There is a Trade Merit shop on the Warehouse building.

Here Be Monsters tests the defense of our castles. If we clear all of the waves of the stage, we get some much needed Shards rewards, besides the chance for gold, mana and exp!

Quests unlock at around Town Hall 7. They may give some nice rewards like Shards and can be fun.

Hero Trials I have yet to play on. I will update this when I have. It needs a minimum of 3,000 might.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial


The game has 6 different kinds of resources.

Gems, Honor Badges and Shards are the most precious resources, as they are used for hiring and improving heroes.

Gold and mana are the other resources. They are used for building up the castle.

Trade Merit that we earn at Expeditions. There is a shop at the Warehouse building for that.

Gems are often used for hiring more workers and for hiring heroes. Gems give a better chance at legendary heroes, which are the highest quality ones. Gems can be bought with real money giving players a higher chance at the best heroes and hero skills.

Honor Badges we have discussed a little in the first post. Refer to it.

Shards can be used for hiring all kinds of heroes, except for some special ones that are not available with Shards. Players are advised to save the shards to try and hire a legendary hero at some point. It can take over a month of saving shards before players can hire a great legendary with it. Some game rewards do give some good amount of shards though, like Here Be Monsters when cleared. If we can clear it 8 times a day the first stage gives 10 shards per clear. Other sources of shard rewards can add to that.

The game sometimes rewards paying players with Honor Badges and Shards when they buy gems.

Gold and mana are easy to get by raiding other players. Excess of gold is easily used to build and upgrade wall blocks. It doesn’t even require a free worker to create wall blocks, in fact.

Mana we may get more than we have use for.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Intro tutorial

You can refer to the game’s wiki for reference:

The general idea of the game is that we can raid the castles of other players. The opponents are often chosen based on our current might level. The might increases with buildings, upgrades and heroes that we build and level.

Another aspect of the game are heroes that can be used as units in raids and so on. The heroes themselves take a lot of customization and leveling. A hero has two skills, a main one that can be upgraded and gives the hero a unique feel. And a secondary skill that is randomly chosen when the hero is first hired, which can be randomly changed by using gems.

While heroes can be leveled to improve their stats and skills, the tricky part is to get the needed resources to keep leveling them. A hero can get from level 1 to level 40 in one day. But every 20 levels, the hero needs to be upgraded to increase the current level cap of the hero, which happens to be every 20 levels. It takes 1,000 Honor Badges to upgrade to 21-40. It takes 3,000 HBs to upgrade it to 41-60. And it takes 10,000 HBs to upgrade it to 61-80.

While HBs can be used for hiring heroes, given how much of it is used to upgrade the level of the heroes, it’s better to save the HBs for upgrading the heroes instead.

HBs can be farmed in the game.

1. Introduction – This one.
2. Resources
3. Game Tasks
4. Might
5. Raids
6. Heroes
7. Towers
8. Guild and Achievements

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Topic: Castle Clash / I like it. First impressions.

Third and last impression. I am a little tired after playing it for 5 days.

The quests that I was excited about became very tough pretty quickly, since they demanded that I had 3,000 might for Hero Trials or that I beat a boss as part of a guild.

The arena can also be frustrating. I haven’t made much progress lately since I haven’t hired any hero and I have been trying to save Honor Badges for stronger heroes that I could hire/get later on. And yet we are supposed to keep on hitting the arena despite losing all the time.

Yesterday I did credit another 20 kreds into the game to help with getting a 4th worker. Four workers have been quite enough for now. I thought after that I was going to be able to use gems to try and hire other heroes. But first try once I managed to save 150 resulted in just a blue sacrifice hero.

Angel is my main hero and she got to level 60. I am glad that I kept the Executioner at level 40, since he dies more often and the higher the level of the hero, the longer it takes the “revive” them. Angel by healing herself has always had an edge, but today the raid got tougher with harder castles with higher level heroes and units. So my rate of raiding slowed down. I did raid a lot yesterday though.

I guess I am a little overburned. Since I began doing more arena and dungeons and raids. My walls got upgraded to golden blocks with all of the excess gold that I got.

Next though would be to try and get better heroes. But I doubt that I can get them on a free-to-play basis. We do get a couple of legendaries with daily logins, but the higher the quality of the hero, the longer it also takes to “revive” them once they die in raids and such.

I have looked a lot at guides and such regarding the Castle Clash, but the emphasis on heroes has ruined it to me. Defending against Here Be Monsters is very tough even with moderately high level towers like mine. We get attacked by enemy heroes so the towers can do very little against them wave after wave.

I feel as though I gave the game a good try. But I am done with it for now.

Once again, thanks for the game! Good luck fellow players!

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Topic: Castle Clash / I like it. First impressions.

Here’s my second impression of the game. I am still playing it after 3 days.

I like the quests that open after we get to around Town Hall 6 or 7. They may give good rewards.

The arena though became hard after just 7 wins. My 3 heroes have been having trouble getting another win. Luckily, losing at arena also gives us achievements and gems. So do fight at the arena just for the achievements. Losing gives us 6 honor badges too I guess.

Honor Badges seem to be most useful when upgrading heroes so they can continue to grow in level. I upgraded 2 of my best heroes. Every 20 levels the heroes need to be upgraded to continue to grow, and it can cost 1,000 HBs per upgrade.

Raiding other folks continues to be fun and is a great source of materials. We also get a few HBs per successful raids.

I was afraid that upgrading walls would raise my Might so I waited till now to start upgrading them. I found out that it does not raise the Might though. So it’s safe to spend excess gold on those wall blocks!

I have been itching to get more heroes by using gems. Which seems to be the preferred use of gems in fact. But I am patiently waiting to get a 4th worker, and only then I would focus on hiring more heroes. Also the daily login rewards promise to give us some good heroes later on.

I haven’t been rushing to beat the dungeons yet. I had even forgotten about them, but the quests demanded them so I got some of them done for the quests.

No one dared to attack me after I got some defense walls and so on. Today I revamped my defense by moving the town hall to the edge and moving the vaults to the center in place of the town hall when it was there. I kind of miss being attacked. But my experience of attacking other folks tells me that defending is pretty hard. Camps and heroes are the best defense and having legendary heroes is important for defense.

While attacking other folks, I used to get 4 HBs. But now I am getting just 3. Someone told me it was because the targets were comparatively weaker. The game is providing me with the targets based on my Might though. (Edit: Apparently upon day reset just now, we start getting opponents closer to our Might again and get 4 HBs per raid.)

The game has been crashing quite a lot for me. It may be due to a combination of my Chrome and video card and flash player or some such. It is a hassle, but it’s bearable.

Hope for more fun down the line!

Thanks for the game.

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Topic: Castle Clash / I like it. First impressions.

Let me start by saying that I had previously played Backyard Monsters and a couple of days ago I also gave Clash of Clans a short try on a PC emulator. I used to love ByM. I hated Clash of Clans right away, first for its emphasis on money and then for the 30 minutes it took to do one of the first upgrades on it. I also gave short tries to other similar games in the past.

Castle Clash has impressed me right away, and I don’t even know how it works yet. I have played it only for less than a day so far.

One of the things that impressed me about Castle Clash was how much easier it was to make a wall than what I was used to in other similar games. I also like how moving buildings works. Here’s my early level base:

I don’t know how I got attacked, but someone attacked my base not long after I started it. I am still puzzled as to how they did it. Based on similar games I thought I would get a shield of several days at least, but maybe I dropped it somehow. Then again, I did get a shield of over 8 hours after they attacked me. I also don’t think I needed to repair the town after that, but I did lose units in the housings and the mines.

I haven’t yet been able to attack other folks. I hope it will be fun.

I like the battle replay. With it we can tell how they attacked us and how poorly our defense did. :-)

The music isn’t too irritating.

Supposedly we can earn some gems in game. That’s always helpful. Beware that using them to buy workers tends to be a good way to spend them.

I spent 20 Kreds on the game to get some of the entry packages that gave some gems and so on. I also wanted to support the game a little.

Well done to those involved. While the game was built with an interface for mobile devices, it still feels nice on the desktop and has a colorful screen. It’s cute.

Thanks for the game.

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Topic: The King of Towers / 10 days review

Before leaving this game, I want to give it a little review based on the about 10 days that I have played it.

It had been a while since I last played a tower defense kind of game. Tower defense was likely one of the first types of games that got me into Kongregate. But after I had played a couple of them, they grew old fast. Since then I mostly avoided them. Until this one that mixed MMO with tower defense.

I liked it overall. I have commended it on being cute. In fact, despite leaving it now, I have re-raised my rating of it to 5 stars. If the game is well-made it deserves 5 stars, even though we might personally not like it a lot.

What I did not like about it was that I found its game-play too slow. I don’t want to be sitting all day long waiting for saving resources to do upgrades with. Unless we buy resources using diamonds and thus money, perhaps the waiting can be way too long. My towers are upgraded to level 16. My magic skills are upgraded to level 15. My two heroes are at level 20 and 19. So I have almost cleared the second map. But the amount of resources needed to upgrade everything keeps on increasing.

My battle power is at above 10k which for a free-to-play player seems to be fairly high in just 10 days. I don’t like the stats being rounded up at 10k, in fact. I would rather watch it grow so show the number at 10,415 if you can. The little incentives may keep us interested in it longer.

I also think that we shouldn’t need energy to fight new levels that we haven’t yet beaten. It may push us to at least do something instead of just saving the energy for resources.

Maybe the rewards should be based on the number of enemies that we kill, even if we don’t even beat the level. Or at least give us something for the effort, like a spin chance. :-)

On a new day we get to do some stuff that doesn’t require energy. But we quickly run out of things to do after that.

I like the idea of mixing up tower defense type of game with MMO. It may be better than using puzzles during the games. If the players don’t make the right moves, they lose. And the amount of enemies that can be beaten can be better for rewards than just AFK-ing during repetitive tasks.

Thanks for the game. Keep it up the good work. Good luck!

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Topic: The King of Towers / Games of Chance


Just to add a data point to your analysis, here is what I got for free after playing it for a week:

I definitely got very lucky since I averaged over 1 Robin heart per day of shuffling cards. Perhaps on the first day I even managed 3 Robin hearts on the same day. It was a lot of luck.

After adding him to the team, it didn’t take long to have the team improved by adding more than 1,000 battle power.

On the first day or so of playing it I also got 2 diamonds from one of those spins. But I haven’t even used them yet. I have been saving the diamonds for when I do have an idea of what to spend them on.

Many games have added “luck systems” to their game play. Sometimes it can horribly backfire like when you try for an improvement and get a downgrade instead. There is definitely a fine line that these games walk between being a family game and a casino game.

The “micro transactions” type of games are becoming ever more popular, by offering a free game that can be enjoyed by those willing to spend their money on it. It’s up to each one of us to know when to spend any money on these games. It’s up to the community then to choose whether to support the game or not. If the game asks for too much money for players to keep on advancing, it will likely fail by keeping the mostly free to play players away.

My character is at level 20 and my main hero is at level 20 as well, after a week of playing this. So far it has been fairly enjoyable and I haven’t spent any money on it. I am not looking forward to spending any money on it, to be honest. I don’t think the game provides for unique value to be worth it spending money on it.

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Topic: The King of Towers / It's a cute game

I like the game for its cuteness. I like it that the game has different challenges using things other than just energy. And for those who only play it once a day for a few minutes, being able to quickly spend the energy is a good thing. It reminds me of some of the more cute games I played on Facebook.

The game feels empty though. It’s a lot of effort just to save resources to do upgrades with. If we are not strong enough for the challenges, it can be a problem just sitting there, saving resources for upgrades. Higher level upgrades demanding more resources.

My char is at level 13 after 3 days of playing it. At this point I am wondering whether I should continue playing it. The gold needed for jewelry is too much – I spent like 1,400 gold on jewelry today which I could have used for tower upgrading maybe.

I am still curious regarding the features I have yet to unlock. But progress has been really slow after the first day of playing it. :-)

Thanks for the game. I hope it will continue to improve. I vote for a more dynamic game-play if possible. Cheers!

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Arrivederci

I have been playing this game for 322 days, according to the login rewards data. At the beginning I skipped several weeks when I was playing other games at the time. But I resumed playing this one on a daily basis after that. This is the game I have played the longest ever, at almost 11 months. Before this one, only Ultima Online lasted over 6 months for me. (Edit: I forgot about Backyard Monsters which I also played a lot, maybe over 6 months too.)

I was hoping to find another cool game to steal me away from this one, but it has been hard. Lately I have tried Rise of Mythos which is quite colorful and in line with the dynamics of this one, but Rise of Mythos is less fun. Fights take longer as we watch them, 3 minutes, sometimes way more in team fights… And Pay to Win is more of a concern on Rise of Mythos than on here as it clearly shows in the quality of the cards being played.

I also spent a few days catching up to Elements. Maybe that helped to burn me out. It’s difficult to maintain the stamina playing more than one game, or even playing just one too much.

Since I have made many friends on here, I chose to leave a note to explain why I was going to take a break.

The programs I created will continue to be hosted by the free sites I host them on. But in trying to leave this game, I would rather not spend more time maintaining the programs. They will be up, but heroes may become outdated.

The synergy calculator has support for generic zodiac cards that could take the place of new heroes. Or you could use an old hero of same zodiac as jokey card. Another programmer could also borrow the ideas and maybe recreate the programs with updated content. Mae already has a synergy calculator too, so making the hero dictionary and hero skills wouldn’t be too far off for him. But the source code I used has dependencies that are not open source, so I would rather keep the source code unpublished. Perhaps 90% of the code is in the dependencies. 10% would be unique to the game.

Also I am against donating the items I collected in game. I would rather keep them if I decide to come back at some point. It’s more incentive for me to come back to at least take a look at any new content and maybe update the programs with new hero data.

I intend to perhaps try some games that need downloading. Just to see what the fuss is about. And I hope flash games or web games will continue to surprise me. But lately it seems as though mobile games have taken precedence over web games, unfortunately. Mobile games have simplified interfaces, which I quite like, but sometimes a little more complexity is what makes the games to last more than 6 months for us, right? :-)

Much love and appreciation. Be happy for me if you can. :-)


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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / A formation re-spec

I tried other setups recently, but ended up with the slightly changed formation below:

The change was to pull Canna 1 square to the back. This change helped to make Xenon to move ahead a little more since Xenon does not have room to move to the edge on her first move, with Canna occupying it.

Also Canna staying a little behind keeps her healthier for longer. Enemies that could hit her on her original place now may miss her and lose their first turn attacks.

Something else is that Canna staying a little behind may also give the enemy chargers more room to move, only to close the door on them when she moves, blocking their path with the help of Duora just next to her.

Finally, Canna on her first move will not get in the way of other heroes by moving to the center as she could in her old position. And she might even continue to encourage the other heroes like Xenon and Myseria to move forward on their 2nd and 3rd move turns.

Making the archers to move forward is something unique of this formation. It is pretty much an attacking formation since it pushes the archers to the front, risking to lose them sooner as a result. But Buri, Kloea and Xenon could kill a couple of enemies very easily by targeting enemy casters and fighters.

How it Works

Archers will try to move back and to the sides when their range can reach an enemy. But that’s troubling since defenders are often in front of other heroes. Since the archers will try to move back and to the sides if they can hit those defenders, they may lose a juicy target behind the wall of defenders like casters and fighters.

By placing heroes both behind and on the sides of the archers, we force them to move forward. So now instead of staying 4 squares away from an enemy defender, they might stay as close as just 1 square away. But that gives the archers range to hit enemies behind the defenders that may be 2, 3 or 4 squares away from the archer.

This formation goes one-up on that strategy by controlling the movement of the archers even on their second moves. Because again there will be other heroes both behind them and to their sides, forcing them to continue moving forward.

Buri in particular with her 6 range reach with the help of the Hawk Eye skill can hit enemies hidden in the back for a while if she does not get killed soon enough. Sometimes she wastes some turns by using the Blind skill on enemies that she could have just killed with a normal attack. Since casters are very weak against archers.

In older formations, Buri was capable of huge comebacks at the end of the fight. But in my team with 5 and 6 backliners, she wasn’t very effective at the end of the fight any longer. The Valentine’s armors also helped to shield enemies against her. And my Buri didn’t get perfectly rolled skills either. In the new formation she is sacrificed early on and might not survive till the end. Often she will take out one or two enemies though.