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Topic: Realm Grinder / Values for ascension upgrades (assistants, mana regen, and no percent shown)

Building cost multipliers are consistently 1 + (X-1)/5, where X is pre-ascension building multiplier.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Theory Build: Long term Drowdead trends

faceless, post-ascension:

headstart: linear with time with S30 and druid challenge 4, so assistants from S375 are at least quadratic with time (possibly more, but there’s effort involved in calculating this properly).

Druidline: outweighed in the long long run by mana that’s linear with assistants from (3,1), since nothing gives linear mana regen with time. Technically. Probably isn’t worthwhile on normal timescales.
E30 x E400: t^0.57 from E400.

So far, that’s t^4.57 from, uh, 4 researches, 2 challenges, and 1 upgrade. I think faceless can get another t^0.3 easily. Uhh, D55 (~t^0.2 based on mana regen), W120 (~t^0.3), W150 (~t^0.15). That should do the trick.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Bug with Angelbloodline?

Originally posted by Elivercury:


With 2k excavations your Dwarf bonus should easily be 4,000%. Likewise, with a modest number of royal exchanges you should have at least 4000%. Likewise with 46 assistants you should have around 8000% bonus. The fact that these are now down in the 40-60% is just because the reduction in production seems to apply to more than just research.

If you do the maths then for Fairy 250*46^0.9 = 7842% and 78.42^0.1 = 1.547, or a 54.7% bonus using post ascension figures. Obviously this is slightly out from what you got with 54.9%, but I assume there is some rounding somewhere along the way that I’m not taking account of.

If you look at research then you’ll also see all the values have reduced significantly.

Will be curious to see how far this extends – does it apply to challenges and spells? I’ve not ascended yet myself as I want to finish my archwizard trophy.

(1+78.42) multiplier from Fairy 250 or whatever, raised to the 0.1 power is 1.54879, so you’re just doing the calculation slightly incorrectly.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Post Ascension builds

Ascension reduces each income boost by raising the respective multiplier to the 1/10 power.

For instance, the 6000% of S330 is a 61x multiplier; 61 ^ 0.1 = 1.508, so it’s a 50.8% percent increase post-ascension.

The most important thing is what doesn’t get reduced by this — mainly, mana regen and assistant count. As a result, literally nothing can compete with druidline (which offers linear scaling of mana regen with time when coupled with S30; this is probably the best bloodline even without S30); the best assistant scaling is still brainwave + S375 (headstart grows linearly with time spent, which means this has at least quadratic scaling with time). There really isn’t any flexibility in long-term runs.

Other than those, just pick the researches that have the best % (usually things that modify gem or ruby %) or best scaling, depending on how long you’re planning your run to be.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / ...How in the name of all things holy are some of these new achievements even relatively possible?

Originally posted by why_amihere:

Matewu: can you grab a few data points for W205 for me? Tooltip mana and number of assistants now and before you end the run would be really helpful.

It’s looking like 0.45 * (# assistants) ^ 0.95, based off of a few datapoints from brainwave assistants.

aside: given formulas that look like y = ax^b, you can derive b by taking log(y1 / y2) / log(x1 / x2) with any two datapoints.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Full Hidden Trophy List

Hidden trophy before Stoic Resistance is Underground Researcher — “Discover all the Underworld researches.”

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Surprisingly strong build, R34

Originally posted by Gaminic:

Reminder for people dropping into this topic: get A400 BEFORE becoming Dwarf. The Fairy BL is much stronger than the Dwarf one.

I don’t think this works this way. Just as a test, I went elves, grabbed A400, got dwarf, and the autoclicks stopped.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Ascend Preview

Originally posted by Magmardooom:

About S215. I don’t think it’s bugged. It is supposed to give 450% to SS production. If SS now gives something like 30% then that is boosted to something like 165%. This means your new production is (2.65/1.3) higher so it’s x2 from before (giving an example, don’t know what the actual values are). In which case, S215 is giving the same bonus it gave before and the tooltip is working as intended, it just feels weaker because SS no longer dominates non-SS production to the point that any boost to it is exactly mirrored to production.

No, S215 does significantly less. SS went from 97.4% to 134%, which is less than 50%. The scaling all around is significantly lowered (as if they took all the multipliers and shoved them through a square root function, although that doesn’t fit by itself).

The main reason HoLs are so good is because their bonus to other buildings has also been scaled way down. Legendary assembly (which by my calculations should give ~1e15% gives 1950%.

And R46 is apparently the end of where the game will let you save. Beyond that, the game kicks you back to R46.

Merc might be useful for weird builds based off of things that aren’t scaled back (bonus TCs, for instance), but I haven’t tried it.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Disabled from anything in the new patch.

I believe it’s 2 if you’ve exceeded 3000 excavations, but still 1 if you’re under 3k. Or somewhere thereabouts.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Lore Artefacts Guide

Originally posted by GeneralYouri:

Power Orb
Requires: at least 3000 max mana
Find chance in %: (max mana) / 15000 %

Chocolate Cookie
Find chance in %: ??? %
(can’t quite figure this one, might be (reincarnation count) / 50)

Fossilized Rodent
Find chance in %: (treasure clicks this reincarnation) / 5000000 %

Cookie is excavation count / 50, as a percent.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Event: Princess' Pool Party

Originally posted by RottenC:
Originally posted by freakpants:

Isn’t Panda still slightly better for gold than Santa if you only get 2 crusaders in the row in front?

depend on gear

Technically, yes, but you basically need to have a better +gold item on Santa than Panda if you want him to stand a chance. If you have just the rare +gold on Panda, then you need at least epic for both the +gold and the +buff. If you only have the uncommon +gold on Panda, you need at least either epic for both, or rare + golden epic.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Realm Grinder: Secrets of the Ancient [Full Patch Notes]

Originally posted by Quizer:

Ah okay, so it was Sort by Cost that is at fault. But even so, the upgrades that cost the same should never sort themselves randomly.

Looks like somebody’s not using a stable sort.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Carnival of Sorrows Inaugural Event!

Prettified, loot:

Looks like Monkey has 2 self-DPS equips and 1 global; Pete has 1 self-DPS, 1 global-DPS, and 1 gold.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Carnival of Sorrows Inaugural Event!

I don’t know, but I guess I misspoke. I guess I could always look at the game data…

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Carnival of Sorrows Inaugural Event!

And yeah, once I get +gold on Monkey I guess I’ll have to think about swapping out Sasha and putting another crusader in the second column.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Carnival of Sorrows Inaugural Event!

Originally posted by tulamide:

But, all starters out there, be assured, the new crusaders are only strong if you buy chests for them. So if you don’t plan to invest money into this game, you will not lose as much as it sounds like at first. Remember, the other campaigns were designed to be played with the standard set of crusaders, and hopefully future campaigns will also be.

Pete’s +50% to furthest crusader is a strict DPS increase over filler crusaders in formations with space, and that doesn’t require any gear.

Moradin: Best formation looks to be same as usual, stack as many boosts on Hermit as possible (made easier because you can stick him in the top of the 4-man column, where nobody can get in front of him; Artaxes, Jim, Pete, Princess, Sasha in roughly that preference), and stack +gold% (kaine, panda, Nat if you have her gear). Kaine is better than Monkey because you can then use Sasha for more DPS, and you have space in your 4-man column to spare (I run Hermit / Jim / Kaine / Pete from bottom to top, but it’s same as top to bottom because symmetry).

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Topic: Wartune / screenshots of Chinese server

uhm okay. Balens cost more there, especially when you factor in normal earnings for someone in China. Wayyy more.

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Topic: Wartune / no lvl 50-59 bracket in bgs?

yeah… R2 isn’t going to translate 3 patches’ worth of content in two weeks :P

And Petra, when you were getting thrashed, talents weren’t out. There was no stupid stun / free attack nonsense back then. (speaking as a 50+, by the way)

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Topic: Wartune / no lvl 50-59 bracket in bgs?

Also, I believe that 1.5 (the next patch) kicks AFKers from BG.

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Topic: Wartune / no lvl 50-59 bracket in bgs?

7road added tiered BGs in 1.6, which is 3 versions down the road. Just saying.