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Topic: Card Monsters / Expansion 7 is coming.

I would like to see some kind of trade in of epics. If only its such a thing that with useing multiple of cards instead of evo crystals.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Some ideas to CM:

Smal changes make the people only stay, and not more players. And it depends how much money edgebee wants to make of CM.
I dont think that colored swarms would be hard to program. You need an other button under continue with the color. There is decksellection option in swarms too, so the second button could be disabled until you select the needed deck just as in live.

If you would need to play live and not duels for the free LC, then more people have to play live.

florensia: i think there isnt more then 10 fully active alliances. I know of an ally with high rating (more then 3k) in the top 50 (not as we are in the top 4), but thats theyr tactic, bc you dont benifit from being in the top or first. I listed some options for that.
swarms: your idea isnt bad, but those were allied swarms, what we talked much about. If they needed help how to make allied swarms, then it a good idea to make them unlockable with alli rating.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Some ideas to CM:

Is my post so bad, that it doesnt needs any comment?

Frendly: as i wrote up, i dont like duels. Why not fuse the two?

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Topic: Card Monsters / Some ideas to CM:

True, but i didnt wanted to list that into this, becouse that wasnt my idea (and we talked about it in braistorming ideas and earlyer). If not world (CM) swarms, but we could make allied swarms. The idea is the same, just its for alliance members. But either would make you walk away from story. But the plus in this is, that they wouldnt need to make story areas.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Some ideas to CM:

The ideas listed down are just basic, not fully worked out!

What kind of game CM is meant to be!
– Is this a PvP game? No, it isnt. With the ground idea you cant ever make CM to that.
– This is a GRINDING game with PvP option. This is a long time game, so dont expect much in the first 3 month. But what do you grind for? This is the question! For now the only option in CM is to grind for cards. After long time for many it gets a litle boring.

a.: Swarming:

This is the main thing in the game. After long time you get again a litle bored of swarmig at the same type. Once you got all the cards for a good swarm deck, doing the same thing to setup is just boring.
Thats where i had the idea of “colored” swarms. (“Colored” swarms: A normal swarm deck can contain any color of cards. My idea is, that you have 2 options before the start of a swarm. One, do it at the normal way, or to start it with a color option what is random. If you try to select that option, then you have to make a deck, what has cards only of that color in it with useable cards. (Reward: has to be tested.) So now we have an option from what we dont get so fast bored, and an aim again becouse you will need specific cards. But this again doesnt solves the problem, what do you grind for?

b.: Allianses/Allied Assaults:

In early game its good to be in an alliance when you cant finish your swarms alone.
But when you decided you like the game and you will spend on it (or just to use your „free” tokens), you incrase your maximum light (best idea ever for CM).
So you dont need an alliance to help you to finish swarms. AA-s just dont give enough rewards to be worth doing them.
After you maxed out reputation we are again at the point why to be in an alliance? You don get anything for being in the top alliances. Something needs to be done.

My idea: We would need 2 diferent typ of ranking: one for grinding, and 1 for AA-s.

- For grinding: How much coins did made the alliance in a specific time.
- For AA-s i would need help, but i have a basic idea. The matching can be done on the idea how much an alliance did grind.
- Lets say the top 1-16 are paired against each other, they play each other and have rematches too. The alliance with the most wins would win. Rewards: anything is pasible. All alliances would be placed in a 16 membered group.
- A litle more: After you reched demigod reputation, you should get something too. Lets say after every “y” number of reputation above demigod, you get some coins or something.
-I think we would need something more why you should aim to be in a top and high rated alliance:
1.: Alliance mebers who are in 2000+ rated alliance, could get +2% discount on buying with coins for each lvl of reputation to a maximum of 10%.
2.: Top 4 aliiance members could get 15/14/13/12% discount on buying with tokens.

c.: Duels:

I think this is’nt needed. Playing Ai in story is far enoug. The Light Crystal (LC) reward is needed because some of us buy with the get more LC option.
But LC reward can be added to live play or to anything. Many will miss the coins reward for it, so i would need help where could we add those coins.

d.: Live play:

Only some players buy tickets with tokens for those rewards. Lets say: if you win 1 match with bought tickets you get 10x more coins for it and at loss you get 2x the normal amout of the win reward, i think so would some players buy tickets. Otherwise its just a useless option. And so it could be a good reward too.
There are some players who like to play live. There are not many options how to get people play live, if we add more reward (coins)/win to live, but i dont think that would be a long time solution.
Lets add those coins so, that after every 2400 increase in your rank, you get 9000 coins.

e.: Story:

After unlocking what you need, only a few people play story. So we need something, that makes people to do story. The best would be, to get some more achievments for each campain area. Example: finish Abadoned Prison 50% get something, 75% get something, 100% get something.

IMO free players keep a game going, so there are 2 options: make fast money and close the game, or make money for long time. Thats why everything needs to be obtainable by free players, but they should spend much time to get it.

Now we are at so much light spent, that you will need incrased your maximum light. That means money for edgebbe. Free players have only to spend much more time.

How can you make more money of this game?

After a player has so 500 max.light, he wont spend much more on it. So how can we get this players to spend more? At this point this players know, that with time they will get the card what they need for free. The token cost of cards in shop (sry to say) are to expensive. So 10-15$ is what a player would pay for a card.

An other idea is with redrow: how can we get the players to use up theyr tokens on redrows, it isnt hard to say. Increase the chance to get an epic. I would add an other option too, lets say for 200 tokens at redrow if you get an epic, its a missing epic from your collection of that booster, or if you redrow an epic with this option, you get an epic for sure.

The next thing would be one of the hardest to program. Im a long time player, and im bored of how CM looks. With tokens you should be able to buy backgrounds for every „page” on the game, battlebackgrounds, you could add diferent cardframes…

And for last, what edgebee hates the most TRADE. But its the easyest way to make money. If you charge tokens for it, thats not such a bad thing.
First thing for sure, you need to be member for this option. How much to charge for a trade is what i dont know. I thinked of two ways of this (or both).
– You can trade only with bought tokens.
– The other is how much did you spent on this game. Lets say if you spent 10$ you can trade only once, 20$ twice, 50$ 5 times, 100$ once/week. (Both the seller and buyer must pay so 500 tokens.)

Or an other idea: “Trade in” option. Lets say you sacrafice 10 epics + 200 tokens and you get a random epic from a booster.

Some more things:
– If “colored” swarms can be made, then we would need cards for it. Lets make them just as Hydra (not my idea, but its good, lets make them just as unic useables).
To make live play more fun, you could add them to unlocks too, lets say win 100 games in soldier/ninja…
– Lets make samurai plate an unlock! What requires be Member.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Most recent up-date

well done!!!

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Topic: Card Monsters / Balancing

I like this update! Well done!

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Topic: Card Monsters / Up-coming changes

Then you could write some spoilers about the update :).

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Topic: Card Monsters / Brainstorming Ideas

Imo this game is a grinding game with a litle pvp option.

So my idea is to swarming:
1: A long time idea was allied swarms. Let it be like an event. Any operator can start a swarm from an existing swarm, what has 10x more creatuers to kill, you get the same coins as you would get for doing an allied swarm. (Only UV and DA)
But the price would be (if you beat the swarm) a booster with 100% of a missing epic!!! (for all members who killed at least 2k from the swarm)

2: Colored swarms. After you finished a swarm, a color option (random) shows up in addition to the normal multicolored swarm decks. You need to select a deck what contains cards only from that color (not included generic). Reward: +10% coins.

After the second idea we would need other (more) options how we can beat DA (allys and equips) in the next exp.
It would be much more fun to use diferent swarm decks.

- Anti-air should be 100%
- Chance should deal min. 10 damage.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [FORUM EVENT]Vote for Your World Cup Champion and Win Free Red Ball!


Stone Ruins

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Come and claim your trivia gold!

stone ruins

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Topic: Card Monsters / Fate of CM?

True or not???

“Guys, keep in mind that servers of CM will close after 3 weeks from yesterday (12 hours ago posted), this is what i heared.
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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game does not load


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise of Mythos Anniversary Trivia ROUND 2!

Angel Warder
Stone Ruins

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Topic: Card Monsters / Card Changes Petition


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Topic: Card Monsters / Card Changes Vote - Final Round - Closed!

1: Yes
2: Yes
3: Yes
4: No. WW is the best for a red crystal ally.
5: Yes.
6: Yes. “A”
7: 1st- “C”, 2nd- “G”
8: “C” (or incrase armor so it goes to 2 cc)

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Topic: Card Monsters / War Wraith

Firstly, WW is the only red ally what i could think of as a sac. When we made crystal allys with Bmuell a half year ago, then we did go trough every coulor. If we add crystal to WW and nothing is changed, then it will be OP. So something needs to be done. -10 attack or -10 Hp is enough change to it so that it can be used in decks and not being OP.

So my wote is “B/C”, im fine with both.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Considerations with voting on changes

To WW (70 damage): i see red purple decks with 2 WW and 2 sadis as sacs. (deck in mind: 2 ww, 2 sadi, 2 glamp, 1 musc, 1 DM; Ok, that reflect can crash it, but you add such equips what can protect you. You have the needed backrow and front row killing without equips. what do you need more?)

To Knightingle: i remember to good the time of old Channeling crown… First turn sac play an ally then oponents turn. With “resonate 2” it will be the same or better. Sac somthing, play knightingle play a 2 cc 30 armor. without sacing on the oponents turn the armor holds out 2 turns…

To Squid (the 3 cc version): entagle is a good abilitie. most of the decks aim for the tank/back killing. With its high hp and heal and a lucky entagle in 3 turns your allys wont be killed. I know… use more silence…, but i hate to play 2 more cards only bc there is a card that exists and i can play against it.

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Topic: Card Monsters / ***Squid***

My wote is for the 40 heal version, but mostly the only thing i want is that i never see the 3 cc version.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Epic Card Changes - vote ROUND 2 - closed

1. Glampire – NO. I think its good as it is.

2. Squid – NO!!! With those stats its to good. If you think a litle its almost an unkillable backrow. Let it be 2CC entagle crystal 40 heal 90 hp or so.

3. War Wraith – Yes. The 60 damage is good, so it doesnt OHKO-s most of the backs as a sac.
4. Knightingale – Yes.
5. Glambie – No.
6. Fat Pincers – Yes to “A” with only 100 hp.
7. Nucleader – Yes.
8. Kronan – Yes. But i dont care.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Epic Card Changes - Latest update from Lamatiel

1.: yes with only 20 shield
2.: yes 40 heal, bc with entagle 50 heal is to much
3.: yes with crystal dont let it OHKO a 3 cc backrow, so 60 melee
4.: im OK with how kronan is, so dont care much
5.: we dont need more mages for purple/blue. so i dont care.
6.: yes, no need to add it more fortify
7.: yes
8.: yes with only bless2

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE] Rise of Mythos Friday 1/17 @ 11:00pm PST

It works by me to :). So thanks. I hope the players who couldnt attack, get some compensation in crystal and the Angel.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / City Defense - Unable to attack?

I have the same problem…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Oh Gamefuse..

to the times

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Oh Gamefuse..

Nice topic, so +1.
Im almost a free player (VIP2), so i care a litle about it, but when i dont get that 20gold/5 medal for weekly, its not fair. I wont submit a ticket (to much time and effort for nothing). They dont do anything for much more, so what would do they for me… I know 1 thing, that i dont pay for VIP3 and play much less.