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Topic: Outernauts / "Add me" topic

add me pls

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add me thread V2

add me pls :)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Stone me to death but ROTMG truely needs a casual mode

aka why I stopped playing ROTMG :)

Maybe I am getting old, but what I really appreciated a when I started playing ROTMG is just getting annoying recently. Permadeath is one of the great distinguishing mark of this game. But, recently I find it way to unforgiving towards player mistakes.
I run quite a number of character, on a few accounts, maxed out a few, in every class, died a few hundred times. Maybe 30% of that was simple just my careless, bravery, ..
Now I would just like to explore the content of the game without starting to build a pot inventory again, to lvl a character that has a good basic build to finally have one that I can enter WC for example.

And now I would appreciate if there would be a casual flag, where every drop is soulbound, my rank is not captured in any of the lists, and I just can just play for fun without ever be worried if I answer a chat message risking my character :)

Just a thought

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Ally Finder

add me pls

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

Add me pls

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Lag is Back and worst than ever

Experiment #1: I just watched one of my potato for few minutes and it never blinked, flashed, phased out, gone dark, dropped me out, displayed a query error even for a single moment; Perfect frame rate
Experiment #2: than I moved it as fast as I can, but experienced no degradation in the frame rate at all.
Experiment #3: Increased load on potato. No change. Increased load a bit further. Result smashed potato. Frame rate still excellent. (even if I barely called this thing a potato anymore)

Conclusion: This game has worse framerate, than a potato.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / All about "Trains"

Beyond all that was mentioned earlier there are couple of advantages of a train, even if the XP income is relatively slow and the whole-running-around-shooting-aimlessly is kinda pointless: it is relatively safe, thanks to the meat-shield, so you can make phonecalls, watch tv whatever and you can get the party member levelup achievement pretty fast XD

@zorro 327: try the dungeons, where your short range is not such a big disadvantage, and you have a better chance to get soul-bound items. But you are right, plain melee classes (non-potted) have a clear disadvantage in the early game and the catch of 22 how to get the pots and the equipment that makes them awsome.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] What to do, and what not to do.

Agreed with the above. Constant begging is probably the one of the biggest annoyance on the chat. And it does not worth it at all for several reasons:

if you have a friends / clan they will help you out with a restart equipment, if you do not have (yes, you should always keep your second best stuff in the vault, life is dangerous out there), people anyhow will help you out because after a while everything below 2% is pretty worthless, just look around in the dungeons or in godland fame equipment is left on the ground everywhere. It simply does not worth the hassle of selling, so everyone leaves them on the ground or give it away.

the other is that while you are standing there begging you could level-up. Usually getting a char to level 20 is not more than 20 minutes, even for the non-experienced players. During that time you probably get “good enough” equipment to be able to survive in godlands, so go up there, dont die, and get into an undead dungeon, and suit up!

lastly, noone will give a beggar equipment that would make a huge difference (like para def or a cwand or 25 def pots) all you can get is the same junk that lies around everywhere anyhow.

so, stop begging.. go hunting.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Ok, so I just want the badges

They are hard bagdes, and some badges are harder than the others. That is all.. Probable it would more far if the dungeon badge would be in the impossible category. (AFAIK there is no short path to get that badge, you have to be lucky and persistent, and then lucky again XD)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Best class?

Sorcerer has a cool outfit.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Bridging the mid-game gap

.. Somewhat in agreement what Awsome mentioned earlier…

I can only give an answer (if it is) from the long ranged classes perspective, these are the ones that I have to most experience in. With staff / wand using classes you can more or less easily solo gods, as long as you can make sure that you dont pull more than one or two on you and you have space to retreat. (with some it is easier eg. wizard, with some it is somewhat safer eg. priest). I prefer wizards, but they are extremely fragile too; so the risk is high you get killed if make even one bold move. All the gods (not event bosses) can be farmed with lvl 15 wizard non-fame equipment it is just way lot faster with a good armor / staff / ring combo.

The basic tactic would be to get to lvl20 soon (that brings hp, speed,dps) , and then start farm gods for def potions (and everything else they drop) to decrease the risk of getting wasted on the field; then increase atk and dex for DPS and then go farm dungeons. I you need some specifics: except Leviathan, Constructs, and Sprite all other gods can be soloed with Wiz / Priest without even having the risk to take a HIT with a basic lvl20. Avoid large groups because people will pull mob from all directions.

I personally found robe classes a lot easier in the early game (basic lvl20) than the others.

ps: Hermit drops

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] my plan to make 1000 gold for all

awsome plan to get the game deleted from Kong..

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Why is there a limit to monster HP?

I think I saw a post somewhere the the 3.3 Billion cap was left in the game ‘accidentally’ in the first release and simple just remained as is over the time. Although that is through that with the current rate of increase the monsters would exceed the available range. On the other hand with the current 3.3B endurance mode is not a challenge, just a trivial time dependency. And if someone is passionate enough there is still room to anger the monsters after 2xx waves that can make the game a bit challenging. Nonetheless, the current HP cap + the ridiculously low armor does not make endurance challenging at all even if you turn on all the multipliers. Well, 10x HP spice it up a little bit.. but it is still not enough

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Anyone else hate bloodhound?

As it was pointed out above red is a very useful gem on early levels, and in the late game in the endurance. In the mid game when you can create L12ish gems simple just use Y/L or some other alternatives.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / High gems without manapool...

I do not think either the premium / non-premium would be an issue to generate a level gems. It is rather question of stamina or ‘scripting skills’ From the point you can beat endurance, you can farm virtually unlimited amount of mana that you can either spend on gems or extending the mana pool. I personally do not see any point in creating ‘the highest gem’, since it wont help you to beat the game,
but last time when I left the endurance run for a few hours I ended up with a mana pool of 200M or something and that was not even optimized for farming mana nor I was angering the monsters after wave 50ish.
So the question is if anyone want to spend 3-5 hours combining gems.
ps.: I doubt that gems L1000 or something can be done manually..

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Anyone need help?

Yes, mainly because higher the multiplier is the more XP you get at the end of the map. So turn on everything that you can handle and will raise your score (like banished monster heal, quadruple monster, giants only, … ) Monster HP multiplier is the only one that needs some experimenting, depending on your level it can make the levels really difficult.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Pylons

Just to quickly reply to the original question: you can win on the pylon map by beating all the leet waves. Though personally I would not recommend it. Basically the reason is that XP is calculated the same way as a normal map, so for example the XP gain on D10 would be around 4000 XP, if you get all the achievements (!!!). But the good news is that it counts as a win.

And here is a way how to beat D10 (without premium) for those who have no experience with the leet mode. Just for the fun I just beat the first pylon level D10 just to confirm what happens at the end. First I tried it with armored waves only, but when summoned a wave around 5x with 8M armor, I made my mind and switched to ‘swarm only’ mode. It is easier if the mobs are homogeneous.

I have used Y/L/O gems, simple because I was that lazy. First of all, traps are the only option since even a grade 7 gem can hit the pylon and would finish the level around wave 40-50.

With Y/L/O it is fairly easy, even without the premium upgrades. Easy can be relative (I am around level 500).The mobs were reaching max. HP around wave 270-290 or something. Level 23 gems were needed in the traps to get a stable damage that kill the mobs with max hp. If you do not want to beat max gem high scores, Y/L would be fairly faster. I did replaced the gems around wave 400, too. .. and two hours later it was done.

Does it worth it? No!!
Is there a legit way? Yes
Extra’s needed: 2 beer and a good book

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Traps

Though maybe traps are not the best choice in early levels, but if you plan to beat the semi-infinite wave mode probably the easiest way is to put that L19 Y/L/O gem into a trap.. and let the game run for a few hours. So no, traps are not entirely useless.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Mission 38

I had difficulties with this mission in the first few runs too, and I also did not have many of the cards mentioned above. Then I built a rush deck from the following cards: 1x Hatchet, 3x Vampires, 2x Blood grunt, 1x Quad walker, 1x Asylum, (1x Blood pool, 1x Draconian Queen), and I had Bloody Mary as the leader.
Though this is probably far from optimal, it works like a charm. I think Blood pool and the queen does not do too much in this case, because there no time to play them.

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Topic: Elements / Oracle

an amber nymph – 1 minute ago.. it made my day :)

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Topic: General Gaming / necronomicon:challenge #20

blast ’em worked.. opponent was on 3 hp