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Topic: Off-topic / Would you eat food that fell on the floor?

Not really, who knows what shit could be in your shoes.
M dog has no problems doing it for me though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite oreo

just the regular, classic oreos.
Yeah I’m boring.

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Topic: Technical Support / Why do I get this error? (Mystery thread)

Konbgot odia que la gente hable español

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Topic: Off-topic / Whats the hardest game you have ever beaten?

Well, I have beaten super monkey ball 2 on master extra difficulty. I don’t think i can strive higher than that….

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by Devilhunter264:

A game i can’t remember i used to play too much, its story was a spider that was taken from his mother and in a cave.
I think it wan’t exactly a spider.. a spiderlike creature that can shot web to escape underground .. PLUS the game had a very sad song in it,,, i think it had either spider… or cave in it…
the spider was dark green too i think
Thank you.

Was it spiderling?

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Topic: Off-topic / OT Irregular's Thread

Haru’s still alive! I just lurk these days though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Could someone help me find a game?

Bunni: How we first met

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Topic: Off-topic / Dat angry videogame moment.

Well, i bought Mario strikers when it came out thinking it would be a blast, but i didn’t enjoy it that much, i found it kinda dull.
I lent it to a friend for a weekend once, he said he liked it a lot and if he could keep it for a bit more time. I still haven’t got it back and i don’t care, he really likes it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate Forums = Necropolis

And you can also find some super mutants in the back, so yeah, we are pretty much necropolis

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Topic: Off-topic / mario wiki have an accurate picture of gabidou

I like feeding him detergent with salt baked for 5 mins.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think it's ok to hold grudges?

Depends on what they did, really, i would never forgive someone for something as major as sending me to prison (If i was innocent, that’s it). I can forget petty things.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is your favorite song?

I can listen to this for hours

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Topic: Off-topic / Game recommendations on kong

What game is kong recommending to you right now?

Apparently, rating Ot galaxy episode 4 5 stars means i will like the GoT flash game, is it true?

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Topic: Off-topic / MaoWee broke the shout inbox (Strange inbox shenaningans)

I assume your browsing history is nothing but kong and youtube videos aguspal, what’s so bad about that?

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Topic: Off-topic / Dear OT,

Originally posted by IceBomb45:


How about i add you to my hitlist buddy

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you going to buy THE NEW NINTENDO FLOP?

Nintendo always does this shit guys, they release a product and some time later they release a superior/definitive version. It’s better to wait a while with them.

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Topic: Off-topic / You wake up and Shy guy, Gardevoir and a Slime are watching your TV.

But i was playing with my wii, i don’t care for tv shows.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Whats wrong with the world, it lacks origniallity?

Only time it bothers me it’s when a great new franchise debuts but it flops horribly.

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you know Kongregate has official merch?

You should buy something, otherwise the staff goes hungry for a month.

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

I am replaying twilight princess again, i love it so much. Just beat arbiter grounds.
Also i lost like 2 hours playing at the fishing hole.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which candy do i buy??? Help

I don’t like snickers, so buy a loli

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Topic: Off-topic / I demand game recommendations

Have you played Deus Ex?
You could also try some DOS games, like prince of persia and the incredible machine.

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Topic: Off-topic / Daily reminder that ritz is better than you

Thanks for reminding me, i was feeling superior to him for months now.

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Topic: Off-topic / Should I get blue highlights?

Originally posted by Gabidou99:

What is blue Highlight? Don’t you already have it when you select text?

Aguspal please get off gabidou’s account.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can you guys just take a second to appreciate this load that Kongbot is taking.

Originally posted by aguspal:

How the hell is this funny?

Its actually kind of disturbing.

Now, every time Kongbot appears I just keep imaginating him like in the OP picture and it ISNT funny at all.

I know, it’s erotic.