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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou likes Strawberry Milk! Official thread!

Chocolate milk is way superior.

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Topic: Off-topic / I just realized I wasted my whole day inside...

I also like spending my time inside, but even then i like going outside on nice days and drive a bit.

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Topic: Off-topic / this thred has no EPIK MAYMAY VIDEOS!!!!

Originally posted by dias17se:

Dang aussies are rly stupid…

I immediately knew what the video was just by reading this post.

Originally posted by denamo:

i cried ;-;

Why? The cactus wasn’t harmed.

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

The NES Zeldas absolutely destroy people, their difficulty is massive.
2 In particular, i was only able to clear it because my uncle told me to grind in temples early on so i could get max life and magic.

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Topic: Off-topic / I found out something QUITE disturbing about my dad...(enigmatic thread)

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by spookyskeleton:

I could have SWORN you said your parents support you watching porn…If they don’t care about that why would they care about anything else?

Are you seriously implying watching porn = watching a page about humans eating themselves?


Well, eating themselves out is fine

so is vore.

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Topic: Off-topic / intelligent amricenz

Originally posted by Maowee:

do dey exizt??
plz share ur thought

i think they liv teh same place az unicronz n stuff

So smart Americans live in Unicron ?

Man, America sure is powerful, what with owning a planet eating robot and all that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Some creepy pedo

Not illegal to ask ;)

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Topic: Off-topic / Marijuanna should be illegal

I agree, think of the children 5/5 would reblog.

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

cleared ghost and goblins and ghouls ’n ghosts!
Now playing castlevania 3 and getting my ass kicked. at the later stages, past death.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you think is the best shiny Pokemon?


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Topic: Off-topic / Worst Movies

Originally posted by ReallyIntoBooks:

My friend and I starting watching this not knowing it was a Christian movie.
We were losing our shit halfway through.
We’re going to hell.

Also this movie, though I’m sure everyone has heard all the bad things about this movie.

Never watch Christian movies or teen flicks, seriously, the level of horribleness is too much.

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Topic: Off-topic / what is your guys favorite movie?

I enjoy The good, the bad and the ugly immensely.
Same goes for almost any western movie in fact.

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Topic: Off-topic / I think my parents are having sex right now while I am writing this title...(Hardcore thread)

So your parents only lasted 45 minutes? they should keep practicing, maybe do some cardio.

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Topic: Off-topic / Draw above user as a JUICE!

Like this?

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Topic: Off-topic / What Pokemon do you want to have in real life?

Missingno, if only to see what happens.

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

I started playing simcity 2000, being new to the series, and i discovered that i royally suck at management, all my cities go poor and there’s traffic everywhere.

Originally posted by VanHalen1:

I’m currently playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I have 112 out of 242 stars. I’m also going for 100% this time :)

Oh don’t remind me, i haven’t beaten the very last stage yet.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongristmas Secret Greg 2013 - 44 Participants

Originally posted by Haruhion:
Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

Salvador said he would distribute the gifts after he finished the next page of pig n heron

And then Homestar updates and PBF gets faster

Homestar updated, now all we need is more PBF and some pig and heron and christmas will be saved!

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could name any room on Kongregate... [OT Edition]

Yeah i think it really fits as a room name.
Many people played the game and know where it is from.
In game it’s a chill, relaxing place
Gorons are the best race
Now i want to be a chat mod so i can name my room

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Topic: Off-topic / I want 2010 back!

Originally posted by pink_princess:

Please no. I’m done with OT now and I really don’t want to come back.
2010 was fun but its over. Time to move on and let new people have OT .

But i want to stay :.;
Is my time really over too?

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Topic: Off-topic / If you could name any room on Kongregate... [OT Edition]

I tried thinking some game related ones but my imagination sucks:
Goron city (my favorite)
Mushroom kingdom
Green Hill Zone
Raccon city

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Topic: Off-topic / Vforvendetta is posting in OT to try to become mod of it

Originally posted by VforVendetta:

If you say so. xD

Outside youtube comments it has been a long time since i saw someone use that smiley
Everyone outgrows it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Describe what the user above you looks like

Whiter than Kong’s background.

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Topic: Off-topic / --~Video game log~--

I got the weekly top score in buttonhunt 3 for fastest time
And i am on top of my everyone in my friends list

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Topic: Off-topic / Lets get this right (about my quoting)

Now try and quote

Originally posted by aguspal:

If the post I quote is BELOW (↓↓↓↓), It means I was using my cell phone at the moment I posted said post.

If the quoted post I quoted is AVOBE (↑↑↑↑), it means it was created by me using my dads computer. I can also very occasionaly do it on my cell phone but only in rare circunstances.

This is so people would stop asking why do I quote in a certain way at times

like this

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Topic: Off-topic / How do YOU feel when one of your posts has been removed by an administrator or moderator [italics]?

I feel all tingly and happy inside.