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Topic: General Gaming / Warlords: Heroes Cheats

MORE GOLD!!!!!! There are some cheats when playing on KONGREGATE, when starting an episode in the entro right click and click forward it will then say “episode complete” and it will be complete. you may do this for any of the 3 episodes. Another is when in an episode at the end of a day right click and keep pressing forward until u are at the end the the next day. you will recieve 25 gold. This stradegy can be repeated. To get 35 gold every time do the same thing except after u right click and press forward a few times u will come to the map click on a place thats hard then when it starts continue to right click and press forward and when it is the end of the day u will recieve 35 gold, u also can do this again and again. DO NOT TRY ON ARMOR GAMES IT WONT WORK!!!!