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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / funnies trade offers


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / funnies trade offers

my vault was full and i couldnt be bothered to sell anyting and i had just found a gbow. i went up to some guy who had a double bow and said “u want a gbow?” he says “nty, ive got a bow with a double shot, look!” >facepalm<

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / New class idea

ok guyz i just feel like having a go:

Max hp: 550
Max mp: 400
Max atk: 20
Max def: 25
Max spd : 30
Max dex : 30
Max vit: 45
Max wis : 50

Ability: turns you into a ghost for a limited time- can walk through walls/objects and enemies stay away from you
Item: Haunted relic
T0 relic: ghost for 3 seconds
T1 relic: ghost for 4 seconds
T2 relic: ghost for 5 seconds
T3 relic: ghost for 5 seconds, +2 wis
T4 relic: ghost for 6 seconds, +10 max mp, +1 wis
T5 relic: ghost for 10 seconds
T6 relic: ghost for 10 seconds, + 20 max mp, +2 wis
T7 relic: ghost for 12 sexonds, + 20 max mp, +2 wis
untired: Ghost for 5 seconds, +50 max mp, + 5 wis

armor: robe
weapon: staff
Requirements: lv 20 wizard, lv 20 sorcerer, lv 20 necromancer
Description: although the ghostcaster laks stats, he is a master of escape and surprise attacks.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / RotMG intelligence test quiz

Heya guyz, during one of my ragequits i felt like doing somthing constructive, while waiting for the urge to try again
(you all know what thats like, dont you?(:D))
well, anyways, i decided to make an intellegence test for RotMG. Hope you guyz all Enjoy :D

samross ( or in rotmg, FREDepic, founder of the epicdoombringers)

Q1—- you see someone drop a doom bow in the godlands, do you…
a) leave it beacause you have your inventory full of hp pots?
b) leave it beacause there is a medusa sitting on it and you are a level 3?
c) pick it up, risking your level 20’s life for it?

Q2—- You are a level 20 rouge, but with the Tier 2 special and Tier 3 enter a cyclops god castle by the front entrance and know there is a fire dagger in the chest. the place is filled with minions. Do you…
a) slowly pick off the enemies one by one, risking someone else collecting it?
b) activate your special and try to grab it, then nexus quickly?
c) go round the outside and try to break in another way, as your special wears off quickly?

Q3—- You are in oryx’s castle at lv 10 with decent items, should you…
a) charge straight through his minions and hope for the best?
b) stay at the starting point untill the others get the job over with?
c) stay near the back of the pack, collecting XP but not risking your life?

Q4—- You are trading in nexus with someone who has an inventory full of defence pots and the offer 1 of them for the demon blade that you have equipted. this is the first one that you have got and it is unlikly that you will ever get another one. do you…
a) accept without hesitaition?
b) ask him for all 8 defence pots for it?
c) decline, as the weapon is worth more than that?


award yourself::::::::
1 point for every A answer,
2 points for every B answer,
4 points for every C answer…
and check yourself on the key below

under 4 points:::
you are an absolute noob, and should at least get a lv 2 before retaking the quiz.

4-7 points:::
you are not an absolute noob, but could still do with getting better than a lv 10

8-14 points:::
you are the average player on RotMG, get better than lv 15 most times, and are generally an all-rounder.

15 points:::
you are a bad mathmatition. it is impossible to correctly get 15 points. :P.

16 points:::
you are a pro. full stop. like me.

17 and over points::
you cheated.

well guyz, thanks for playing! post your answers/ scores below.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / When you die do you lose pets?

what is a pet generater?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / The Merge

lol. the merge hasent even affected me!