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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / What Stategy you will do in the jungle,plains,and,rocky places

Jungle is not good terrain. Rock fields are worse. You want a clear field of battle. Otherwise, the other guys, who outnumber you, will get too close and kill you before you kill them. End of story.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / FAILS AND EPIC FAILS

Remember, this game teaches decision making when the odds are more than against you—you are doomed. So you can’t cry about this. However I’ll post something that will touch everyone’s heart.

On wave 147, I was owning them, heading straight for Berlin, eating their kraut. I had four NCO’s, a bazooka guy who was almost an officer, with a trench on the right w/ camo netting, trench in the upper middle with bunker, and sandbagged uber sniper. Throw in two more bazooka guys.

Next to the sniper, my anti-tank gun. M3at, I think it’s called. Slow but powerful, don’t buy it without buying two or having a tank.

Roving the front lines was my tank. Drawing fire.

I’m mowing down anything, anything. 3 or 4 tanks? No problem.

A single nazi tank appears upper left, with scattered infantry. He kills my m3at, my tank, blows up my bunker. This freaks out my troops and someone runs away. They kill him, I last till wave 153, a lonely sniper picking off Jerry’s.

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Topic: Collaborations / TextRPG: The Turning Point (Alpha released)

I’m a writer and editor. I enjoyed the first game and could help with either writing or editing.