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Topic: Epic War VI / Garuda Atk

Garuda is about the units. Try using Bird General 2 and Dolphin Statue 2 then come back to me with complaints :P

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Topic: Epic War VI / Last Epic Stages

I’ve heard for players not wanting to spend kreds, Garuda is a must for end game with dolphins and bird generals. Is this true?

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / [Suggestions & Improvements]

So clearly best strategy is to superpower 1 ninja at a time.
Easy way to balance this: Introduce bonuses for amount of members on team. aka for each member on team = plus crit chance and plus defence or something.

Simple way to accommodate multiple strategies for training your ninjas :)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Wayfinder's Guild now Recruiting

Look forward to playing with y’all :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Steam Defense] Suggested Updates

Could you update the options so you can set your own hotkeys?
I’m using a Macbook and all my f keys are taken up with sound and brightness etc.

Please change or let us set our own.


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Steam Defense] A bug (Maybe)

Yup running smoothly on chrome for me also

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Topic: The Arts / Welcome Musicians! (Please Read)

Please take a listen. Not your usual music production/poetry medium.

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Topic: Dream World / Cap of Wisdom

GlaDOS is a real person and you kill ateve merchant at the end by sending him to the moon :D

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Topic: Dream World / Mystery Box in Daily Chest

if you log on daily that makes you seriously unlucky :P

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Topic: Dream World / On the new island..

Originally posted by Krimbef:

@ KingK: I would urge you to rethink the mechanisms of the invasion. Everyone is getting bored with it, there is way too much emphasis on the invasion as it is. Disabling entire guilds from enjoying the new content by making the invasion the #1 priority (with the exp bonus) still is not going to benefit this game in any way.
In my opinion it would be better if there is a shift in focus like there always was. So that the high leveled guilds will move on to the new content and leave the invasion up for other guilds to participate in. Another option would be to just cap the invasion bonus to a certain amount of dmg regardless of winning the town. So for example all void guild would have to do 1.05T damage in 2 towns to gain the bonus, then move on and enjoy the new content.
I can understand the invasion has your #1 priority written all over it, since it’s an amazing source of income with people outgemming eachother, but this attitude will hurt the game in the long run. I’m afraid there will be another wave of people quitting DW because of this.


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Topic: Dream World / Official dam-the-server-is-down Thread


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Topic: Dream World / Lost Relic is gone for 120+ CON?

im level 55 with 76 con. i only recently found out about the repeating lost relic quest. It is a great shame as now i am going to struggle to catch up with other players that reached 120 with a hellovalot less effort.

not a happy bunny i tell thee!

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Topic: Dream World / Mystery box?

52 time capsule

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] new wepon

can it also make tast that heals 10 hp?