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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Feedback and Problems / priest can not attack

And Palladins Gaea break does no damage, and many other issues…

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Monthly Card

And about 1 week later, no reply from the dev, I will proceed to flag this game on kongrate, and let Kongrate Staff talk with them, cause atm … they really dont reply to their own customers.

Best Regards,

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Monthly Card

You guys are not alone,

Well … i also made them a ticked after i have waited 24 hours between purchase and sending ticket, just to confirm that indeed there is a problem with that event and that i did not receive the daily gems.

Best regards,

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Topic: Galaxy Online / MERGE US WITH FACEBOOK

Qaz the killer of entire servers! Way to go Qaz!

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Topic: Galaxy Online / January 20 Maintenance and Content Update

Just got to mention it, the new Cancer Constellation does not give any XP (even if 100K its listed), while A4 was indeed giving XP to coms.

Yes, i know, how crazy it sounds, i DO level a few hitters in const now and then, and this time, during 23 Cancer.C01 runs , my coms did not receive any experience so now i got to level them up in RI10 >.> boring .

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Upgrade Blitz bugged again!

Well IGG its really shooting themselfs in the foot with this things. DO they honestly belive that any player of GOII will even bother to try their BRAND NEW GOIII and that we are exited about their new game, seeing their ‘support’ for GO II at the end?

I will Never again play a game by IGG . . .

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Oct 23 Maintenance and Content Update

How about checking that the events are working properly before implementing something new?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Octomber 19, 2014 - Event bugged

The “Blitz Upgrade” event during the weekend 18-19 Octomber its bugged by pointing to the Event holded last week. I clicked the event, and showing event period 10.11 00:00 – 10.12 23:59 and cant click anything + Reward was already claimed (because i DID do this event last weekend ).

Just onether way for IGG to show us how much they ‘care’ about customer support for GO2.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Lost all Progress

Same here, all progress gone, seems that its not connecting my kong profile with the save from nivals server. My characters name its “Player” got no friends( you could see that at mission end, when show you your friends scores), and progress went back to first mission.

After a couple refresh, finally connected with server and asked me to choose between server save and local save, soo all good now.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Sept 18 Maintenance and Content Update

And yes, looks like the humas got fleets from Aries constelation:
Huma 12 – Aries I
Huma 13 – Aries II
Huma 14 – Aries III
Huma 15 – Aries IV
Goodluck to huma hunters!

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 04 Merger on September 23rd

Well considering that IGG it’s an asian game company and it’s using asian F2P game model, this was expected already for a while. Its all about keeping income above costs, and when the treshhold its crossed (costs rise above income) either will see how to merge with facebook, or simply shootdown.

Anyhow, time to say welcome to the S04 people, and wish them goodluck and fun on the “new” S01.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Your own commander Skill.

Demoter, on hit got a chance to remove a star from enemy commander….permanently. Oh, rule#1: no insane skill, hmm, ok then, till battle over. >.>

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Topic: Galaxy Online / July 17 Maintenance and Content Update

Originally posted by Talisien:

Actually, I think it’s worse than IR- at least, it is if it functions the way the description is actually worded, which is never guaranteed with IGG. The wording of the ability only says it buffs allies; it says NOTHING about the ability to affect itself.

Well its great imho, put this com on a fleet with Scylla flag, and all other fleets around it, which are having strikers Flags, get shield/struct regen… you could put this com on a fully tanker fleet so it wont get killed easily, then all the strikers around it will have shield/struct regen + increased defence. im really having a hard time to see how this com aint great, except … if the proc rate its very low

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Scylla (bugged?)

Well i can confirm that in fact Scylla DO Regen Shields without Moving at all, just timed-out in a Space Raids in turn 28, and Scylla Tank got stuck 20+turns, and each single turn regenerated the shield. But it did fire its one gun.

But the Regen its not at the begin of the turn, its when your fleet acts.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / April 15 Maintenance and Content Update

All i can say about Secretariat beeing to op or something is this: Eurus + T3 DW + hit from side + (Orange min/max chips).

Hard to see it standing up after that.

RO-Aero, dw-addicted.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / best commander?

9* Luna! >.<

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Topic: KingsRoad / Lag

Lag was some ok, until i tried…Dungeons, there was painfull for some reason. Back on normal maps, just little lag now and then, tried again Dungeon, Bang, again freezes of 10-15seconds when i can move, but i cant hit anything… So Yeah, something is wrong with the network code in this game.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

I want to report a bug with the enchanting system. The tooltip under the “Socketing” button clearly reads “Add or swap jewels on items with sockets”. And i wanted to test how the swap works so:
1 ) selected my weapon
2 ) Dragged onether triangle jewel from my inventory, pressed “socket”
3 ) The new gem got into weapon socket, but the old jewel(the one with +dmg) got destroyed.

So tooltip should read either “Add or REPLACE jewels on items with sockets” or it was a bug.

p.s. Jewels like that with +dmg doesnt drop during normal play ? cause i keep getting all kinds of tri-jewels, except that one.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / variance for four attributes

You wont like the answeer:
Reset your Commander and level him up again… Each time a commander lvl up doesnt get a fixed amount of points, it is between a min and max depending on Card Type & number of stars,so, your friend got a bit more lucky each time he leveled.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Jan 17 Maintenance and Content Update [Source: FB]

Prob its gonna have a huge space for equipment . . . (but fells like its an upgraded & defensive orientated version of snow Arctic Air-board + i wonder: Requries 3 AAB BPs in the merging ? )

+ Edit: Nice 7770th post qazzaq123 >.<

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Anyone elses trials bugged?

Do not worry, they did not reset the trials during patch. So if u did them yesterday or before patch, they are still registered as done. You have to wait till tomorrow day change to be able to do them again.

Changes was to remove trials 1-4,6-9,11-14 and so on, and only leave 5,10,15,…50 in place( and change numbers to reflect that they are only 10)

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Senary Gems

@Marine, Well, If all the list gets implemented, everyone will extra raw gems that can be merged into random gems. This means F2P will actually get a bit easier gems I or II, but who keep spending have an extra target to aim for.

If you think of it, its a nice scale resize, f2p gets more raw gems, MP users can make their coms even more OP, and well … IGG will be happy with all the MP spent on gems. (Hmm, first time i do not rant about IGG …. )

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Senary Gems

Considering that is a lot of MP be purchased / spent on gems, i really think IGG will go for it in a form or other. I mean, they did boost Orange Chips 8,9,10 for very similar reasons ( costs double at each upgrade, while the gain was staying same).

To be honest i really think this is a great post (it might be even the first that is really well thought all-around, being good for IGG and WWs and F2Ps ), good job on it, and hope IGG listen to it, and grant you a free VI for your bright idea.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Bael the Slayer

Well player base is going lower and lower right now, so before everyone quit the game, IGG will want to make a few more bucks out of it.

Everyone knows that there is no end in GOII, just some construction timers what are getting more and more crazy(1 Year for 1 building upgrade anyone?) and the new ships and guns are getting more and more expensive to the point where you are kind of forced into using bot just to keep up with resource costs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Christmas Events for S1&S2 [24/12 - 01/01/2014]

No offense, but how about a proper formatting, and not just a copy paste job ?

Duration: 00:00 24th Dec. 2013 – 23:59 01th Jan. 2014 Server Time
Event Server: S1 & S2

Honorable generals, Yearly Christmas events finally kick off! Various events and rich rewards (including limited version airship and Christmas troops – those limited edition troops ONLY CAN BE OBTAINED DURING THE EVENT TIME) are waiting for you! You will never miss this chance of a lifetime! Opportunity knocks out but once!

Please check the details respectively on forum, the event list can be seen below:

Hot Event 1:[Xmas Treasure Box]
– In-game Event Description: Collection of Christmas Gifts (From Xmas Treasure Box) – Christmas gifts can exchange rare troops offered by I.M.A. Institution. They include Bigfoot Soldier with super high counterattack, Bigfoot Tank with experimental Railgun (be able to smash any defense) and Elk Artillery formed by the delivery team of Santa Claus with high dodge rate! Those limited edition troopes can be ONLY obtained during the event time

Hot Event 2: [Christmas instances]
– In-game Event Description: Christmas instances have been unlocked. In these 3 rare instances, you will fight against mysterious troops with your teammates. You will have chance to obtain Christmas gifts

Hot Event 3: [Lucky draw event]
– In-game Event Description: You will get scores after you spend gold. The scores are able to be used to draw (You can get many free rewards from Lucky Draw Everyday). Besides, in all servers, the top players with the most scores will have chance to get the first Air Force available for players in GW – I.M.A Airship! Airships can be ONLY obtained during the event time

Hot Event 4: [Improvement(New System) Event – DIY your own troops!]
– In-game Event Description: Both Improvement and Inheritance systems will be unlocked during the Christmas. After the event ends, the improved attributes will be reserved forever. You can spend silver, MR or gold to improve the attributes of your units. The improved MK I Tank will be able to fight against the King Tiger Tank! Improvement will be unlocked when you reach level 35

Hot Event 5: [Inheritance(New System) Event]
– In-game Event Description: You can destroy a unit and inherit its attribute and level to another unit. You will never be worried about changing units from now on. Inheritance will be unlocked when you reach level 45

Hot Event 6: [Time-limited gift package (Daily)]
– In-game Event Description: Time-limited gift package for recharge kicks off! Recharge and get extra gifts(Star Pack)! Excellent gold units, Montgomery and orange blueprints of all kinds are waiting for you! Click the “$” button on the top right corner of your city page to check the event details. Please carefully read the TIPS on event page to know how to get and accumulate stars and exchange star packs.

Note: If you got any issues, please feel free to contact our GM via in-game mail, or leave comment here in the forum
P.s. I (RO-Aero) do not work for this company or anything, but their post was to hard to read so i decided to tidy it up a little