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Topic: General Gaming / If you could add a weapon to Runescape...

[Spell] Summon Chuck Norris [Effect] Deal Unlimited Damage until you log out
[Weapon] Level Staff [Effect] Gain 1 level per hit and When attacking other player you steal their level
[Shield] Hostage [Effect] great any living thing nearby and use their HP as Armor
[Spell] WTF BOOM [Effect] every player gone WTF Dmg: WTF 123456789012345678901234567
[Weapon] Google Sword! [Effect] Search any damage you wan to deal!
[Spell] Degrader [Effect] All Stats of enemy decrease to 1 or 0
[Weapon] Dr. Hax’s Monitor [Effect] Disable Hack (if active) and Deal Enemy’s HP x2 DMG
[Spell] DoomDay Apocalypse (WARNING DO NOT USE) [Effect] Everything Destroy (permanent)
[Spell] Cheeseburger Apocalypse [Effect] Summon Cheese Burger UFO Destroy anything in its path
[Weapon] Sword of little powerful extreme strong stupid small cold blood lizard’s daddy [Effect] effect of WHO’S YOUR DADDY Deal enemy’s stat x5 damage
[Weapon] Curse Cry Doll of Doom [Effect] Kaboom Summon blackhole per hit and deal 1333333337 dmg

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Topic: General Gaming / [Beta] Interactive Buddy 2 game engine

I think I have found one bug but don’t what its course (happen after create new script or delete script)

when I spawn other item it come out two different item 1 barrel 1 grenade…
which mean stucked…

scripted object that I copy and edit and after delete it, it stuck there making whenever you spawn other object it come out along with the object you wan spawn

I hope you understand what I talking about lol

and… shape tool is indestructable…

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

I remember a game but can’t remember its name tried google alot of ****ty stuff

Turn Base
Flash Game
You start on planet surface

I try my best to intro everything in the game as far as I can remember:
When you start the game it is intro scene where they tell story (i think it unskippable) and then a space ship in the space with player sleeping in the ship garage (contain car) or something but then siren/alarm ring and player wake up with magazine about car drop the captain of the ship eject the garage from their ship but both crash into a planet. Player wake up and look outside.

You start with a explore-like car/robot hull you can build and customize it by adding night vision/camera and type of moving and grabbing device (can’t remember what is it) when your car ready you can send your car outside. If you have enough resource you can build spare car in case first one destroyed

Car colour like yellow…

after that you enter scene of menu which set the control of car I remember I saw something like turn 90 degree and turn 180 degree

When the car thing get out there was some dead guy there and there was something like SOS (built by placing rock) you can grab metal and energy? (glowing thing) back to the ship/garage you can also take some dairy thing to understand the story..

I remember there is some place where a ship had crash when you move near they blow your car up… I can also remember that my car was eaten by huge plant and drop into a cliff and blow up

I think that the game was found on lego website (lol) but they removed it so I can’t find it anymore I wanted to beat the game

that game was like 5-7 year back

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Topic: General Gaming / Best Video Game you've ever played

Half-life series


Crash bandicoot


Warcraft III Frozen Throne

and alot some I can’t remember


Topic: General Gaming / Starcraft 2 vs Red Alert 3

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Topic: General Gaming / Starcraft 2 vs Red Alert 3

Starcraft 2 have best map editor ever as they said you can use it more easy then war3’s map editor

Starcraft 2 Graphic, storyline, strategy and unit are so interest :P too bad my crappy computer may not handle it (saving money for graphic card and RAM xD)

I’ll serious vote for Starcraft 2 FTW!!!