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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Who cares about faeries? Some saddles are much more gamechanging... :(

Originally posted by Finale_matter:

Non-horse user vs horse user (that gets various stats boost) wasn’t this unfair before?

Now the game gives a function to get saddles (via City Hall+Saddle upgrade) it’s fair since everyone can access it. The same argument can be made with Synthesis card, notably Faerie rush.

Game changing = new meta. Except, this time: “hey get a pony, start pissing off meat rushers” XD lmao this topic.

Except… it’s a big middle finger to F2P players (VIP0) because the continual use of gold to keep horses stabled in order to use the saddles….. I’m still not going to give Gamefuse one red dime. I once considered paying into the game, but after the game was hacked and so many complaints about customer service, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Login Problems

This makes me consider quitting. Just saying. Hope a mod reads this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Where is epic glade guardian Ava ?

Originally posted by corbataguay:
Originally posted by kkeellee:

in what deck will u be using ava? power? rush? it doesnt fit anywhere.

I make a post about this long time ago, i you see the guild showdown everybody (if can $$$) its playing the exactly same cards on the decks, the game need a change, need a 2 races cards limit for each deck, or somthing similar, its being boring see the same decks all the time, the game will be more fun with more diversity and the player need to think new startegy for create decent decks.

Hate to tell you this, but…
The developers live in China. They never read the comments here. The moderators in the USA have no way of implementing any of the changes players suggest. All the game play, card and system updates are scheduled months in advance in China, with very little input (if any) from non Chinese sources.
I don’t mean to burst your bubble. I agree that the game needs overhauled and re-invented. But with the developers so far removed from the English speaking player base… its never going to happen.
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Topic: Rise of Mythos /

… You should have been playing on Kong all along….
Just sayin…

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Topic: Legend Knight / Honest review

This game is clunky. It has too many translation errors, unexplained game play options, misleading instructions and hidden features that I am guessing weren’t meant to be hidden.
This game reminds me of the pachinko style machines I saw in Hong Kong (Much more complicated than the Japanese versions). Lots of buzzers, flashing lights, insanely complicated scoring and winning systems, and options to “keep paying to keep your score for a chance at bigger win!”
Or better yet.. the 1985 arcade game Gauntlet. For those of you who haven’t played it… it was the bane of the arcade, since the quickest way to up your health was to put another quarter in the machine. Very little value for money. Just like this game!
The game is very pretty. Empty of substance, but still very pretty.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Guild Wealth Suggestion

Originally posted by Cheesecakeluv:

That’d be a ton of extra coding so it won’t happen. If anything the best you can hope for is level 11+ being implemented because that wouldn’t be hard to code at all I imagine and the devs are (or at least really should be) looking for something for players to spend their extra cp on.

But.. didn’t you know? All my dials go to eleven!
hee hee!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Dark Champion

I had two players on my team discuss surrendering to the Dark Champion player in order to “Help the whale, since he paid all that money.. we have to let them win some…”
And I said “Oh hells no!” and kept playing. At which point the two members of my team surrendered. We took down all four towers anyways… so I guess their ploy didn’t work.
But is this what it has come to? Quitting the fight to make sure that whales keep spending coins?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Maintenance Patch Notes for July 15th

Item description says “Contains ONLY SKY CARDS
However.. its full of useless junk and ONE sky card.
I should have known the item description was lazy, inept, poorly worded, misleading and poorly translated.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Invite Codes

code 1037344
Server is Stoney

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Maintenance Patch Notes for July 1st

New “Returning Player” event- This event screams “make an alt” instead of trying to coax new players into the game. Sign up a newb? Really? Is there anyone that dumb that they can be suckered into playing a game that is already whale heavy? I can see the USA gamefuse team sending back a glowing report to their Chinese masters about the huge surge in new players. Betcha all those “new” players will all suddenly go “inactive” in the next thirty days…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / orc bride

Originally posted by tomdo99:
Originally posted by juderiverman:
Originally posted by tomdo99:

‘’Deals triple damage to units with a cooldown of 3 or less.’’

That was apparently too hard to come up with.

with countdown 3 or less.

You also missed units(creatures)

Units includes walls. Not just creatures.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / orc bride

Within 4 turns of preparation includes 4. (according to proper English)
For example….
Cooks (with)in four minutes- found on package of instant oats.
If it was less than four, then it would say “Takes three minutes or less to cook”

Gamefuse should have used the same wording as the Soram card. “…to a creature who’s countdown is 2 or less…”
It’s not that hard.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Mount Staging 101

This is the worst whale bait ever. If the math mentioned here is correct… then the only reason to spend so much on horses is if every other item you have has already been maxed out.
The new horse stuff is almost as bad as the godlike runes. (as in.. just as impossible to acquire and use for VIP zeros, and cost and benefit of the item to those of you wasting your money on this game)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / New Card Ideas

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Mischievous Cupid error

Originally posted by floppynoodles:
Originally posted by Spirrowmint:

Hello Gamefuse!
Please make this card 100% charm!
Or… return all the gold and silver I used to get the card from the event.

Are you trolling on purpose Spirrow? It is hard to tell here.

I’m just being silly. Don’t mind me _

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Mischievous Cupid error

Hello Gamefuse!
Please make this card 100% charm!
Or… return all the gold and silver I used to get the card from the event.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Be clever if you want rom a future

Originally posted by lovethemadness22:

As annoying as whales are in PVP, this topic could be changed to: be clever, the only reason any game survives is because of whales. The more money that is spent, the stronger likelihood it is that it will survive.

Thanks Econ professor! I didn’t realize that the only way a game could be profitable was for the maker of the game to gouge the consumers and prey upon those of us with poor impulse control!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / The Wheel and us Priests....

Just curious… the angel card “Judge Raziel” says “Cannot be debuffed”
Does this mean that the wheel does not affect this card at all? Or it is just another case of inept mis-translation by Gamefuse?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Best Class?

I think “whale” is the best class.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / To gamefuse, Artwork sprites

I want the sprites to strobe with iridescent colours that give smaller children seizures.
Too many small children playing this game.
Need to weed them out.
With seizures.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Reporting/ban system

Let me say this first…
It is reasonable and expected that Gamefuse will not disclose HOW they find cheaters. Because they want it to be a mystery. For a very good reason. If the cheaters knew what method Gamefuse uses to find cheaters then they could avoid only those items that would show up on reports.
That being said… if it is true that Gamefuse only looks at how many battles are surrendered… then unfortunately I have contributed to having players unjustly put on the wall of shame. (When I see someone plop down a whale card while their avatar sits on a glowing horse I hit the surrender button)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Is this Game Still alive

The other issue is that when people leave… there is usually no “last huzzah!” or notification. They just quit. And they don’t say why.
I have been tempted quite a few times to just leave and not come back. Biggest reason for me is the cross-platform mergers. How is it a merger when I now have to compete against a player that I can’t communicate with, can’t invite to my guild, can’t see their stats/cards/gear/etc., can’t buy and sell with…. ??? The pvp system is broken as it is. Now even more mucked up by adding cross platform competition. And then there is World boss. Maybe make that server only and not include the botched cross server merge crap? Just a thought.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Pumpkin Witch Morgana

Wait.. WHAT!
The card that I bought JUST BECAUSE IT HAD REALLY CUTE ART AND IS A TOTALLY NON-PLAYABLE CARD now has this crappy Sailor Moon art on it. I hate Sailor Moon. Thanks for a pointless artwork change. You didn’t improve anything.
It would have been nice to let anyone with the old artwork KEEP it and anyone who got the new one would have the new artwork. But that would take effort I guess.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Updates for March 25, 2015!!

Originally posted by ralkkdillon:

After speaking with Monster, the few bits of news I can give you are as follows:

1) 1.3hp buff will be implemented tomorrow/today (Wednesday) with regular maintenance.

2) New server merges – they are going with Plan C and will be implemented in 2 weeks after current season is over.

3) I asked about getting VIP restrictions removed from Masters and Kings packs and Monster said he already tried and the answer is no. :(

Thank you for letting us all know. I am rather annoyed about the VIP restrictions on booster packs. The restriction has always been unnecessary and short sighted. I guess it can’t be helped (not with the parent company showing obvious lack of attention and interest in the player base). I wish the former mod that mentioned their removal had just stayed silent.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Introduction to Your New Mod!! :)

Originally posted by ralkkdillon:
Originally posted by Chopper91:

:/ i was just wondering since you said you understand the struggles for vip0s….
sigh guess my assumption was right after all :(

If players want to tell their VIP status, that is their business, not mine. Thats all I was saying. And, no, I do not understand their struggles firsthand, but I am around vip0s in my guild every day and am willing to listen to the complaints of the other vip0s in the community.

My complaints are simple. We were promised that the VIP restrictions for new card packs would be lifted. Nothing ever happened with it. I have gold, and I have rubies, but I can’t participate in half the special events because I am VIP0.
The game developers did a very handy job at making sure that VIP0 would never threaten whales in the arena. With such things as… lucky daily draw being two or three star standard cards (usually two stars. I have gotten lucky once in the years I have played and drawn a four star card… but usually its just the same lame two and three star cards every day). The amount of free gold was neutered with the change in the daily quests (in order to get the large chest at weeks end you MUST spend 12 of the 15 free gold to buy a booster, and the crapiest booster at that).
And… absolutely no math disclosed by the developers. See.. that is what I liked about Tyrant. I could go to the wiki page and find out the percentage of each card. I could run simulators to see what strategies work. None of this random crap that plagues ROM. How many more years do I have to play this game to finally get lucky and get a Adonis??? And why are there players who have 3 or 4 Adonis cards already? If this is a strategy game, then make it a strategy game. Too much random roulette style crap goin on.