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Topic: Wartune / Black Friday I - Sylph Exchange

Yes.. you posted this, not knowing which Friday is the actual “Black Friday”
Cute pun… except you got your dates wrong.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Veloxia

If they add the card, they will say its OK because “Anyone can get this card… if a whale happens to sell it in AH of course.. and you can afford the 8k or more gold they are asking…”

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [GUIDE] Awakened cards

Originally posted by natenczas:

i am vip1 i can do 1 boss every day:[

It would be very generous of the game moderators to open this boss up to all players. If you are not VIP, then defeating the boss will still be very hard. And you won’t be able to do much with the reward, since most of us VIP zeros don’t have any godlike cards.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

I’m surprised ROM has limped along as it has. The exodus of whales (due to the hacking and lack of service support), the quickening power creep with over powered cards for sale. The new content in the game is exclusively “whale only” so VIP zero’s have less reason to keep plugging away.
The world boss is interesting, but again, only top whales get the real loot. Everyone else gets a free epic (shame its an epic you should already have, though)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Event] Share for Rewards!

You are no longer my facebook friend.
(thanks for trying to bribe us into advertising for you, though!)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Danika FlameHeart Godlike

Originally posted by DigitalityKnight:

It would be better if they used language consistent with the cards themselves. That is, Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc. They don’t though, and given that it’s a matter of translation, there is a consistent lack of clarity with language.

Let me translate this post:
Lazy Chinese devs need to hire competent English translators

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Norse Mythos Pack

Norse pack that contained ONE Norse card. Not worth the money. Either put the cards in the game, or put them up for sale like the other “Spend $200 and get this uber OP card of death!” so all the “free to play” players know not to waste the few golds that trickle out from playing endless hours of this game.
Shame on you, Devs and Gamefuse.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Demon crests

It’s Laura… of course she’s already got her reputation up to level 35!
(She never logs out, you know…)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 20 Day Investment (Bugged?)

Originally posted by Lelianita:
Originally posted by Valkier08:


I am a VIP 9 player on Canyon’s Embrace and I would like to address some concerns.

When I click the tab below the amount in the 20 day investment window, a popup appears stating ‘are you sure you want this one’. I click confirm/accept and nothing happens….pop up goes and the main window remains unchanged. Even tried just a moment ago when the reset rolls in.

Please help address this bug.

Thank You.

Hello, please try to clear your cache and reopen the game. If it still wont work, we’ll forward this to devs and see if they can do something about it.

I’m sure Lelianita forgot to also suggest-
Was your caps lock on?
Did you try rebooting?
Did you try closing all other programs, installing a firewall, and updating your facebook page?
Did you try turning your computer off, then back on, then off, then on, rapidly and as fast as you can?
Did you say nice things to your computer, stroke it lovingly on the monitor, and tell it how much you love it?
Trying a few of these might not fix this Gamefuse bug issue, but they will prolly make you feel better!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Time-Limited Event Pack

Originally posted by FIGHTER_TAMOJIT:
Originally posted by borshon:

u said u will unlock vip packs for f2p players in mid august and now august is near to finished and there is no f2p pack added ==

that will happend on sep 10.Check your in game mailbox.

…and when that happens.. will the success rates of getting the rare cards change?
That is to say… will it become even harder to find a Yumi once all the master packs are no longer VIP?
Or will it all stay the same? I’ll be rather sore if Gamefuse does us the “favor” of stripping off the VIP restrictions and then slaps everyone in the face by making it even harder to get anything worthwhile without spending thousands of real dollars for a stupid flash game.
BTW- those VIP restrictions were always unnecessary and rather mean spirited on the part of the devs. This game is pay to win. It always has been. Spend more to win more. The VIP restrictions on decks, equipment, and the other minor, tiny perks were just a giant road block for any of the free players to ever WANT to spend money on the game.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / RNG my Ass

Just so you know…
The “super luck” has struck me a few times. I am a VIP zero, and have defeated a few whales in PvP ONLY because it appeared that crit hits were stuck “ON” for me and “OFF” for my whale opponent.
In one instance, both my opponent and I found it so odd that we chatted about it after the match. We both agreed that it was impossible for him to have won using strategy or better cards because… I blocked every one of his attacks and critted on ever single one of mine.
And you are right.. it is impossible to calculate the odds on crits, blocks, and other random events in this game. Mostly because there is no simulator (like there is for Tyrant, where you can crunch out a thousand matches in a matter of minutes) and because no one is keeping track of all the data.
For example… The first Heaven event, where we flipped over “random” cards to try and get the ONE legendary Angel, many players said “The legendary card was the very LAST card to be picked in the pile.”
It seems like a very odd coincidence. And the one or two people who refuted it on the forums were .. well.. “known trolls.” When six players say that the legendary was the last card in the pile, I tend to think that it wasn’t as random as the game devs say it is. (That is not including me.. who would make it seven)
I understand that Gamefuse and its Chinese parent company are under no obligation to make things random, or fair, or even ethical. The whole point of pay to win games is to have people pay more money to win. Its like electronic gambling. Except… there is no authority out there who has any rules about posting the true odds for any of the game play.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / RNG my Ass

Ok… for all you math geeks…
There are TWO problems with the probability that is listed in the game.
First problem- A very legitimate limitation on the ability of a computer program to come up with truly random numbers. It is just a fact… computer programs that make “random numbers” will base it off of the game clock, or a list of “the next number used will be…” or some complicated math sequence that should generate a number, any number, etc.
And as we all know, the code in this game is patching and faulty anyways. I’m pretty sure they copied or “borrowed” someone else’s random number generator. That doesn’t make true random numbers.
Second problem- The Chinese programmer.
That’s right. Play some of these other “pay to win” games. And start keeping track of the math. I was really shocked when another player told me “Yeah, don’t play this game. Cause you will spend real money to up your success rate to 100% success, but still fail every fourth try. And I do mean.. you will succeed exactly three times, then fail the fourth, then succeed three more times, then fail the fourth..”
Does anyone remember the rigged angel draw in this game? Or how they changed the odds with the specialty packs so most people wasted money and only got Dark Elf?
Please surprise me and um.. give a “poop”. Or just respond. Or just say “Yeah, unfortunately Rangers will always dominate because the code is whack busted and we have no authority or ability to do anything about it cause the game designers are in china and don’t care, just so long as they get regular paychecks from Kongregate, and when they don’t get those paychecks, chances are, the game will get turned off cause this stuff isn’t free, and no one in the US side of Gamefuse is going to work for free…”

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Celestia is broken

Sorry to hear about the false advertising.
I had something similar happen to me in-game.
I got this letter from Gamefuse telling me that I had won a million dollar lotto. From a prince in Nigeria. It was the Reader’s Digest sweepstakes! All I had to do was buy some of these fake Viagra pills and send my personal information, sign up just 18 other people for the time share… And all the cards I would ever want would be mine in the game!
You have a better chance at getting your money back from that prince in Nigeria than you do getting Gamefuse to give back your gold. Or you rmoney. Or apologize. Or even acknowledge that there is an issue.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Official Event] Players vs GMs - Win a Free Fire Opal

I want to fight one of the GMs.
I just can’t find my bikini.
And where is the tub of jello we will fight in?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / I love the game, I love every one of you——Stories behind the scene

Too little.
Far too late.
Gamefuse had a chance to address all the issues. Unfortunately, the Chinese parent company wasn’t talking to their USA counterparts. Or just giving bad info. Or … who cares.
Every other post about updates had errors in it. Some errors were comical misspellings, while others were just wrong information.
The customer service issues were not resolved in a timely fashion. It was never explained why it takes more than two weeks for a support ticket to be answered.
Here is a big tip. When someone puts in a support ticket- answer them right away. Say something. Say anything. Say “Hi, we are looking into this!” And then come up with a solution within seven days or less. It doesn’t need to be a solution that everyone likes. It just needs to be RESOLVED.
You don’t proof read your posts. You don’t proof read your updates. You don’t answer support tickets. You post conflicting information on the forums… Are you really surprised that the game isn’t a “smashing success”?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Red ball club

Originally posted by dias17se:

is ghost spirrowmint ? not sure who he is

What? If you know me…. then you know I don’t make dupe accts on kong. Or play troll games. Dunno who “Ghost of DNA” is. Never liked DNA. Thought he was a braggart and a whinger. Safe to say I would never want to associate myself with him.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Come and claim your trivia gold!

Stone Ruins
Won both trivia 200 gold

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Gold strike - Fire opals

Originally posted by TigerLust:
Originally posted by Makaveliatti:companies usually put a term in the section of the termsandconditions saying a variation of, “we are allowed to modify this intellectual property upon our sole discretion, and do not need to be notifying anybody etc etc”

This isn’t about the companies legal rights…

It’s about the fact that they a) lied about it b) it was a feature that many were looking forward to and c) only changed it because they are exceedingly more greedy then the average company.

This is sadly just a continuing notion of the problems this game has had for a long time where they lie and maliciously tweak things to cheat people. Such as when devs adjusted the content of packs when they are on sale in game to have a lower turnout of leg cards and often rigged (such as the Zeeva event, the Dark Elf event, etc). Or more recently when no one seems to have gotten the gold from the 2 “Trivia” promos posted on these forums.

And finally, there was a belief that the “new company” taking over would not be as bad as gamefuse. Nothing seems to have changed thou, still the game playing us, not the other way around.

Ok… I will explain all this.. AGAIN!
Gamefuse is a shell company. They are owned by the Chinese developers. The yanks (sorry.. AMERICANS) who work at Gamefuse are there ONLY to do minor customer service. All the power is back in China. So there is a language barrier, time zone issue, etc.
Stop complaining that Stormshade, Trine, Replacement Trine (forgot her name) “lied to us” or “posted stuff that never happened” or “ended event too soon!”
Stormeshade and all the other people working at Gamefuse are like the receptionist at the front desk. They don’t have any authority other than to re-route your call to the proper person in China. Stormshade has no ability to start, extend, reduce, enlarge, modify any part of the actual game or any of the in game events. All he can do is escalate tickets and call China when something is broken.
As for the Chinese developers… who knows whats going on over there. Maybe they drank milk with plastic in it or licked too many hot wheel cars and got lead poisoning. I will agree, they are doing some really dumb stuff.
Just put the blame where the blame goes.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Gold strike - Fire opals

Originally posted by Stratocumulus:
Originally posted by Finale_matter:


You are telling why you should not pay a ton of money for this game.

Not because you should not pay at all for this game. You can pay 0-50 bucks for this game too, and call it a day.
With 50 bucks you have Master Pack access which you can get through rubies and stuff, and for plenty of top players here it is all they need.
There are some good event cards, but they will eventually appear in the VIP-0 Event Packs anyway.

And every game has players who spend ridiculous amounts, not only Rise of Mythos. It is only natural game designers put a few things in a game for them to buy. I have seen this with literally all games, so quit complaining about them. You are there to decide how much you pay for yourself. Let others pay whatever they want.

Yes…. I’ve seen people spend thousands of dollars on Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halflife, Portal, Halo, Age of Empires….
Oh… wait…
No I haven’t.
Pay to win games- I rate them right up there with pyramid schemes, door to door “marketing” and casino gambling.
I think the real complaint here isn’t so much the huge amounts spent on a flash game, but rather… value for the money spent. I’d be happy to pay ten euros a week on a game. If the game was interesting, fun, and not full of bugs, glitches, and poor customer service.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Compensation for downtime June 3rd

Originally posted by pineappledog:

My advise to stormshade, give good compensation for this entire cluster of F ups or give nothing at all. If i get a few K’s silver, crystals, elixirs and a couple of epic gems in mail I will be far more annoyed than if I get nothing.

If you have been reading the forums…
You know that Stormshade has no input. He can escalate tickets and pass along information. He doesn’t make the compensation packs. He doesn’t fix people’s accounts. He doesn’t reset towers, replace cards, refund, replace, fix or do any of these things.
All he does is escalate tickets to the Chinese devs.
That’s it.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Stormshade, I dare you..

Originally posted by blindlight36:
Originally posted by pineappledog:
Originally posted by Syrupz:
Originally posted by pineappledog:

Now I dare him to post another one before event acknowledging the local season rewards failure.

It has been addressed already. I’ve been posting it places so people don’t miss it.

That is gamebox’s response to an identical issue on their game called Ancient summoner. This game is run by gamefuse and called rise of mythos.

If gamebox fix their game within 4 days, your assumption gamefuse will is blind and with no source.

GF posted identically on FB, prob was escalated back to the devs who said theyd fix in 4 days and they parrot back to us

It’s called “laziness”
or “stalling”
Maybe its just “so-greedy-we-don’t-bother-to-try”

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Missing Local Rewards With Pic Proof!

Originally posted by dias17se:

Post on forum. This isn´t the correct place.

See…. that’s part of the problem.
If a dev hosts a game on Kongregate, then the dev should check the Kongregate forums. Or have a working (and timely) customer support system set up in the game.
Since its obvious that the in-game support system is broken, then GF should check the forums, or make a single thread saying “Post bugs that need fixing here!” instead of insisting that we go to some third party website and post there.
(Mind you… posting on the GF website doesn’t speed anything up. Or do anything. So far as I know. So far as I have seen and experienced)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise of Mythos Anniversary Trivia ROUND 2!

Angel Warder
Stone Ruins

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Happy Birthday Rise of Mythos!

card: Pisces
name: Spirrowmint
Server: Stone Ruins

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / TO GRANDMOTHER’S HOUSE WE GO

I think they just need to take down that “Top CCG on Kong!” label. Since Rise of Mythos isn’t top CCG.