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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Skeleton Deck Ideas

I find heroic on vampires makes for some awesome tanks with big damage output :D

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / region 9

Originally posted by tonytyzhang:

I found Region 9 to be easy… Region 6 was the biggest difficulty ramp-up for me with Augustus and Eacann and Elke appearing.

I didn’t see one of these in region 6 o.o

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Event] Dante Quicksong 4th Poetry Piece

Should be able to look in guide?

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Topic: Cloudstone / XP for friends

Imagine the guys at the top who get summoned constantly… There’d be no point for them playing anymore, they’d just get spamlevelled to max by all the summons.

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Topic: General Gaming / [HD: Xyth]Unofficial FAQ/guide

Sorry Elements lovers… I love the game too, but it’s not 100% free… Everyone who donates gets that fancy chimera card =\

Almost, but not quite 100%