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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite snack!

I don’t “snack.”

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Topic: Off-topic / How would you feel if you woke up in the middle of the night and all the french fries were on you?


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
If we are wrong, Zachery, please show us where.
Notice how I referred to them as they, they are not people.
I am not referring to them as individuals.
The entity, the police, are the ones I speak of.
Not the cops.
Many cops are decent people, many are very kind, some do more good than wrong, some do barely any wrong.
Many cops are decent people, many are very kind, some do more good than wrong, some do barely any wrong. However, not all are like that. I’d go so far to say that most aren’t. That’s not specifically because of their choice, but because who they work for and what their orders are.
My view on cops are the same as my view on soldiers, just replace police with army.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
These groups spew a great amount of hatred. A lot of it AT BLACKS. Are ya STILL going to say there is only “apparent oppression” against Blacks? And, that is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to racism in America. I can’t help but wonder why you are so clueless on this?

Is the KKK looting stores?
Destroying property in protests that they do?
Are they shooting people on the streets and killing each other constantly?
There’s probably twenty things I could say along these lines, the fact of the matter is sure, they may be racist, but how does that have ANYTHING to do with what I said?
The KKK does not do any of that often, and in fact, I haven’t heard of them doing it whatsoever recently. I’m sure it would be all over the news if they did too with the hate everyone has to them, so it’s not like it is just swept under the rug.

The same applies for the other groups I’d assume mentioned on the page seeing as I have also never heard of anything of such from such groups in years, if not forever.

Originally posted by vikaTae:
It would explain Zachery’s position if he? (I think you’re a he Zach, sorry if not) has been on the receiving end of police bias, or has witnessed others being on the receiving end of such treatment for no discernable reason.

This for example, this is why I do have some positive and some negative things on the police, not to mention what I see on the news.
I’ve seen kind cops go in and calmly talk down a relative from a pharmacy-drug freakout, I’ve seen them do absolutely nothing when we have gotten robbed, I’ve seen them grab someone and assault them for no reason, and much much more.
Some have been good, most have been bad.
Most are not protecting people, but rather hurting people, or turning a blind eye to things that they approve of because of who you are.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
2) Why didn’t the officer use his Tazer…or did he even have one…and if he didn’t, what not?

Taser’s aren’t very effective because they only have a single shot, and if it misses, you’re in a very bad situation if you needed to use it in the first place.
Furthermore they can be easily knocked off, or become almost ineffective if heavy clothing is worn.

However I’m sure the cops used more than a few shots, a double tap to someone chest will result in your safety unless they’re wearing a vest, which is unreasonable to think of in such a situation like this.
Of course the fear of your life can be used as an excuse, but regardless, he didn’t sneak up on you, it should have just been a quick grab, fire fire, and then wait. If he continued whatever you feared, shoot again about a second later.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

I think the implied assumption is that this child IS the destined future one…no longer an “innocent”.

Following this assumption we should probably just kill every single person who ever goes to prison, has an “illegal” sexual attraction/desire, or in fact, most poor people just because they might commit a crime again, or for the first time.
This is the type of thinking I despise.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
As I’ve pointed out, my position is that he ISN’T innocent by virtue of the fact that he will indeed go on to become “not-so-innocent”.

Who says he would? A simple impact could change that, if you broke his arm for example, or if you even so much as beat him up one day could change his future completely. The more extreme you do to him the greater the chance, and if you make him unable to walk or lose a hand, he will never become what he was.
How do you know he will do exactly what he did before if you make a little impact, even so much as making him move one year instead of living in ____?

Of course, I don’t.
But, it strongly appears that your dislike for me personally “helps” you to see things in things in extremism at times.
Ya know, like how you also had “questions” about me being a pedophile.

Well it certainly seems like you do to me.
It follows every single thing that I ever see you post and the type of people who usually have such ideas. But not just that, but the gaps in your statements like I’ve pointed out.

But vika, I seriously doubt he’s a pedophile, I don’t know why you figured it, but to say the least I know many of them, some really closely, and he fits absolutely nothing. I share some views as the ones I know, and have spoke with, however I have never seen a thing Karma posts that are even relatively close to it.
Sure, that’s generalizing it, however it does seem like every group does have things in common, and this is one I stand away from the majority with, such as killing a pedo before (s)he (may) molest simply because it’s easier that way. While with karma he seems to suggest that the general outcome of such a person will likely end in a bad event, so why not just eliminate them? Just like Hitler.

Regarding taking things to extremes, the only difference between quoting you exactly and expanding what you said is just taking more serious/touchy subjects and applying the logic you said about other issues to them.

I mean if this isn’t what you’re saying, I’d say you should word yourself more carefully, because this seems like exactly what you’re saying to me, and that just follows the same mindless crusade most people are on against anyone they view as evil or vile.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Lets take the situation of sacrificing someone who did nothing wrong to self defense.

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Topic: Off-topic / Much would you have to be paid to break your own leg?

I wouldn’t because I live in America where medical things are inflated and I don’t have insurance to compensate for it, and no one will take me to another country to get my fixins’.
It would have to be ridiculously high in the, likely, hundreds of thousands.

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Topic: Off-topic / People who masturbate to fictional characters- Opinions and Thoughts (Serious thread)

Originally posted by HappyYay:

I don’t really masturbate to drawn or animated porn because it just doesn’t turn me on as much, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Basically this.
I really don’t care.
>tfw you don’t really masturbate to any porn

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite Mc Donalds meal?

4pc nugget w/ yogurt and a girls toy~
Fuck apples.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can a tank be killed by simple guns?

Define “tank.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite OTer


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Topic: Off-topic / Whoa, slow down! There's a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.


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Topic: Off-topic / Whoa, slow down! There's a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.

Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.
Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.
Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.
Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.
Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.
Whoa, slow down! There’s a limit on how quickly you can post in our forums, please wait a bit and try again.

What the fuck is this shit?
Are you serious?

Is there a way to by-pass this OT?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Zachary_G, ignorantly racist much?

As for this part: “I don’t believe I’ve posted much regarding the police in the USA specifically here, but as you may suspect, I dislike them. They are abusive, they do step over the line constantly, they do not protect people nearly as much as they hurt them, etc etc…”

Are you seriously going to take that stance?
Just why is it that you so dislike them?
Why do you have such a distorted image of law enforcement?
Do you all that is involved in the task?

As I said, you, they, would likely say it, or at the very least think it.
People are predictable when they blindly follow the ideas of the many rather than creating their own or picking others apart. When someone disagrees with you, or is different from you, select from a list of insults.

Yes, the police are typically harmful in the USA to the majority and cause way more issues than they resolve, especially in touchy situations, potentially high-risk situations, or events that could be big for advancing their career/being a hero.
I dislike them for their constant abuse that they do, be it the lack of regard for bystanders, the lack of care of killing hostages, the discrimination they give certain groups regardless of how much or little they deserve it, and much-much more.
While you believe I have a distorted view of them, I think you can’t see them for what they usually do, or at the very least do far more often than they should.
Regarding the last question, I think you missed a word or two, and it’s not one I’m finding easily right now.

Notice how I referred to them as they, they are not people.
I am not referring to them as individuals.
The entity, the police, are the ones I speak of.
Not the cops.
Many cops are decent people, many are very kind, some do more good than wrong, some do barely any wrong. However, not all are like that. I’d go so far to say that most aren’t. That’s not specifically because of their choice, but because who they work for and what their orders are.
My view on cops are the same as my view on soldiers, just replace police with army.

I don’t care what you try to tell me, I am not going to drop a bomb on a civilian area or “clear” a building including the children for “security” purposes, just as I am not going to fire into the back of a van that has hostages with my fellow cops.
I’d rather turn on my kind than do that, which is actually the main reason I am never going to be part of either of these groups, at least the ones that are accessible to me, because this is what they do quite often.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

I’m not sure how “appropriate” this may be, because of the direction this post is likely going to go.
I don’t believe I’ve posted much regarding the police in the USA specifically here, but as you may suspect, I dislike them. They are abusive, they do step over the line constantly, they do not protect people nearly as much as they hurt them, etc etc…

My standpoint however, at the current moment, although I haven’t had any news other than the regular CNN stuff, is that the police were fully justified in this case. This isn’t some case of abuse, negligence, or anything more than a case of self defense.
This is where it gets messy, and I’m unsure the mods will approve of it, while it is relevant to some degree, and it is not a hate speech, it is extremely “vile” according to the general public.

Regarding the riots, I can not speak about the police, I haven’t heard or seen any major abuse, however I haven’t had my eyes locked on the protests, and I know the media wouldn’t dare speak of it in America, and that’s the only media I’ve been able to see recently.
But I can speak about the “protesters.”
The protesters are, as the OP said, looting, fighting, causing riots, shooting, and generally being violent. Sure, you can argue that’s the few, but in reality the backing of the mob is on their side, not on the friendly folks in the front lines smiling for the cameras. Those priests, children, etc etc, they are not the majority. They’re just for the media.

What bugs me about this entire case though is the simple fact that it’s happening again.
Every once in awhile a white guy shoots a black guy and the black community flips out over nothing. Even if it was unjust no other group does this, and they certain don’t result to violence when it happens, but a small protest outside a courthouse.
No other group loots stores like this.
No other group shoots people on the streets and plans attacks like they do regarding the protests.
No other group does any of these awful things, but everyone is too afraid to speak of it because black people, the black community, are apparently still “oppressed.”

While the majority of my close friends and people I admire are Black, usually European, but none the less black, I hate the black community here.
They’re ridiculous.
They constantly cause trouble over nothing, or over something small that happens to every single race, and usually the least to them.
They throw these bullshit statements that they are in fact oppressed because look how many blacks are unemployed, look how many die in shootings, look how many are in prison, look at their arrest rate, look at this or that.
Those are are true, but the way they present them is wrong. All of those things are true because of the things they do. It’s not because of discrimination.
There are more blacks in prison percentage wise because they commit more crimes. There are more blacks who die in shootings because they fight more.

What really bugs me is that Mexicans, Whites, and even Asians believe their propaganda.
Because of this, Blacks will continue being treated better than whites in many many ways.

I just really wish people would actually listen to Martin Luther.
If you praise him so much all across America, listen to him. Not just that blacks are no different, or that they deserve equal treatment, but that there is a major problem with the black community, and that it needs fixing.

Do you know that Negroes are 10 percent of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of its crimes? We’ve got to face that. And we’ve got to do something about our moral standards," he said. "We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.

That’s a quote from Martin Luther.
If you, or rather they, praise him you MUST acknowledge this simple fact.
He knew, he understood, he tried to fix the problem. No one carried this on, and because of this the discrimination blacks used to get have changed to privilege, and the “discrimination” is portrayed to have carried on, and in reality, as I said, it’s quite the opposite.
Blacks still commit most of the crime in America, even with the fact that they’re less than 20% of the population, and they still are the number one enemy of each other.


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Topic: Off-topic / Back to School Countdown

>tfw when still-[redacted]

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do You Need Feminism?

I need feminism because with feminism I receive another discussion point to get sympathy from as well as degrade others with.
Really though, I can’t think of a single thing modern “feminism” has accomplished that was not only good for society, or as a whole, but even for women, or even for specifically “feminists.” All they do is add laws that are absolutely insane, piss people off, promote violence and hate to women, and not only promote, but receive a lot of discrimination against particular groups.
Even “real” feminism a bit of those, but they did more good than harm at least. Way more good than harm.

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Damn, I’m surprised a thread started by a troll account has lasted this long in Serious Discussion.
{eats popcorn}

I’ve seen the same thread over 10 times in the past two years and I’ve been absent for the majority of that time, especially this year.
Clears me for semi-shitposting though.
I’ll take it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why is there even a war with OT/SD

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

A few ppl post in OT and SD.

The more elitist SDers assume all of them are trolls.

They view all disagreeing opinions as “trolling”, which isnt a great way to go into a discussion.

So basically, all SDers are gay babies that cry whenever someone disagrees with them.

Actually the crow is right for once, I remember when this shit started.
It’s very obvious when OT is just shitposting, usually when someone posts something you disagree with, but isn’t filled with insults and is long, they mean it.

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Topic: Off-topic / What have you done!?!?

>That format

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Right and wrong I really don’t care too much about, at least in the sense of the word.
I may or may not depending on who it is.

In the case you said I wouldn’t, simply because I would fear what could happen.
While I initially figured I’d just break his arm and ruin his path that way it would do just that, ruin his path. Even though I think he really fucked everything up, and wasn’t justified, it provokes my mind to doubt it.
What if these people who he believed to be Jews really were destroying Europe?
What if these people who died to cause the pity land grab resulting in Israel would have, if not for it, cause the rise of an extremely strong African-Arab power that would crush everyone? It certainly would have kicked the USA out of the middle east forever, but because of that what would have happened to the USA?
It would have died, our economy is a joke.
Because of this, while we’re getting shitted on, think of what the arab-african power does to Europe?
Where the fuck is China in all of this? Are they colonizing space?

People don’t think of these things.
I love China more than most countries, as I absolutely adore Russia for what it does for Russia. They do good for Russia. It doesn’t get me anything, but they’re good and fair from what I see. Good for them.
But what the hell would have happened?
Only reason why Stalin even abused his people was the struggle he had managing an empire that was stretched so thin and extreme winters as usual. If not for the 20millions Russians who died winning world war two for everyone, at the very least creating space, what would have happened? Would they have suffocated Germany and everyone in Europe? They certainly could have.

These things frighten me extremely.
A slight move in history, this one life, if it does change things like that, it could mean drastic changes.
If Stalin didn’t get angry at Hitler for trying to be sneaky he might have not continued expanding and the USSR would have lived on, eventually, likely, taking over Europe.
Picture a map with the USA like Europe and Russia from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific, with a united Arab nation from Iran all the way past Egypt, past Libya, all the way into Morocco. Imagine a China that eventually swallowed all of SE Asia, or a Japan that did the same while Russia was busy taking over Europe and India as a buffer, with America in chaos.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

He wasn’t innocent if he was destined to become himself.
And, there are always alternative leaders in the shadows.

Not only what Online said, because there were many, honestly more stable ones, and a man cannot become a leader with the support of the people, but just the sheer fact that he “hasn’t done anything wrong.”
If you break his arm he cannot join the army, therefore likely not become relevant as a leader. Break his legs, that will do it.
How will he promote the killing of all these people with minor defects when he can’t walk or shoot a rifle accurately?

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Topic: Off-topic / mosquito bites

Don’t go outside.
Works for me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

I seriously doubt China will even consider making a statement on it, as it’s irrelevant to them.
Now will Syria or Iraq be able to stop them? No, they’re both incompetent.
Kurds? Without foreign help, no, they’re a Brittany standing up to France. They will lose without foreign help, even with aid they will lose because France will still have all the weapons they have, and less care for the people in the war zone, which would be in the Kurdish lands.

To take it back off the question of the thread and just generalize it, I fully support ISIS at this stage.
Well, I’ve seen their “propaganda” videos, I have watched news on them, be it from CNN or RT, or simply a local station such as ABC. They aren’t what the media says they are.

Well, the media claims many things, as does the US government.
One being that they’re either forcing Christians to “convert or die,” however this is simply not true, as they offer a very clear and well defined TAX. If you’re Muslim you’re exempt, or if you’re ____ Muslim you’re exempt.

Another being that they’re killing innocent Christians, regarding the lie I referred, quoted, from the media and possibly the state, although I’m unsure on that as I am not as engaged with this conflict as with others in the past. See Gaza. Anyhow, this is a lie, as after these Christians were under ISIS control, they refused to pay the tax. Not only refused to pay the tax, but refused for MONTHS. Two months to be exact, at least in the cases in the media. They said so their self, as did the family of the “victim.” Furthermore, they only killed the father, and deported the wife and children out of their boarders and told them to never ever come back here again.
The majority of incidents where taxes weren’t payed didn’t even end like this though.
They didn’t at all.
The Christians were simply deported. While the media may call this some kind of ridiculous “violent kidnapping,” it’s not. They chose to stay in territory and disobey the laws of the land, and they were given mercy and simply thrown out of the country.

They also say that the “propaganda videos” are showing innocent civilians getting killed, and of course, “Christians,” while this is simply not true.
The majority, if not EVERY video shows the killing of Iraqi, their enemy, the people who have attacked them mutually and seeked no peaceful resolution, being killed.

To end, while this may sound like I do actually support ISIS completely, I +don’t.*
They’re violent, they’re aggressive, they discriminate, they do this and that, HOWEVER, they aren’t some terrorist organization that is not supported.
Even the media has said they’re supported by the locals.
The Iraqi’s are abusive US backed fuckers, and they are not good to the people.

Because of this, I support ISIS and I hope that they crush their enemies, I hope they take Syria, I hope they take Iraq, I hope they crush everyone and then march right on to Israel.
The Arab people need protection and they will give it, and they do. They are good for them.

However, if they ever step further than their rightful claims, being any Arab state that accepts them, then I will have an issue with them. Do not touch the south of Russia, even though some fighters are from there. Do not touch Turkey, and certainly do not go beyond that.
In conclusion, I support ISIS. While I have no contact with any of them, have no means to aid them, I certainly wish for their victory, while they would treat me worse than the Iraqi government might if I visited there, they will allow me to visit, keep me safe, and treat their people well. That’s all I care for, even if that means having to throw some money at them and kiss-ass while I visit there. If it’s someones country, if they have laws, obey them or do not enter their territory. That’s how I view it.
If not for the ridiculous lies the media has spouted and the US and other people who are against them have done to the people who support them there, I would probably be completely against them, but the Iraqi, Kurdish, and US, as well as a few other governments have taken that away. Yes, while I do not hate the kurds nor are they an independent nation specifically, they’re backed by the others, and they have the same views as a result. I’m sick of the trash the opposition has done, and the fact that they’re spouting propaganda is vile. The fact that people believe it and everyone I meet is ready to die against ISIS is just as disgusting and makes me lose the little hope in the American people, and regarding the propaganda, the little trust I gained in them recently.

Just on a side note, if you notice, every country the US abuses, crushes, and then controls, releases, and then uses as a satellite revolts in the middle east. Look at Libya now.
Uprising simply do not happen without public support, if they did the USA would be in shambles with all the Nazi groups, confederate groups, and just general rebels there are here that have large groups. They’re only possible when the people support them, if not they get stamped out before they even get anywhere.
What bugs me even more than anything I’ve mentioned already is that the US just won’t leave the middle east for a single day. I find it outrageous that they won’t leave them alone for a little bit, at least to focus on expansion in eastern Europe or Southeast Asia.

And before someone does cry out, “but what about the Israeli’s,” please don’t, I really don’t care anymore about them with the impression they’ve left on me politically, and just personally. I know ISIS would not treat them good if they were given the chance.
Not to say they’d murder every citizen and rape children or some stupid outrageous thing, but they would do as they did to Iraqi soldiers. While it may be frowned upon by me, it is not enough to sway my opinion. They’re not innocent, or even close to it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

NOTE – I only read what was posted on the first page.

Originally posted by CaptMilkshake:

[First response to the thread]

As Hitman said, everyone is basically equal.
To elaborate on this, there is NO property, or a minimal amount that you do not own, however have a claim over.
See being lent a pen, while you do not OWN that pen, you have claim over it, and if someone steals it you should be able to tell the teacher and get the issue resolved for an example.

The government owns all, society owns all, and you being part of it have some, now how much you have is undefined. From my understanding, under what I believe in as communism, would depend partially on what you worked for. I will get back to this.

Originally posted by CaptMilkshake:
[Reply to Hitman]That still doesn’t change my point that some people would still have more land than the majority giving them more power.

No, because, at least how I view it, and how it seems communism says it should be to some extent, individuals do not own anything.
Because of this, even in what I believe, you do not have more power.
If you have claim over a small apartment versus a house, while the house owner has a better living condition, he still doesn’t own it, can’t sell it, and doesn’t have much if any more power in the states eyes.

A farmer may have 200acres while you have less than 1/5th of an acre, however you could have other things going for you, and because of this, as well as the power to the entity (state) that you both have, you become one in the same, and equals.
The only difference between you and him is that he is a farmer and you are a _____, he is simply a different link in the chain.

Originally posted by Immortal7777:
[reply to the above post by Capt]

But this is what I never understand when someone is against communism.
While you are equals to others in the country, while you may not get a direct income over others, you may get better claims to some extent. Even disregarding the way I see it, as in if you are a worker/former worker versus someone who chooses to be unemployed you may get less or more claims, this is still true.
Well, some people enjoy the country, others don’t. Some enjoy the factory, some don’t. Some people enjoy management, some don’t.
The list goes on, the simple matter is that if that ____ I mentioned above enjoys his job over being a farmer, while the farmer prefers being a farmer, everyone wins. Furthermore if the ____ dislikes land, animals, crops, or whatever else a farmer may have that a ____ doesn’t.

Even disregarding all of this, economically if you are married to someone you get tax cuts in the US.
Economically speaking if more people live apart rather than together their rent is insanely more expensive, see 4 1bed/1bath apartments for $800 each versus a 4bed/4bath house for only $1800. Hell, you even get better quality housing living together.
This is what communism is built upon. Even if you don’t have the chance to earn more than others, your life is EASY. There is a huge surplus. Each person will reduce the rent more and more, upgrade the quality, and increase the surplus.

My point is, basically, while you can not get ahead of others, you can live happy. No stress, no climbing a latter, no slaving,and tons of freedom.
You can work half the time, or in other words, work EASIER, yes, EASIER. While you don’t have the reason to work harder in your mind, you don’t need to!
Really though, Communism is just a super-sized situation like I mentioned, and it benefits literally everyone but people who want to manipulate others to get what they desire.

Originally posted by HitmanPwner:
Originally posted by CaptMilkshake:
Every government system is flawed though. Maybe one day we can find a perfect one.

Thats literally impossible just because of human nature, and how everyone has different opinions. Its basically like trying to create a eutopia, we all wish it, but it cant happen.

That’s where I really disagree though, it’s very possible
The main issue is the anti communist propaganda referring to Stalinism or Maoism in the west and general propaganda, and the fact that people actually believe it.
I almost said anti-capitalist, but to be honest, in my view, capitalism is incompatible every time, because it can never ever stay for long, as money breeds money, and as a result the poor and eventually middle class get suffocated till revolts happen, and the system is reformed. The only way it’s ever been viable is when it was used in the exchange of goods rather than money, and that was long ago, and to be quite honest, that’s almost just a decentralized form of communism because of how it was impossible to become something like the billionaires or even millionaires today are like.
Times have changed, and as a result the government must change to cope, and if it doesn’t, people as well as governments will never be successful without the exploitation, killing, and abuse millions, billions globally.

After glancing at Vika’s post right after the above one, it reminded me of something again, while it’s not quite relevant in a reply to this, I don’t feel like squeezing it in somewhere.
Regarding the work ethic, would you not gain from your country gaining, would you not gain from your city gaining, would you not gain from your company gaining, would you not gain from your family gaining? Gaining anything should benefit you in this system, as communism is simply like a very large family, and the more people there are in a family, the stronger it is.

Originally posted by jhco50:

You guys weren’t around to see the effects of communism in Russia.

As I said earlier in this post, the propaganda against “Communism” is strong.
Even though you may have been around, the fact that you believe what Stalin did was communism is absolutely disgusting.
I won’t continue because this post is already a monster, and it’s late, but I may be back later. Sorry for the eye-sore.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite big bang theory character?

Originally posted by Pokerpo:
Originally posted by ItsabirditsaZHS0:
Originally posted by Hallucent:

I despise that show.

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Topic: Off-topic / what GOD(S) do you WORSHIP

>Worshiping gods
>Not based Satan

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Topic: Off-topic / everyone its my birthday today

Originally posted by GoldenMeowers1:Well no improvement in punchuation and correct typing just a nice capitial letter at the start of each word :)>

Now just get the “I’m” thing down and you’ll be, without a doubt, better than half the people who still post here.
I mean, I don’t have to translate you now, so maybe you’re already there.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Official Team Fortress 2 Masterthread

Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:
Isn’t it still the second most-played F2P steam game? Though I can imagine because of Valves need to constantly just add hats and nothing of real value.

Sometimes it is, usually, still, yes.
However, remember when it was the first?
Remember when it had over 150k people playing it at once?
Now it barely scrapes about 45k aside for an hour or two a day.

In my opinion most of those users aren’t real ones because the amount of servers don’t match up, not to mention half of the populated servers seemed to be achievement idles last time I opened TF2.

Originally posted by ItsabirditsaZHS0:
A few months ago my email got blacklisted for subscribing to a child porn website.
subscribing to a child porn website

What site was that?
That’s how I know you’re bullshitting me without a doubt.
Then again seeing what else you mentioned you probably thought ML was the (CP) site and you “accidentally” made an account and then you got VAC banned for being a nigger and you just can’t connect the fact that you used a speedhack you found on google on TF2 and got banned for it.