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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

>inb4 I get bitched at by Zam
Fuck you nigger, I’m not a skeletonmactus.

I kind of…my weights got repossessed.
So I haven’t had anything to lift aside from said toddler from before and a couple sub-20lb dumbbells.
I’m keeping up physically, and growing a bit, but obviously not worth shit.

However, I have maintained my weight, and lost a bit and gained a bit.
Now I’m around 138~lbs, which is slightly above the ideal weight for a 16year old according to most people. Likely because I actually have some muscle unlike most teens.

So to remind you guys, I was over 200lbs about two or three years ago right before this thread was made, and was still 190~ when it was made.
Yet I’ve never gained it back, and don’t even have loose skin or cellulite shit anywhere.
Reminder that it isn’t difficult to get fit.
Reminder that if you aren’t an underage beta male who hates the climate he lives in and people you could be jacked and fit in just a couple years of not trying at all.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite ice cream flavour?

I don’t like ice cream.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

What does breaking and entering have to do with imperialism?

The USA is walking right around the set grounds for imperialism that it helped set that way by simply force-vassalizing other nations by installing their own leaders and beating on any rebellion that shows up because of “national security” and “freedom.”
Just like some stupid criminal might suggest that it’s not illegal because they left a door open letting us come in, the US is being a stupid criminal and trying to jump through hoops to make them look okay.
If you’re willing to even try the trash the US is selling then you’re beyond stupid.

and Guam was made a US territory long ago. Not today. That’s like saying the british is still conquering lands even though it’s not.

Oh, so just like you mentioned earlier.
But hey, a nation isn’t imperialist if it simply stops consuming other nations openly.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Imperialism is the conquest of another civilization. The USA doesn’t own the other nations or have them as part of US territory. That’s just not what imperialism is.

>It’s not breaking and entering because if you walk around their house there’s an open door, they’re just inviting us in!
If I forcibly remove a leader and force my selected leader onto the people, while I am not directly controlling them, I do have them under my thumb.
You’re basically telling me you’re stupid and your opinion should be discarded seeing how you can’t see this.

Also, Puerto Rico and Guam are technically territories of the USA to this day, officially.
You can excuse the other official ones off, and the US can sweep under the rug their puppets, but these “countries” are literally territories of the USA, and are not considered a state of the USA.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:
The USA aren’t imperialists. What have the conquered aside from the Indians? Philippines is now independent and the capture of texas and new mexico was long ago. Do you even know why you hate the US or just to hop on the bandwagon?
What have the conquered aside from the Indians?

That’s like saying it wasn’t imperialistic to brutally conquer a nation, then instead of claiming the land as yours, releasing it as a vassal and putting a leader of your choosing in charge.
That’s basically what the USA does, people are just too stupid to realize that it’s really just a sly way of conquering lands, and ends in a worse result because of the abuses the controlling country can do to it’s subject.
Now if the subject was part of our country it would be outrageous to treat them as sub-human. However, if they aren’t, we’re simply fighting a war, or having a trade agreement.

I’m semi-fine with brutal obvious imperialism.
However, if you try to hide it, and take it to an extreme, I will have a major problem with you.
The old imperialist nations were bold-faced, often brutal, and were willing to fight for their goals and be honest about them. The new ones, like the US aren’t. To me, while neither may be good, one is extremely outrageous, while the other is at least reasonable.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Almost all of my opinions are “unpopular.”
Fuck normies.

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Imperialism is one of them. I don’t see the issue as long they don’t oppress the people. By conquering other nations the rate of advancements is quicker.

Old imperialism is different from new imperialism in my opinion.
That’s why I’m against the USA, and even Britain, but I have no major negative views against the various empires of the middle ages and before.
To conquer and engulf is far different from removing from existence and draining.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you owned a website would you be offended if people used "Ad-Blocker."?

Originally posted by aguspal:

You are implying we make sites for profit.

Basically this.
There’s no need to put ads on a site.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

>tfw your muscularities actually ache for a change after carrying a baby-toddler for multiple hours in a day
This just in, have kids if you want to get fit.


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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

I desire your cat.

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Topic: Off-topic / can you guys help me with my sandnigger homework? pls

>What is it
The law of god.

>What are the laws
Fuck westerners.

>What happens
Paradise on earth.


Basically this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Salt or Pepper

Both are good on certain things though, like fried fish.

Originally posted by TheNeW13yRsOld:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:

why do you make so many threads like this

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite pizza?

Wood-fire baked pizza.
Anything else is sub-par American trash and you should be ashamed for actually enjoying it.

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Topic: Off-topic / You get raided by the SWAT

It means you aren’t 35kdog.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sorry I haven't been posting a lot.

Going to bed, so I won’t read the thread.
But, no one cares.

Really, not a single person cares.
I haven’t even noticed.

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Topic: Off-topic / what happend to nPlay?

Game is ded
Why host?

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Topic: Off-topic / You get raided by the SWAT

Originally posted by Pokerpo:

id fuck my sister

You aren’t a beta white pony-child.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Originally posted by Pokerpo:
oh, then stay a while

Thanks m8, it worked.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is better, Hades or Satan?

I have to support lord Satan on this one, for he possesses my soul, as well as my heart.


Topic: Off-topic / Mme[Bunneh] is a [bunbun :>>>]

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Topic: Off-topic / Should we teach Genesis in science classes?

Or you can just dedicate a year or semester to religion and go into the important parts or books of each religion in history class or something, or in an elective class.

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Topic: Off-topic / SHOULD vaccines be required for schools?

If the school wishes to have it as such, yes, however, school shouldn’t be required.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
What one person considers clean for them self can be filthy as hell for the next person’s evaluation.>

This same issue applies with maids.
Once again, marks for sub-par cleaning, too many marks means you’re banned from non-maid hotels.

Regardless, as I said, there would be standard taught in schools to show everyone exactly what would be required.

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Belief that there must be is a common public misconception, nothing more.

Yes, however, people seem to feel happier and better when interacting with other humans, rather than robots.
While a robot can do almost if not every service job, people will usually prefer a person to do them.
Just as a robot can teach your children, or they can do so by their self, people will always, for now that is, feel more comfortable with a human and feel like they’re getting more from a human than a robot.
One day that may change, but it’s likely a very long time from now, as robots aren’t even in most peoples daily lives, or at least ones that interact with them actively.

If they don’t have the aplitude for teaching then they shouldn’t be made to do it. There are enough bad teachers as it is, without adding more.

Yes, but many of the lower-class workers of today could easily do that, but simply don’t have the degree, or don’t know how to get into the field, or are striving for some ridiculous job in sports.
There’s always going to be certain people who do worthless jobs, assuming we don’t purge people or have people not work at all, however, we should try to phase those jobs out as much as possible.

Really to counter-act the surplus in goods you should receive from no one profiting in your country, you will not need everyone to be working, but because work is almost needed at this point for humans to stay sane, you must provide work.
This works perfectly with what I have mentioned previously, I believe last time I posted in this thread, regarding people only working 1/3 to 1/2 their normal job times, and therefore having much more free-time, be it for family, for gaming, or for learning.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by Kasic:
While that would probably only apply to extremely young children, that right there is why there’s that whole idea of ability to consent. Way back near the start of this thread I explained to Helltank the whole power dichotomy thing.

From what I have heard and seen, pedos don’t want to, and don’t try to abuse such a dynamic.
If someone doesn’t abuse such a dynamic, what’s the issue with children even consenting to sex?
Obviously, that would be an extremely hard case to make be, seeing as I consider even saying anything positive about an activity to be coercive to some degree, which would void consent in such a situation(?), but would it not be possible?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
isn’t “getting off” by being around them.

Typically people refer to “getting off” as a sexual thing, so assuming you do, once again, you seem to not believe pedos can in fact love, as they can also genuinely enjoy being around children.
Aside from sexually, which is ridiculous, it still suggests there is something wrong with a pedo being happy, feeling good about their self, or having fun with a child. What is wrong with “getting off” emotionally if everyone involved is just smiles?

That has the potential to be soooooo wrong on several levels.

Wrong morally, to you, yes.
Logically, no.

It’s the same reason why I am not myself extremely against physical contact, sexual or otherwise, with a child, despite not being for it, sexually that is.
The majority of the damage kids suffer from “sexual abuse” results from society to be quite honest.
All the social conditioning and feels people force on them eventually break them and make them feel dirty, used, abused, unloved, etc, when in reality they are none of those things, and never were, at least because of their incident or “abuser.”

I won’t bother to show you just how idiotically wrong that is.

But (s)he’s right, it’s a double standard you have.

Originally posted by vikaTae:
With that context in mind, I would recommend you be a little more careful and much more circumspect before you start accusing other forum users of being pedophiles.

I honestly don’t care unless someone starts slandering my name among my family or calls the police in on me, seeing as both of those is just a big hassle that I’ll have to deal with.
Yay, now I have to explain to my family, especially the ones with kids, how certain things are, and remind them how good I treat their kids, so even if was true, following my logic at least, you shouldn’t care nor worry.
Yay, now I have to not touch the internet for a few weeks while they try to find evidence on my computer, and they flip my house, probably destroying many things, just to find nothing and spread lies to my family.

In my opinion if you hate someone for being a pedo, your opinion doesn’t matter, so if he hated (or didn’t trust) me for defending them, and thereby apparently being one, so be it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by Kasic:
(let’s be honest, you’re probably only talking about men here)

Actually, I’m not, but I haven’t really said otherwise.
The statistics about the vast majority being men is a joke, while the slight majority may be men, at least biologically, it’s not in any regards a vast majority. It’s like saying the vast majority of Scots voted no.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Does a known pedo have a certificate that says: I’m a pedo but a CERTIFIED non-raping one; but I don’t necessarily see it as rape if the child gives consent? However I still wouldn’t risk harming the child indirectly or otherwise even if they did, as it’s simply not worth it.

No, however you should easily be drawn to such a conclusion if you speak to the average pedo.

What you seem to not understand is that pedos also genuinely love their attraction as a romantic partner, however, they also find them cute and child-like, because, well, they are, so they also love them paternal-like, and because of this, from what I see, it would be basically impossible for one of them to rape a child as long as they aren’t literally insane.
This combined with the general characteristics and ideology of most pedos, I honestly can come to the conclusion that they’re speaking the truth, and that I can trust them completely with my child, be it with me, with other kids, by their self in public, by their self in my house or his house, or alone giving my child a bath or a quick diaper change.
You seem to think the majority of what pedos feel is sexual as well, as well as that they don’t feel parental to children, but everything I have learned and see suggests otherwise.

But, that said, I’m not at all comfortable w/ “offering up” my child as some form of therapy for some pedo working his way through “controlling” his penchant for lust-0-children.

So what you’re saying, is that you ARE NOT “in complete agreement w/ you & Zachary,” correct?
You still seem to fall back that they’re either all rapists, potential rapists, or are generally dangerous.

Are you constantly working on controlling your “lust,” are you constantly needing to control yourself?
Because if so, you need help, not them.
Did you need to control yourself when you were FIRST around someone you love alone, or otherwise, or did you understand your situation and how it wasn’t exactly how you wanted it, and because of that, it made it not only distant and non-desired, but also unreasonable?

I am fully (not as a child) in charge of my actions. Promise of a candy bar isn’t going to sway me.

Thank you for proving my suspicions, once again, and making yourself contradict yourself AGAIN.

am going to be very uncomfortable about what is/MIGHT be going on in his head.

See the above.
You’re simply discriminating for no reason other than some irrational hatred, just like people did to gays at one time.

The only way I can see myself interacting w/ a pedo is in a therapy situation for him/them if there were to somehow be some benefit for me being there.

Because your child would not enjoy having a friend in their life that cares about them, that plays with them, and that pays attention to them?
You’d probably be able to get a free babysitter that actually teaches and loves your child in exchange for what you call “therapy.”

Kasic, would YOU allow a pedo friend to bounce your 3 y.o. on his (or her) lap

Would you allow the gay fella in the shower grab you and rub his dick on your ass?
Would you NOT allow a friendly pedo to sit on the carpet and play games with your baby? Would you beat them with a rusty pipe if your child climbs up and sits on their lap or next to them while watching tv?

At what level of physical contact would ya begin to have concerns?

When (s)he crosses a line and does something sexual to a child.
(S)he can rub my daughters vulva while changing her, but (s)he cannot lick her, or masturbate her.
It’s the same situation as a male doctor and a female patient during a physical. You may find them beautiful, but not only do you not NEED to be sexual, you probably aren’t thinking about it, and are acting strictly professionally.

When I help babysit my cousins, often times, for example, the year and three months one, Lily, will try to crawl over me, or will sit on me, or I will carry her, and something may touch down there, and it’s nothing sexual to me.
Kids just do things sometimes, and if the poor pedo-friend I allowed around my daughter or son suddenly had him/her sit in their lap, that’s not their fault, and that’s probably not sexual to them.
People like you who throw out these accusations, even if someone would be a known pedo, is what terrifies a lot of men. They don’t want children to sit near them, or sit on them because they feel like people will judge them and think of dirty things.

You seem believe that physical contact of some kind means it is sexual or not, but really that’s just not the case.
What the person is thinking, feeling, and their intent is what makes something sexual.
This is part of why nudism isn’t about sexual things.

EDIT: Just realized I did mess up since I walked away for a bit.

(S)he can rub my daughters

I was meaning with a wipe, or something of such, y’know, for cleaning purposes, or something of such, just in case that wasn’t clear.
Although the whole no masturbating bit should have covered this anyhow.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
But, it’s not there in an effort to help promote “feely-good” about pedophilia. It is there for a different kind of help.

There’s sites for that actually, such as Girls-chat.
Personally, I am not fond of the little I know about Ethan myself, or his group VP, simply because of how the group (seems to) operate(s) and seems to try to harass and coerce ALL pedos to join their site/ideology.

While I don’t agree with Girlschat’s views completely, what I have seen is that they don’t go around brutalizing people who have a different view from them.
I just can’t back up a group, even if it has “good” views on paper, in general, if they will attack people who are pro-contact, but refuse contact, or people who deny contact being harmful, but are none the less anti-contact. If they aren’t planning on, and will never be doing anything to a child, and understand it would hurt the child, there’s no reason to try to change their opinion, especially when if you look at it, if you believe any contact (sexually) with the ones you find attractive is inherently bad and evil, would you not be more inclined, or simply indefinitely hate yourself, and think you are wrong and evil?
Basically, from what I have heard and seen, that group promotes self-hate, alongside their “good” views.
If not for the way they seem to act, I would probably if not prefer them.

Have you not heard of pedo priests, Boy Scout leaders, Sunday school teachers, etc.?

Yes, and I excuse many of them as not even being pedos because the way they treat the children and the power they’re in. It makes me doubt their desires, and if they even find children attractive in any way.
At least a couple of the ones I’m friends with, or know, work in elementary schools or in child-care though, and I have no problem with it because I don’t cling onto this irrational fear that pedos can’t control their self and are rape-machines. They enjoy being around children and caring for them, so would it not make sense to seek a job in such a field? It’s enjoyable, it pays your bills, and it makes you happy. What else is there to ask for?

And to what you said right after what I quoted, personally, I would trust these people with my life.
I see no reason why you wouldn’t.
You can’t even seem to trust them around them around others, and you claim not alone at all as of now, and if that’s not irrational discrimination, I don’t know what is. I’d go so far to trust them alone with my child naked, in the sense of a bath or a diaper changing. I can’t really think of any other situations where they would be, normally, but I see now reason not to.
If you see a naked woman are you going to do things to them that will likely hurt them in one way or another, as well as likely get you thrown in jail, and your life completely destroyed, as well as you being torn away from the person, the woman, you loved hanging around so much?

Seeking help

Exactly what help?
I’m sure you wouldn’t suggest the same help for a gay man or woman, would you?

I’ve never met someone who said that who actually had a reasonable argument regarding this, and believe people say this and try to convince pedos just because they know their life would be destroyed if they spoke about it publicly, or to a therapist who would then report them.

Being Gay doesn’t involve sexual activity that involves children….CHILDREN. Are you able to understand CHILDREN?

Being a pedo doesn’t “involve sexual activity that involves children…(yes)CHILDREN.”

Regardless, once again, emotional appeal.
I understand children, and the word, and who they are, and how they act and feel.

I guess the (broader than economics) concept of supply & demand is something you aren’t able to apply to child porn, either.
If there isn’t a demand for it, the supply won’t be there either.

You do realize how child pornography, and generally all pornography works, right?

If I make a cookie, and you buy it, or I give it to you, it is gone. I need to make some more.
If I take a picture of a beautiful tree and share it with you, or you buy it, can I not stop possess it, or give it away some more?

The supply for child pornography exists for more than a lifetime, and if no one ever makes any more, you can jerk off every day, multiple times, to CP and never see the same video or picture/set.

So, tell me, how is the demand for child porn going to be met if the supply doesn’t exist?

By the ample amount that already exists.
If you plant a plant, the supply of food from it should never run out, as it will continue reproducing and making more of it’s self, or continue growing.

Regardless, the way you speak of supply and demand suggests, like in capitalism, someone profits off it.
This is simply not true, as with all/most porn, you can find imageboards or porn sites with thousands of exactly what you’re looking for. Is motherless making loads off porn? Well, they are off ads, but the porn? No, they simply host it, and people contribute for free to share with their lads.

There isn’t any “child porn industry” like you, and most normies speak of, people just make things to share with their lads, or for their self later. No one is going to buy a video and risking jail, being scammed, being killed, or generally having their life destroyed in one way or another, especially when there are free choices.
If you wanted this dreamland to get rid of said industry, would not legalizing aid it? It would make people go from legally downloading and viewing to buying and risking all the things of before, wouldn’t it?

Honestly, where does your logic, if I could call it that, come from?

Believe me, any pedos that go to nudist resorts are soon ferreted out.
It takes a very sly pedo to fool us.

Since you’re speaking of nudist pictures, there’s no need for pedos to do that, nudists do.
Haven’t you heard of a site called purenudism, or ANY of the nudists sites online?
Hell, parents throw videos of babies and toddlers naked in the bath or various things on youtube all the time at that.
It’s as if you’ve never left Kongregate and seen people speak of things that aren’t politically correct or acceptable to the majority. People mention these sites and sources CONSTANTLY on places even as tame and popular as 4chan, more than daily.

Regarding it taking a sly pedo, it really shows how deluded you are.
I know pedos from my real life experiences too, that have told me, or have showed me explicitly through their actions. Many.
People like you seem to think pedos are these fat hairy old men who don’t know anything about the world, but they aren’t. They’re usually the opposite of that, from what I believe to be compensation.

I’d bet my life that you know at least one pedo, but you’re either too stupid to see it, or (s)he’s too good at hiding it.
The stereotype of pedos, that you obviously believe, is a lie, a complete lie at that.