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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Been bulking for awhile, and am now up to 145~
Probably going to 150 then going down to 140 or 145.

tfw bowels have been fantastic since starting bulking

Originally posted by TheGoldenHammer:
Never underestimate the results that bodyweight exercises can bring. Olympic gymnasts are a prime example of what bodyweight conditioning can do.

People always seem to bash it just because it doesn’t boast big weights, but it does allow you to do every day things easily and more effectively, and certainly makes you look better. Not “big,” but surely not skeleton-tier.
I mean, real weights and equipment is better, but two mid-tier weights can get you somewhere.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongristmas Secret Greg 2014 (Double check the list for your name!) - 34 peeps

Friendly reminder you will ALL get scribble-pics made in paint for Christmas.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ironically, Russia is going to save the world from the USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

But, who will save the world from Putin?

Honestly, how is Putin even bad?
I have never seen anything that he did bad for his people, nor major abuses abroad.
Sure, he’s not the best in policies, and doesn’t have my same views, but he does a great fucking job keeping Russia off it’s knees.

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

What we should be more concerned about is the entities that are so fanatical about their ‘cause’ they most likely don’t care about their own survival (terrorist organizations, and possibly places like North Korea spring to mind)

You really are delusional if you think North Korea doesn’t care about it’s existence.
It’s like a militia group in a post-apocalyptic world, while it cares about surviving, and maybe one day thriving, it’s existence rests on defending it’s self at all costs.
You’re also extremely delusional if “terrorist organizations,” ISIS you’re referring to is it, doesn’t care about it’s existence. Their existence is threatened, as their people have been, so they are advancing and seeking allies at all costs. They have no other option than to behave as they do, as if they stopped, they would simply be silently put to sleep.

Originally posted by NeilSenna:

switch to unquestioningly swallowing propaganda from someone else’s.

I don’t really see how this is propaganda.
Russia hasn’t really been trying to make things seem fine for awhile. They don’t really care about your opinion, my opinion, or even their peoples opinion. Because of this, the people receive horrifying news, depressing news, but because it’s not censored, and they can see they’re being told the truth, they’ll trust when the government says they’re trying to fix things.

Russia is recovering from the food-price hikes the sanctions caused. They likely now feel secure to come out and say they directly will stop playing the modern game of fake smiles and cordial-ness.
They have no reason to continue it.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
All powerful nations are corrupt.

Every nation is corrupt now at least aside from maybe a select few literally monk-tier countries.
Corruption isn’t the thing people should worry about, but whether or not it is covered up, and to what degree.
China, Russia, North Korea, etc, are very corrupt and restrictive to some degree. However, they’re much more open about it, and they’re not as vile in other regards. The USA is the worst offender of hiding it, lying about it, and spewing propaganda everywhere. That is what is off-putting to me.

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Topic: Off-topic / A Hacktivist group in Turkey just deleted $668.5 billion USD in power bills.

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:
Capitalism is the best system. It allows the strongest to thrive.

Stupid zam, did you join the faggot army or something for real, and you weren’t joking that time you tried recruiting me?
Fascist-communism is the best.

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Topic: Off-topic / What kind of people annoy you IRL

Normies, boys, feminists, shitters, abuse victims of all kinds, women, idiots, niggers, free-market people who see it as a long-term economic situation, anyone under 21 who plays games, burger-eaters, the average man in the west, people who obsess over GG, ones who speak loud in public, ones who correct their self via doubleposting or deleting their post when it’s just a simple missing apostrophe, fat people.

Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

Hardcore atheists. They treat religion like a plague while behaving like religious fundamentalists.

This too, as they’re usually even more pushy than religious people and are even more annoying about it.

Oh, and people who play flash games, or games like them, especially if they genuinely enjoy them.
This includes people who play the binding of Isaac.


Topic: Off-topic / Female Privilege Checklist 1-97

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Topic: Off-topic / I hate close minded people

Originally posted by Darkscanner:
What’s stopping him from just googling it when he needs to? Honestly if it’s easy to learn, then it’s a waste of time to learn preemptively anyway…

Nothing, but following his mentality, he won’t do that.

Originally posted by Fronebular:
W-what? Last I checked loli is as loli does. Give em an unfortunately short height, a flat chest, and they’re good to go.

>Implying many of those lolis are actually loli-tier
I mean, some have breasts, be them small, and certainly don’t act very loli-like.
Friendly reminder 15year old high-schoolers in anime are NOT lolis.

Originally posted by StOtS:

How do you feel about far minded people?

They’re very distant.

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Topic: Off-topic / I am going to eat dinner soon enough!

I didn’t use a fork or a knife till a couple months ago when I first tried Italian food.
It came naturally, although I apparently use them backwards.

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Topic: Off-topic / I hate close minded people

Originally posted by radar816:

Changing a spark plug is the equivalent (in difficulty) of replacing a blown fuse.

My point exactly, but I bet barely anyone here even knows what one is, looks like, or what it does, and certainly has never held one, and definitely has no idea where or how to install/remove them.
That’s a huge problem.

Originally posted by Darkscanner:
Then couldn’t he just, ya’ know, not learn how to do it right now then figure it out when it actually breaks?

If he isn’t willing to help with a car now, or fix one up, or whatever it may be, he’ll likely just pay a mechanic $200 to do it for him and then go out no where all week and whine to his friends and leech off his parents because “waaaa I can’t afford to go to the movies.”
It’s a choice to burn your money.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which OTer you think has the best posting quality?

The crazy cat lady, Elisha, seeing as her quality was improving last time I saw a post by her and y’all still have trash quality.
Never change.

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Topic: Off-topic / I hate close minded people

Originally posted by Reginleifx:

my father called me a fag for spending time on reading and discussing stuff I like instead of learning how to fix a car

To be honest you should stop being such a faggot manchild and learn how to fix small things on a car if the opportunity presents itself.
I can change a spark plug on almost any car, which normally costs a couple hundred dollars, for a few bucks. It took me literally five minutes my first time on a car, ever, without even having a video guide or someone to show me through it for that specific car model.

He also said most tv shows suck because they’re scripted and not real at all

They are scripted you stupid nigger.
He’s not even being hypocritical like you suggest, as I can say I hate playing dota, but continue to play it. Why? Because there’s nothing else to do to occupy my time, because I’m good at it, because it could make me a little money, etc.

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:
Originally posted by Fronebular:
Originally posted by SpearDudezor:

I’m kidding, loli is ok

It’s all okay until you live in the UK.

Then you’re fucked.

I think it’s illegal in Japan too

No silly.
Although it may be illegal in Germany now, and it has been in the UK, with arrests made, and it’s illegal in Cunt-land as well I believe, it’s not illegal in Japan m8.

Originally posted by Fronebular:

Well, lets see. My posters include

>Having posters
Those are barely even loli-tier ya pleb.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Nuts shoot up schools, kids get punished.

I know many people who bring pistols to school for various reasons, or did that is.
Most say that if there was an active shooter, they’d shoot back, or escort the class out or try to get out their self. That’s not the reason for them bringing it, however, when brought up, that’s what they said.
I have physically seen people with said pistols.

Just based off this information, that anyone who has anything to do with many school systems should know is likely, it’s ridiculous to have such drills without warning because it could result in serious consequences, be it a poor fella getting arrested, a cop getting shot, or the fake shooter being killed.
Then add in the whole it being absolutely ridiculous and stupid to have such drills, especially in anything but a highschool, maybe, and it just boggles me how they could even consider it.

This is one issue I actually support the NRA on though, that being there should be armed guards or teachers in schools if they want to be armed.
A committed shooter with any time handling a gun, not even shooting, just handling, would get a horrific body count or their target killed far before any police could get to the situation, even if the police station is a block away, or even across the street.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Obama a good president or the worst?

How do people still fall for this “president” thing?
Honestly, every single president simply switched to the next party unless a war happened that the people supported.

He’s just another shit president that is in it for his agenda.
He’d have been just as bad as every other candidate that had a chance.

>Muh Bin Laden
Muh ludicrous blind hatred and revenge complex
Besides, the information to find him and murder him would have came to light around the same time, and whatever other fuck was president would of said “go ahead” just in the same.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Factory Farms

Actually, no.
I don’t.

But, yes, I knew that.
The same also happens to cows, and actually, I don’t eat them either.
Chickens however, chickens are my rival. But they aren’t intelligent in even the weird way that pigs are compared to a small child. Nor do they go through, typically, nearly as much abuse.
Anyhow, as a Texan, there’s not really any Factory-tier farms around, so most meat comes from local farmers unless it’s processed Tyson trash. Local farmers around here are generally good to their animals and let them roam free in their land, and occasionally, other farmers if they brand them all and are great pals.

>Are we sadistic monsters who view all other creatures as lifeless and disposable
No, unless you take no regard to the life you’re taking.
Does it make you a “sadistic monster” to kill a bird in the woods to eat? No, you’ll likely feel bad for the poor fella, but you have to eat, and there’s simply not enough in terms of plants per calorie/macro spent collecting them.


Originally posted by insanesniper1:


That’s probably the worst period of a chickens life, and it’s just a short twenty minutes at most.
It really looks much worse than it is.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

>inb4 I get bitched at by Zam
Fuck you nigger, I’m not a skeletonmactus.

I kind of…my weights got repossessed.
So I haven’t had anything to lift aside from said toddler from before and a couple sub-20lb dumbbells.
I’m keeping up physically, and growing a bit, but obviously not worth shit.

However, I have maintained my weight, and lost a bit and gained a bit.
Now I’m around 138~lbs, which is slightly above the ideal weight for a 16year old according to most people. Likely because I actually have some muscle unlike most teens.

So to remind you guys, I was over 200lbs about two or three years ago right before this thread was made, and was still 190~ when it was made.
Yet I’ve never gained it back, and don’t even have loose skin or cellulite shit anywhere.
Reminder that it isn’t difficult to get fit.
Reminder that if you aren’t an underage beta male who hates the climate he lives in and people you could be jacked and fit in just a couple years of not trying at all.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite ice cream flavour?

I don’t like ice cream.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

What does breaking and entering have to do with imperialism?

The USA is walking right around the set grounds for imperialism that it helped set that way by simply force-vassalizing other nations by installing their own leaders and beating on any rebellion that shows up because of “national security” and “freedom.”
Just like some stupid criminal might suggest that it’s not illegal because they left a door open letting us come in, the US is being a stupid criminal and trying to jump through hoops to make them look okay.
If you’re willing to even try the trash the US is selling then you’re beyond stupid.

and Guam was made a US territory long ago. Not today. That’s like saying the british is still conquering lands even though it’s not.

Oh, so just like you mentioned earlier.
But hey, a nation isn’t imperialist if it simply stops consuming other nations openly.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Imperialism is the conquest of another civilization. The USA doesn’t own the other nations or have them as part of US territory. That’s just not what imperialism is.

>It’s not breaking and entering because if you walk around their house there’s an open door, they’re just inviting us in!
If I forcibly remove a leader and force my selected leader onto the people, while I am not directly controlling them, I do have them under my thumb.
You’re basically telling me you’re stupid and your opinion should be discarded seeing how you can’t see this.

Also, Puerto Rico and Guam are technically territories of the USA to this day, officially.
You can excuse the other official ones off, and the US can sweep under the rug their puppets, but these “countries” are literally territories of the USA, and are not considered a state of the USA.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Originally posted by Immortal7777:
The USA aren’t imperialists. What have the conquered aside from the Indians? Philippines is now independent and the capture of texas and new mexico was long ago. Do you even know why you hate the US or just to hop on the bandwagon?
What have the conquered aside from the Indians?

That’s like saying it wasn’t imperialistic to brutally conquer a nation, then instead of claiming the land as yours, releasing it as a vassal and putting a leader of your choosing in charge.
That’s basically what the USA does, people are just too stupid to realize that it’s really just a sly way of conquering lands, and ends in a worse result because of the abuses the controlling country can do to it’s subject.
Now if the subject was part of our country it would be outrageous to treat them as sub-human. However, if they aren’t, we’re simply fighting a war, or having a trade agreement.

I’m semi-fine with brutal obvious imperialism.
However, if you try to hide it, and take it to an extreme, I will have a major problem with you.
The old imperialist nations were bold-faced, often brutal, and were willing to fight for their goals and be honest about them. The new ones, like the US aren’t. To me, while neither may be good, one is extremely outrageous, while the other is at least reasonable.

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Topic: Off-topic / The unpopular opinions thread

Almost all of my opinions are “unpopular.”
Fuck normies.

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Imperialism is one of them. I don’t see the issue as long they don’t oppress the people. By conquering other nations the rate of advancements is quicker.

Old imperialism is different from new imperialism in my opinion.
That’s why I’m against the USA, and even Britain, but I have no major negative views against the various empires of the middle ages and before.
To conquer and engulf is far different from removing from existence and draining.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you owned a website would you be offended if people used "Ad-Blocker."?

Originally posted by aguspal:

You are implying we make sites for profit.

Basically this.
There’s no need to put ads on a site.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

>tfw your muscularities actually ache for a change after carrying a baby-toddler for multiple hours in a day
This just in, have kids if you want to get fit.


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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

I desire your cat.

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Topic: Off-topic / can you guys help me with my sandnigger homework? pls

>What is it
The law of god.

>What are the laws
Fuck westerners.

>What happens
Paradise on earth.


Basically this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Salt or Pepper

Both are good on certain things though, like fried fish.

Originally posted by TheNeW13yRsOld:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:

why do you make so many threads like this