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Topic: Off-topic / You get raided by the SWAT

Probably just walk out the back and escape through the canal system near my home.
Literally no risk.

I would stay inside and wait for them with my hands on my head with my belly on the floor in the living room.

>They’re breaching my home
I’d probably not know who they are, so I’d probably jus woah woah woah this is kong.
I would put my hands up and follow their orders.

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Topic: Off-topic / mmebunneh just sent me a sickening PM :'<<<<<<

De-mod when?

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

You’re the cancer that’s ruining this board.

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Topic: Off-topic / Which of these would you rather fap to?

Crows are pretty cute m8.

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Topic: Off-topic / dropped my galaxy s4

Originally posted by Y__Y:
You may have a point but the most of Samsung and Apple products are very user-friendly and affordable.

Compared to their function, none of them are affordable when bought in America or the west.
You get an apple ipod in China for $30 while here it’s over triple that.

User friendly, sure, but that’s just because the literal billions the company makes every year selling shit phones for literally tens of thousands of percent if not over a hundred thousand percent mark-up.

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Topic: Off-topic / dropped my galaxy s4

Originally posted by loftergame:

Have you ever dropped smartphone ?

God no, I’m not stupid.

There are too many fragile and tricky tabs in it lol.



Topic: Off-topic / Slim Body Wellness Center Coral Springs

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Topic: Off-topic / What do YOU hate about Capitalism in the United States?

Almost everything, especially American capitalism.
Outside of middle-age times it is awful. Modern society can not stand on it without constantly shoving people off it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why are Youtube comments and users so stupid?

Normalcy + fun = Mental deficiency

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Topic: Off-topic / so 4chan is down

It isn’t though.
Besides, it seems like the leaks were planned.


Topic: Off-topic / Hmm... I guess I have to change the title because I know why this shit is happening...

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Topic: Off-topic / Who would you rather have sex with?

Originally posted by aguspal:

Then it was about the same thing I thought it would be.

Just a person with a small stature? Whats so bad about it?

They usually have very poor proportions.
It’s not like midgets are just like old kids or kid-sized adults, they usually have certain “issues” physically, eternally and externally.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who would you rather have sex with?

I’d rather not have sex.
Probably the midget though if I had no choice, assuming it was a she, and assuming it isn’t a black 240lb 4foot tall midget with bull-rings through her nose. In which case I guess I’ll have no choice but to take the black chick.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you define YOGURT as a liquid or a solid?

Seeing as it acts exactly as a thick liquid would and does, it’s probably a liquid.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why is rollerCROWster a mod?

You should have done a double hidin’ m8

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
But tell me, why is it, like Zachary_G (above several posts), that you have such a dim view of the police force …. in general/in specific? Why couldn’t it have happen exactly as the officer said it did? It was in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street. Kinda hard to “cover up” a misdeed in that scenario.

I never said they covered it up, nor if the officer or the victim did anything wrong, I can’t speak on that because there’s too much speculation and delusion around the incident and because of that, I can’t know who is telling the truth or who has the truth right.

All I’ve spoke of is how shifty a lot of cops are, mostly because of the orders they’re given, partially because there are a lot of bad apples because of the job type, and how disgusting the “black community” acts after small incidents like this and the lies they tell just because it gives them sympathy.
See him being a “child.”
Not only is he not a child, but he is a man. I consider a child to be below 12, sometimes below that even, but the law and the public generally sees it as 17-18 and below. He was 19, was he not?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Iraq Round Three

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:
So if I came to your house with an assault rifle and said you can either give me money, join my cause, or be deported/killed, I would be justified in doing so?

Assuming you had the support of the majority in the area and was more than just a petty robber and were actually part of a large group that took control of the area, then to some degree, yes.
There are other conditions to determining it, but if it is their land, and you have support of the majority, which is the only way you could survive in the area, then you, I, should either submit or leave. Alternatively you could fight though.

Besides, as far as I’ve heard it doesn’t go like that, the people are given time to decide and to pay up or not. Not long, but more than a couple weeks.
Sure, it’s not the ideal thing for them to be doing, but it is understandable in the sense that it isn’t unreasonable. They don’t demand outrageous amounts of money or demand you to leave right when they first occupy the land.

Oh, well that’s perfectly reasonable, I mean, you’re only killing the breadwinner of the family and leaving the rest to fend for themselves. That’s completely okay.

Well it certainly isn’t outrageous or anything. They aren’t doing these “genocides” people are speaking of. Certainly not more than other Arab countries either.
They kill the “breadwinner” because he is the one that obviously makes all the decisions in the house, especially in cultures like that, and because of this, the children and the wife are likely innocent and deserve to be given a second chance.

You think anything the US does is evil and should be stopped, don’t you? I’ll admit that the US has disproportionately large amounts of influence over the rest of the world, but really, would we be better off with any other country taking on that role?

Well seeing as China wants nothing to do with the middle east, Russia wants their old regions, not new regions, and Europe wouldn’t care to fight the middle east if the US didn’t want them to because the middle east would likely switch back to the Euro instead of the dollar.
China extracts oil and materials from Africa as well, and that’s what the Chinese do, they have what they need and don’t really have any interests in the middle east.
Russia supplies most of the power and oil to Europe and china as well, and they’re a very big country that isn’t even close to running out of either.

Without those other three superpowers having little if any interest in the middle east it would be at peace shortly as the groups people support would be able to become actual countries that the citizens support, therefore eliminating these rebellions that pop-up in all the masked-faced countries in the middle east.

I can use this example for most of the situations the USA is in, but most of them are in the middle east, so I used it as the example.
Basically, no other country would fill that war already with the things I said, and that’s not even taking into account the destabilizing it would do to them as another nation might stab them in their back while they’re turned to the middle east.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite snack!

I don’t “snack.”

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Topic: Off-topic / How would you feel if you woke up in the middle of the night and all the french fries were on you?


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Shooting/Riots in Ferguson, USA.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
If we are wrong, Zachery, please show us where.
Notice how I referred to them as they, they are not people.
I am not referring to them as individuals.
The entity, the police, are the ones I speak of.
Not the cops.
Many cops are decent people, many are very kind, some do more good than wrong, some do barely any wrong.
Many cops are decent people, many are very kind, some do more good than wrong, some do barely any wrong. However, not all are like that. I’d go so far to say that most aren’t. That’s not specifically because of their choice, but because who they work for and what their orders are.
My view on cops are the same as my view on soldiers, just replace police with army.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
These groups spew a great amount of hatred. A lot of it AT BLACKS. Are ya STILL going to say there is only “apparent oppression” against Blacks? And, that is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to racism in America. I can’t help but wonder why you are so clueless on this?

Is the KKK looting stores?
Destroying property in protests that they do?
Are they shooting people on the streets and killing each other constantly?
There’s probably twenty things I could say along these lines, the fact of the matter is sure, they may be racist, but how does that have ANYTHING to do with what I said?
The KKK does not do any of that often, and in fact, I haven’t heard of them doing it whatsoever recently. I’m sure it would be all over the news if they did too with the hate everyone has to them, so it’s not like it is just swept under the rug.

The same applies for the other groups I’d assume mentioned on the page seeing as I have also never heard of anything of such from such groups in years, if not forever.

Originally posted by vikaTae:
It would explain Zachery’s position if he? (I think you’re a he Zach, sorry if not) has been on the receiving end of police bias, or has witnessed others being on the receiving end of such treatment for no discernable reason.

This for example, this is why I do have some positive and some negative things on the police, not to mention what I see on the news.
I’ve seen kind cops go in and calmly talk down a relative from a pharmacy-drug freakout, I’ve seen them do absolutely nothing when we have gotten robbed, I’ve seen them grab someone and assault them for no reason, and much much more.
Some have been good, most have been bad.
Most are not protecting people, but rather hurting people, or turning a blind eye to things that they approve of because of who you are.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
2) Why didn’t the officer use his Tazer…or did he even have one…and if he didn’t, what not?

Taser’s aren’t very effective because they only have a single shot, and if it misses, you’re in a very bad situation if you needed to use it in the first place.
Furthermore they can be easily knocked off, or become almost ineffective if heavy clothing is worn.

However I’m sure the cops used more than a few shots, a double tap to someone chest will result in your safety unless they’re wearing a vest, which is unreasonable to think of in such a situation like this.
Of course the fear of your life can be used as an excuse, but regardless, he didn’t sneak up on you, it should have just been a quick grab, fire fire, and then wait. If he continued whatever you feared, shoot again about a second later.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

I think the implied assumption is that this child IS the destined future one…no longer an “innocent”.

Following this assumption we should probably just kill every single person who ever goes to prison, has an “illegal” sexual attraction/desire, or in fact, most poor people just because they might commit a crime again, or for the first time.
This is the type of thinking I despise.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
As I’ve pointed out, my position is that he ISN’T innocent by virtue of the fact that he will indeed go on to become “not-so-innocent”.

Who says he would? A simple impact could change that, if you broke his arm for example, or if you even so much as beat him up one day could change his future completely. The more extreme you do to him the greater the chance, and if you make him unable to walk or lose a hand, he will never become what he was.
How do you know he will do exactly what he did before if you make a little impact, even so much as making him move one year instead of living in ____?

Of course, I don’t.
But, it strongly appears that your dislike for me personally “helps” you to see things in things in extremism at times.
Ya know, like how you also had “questions” about me being a pedophile.

Well it certainly seems like you do to me.
It follows every single thing that I ever see you post and the type of people who usually have such ideas. But not just that, but the gaps in your statements like I’ve pointed out.

But vika, I seriously doubt he’s a pedophile, I don’t know why you figured it, but to say the least I know many of them, some really closely, and he fits absolutely nothing. I share some views as the ones I know, and have spoke with, however I have never seen a thing Karma posts that are even relatively close to it.
Sure, that’s generalizing it, however it does seem like every group does have things in common, and this is one I stand away from the majority with, such as killing a pedo before (s)he (may) molest simply because it’s easier that way. While with karma he seems to suggest that the general outcome of such a person will likely end in a bad event, so why not just eliminate them? Just like Hitler.

Regarding taking things to extremes, the only difference between quoting you exactly and expanding what you said is just taking more serious/touchy subjects and applying the logic you said about other issues to them.

I mean if this isn’t what you’re saying, I’d say you should word yourself more carefully, because this seems like exactly what you’re saying to me, and that just follows the same mindless crusade most people are on against anyone they view as evil or vile.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Lets take the situation of sacrificing someone who did nothing wrong to self defense.

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Topic: Off-topic / Much would you have to be paid to break your own leg?

I wouldn’t because I live in America where medical things are inflated and I don’t have insurance to compensate for it, and no one will take me to another country to get my fixins’.
It would have to be ridiculously high in the, likely, hundreds of thousands.

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Topic: Off-topic / People who masturbate to fictional characters- Opinions and Thoughts (Serious thread)

Originally posted by HappyYay:

I don’t really masturbate to drawn or animated porn because it just doesn’t turn me on as much, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Basically this.
I really don’t care.
>tfw you don’t really masturbate to any porn

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite Mc Donalds meal?

4pc nugget w/ yogurt and a girls toy~
Fuck apples.

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Topic: Off-topic / Can a tank be killed by simple guns?

Define “tank.”