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Topic: Off-topic / VOTE YES F/-\GS

God how I hope there’s another Ireland-tier uprising.
Fuck the UK.

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Topic: Off-topic / aperrently we're trying to secede

>tfw Texas will never secede
If America didn’t make it illegal and wouldn’t invade us, we’d fucking do it.
People usually don’t speak of being American here from what I see, but rather being a Texan.

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Topic: Off-topic / Crying babies are hilarious.

>tfw a baby has never cried when with you
>tfw perfect

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Topic: Off-topic / If you are a world-class sniper, would you prefer to shoot girls with long or short hairdos?

Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

I like girls with long hair, so short haired girls.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

I’m wanting to know how he is going to manage that when he is TOTALLY against it being made & distributed.

There is a conflict in his positions….in his ideology.

Why is it wrong to believe it’s bad or harmful to have ____ in your possession while it is wrong to distribute it or create it?
If you have a dangerous animal in your possession, and it’s secure, you only risk harming yourself, such as if you viewed rape-CP, you would harm yourself regardless of your beliefs and desires.
But if you breed the animal, and as a result have to feed them a lot, is it not harming others? This is the same as when CP is made of a child. It elevates child-sex, which I believe to not be inherently harmful within it’s self, to another level, giving an even higher risk of it turning into a severely negative thing.
Now if you spread the animals you bred, or someone else did into the environment, you can hurt the environment near you if they’re incompatible. This is the same as hurting a child further as their image is distributed, and they feel more used and dirty, not to mention possibly hurting people who view it on purpose or on accident. Would you not have your day ruined by scrolling down this topic and seeing a little toddler girl being raped? I would.

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Then, why not make the possession of it illegal also?

Because it results right back into the situation vika pointed out to you, that you can be charged with a crime because someone else’s carelessness.
If the image thijser posted WAS in fact a 4year old’s pussy, you could potentially go to jail and be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life, and generally have your life ruined.
Is this fair?

Besides, possession harms no one aside from the one who possesses it.
The only reason to support it being illegal is so you can have another big-government scheme to snag people they don’t like and you dislike for beings pedos, or having “icky” views about them.

Originally posted by vikaTae:
The cut-off point for sex with a minor exists for the same reason; it’s nothing to do with how developed their genetalia are, and everything to do with an average midpoint for the point in the process when their brains are likely developed enough to truly understand the abstract ramifications of what they are doing – the ability to legally give informed consent.

While I disagree with why it’s there because of the blind hate I see in most of society, rather than genuine concern, but to me, after multiple years of observing and discussing things like this, while I agree kids think differently, and act differently, I still think that the stress people put on informed consent causes most of the harm to the children.
Not to say it’s right to have sex with kids even though they don’t understand, at least like adults do, especially not in general.
To wrap back up though, I agree with the rest that you said in general on this page at least, aside from what I specifically mentioned.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Legal to do what?

To be shown in porn, or rather, to have porn of such ages, all ages.
Be it a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult, or an elder.

Give me some examples of what a 3 y.o. would be doing that is sexy?
Just be naked?
Engaging in sexual activity.

It’s irrelevant.
If they’re just naked in the tub, spread on the carpet, or engaged in some sort of sexual-sexual activity, it doesn’t matter, and it is not relevant to what I said.

If porn is legal for ANY age, what is to keep someone from “going there”?

By this you mean becoming a porn star?
Probably what I said, in this situation, it being illegal to produce.

Then, if it makes no difference if the “parts” are there or not, what is the point of showing them?
Aha, got ya!

You what?
Just because most people find developed “parts” attractive doesn’t mean others don’t.
That’s the best I can do, seeing as I really don’t even understand what you’re suggesting/saying.

And, what the hell does an average age of the world population have to do w/ children being “sexually” naked?

I was referring to the average AoC, and it isn’t.
I honestly don’t get where you’re getting these things from, or have they’re relevant, especially to the rest of the sentence. What’s your point?

Yes, that arbitrary line is called decency

Appeal to emotion/cultural values.

The average teen is illegal here in the states. 18 y.o. isn’t the average. What does MILF have to do w/ child porn? Do you even know what MILF porn is?

You what?
I was saying how there is no reason to ban one over the other, be it child porn, teenage porn, legal ‘teen’ porn, or milf porn.
I used quotations around “teen” for a reason, because what the industry says is teen is not, or is just barely teen.

If something can’t be “made” and passed around, how in hell is anyone going to have it?
Tell me again, how do these ppl have child porn in their possession?

By downloading it, viewing it, or being given it physically by some poor chump who is putting his ass on the line to share what he has.
If you give it to someone, you can be prosecuted, as goes posting it.
If you make it, you can be prosecuted.
If you view it, be it accidentally, or on purpose, and even download it, you can’t be prosecuted.
That’s what I am suggesting.

Seriously, do YOU not understand that ppl of similar thinking de facto do support each others thinking?

Yes, however that does not mean an outsider cannot support the same line of thinking.
Witch hunter thinking is bad thinking.

And, do YOU not see an issue w/ a person liking child porn and having children at their disposal?

Although I think you missed a word, “porn,” a second time, no, regardless, either way, no.
This follows the same mentality that all men are rapists, and by giving them porn, they should not be trusted around women, or whatever they find attractive.

I can honestly say I would trust my own theoretical child with many pedos I am friends with, alone, and that’s because I don’t buy into the trash the media and public sells each other. It’s ridiculous, disgusting, and hypocritical.

Get the picture, NOW?

Yes, I understand you will never be able to comprehend anything that I say regarding this issue.
Drinking and driving is directly dangerous and careless.
Watching child porn, or even coming across it, is not dangerous for anyone, nor wreck-less or careless.

And, YOU are entitled to have that “feeling”.

No, because if I had this feeling people like you would be purged, and images I don’t like would be censored, and many easily accessible child-rape videos would be purged as well, but that’s basing things of feelings, not reality.

So, tell me,

That’s the most choppy sentence I have read in months.
I’m not going to.
I simply said I would not stand by and defend someone who does such things in general, and while you’d likely want to gun down them, the people who watch it, and me for defending them, I would likely not defend the ones who made it or distributed it.
There are some I would though, but I spoke in general.

Yes, I am saying I would defend someone who “raped/molested” a child and filmed it under certain conditions.
It’s just extremely rare.

Why are you taking about the arbitrariness of degrees of nakedness/topless?

I’m not, but people do.
A naked child, or a topless one at that, can be considered sexual in the eyes of the law just for existing.
Hell, even a child in a swimsuit or in regular clothes can be.

Welcome to the law of the west.

And, I’d be very careful about who/where ya spout your ideology on child porn because someone might “poke a hole” in your argument AND YOU, too.

Well, you didn’t, to me you just made a fool of yourself.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Originally posted by Frostbringer:
And instead of keeping them on welfare, they get a job where they can’t do any harm. Like washing dishes.

Well yes, however, the vast majority of people working as such are not low enough to do such work.
Of course you may prefer shopping with people instead of robotic workers, so there may be a job for that, however, it’s not one that must be filled. Some people genuinely enjoy being a check-out lady/man at the grocery store, for whatever reason, and that’s fine and great, there’s really no reason not to give them such a job if they enjoy it.
However, in general, it’s an easily replaced position, and no one enjoys it, so why not get rid of it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

How can ya be so sensible on this issue and be so ______ on the child porn one?
-BTW, that’s rhetorical.-

Because CP is a much touchier issue for people, as is pedo-stuff in general, so it’s more likely for you to agree with me on this, than other issues, even though both are not really exactly what the majority believes about said issues.
I mean, is there not a movement for one, and not the other?

I don’t, and never will take into account the what the majority say when the few say otherwise.
I don’t care that according to most people pedos are evil child rapists who have no hearts because I have spoken to many online, and am friends with quite a few, and they say and show the complete opposite of that.
This is the same reason why I don’t mind trans-people whatsoever, because I have spoken to, interacted with, and am friends with quite a few, and I understand that they aren’t mentally ill freaks like much of the west thinks.

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

I once took a bite of a waffle and rofl’ed all the way to another table that had pancakes because it tasted so bad.

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Topic: Off-topic / Pancakes or Waffles

Originally posted by HappyYay:

french toast

>Eating eggs

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Topic: Off-topic / Pancakes or Waffles

Pancakes if you know how to cook them, otherwise waffles.
Waffles are always boring, shitty, waffles.
Pancakes can be anything from rubber and burnt tires to delicious devious artery-clogging chocolate-goodness filled fluffy delight.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mustard or Ketchup on hotdog

All three things you mentioned are fucking disgusting.
Can I just have the bun, or plate, or whatever you were serving with the three?

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

I once touched an asshole with your name, Pokarnor, scribbled on it in gold sharpy.

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Topic: Off-topic / For one day, you are sent back to the day of 9/11 in the WTC.

Originally posted by niceman555:

The elevator shafts are broken. The only way down is the stairs, but the catch is is (lol Isis) that every floor is 20 feet high each*77 floors= over 1000 feet of stairs. 1,540 feet, to be exact.

You realize that would only take about 6minutes of jogging down the stairs to escape the building?
I would grab a cup of water, maybe tell a few co-workers if they aren’t normies, and then take a brief stroll down the stairs, escaping the building and getting probably at least a mile away before the second plane even hit.

If you run down stairs at a pace you’re actually faster than the average elevator, especially in a large tower, because there are less stops.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Transgender Individuals

VikaTae seems to have already said pretty much everything there is to say to the OP.

Anyways, my view on transgender individuals, and what seems to be their view in general, is that you should respect their wishes, and treat them appropriately as long as it’s reasonable, and you should never force or trick someone into a relationship with a trans-person.
I’ll use pronouns and stuff, and support them, however I’d never date one as far as I can tell, as I usually just don’t feel the same as most of them do on many things.

I do kind of understand them however, as I feel more female than male in many ways, inside, and the things I truly enjoy and want to do, and am not fond of my dick simply because it’s fairly annoying in my opinion, even though it doesn’t “act up.”
I think one of the big issues trans-people face is just the simple gender-stereotypes. Be it a male enjoying football, sports in general, eating, disliking fashion, is bad with kids/babies, or something as simple as being lazy. Or a female being expected to be delicate, wear makeup, like dolls/dressup (when young), care for kids/babies or in other words be motherly, dislike messy activities, or not being as good in sports.
These stereotypes make people feel like they don’t belong to their gender even more than they normally would, or begin such a feeling, in my opinion.
It really bugs me that these stereotypes roll into legal and social situations even more than you’d suspect, giving women major advantages, and men major disadvantages, just as men get ones and women don’t in other areas.
You find me a sports place that will hire a woman, especially one with little experience, for more than a sexual appeal, or more than statistics.
You find me a daycare center that will be willing to hire a man, with or without experience, for, well, they just wouldn’t.
You find me a Fashion/Makeup place that would not hire a woman over a man almost every time.

There’s tons of things I can say regarding the above, honestly, discrimination, but no one seems to acknowledge them.
People excuse them when they do too.
Be it “women don’t know sports,” or “men just want to be around children to molest them,” or “I don’t think my customers will feel comfortable with a man fitting her dress,” it’s all the same thing, and all of those are interchangeable, in the sense that you can use ALL of them for each scenario.
“Men don’t know how to care for children.”
“Men just want to be around children to molest them.”
“My customers wouldn’t be comfortable with a man around their children.”

Now I’m just going off-topic and ranting, but fuck society.
The only reason why ___ or ___ is true is because of the things you force into the brains of others because you aren’t used to the idea, or can’t believe it. That’s like cutting yourself and then saying to your mother it is fine that you’re doing it because she yelled at you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Communism Vs. Capitalism

Just wondering, as this came on my Pandora station when I was shitting earlier, and I have never seen it argued about as far as I remember.
What exactly makes capitalism good for the majority, or anyone for that matter, seeing as once a monopoly is made, the rich are the only ones that benefit?

If someone is not part of the populace in a country, and they are profiting off said populace, why would he care about them?
Isn’t the basis of capitalism being beneficial for you, and your family, not others AND you?
If you listened to the song, is it not correct in most ways? Is this not the basis of Capitalism in the modern world?

NOTE – It’s not relevant to insult my music tastes, and besides, Immortal technique is not one of my favorite rappers, however I listen to Rap most of the time because it has meaning behind the song.
Also, remember I am only taking part of the song for an example, not everything in it, as well as while I am on the side of communism like this song seems to promote, I am not against Capitalism in it’s self. Only modern Capitalism, which I do find a cancer that must be purged.

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

i think communism is good because everyone gets paid the same

imagine being a dishwasher at a restaurant and making a doctors salary!

also doctors wont be rich so they will stop being elitist narcissists that think they’re better than everyone else. this will make them more willing to do their job!!!

You’re forgetting the fact that there’s no need for dishwashers in a communist society because it’s an undesirable job in general, and easily replaced by a machine that can run not only more effectively, but for cheaper than a liveable wage.
Regardless, there’s nothing in communism that directly requires one to be paid the same as another, as one can receive compensation for ones work if it is harder, longer, or more efficient. While communism believes in the state/the-people as a whole controlling everything, and people being treated equally, there is not reason whatsoever for people to receive the same things as others.

If you are a doctor, you get 5_____.
If you’re a teacher, you get 4_____.
The doctor works longer, had to study more, has a stressful job comparably, and has a less enjoyable job in general.
Anyone can live on 2_____ comfortably however because of how cheap everything is compared to a society where people are trying to profit off your labor and benefit the most from it personally.
If you’re an inventor, you can be compensated with 6_____ if it’s really good, and never have to work again. You get to live in luxury, have TONS of extra money, and live as a high class resident in an already high class society, and there is no real issue with this, as the state should easily be able to pay one, or a couple people, slightly above doctor wages with the benefits the society will get, as well as the sales it will have globally from this new technology.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by Helltank:

What’s wrong with child pornography?

I didn’t read any of Helltanks argument, aside from his original, or what I believe to be his original reply, on page 5.
But, since this thread was necroed, I might as well take it as a chance to gather more hate or disgust to me and my views.

I agree completely, minus what you said in your original reply.
Calling anyone who isn’t prepubescent a child is a joke in my opinion, firstly, which if you get where I’m going, basically, ALL ages should be legal.
Saying that twelve is a cut off is just arbitrary as the current average of 15.8~ across the world.
Yes, you can argue that their parts are matured there, but to be quite honest, that really makes no difference whatsoever outside of having sex for babies, correct?

Personally I don’t like pornography, and don’t use it, however, if you’re not going to impose a ban on ALL possession, you must not impose a ban on ANY of it without crossing the same arbitrary line.
This being so, in my view, there’s no need to ban the possession of having “child pornography” of a 15year old, or a 7 year old, if you do not ban possession of porn of the average “teen” porn you see on the web, as well as “milf” porn.

Before you murder me now, remember, I did not say, and am fact going to say the opposite of what you’d likely assume.
I do not support, and never would support the distribution of ANY porn, especially child porn, nor the production. Gun down any ol’ bastard who even considers risking to hurt a child.
While I’d fight alongside people who have child porn in their possession, I would not someone distributing it or making it.

Also, before you accuse me of having child porn, think, if your friend seems like he may have child porn, but seems to love children like a good parent, and because of their attraction their porn is illegal, are you going to not only throw them in the oven, but also support the people who want to do so?
The biggest issue I have supporting the average persons arguments is not only it being arbitrary as everything else, but the fact that from what people have told me, and what I can think of, a person who possesses it or has, or even has viewed it, would be petrified of their life.
I just don’t think that’s right, regardless of who they are, especially when it’s just because of “my feelings.”

The real-real reason I don’t support it is because in most countries, because of the blind hatred most people have to pedos/____, they will jail anyone they suspect regardless of laws. Because of this, I could, you could, and almost anyone could be charged with child pornography because prosecutors can claim that image you saved of a child, or saw while browsing the net, was sexual to you, therefore can be classified as child pornography. Their case is even easier if the child is partially naked or topless, which isn’t really that uncommon if you have baby pictures from your childhood, or from your family, or you simply saw an innocent picture on facebook of someones newborn, or someone linked you to a “legal” nudist site.
Basically, fuck the police state.
I keep my computer and electronics fully encrypted and have memorized the password because I NEVER want to be charged with some bullshit just because someone wants to silence me or they dislike me for something I did, be it in real life, online, through a game, through a school, or through the government.
Not even once.

To wrap up, basically, I’m paranoid, fuck the government, and I dare you to poke a single hole in my argument.
The classics.

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Topic: Off-topic / Obama says American Millitary power is unmatched, do you agree??

A man with the desire for blood can kill hundreds before being killed.
No, America’s military isn’t unmatched.

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Topic: Off-topic / vegetarians kill more animals than normal ppl

Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

I don’t know who you’re trying to troll; no one on OT is vegetarian as far as I know.
But you’re right.

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Topic: Off-topic / Life Changing Advice to Cure your Depression

Just be yourself, don’t be shy.

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Topic: Off-topic / Itchy butthole


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Topic: Off-topic / Illegal thread


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Topic: Off-topic / Iphone 5s or Iphone 6?

>Considering Iphones
Into the trash (s)he goes!

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Topic: Off-topic / Mme thinks were kids when some people are twice her age on here.

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:
I didn’t bring it up, you did, you must be the one with these feelings! Projector!

You kind of suggested things, focused on things, and then denied that children aren’t more immature than other groups, as well as targeting the word “immature” instead of others.
Everything you’ve said so far ITT suggests you have such feelings that, quite frankly you’re trying to push on me.

“I don’t have any evidence, so I’m going to ask others to search for them. If they don’t find anything, I’ll tell them they didn’t search hard enough. They’ll never guess I have no idea what I’m talking about.”

This is like asking me for evidence of my feelings regarding ____.
It’s really not able to be proved one way or another, and if it doesn’t fit what you want it to, you’re going to deny it, call me a liar, or ask for proof, which once again, is not obtainable.

The fuck are you talking about?

Can you read?

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Topic: Off-topic / Mme thinks were kids when some people are twice her age on here.

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:
Yes. Your opinion will be discarded because it has less weight than that of a linguist.

You realize definitions change, right?
A sexuality used to restrict homosexuality from being such a thing, so it was called homophilia for a while.
After the “sexual revolution” that changed, and now no one speaks of it, as if it never happened.

Definitions of words simply reflect what society projects on said figure or being, not what the word actually represents if you break it down. A Childish person is not immature, but rather they act like a child, or feel like a child, or something along those lines.
Simply because most people in modern society have been trained to look down on children, and trained to see them as immature idiots, does not mean it’s true in general.

Any evidence for that?

Oh, the typical “I don’t have an argument so I’m going to ask for studies for something that can only really be seen by looking around at said individuals.”
Go treat people like equals, and you will understand what I speak of. Most teens, and especially young adults, try to fit in so desperately and generally like shitty things because they’re popular. They spout memes not to portray something, but to be “funny.” Kids don’t try to fit in nearly as much, and as a result, usually act more mature in my opinion than most teens/young adults.

Remember, just because a child likes simple things and an older person likes something else doesn’t mean one is and one isn’t immature, but rather, it’s how they interact with one another, regardless of their differences, and how they act in general.