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Topic: Off-topic / Dead Site.

Dead forum.

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Topic: Off-topic / Teachers that assign projects instead of a final exam should be executed

Hire some slaves.
It’s how I always got mine done.

Originally posted by TheQuietGamer:

You just said you can bull crap a project, but not an exam. I fail to understand how something you can bull crap is harder for you than something you can’t. Just bull crap them, get them done, and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to study for anything in those classes.

Not everyone prefers to waste hours and hours doing a tedious annoying project, likely with research on some boring shit topic, compared to a simple quick hour or two slamming through basic questions that YOU WERE TAUGHT.
Some people don’t need to study, thus all a project does is add work, rather than make it “fun.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is the gender wage gap truly a result of discrimination?

No: you’re right.

What really bugs me too is when someone says that (X) field is man-dominated when there’s a matching field for them. See Doctor/Nurse, Construction/Child care, Salesman/Teacher, etc.
I love how their answer to why they aren’t is because “they don’t pay much / the job is bad, so men don’t want it,” yet the pay is often not bad, and the activity is usually, in my opinion, much more enjoyable, safe, and generally nice to work in.
I’d much rather be teaching some kid how to read or how to do some multiplication in a different way if they don’t understand the average way than slaving in the heat getting all kinds of filthy doing construction work, or shilling someone into buying a car they really don’t need, can’t afford, and don’t even want. I’d be happy to take that pay cut, or raise, depending on where I am teaching, and my potential sales.

The best part about it all is that if you’re a male, and you try to go into a female-dominated sector you’re accused of either being a faggot, pedophile, lazy, stupid, or something generally considered a negative word or accusation, while a female into male sector it’s such a great thing apparently. Sure, your co-workers might not be very friendly at first, but for the female-dominated, at the start of your career at least, will be even more vicious.
But to top it off, every time I hear a male who has made it through that start, they are always regarded as the best teachers, or the best with kids, or the most attentive nurses. Yet these social conditions remain.

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Topic: Off-topic / 21 strange men arrive at your door

Turn off my computer after plugging in a ‘death stick,’ get in the living room, put my hands behind my head while I am on my knees, and simply wait.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rl or online friends

My best friend in real life is probably a toddler, honestly.
That being said, definitely real life, especially because I despise most of my “friends” online and consistently avoid all communication with them. Then again, I do that in real life too. I just acknowledge more of them as non-friends more often I suppose.
Only certain communities/people deserve and receive my glorious touch.

Zhs, stop being an edgy pony shitbag and go get on some medication for that Autism, seeing as there’s no helping you aside from that, truly you should probably just pop some toxic shit to just get rid off all of that disgusting personality you have.

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you deal with haters?

I burn their reasoning alive till they see their self as stupid, and/or everyone else sees them as delusional and laughs at them.
Fucking normies.

In real life?
I don’t have “haters.”

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the best hip-hop area? (East Side, Compton, Etc.)

London, you pleb fucking nigger-lovers.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you rather be castrated or lose the ability to smell and taste?

I’d probably rather be castrated, depending on the method.

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Topic: Off-topic / Petition for mods to start posting lock reasons again

fuck mods

Also, I agree with the other fella, only illegal activities and porn should be removed, mass shitposting is expected, it’ll slide off the from page, and if someone does such a thing you can always start an “investigation” on them to get them to stop.

Originally posted by StOtS:
Because mods don’t act on flags immediately. A flagged thread could be inactive for hours before the mod has time to act on the flag, and if they had to post a lock reason in that thread, they’d be bump spamming.

Also, the reasons are almost always obvious. The only people who hassle mods and admins about locked threads/removed posts are trying to cause a stir. They understand why their thread was locked/post removed and don’t really give a shit.

They could at least do it for legit threads, or post reasons in a sticky corresponding to the threads locked in the past week, or that day.
It’s not like a sage type function would be difficult to add anyways, I personally don’t see why it hasn’t existed for awhile now.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think mars one will be a success??

It will be horridly unsuccessful and everyone will die.

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Topic: Off-topic / I hate fat people

As a former fatty, and knowing many current ones, they’re usually some of the most worthless people.
Being fat is an indicator of being a failure from what I have noticed. Even if one didn’t choose to be fat, but was forced it as a child, and fed unhealthy foods with no choice and no education, it is an indicator of failure and failure to come, because of the way being fat effects you.

While most stereotypes are only a little true, I think the one regarding fat people is 100% true.
From murderers, to rapists, to church goers, to normies, to pedos, to gym people, all of the accused often fit the stereotypes a little, but often times not completely, or sometimes not at all. Well, fatties, they always fit almost every single part of the stereotype. It’s really sad.

Originally posted by Quilladin206:
I am, whats it to you? I am fat, but I don’t LIKE to be. I’m not going to go on a diet. I’d rather die at 30 living a happy life then live a long, unhappy life.

You probably aren’t happy, you probably feel guilty, trapped, self-conscious, etc, constantly, and regret eating, but have no self control, and some how are too fucking stupid to identify food as a bad substance to over consume, and thus repelling your desire to stuff yourself full of trash.
Furthermore, you likely believe “healthy” food is bland awful stuff, or that you can’t eat things you may like, like pizza, occasionally, or even often, but that’s wrong. You’re just fucking stupid, lazy, and buying into the stupid normie shit that people spout to make their self feel better about being absolute failures in a large part of ones life ~ their health, and too weak to do anything about your situation other than spout the same lies over and over again, fueling your delusion, and others like you, trying to keep the high up that you’re happy, till you fucking crash and burn and go to Burger King and buy two large Oreo shakes, 5 cookies, a large onion ring, and fucking shove it down your throat in literally minutes, just to feel like shit after it and try to ask for help with fitness, eating healthy, only to fucking fail again because you’re weak, and blame your diet on not working, despite your little trip to Burger King fifteen minutes past midnight three nights ago, and despite only being on your “diet” for a week.
A diet is not a “diet” where you do it briefly to lose weight, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s you choosing your diet. Are you a vegetarian? Are you going to eat meat? A balanced diet? Healthy foods? Or are you going to “treat yourself” to a “reward” after your “successful” week of your new “diet?”
Holy shit I hate fat people. Go die at thirty, by all means, leave your future children with no father, assuming a woman finally settled for you, enjoy your last 5-10years being able to barely function outside of desk-tier activity. Enjoy your daughter not playing with you because you’re too lazy and too out of shape to play, even while she’s still a little toddler. Enjoy crying and breaking down, enjoy being spooked to go in public, and enjoy being spoken badly about behind your back, because it will Enjoy being such an unproductive fuck, always tired, because all you eat is disgusting shit that is heavy on you. You chose this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Originally posted by Zaminick:
do you by any chance browse wizchan

Do you by any chance still buy into the normie-shit culture and 4chins?

Still a tiger-fitness shill?

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

I don’t trust normies bullshit on just “simmering” steel-cut oats for 10minutes to “cook” them.
How do you cook it, fit?

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you prefer the manga/anime or the film plot of death note?

I haven’t seen either, and have only seen a few Animes.

>Watching anime for non-cute reasons

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Topic: Off-topic / Does your school/work block Kongregate?

No, because I don’t go to some jew-school and I don’t get jewed into a slave-tier job.
When I did go though, the networks were severely unsecure and I leaked the administrators password constantly.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

Originally posted by karmakoolkid:
Why say “typical”?
What studies have you accomplished that reveals this?
Are you not aware that this line of “reasoning” is proudly touted by the homophobes?

I say typical because the push is usually revolving around this. It doesn’t matter if the majority don’t agree with it, even if the majority of gays don’t, if they don’t speak out against it. Usually they do support some sort of disgusting “you can’t do anything to me” while denying it to other parts of the LGBT community, or other minority communities, or even the general public. You can be banned from shopping at X for ANY reason ANYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you’re gay, or because you dropped a soda and had it bust all over the floor, or because they thought you were rude. That’s how it is. Change it all, and advocate against it all, or shut up about wanting to be fully protected from discrimination.

As I say below, a study is not needed to conclude something, nor does one need to produce a study to cite their claim off of, and it’s really futile to do so, as one such as yourself would just discredit it and say it’s false just because you don’t agree with it.

I don’t care weather it is “touted” by homophobes, or if you’re just delusional and conclude anyone who isn’t following the dead march in favor of gays they’re homophobic. Gays shouldn’t get privileges, nor should blacks, Mexicans, Jews, Women, none of them. If you want rights, fine, fight for them, but if you turn on others and deny them those rights, you deserve none, and thus will not receive any support from me.

Again, YOU know this how?

By visiting LGBT areas, having friends who are, seeing online and offline communities that seemingly always demonstrate these traits?
You don’t need a study to observe and conclude once you have a sizable test group.

What number of these “family & close friends” of yours would you say you are using to apply such an opinion to the balance of “gaydom”? Let’s see if we can express it as some kind of a percentage. I’m guessing something like: 0.000001%

You what?
I really don’t follow you. What is “balance of gaydom?”

Just a shot in the dark, if you’re referring to how many are like I described above, none, as my family isn’t very large, and most aren’t very normal, and they likely wouldn’t be my friends if they hate trans-people, while are gay and demand everyone be forced to respect them.

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Topic: Off-topic / Health & Fitness

Up to 154~ pounds, looking better, lifting better, still have only babbie weights, have to lift them 50-80+ times on every exercise.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

I personally, like most southern people I know, simply don’t care about LGBTQ rights.
Not because they don’t deserve them, or because we aren’t them, and therefore don’t care, but because the typical push is to force churches and other private institutions to comply with their requests, which if a gay couple wants to get married at a church that doesn’t believe it’s okay, then they should be able to deny it without lawsuit threats.

Also, I don’t care because most LGTBQ people, especially the non-trans, are often pretty vile to trans-people, and other minorities, be them sexual or not, and thus are really only doing it for their self, not society, not because it’s just, not for their kind, but for selfish reasons.
This being said, I know family and close friends who are gay/trans, and they’re probably better than your average hetero, but most are often just as bad, which can be argued as worse, as they should understand what it mean to be a hated minority of some kind.


Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

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Topic: Off-topic / Immigration

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:
Theoretically it ruins the economy and steal jobs because americans don’t take lowly pay

But in reality, if the economics of the country are balanced and make sense, the actual citizens will just have a bigger surplus, or the government will, as the immigrants are doing the work for them.
If one enslaves a populace, the individual doesn’t have to work. If the slaves enslave their children, their work is greatly reduced, or abolished as well, as long as their owner doesn’t demand more output from them. An immigrant acts as a child of the slave, and instead of working for full pay, the child works for minimal, scraps, from their parent, as the immigrants extra surplus generated, for being paid lower, can be dumped into the slaves pocket, the citizens pocket, while the slave owner benefits even more so than before, as the children will eventually become full-slaves their self, and till then, they’ll likely produce more than their single parent, or two, could ever produce by their self.

In short, they shouldn’t be stealing your money, and reducing your wage, they should be TAKING your job, as they’re working for less, but that extra surplus, then rockets into your pocket, as a full citizen, so you can have more free-time if you so choose to take it.

The argument that it ruins jobs/the economy/etc is ridiculous, as a immigrant is a slave, as a slave is a machine, they all do the same thing, they cost less than a “real human,” a citizen, or a working man.
They don’t take ANYTHING from you. They do your job for you. A machine creates a surplus greater than almost, if not, anything that we have today. So when the machine takes your job, you get the machines pay, as the machine does not demand a pay, so the expense on the machine is the operating cost, which is pennies an hour.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should anti-vax people be banned from traveling and having children?

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

You are going about it all wrong.

Antivaxxers aren’t trying to argue the pros/cons of not vaccinating their kids.

They are trying to validate their choice.

Its like how vegans wont shut up about not eating meat.

Actually, that’s kind of right in my opinion.
What bugs me the most about anti-vax is that they say it causes autism and other issues, and cites the risk of death (which is way less than 0.01% of the vaccinated) yet ignore the risk of not vaccinating their kids/their self.
Sure, you can say the virus was fabricated by big pharm, or that it may cause autism even, albeit it ridiculous, but you should still get vaccinated. Maybe “the jews” invented the virus, however, “the jews” are now selling you a cure. They might be jewing you, poisoning you, whatever you may claim, however, they are still protecting you from their virus.
The risk of not taking it is higher than taking it, so anyone who isn’t taking it, the major infectious ones that is, should have their kids taken away,etc, as they’re a threat to their children, and can’t make logical decisions.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The school lunch problem in the USA.

Originally posted by cromagin2:

Is it a budget issue? How would you solve this? We have fantastic school lunches here in Canada and I know a good amount of funding goes towards it.

No, it’s not a budget problem, in the sense of us simply not having enough money.
It’s a greed problem, and a problem with managing the money allocated to the education system. Part of this issue is the ridiculous cost of software and textbooks for the school system, which of course, leads back to people who push for the purchasing of textbooks that aren’t government-made, or free.

I would solve it by dumping that shit.
If I can’t, I would resolve it by hiring REAL cooks, albeit possibly amateur ones, none the less real cooks, and have them cook BASIC but TASTY and healthy meals.

How? A packet of spaghetti from the store for $1.50 can feed 4-5people stuffed full with no sides or anything. But in bulk, meaning that will be multiplied by 1.5 → 3.
There’s many meals like this. Make home-made spaghetti in bulk, in huge 20gallon drums, and re-heat it possibly once a week to finish it up. It costs around $1.40 per person PER DAY to feed someone spaghetti in such a fashion, and it IS a balanced diet, macro wise.

A big problem isn’t that healthy food costs too much, but rather that we have people who have interests in buying unhealthy food, to line their own pockets.
You can have grilled food, REAL grilled food, any Italian food, some fried catfish, etc, all home-made, mass-produced, quickly, for about a dollar a meal, not even having it bought in bulk, on average. Of course grilled chicken will cost a bit more some days, but spaghetti will cost a little less other days.

Give me two helpers, and a good kitchen, and a grilling pit outside, and I can rough out hundreds of meals an hour easily, none ending up cold and nasty, soggy and gross, or disgusting and dirty. Hire a chef, not a lunch lady.

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Topic: Off-topic / Immigration

A person naturally produces a surplus by working an average hour/week job, so as long as they don’t commit crimes, and follow certain laws, there is no reason to restrict them from receiving benefits or using certain services.
As long as they work, they can receive the same options as a citizen, if they abide by the rest of the restrictions.
If they don’t work, they can have a sub-living condition broken-bones living condition unless they have good reason, while unemployed citizens can be given bad/poor-decent conditions. Such areas would be heavily restricted to such a region, and thus don’t disrupt the quality outside of the designated “broken-bones” living area.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The age to appear in porn is 18, but the average world age of consent is 16

Originally posted by cromagin2:
Hmm, I guess the laws have changed in Germany. When I was there for a year in the mid-80’s

Germany flipped hard recently and became worse than the USA (blatantly, not actually) in regards to porn and such subjects that surround it, recently.
Technically, if you post a picture of, say, your son in the tub, not showing anything “special,” and obviously not sexually, to a website, privately, or send it to a family member with a simple comment on how “silly” he is, you can be charged with CP production/distribution. Technically it’s the same in the USA, however, it is not directly stated as such, but rather slipped in slyly, in the same way they criminalized almost anything in one way or another here.
Then of course simulated (fake, anime-tier) stuff is now illegal in some cases as well…I forgot what else it was, but it was pretty recent they tightened things this much there.
We Aussie now.

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Topic: Off-topic / 3 Impossible badges in one day.

Autism pls go
wew badges