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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] What's up with the endurance multiplier?

Compared to the rest of you, I’m a novice player. I’m level 50-something at the moment.

Anyway, I noticed that when I turn all the battle settings on and play endurance, at the end of the stage, my endurance multiplier is sometimes <1, so it cuts down my experience points severely.

I know that since I’m a novice player and I haven’t gotten past wave 20 or so in most of my endurance battles that I shouldn’t be leveling up easy. I understand that my experience points need to be regulated a bit, because having a >1 endurance multiplier and >70x multipliers in total would be unfair to the people who haven’t purchased the premium version. I would just like to know what the multiplier is based on.

tl;dr My endurance multiplier is <1. I’m not complaining, but how did this happen?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Premium is Not Just Some Extra Content

I’d say it’s incredibly annoying that the game gets easier instead of more diverse when premium content is unlocked. You don’t really get more levels or new skills (maybe a couple of new skills, but a lot of the premium skills are from GC0 and it’s REALLY annoying that they’re suddenly restricted), you only get to play the exact same game with a lot less challenge.

I can see hardcore GemCraft fans wanting to pay AFTER they’ve beaten the game without premium, but I wouldn’t really recommend premium to anyone else.

P.S. I haven’t bought it yet, but I will when I beat the game (at least all but the one level you can’t get to, apparently).

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Why are people anoyed over premium?

Originally posted by Lolzorz:
Originally posted by NeilSenna:

First up, as soon as I saw it I instantly went and spent a measly £3 (approx. $5 to Americans) for 50 kreds and bought Premium before I even saw what you got. I’ve never considered a game on here worth paying for before, but I love Gemcraft, and the size of the game made the £3 incredible value.

Anyway, there are three types of Premium.

Premium 1 – on the numerous identikit MMOs. Either pay for it, or be unable to compete properly against other players.

Premium 2 – relating to demo games. Here’s a tiny free demo, now go buy the real game here.

Premium 3 – little boosts in single player games. Like the Gemcraft premium.

Type 1 puts me off the game instantly. Type 2 is fair enough. Type 3 is absolutely fine.

Some people have an extraordinary sense of entitlement, mostly created by the internet providing so many things for nothing. They seem to think everything that isn’t a physical thing should be free, and that they have a right to whatever they like for nothing. That sort accounts for most of the people who are annoyed, and it’s quite a sad reflection on the sort of people the internet creates.

I agree: it’s a sad reflection on the sort of people the internet creates when the likes of you arise.
Guess what? All 3 types you listed are the same. Degree doesn’t change principle, a despicable practice doesn’t become benign when practiced on a small scale.
But you go ahead, giving morality lessons when your own is relativist…

Did you finish the game already?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Why are people anoyed over premium?

I wouldn’t care so much about the whining if Game In A Bottle didn’t TELL US FOR MONTHS that the game was going to have premium content.

Which means most of the people whining are non-GemCraft-fans. And they don’t get to whine.