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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Your suggestions

Hi Bytex,

First – I want to explain why I am writing this. I don’t want to offend or insult you in any way. I want to help you – because I like the idea of this game. I want and like to develop new strategies and combinations and try them. And because of that I want this game to be fun and I want the people who play this game to be happy. And at the moment it is not and they are not having fun. The game is addictive but frustrating – not the best combination at all…

Let me start with a quote: “Users will come for the game, but they will stay for the community.”
So let’s talk about the community – I have never seen a single day when the people in the chat where talking more about game strategies instead of complaining about this game. But to keep people playing the game you need a good community. So what to do? First thing is to find out why people are complaining – I don’t know if you have followed the chat secretly sometimes… But the people are complaining about your “pay2win” concept.

I don’t know if you have heard of this fact: Just 5-10% of players of a game are paying players… this are the ones you want, but you also NEED the free 90-95% of players to be happy. Why? → For the community! You won’t get a new generation of paying players, when the mood in the community is bad.

So, now we know that pay2win makes people unhappy, preventing them from staying and preventing you from getting more paying players. But why does it make people unhappy?
Let’s at first look at the definition of pay2win:
“Pay to win is a way where the users that are paying receive great benefits and the free player aren’t able to reach that kind of benefit no matter how long they play.”
You must confess – this is actually how Berserk works.

If you can pay to buy an item that is better than anything I can get without paying myself then you are paying to win. (Exclusive Cards – Evo Sets and so on) It destroys any competition in a game at all. Pay or loose! And this is why people don’t like it. I should have a chance to win with hard work, but with “pay2win” my hard work doesn’t mean a damn thing, I can never be as good as other players that pay are. So if my hard work means nothing at all, and I don’t plan to pay, what reason would I have to play the game at all? None!
Like the fact that only 5-10% of players are normally paying it is also a fact that a game is bad when more than this percentage of players IS really paying – because they see they can’t win without spending money. They pay a little, see that they have to pay a lot more, get frustrated and leave. You will in short gain some more money but on the long term loose so much, that it isn’t working as a concept at all.

The day you made pro boosters available for imps was the day most of the players that wanted to stop playing this game where really happy – now there was a real chance to be as good as the others one day. Maybe some even paid a bit to get to that day at a greater speed. But now they had a chance to play longer, work harder and get as good as people speeding the game up with money. Because that is ok – speeding it up a bit with money is totally ok, not all people have the time to play all day long – me neither by the way – and for them to be competitive it’s cool to speed the game up with money. But it’s not ok for 90-95% of your players when others get cards they can never ever get without spending lots and lots of money.

And there is another thing about the psyche of humans you have to keep in mind – if you you just want to speed up the game a bit and you can pay a little without being stuck to spend more and more if you started then you do it. Otherwise the game is a money trap and humans hate traps… Buying an evo pack means you have to buy more evo packs, else you wasted your money → but knowing that, keeps people from even buying one of them so they don’t get in the trap of wanting to buy more…

So my suggestion what to do, if you don’t want to loose all your customers (yet people who spent a lot of money will leave a game where no others are left to play with):
- Make everything – yes, every card and every competition – that includes all booster packs and boxes, squads (if you can’t get the cards otherwise) and campaigns (for cards – at least once), dragon, and researched cards available for imps! you can make them really expensive, very very expensive but make them available! You can of course additionally give everything an ounces price – but balance the ounces a bit to match the imps
- let island protection and tower inventory and tower improvements for ounces – maybe also the campaigns where you get the “heads” for your tower! That’s what you make real money with in addition to the people who speed up their game – to be cool!

Play League of Legends – this is the best paying concept I’ve ever seen – and they are at place three of the money-makers of the “free to play” games!

You will see – maybe the first one or two month you get less income – but the number of players will raise and so will your income!

Have a very merry Christmas

(Sorry for any English mistakes – I’m not a natural speaker… )

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Your suggestions

For the newly implemented “Hero Enhancing” please add a filter to sort cards by element or maybe name – at the moment it is hard to find a card you want to sacrifice fast. And would it be possible to show the exp they give on the screen?

Second, it would be appreciated if one could see what the hero will become – if you don’t want to spoiler us totally, could you please at least show the next evolution step of a hero we own – because we are able to look it up anyway, so why not showing us?

Oh and the “back” button in the enhancement menu should bring you back where you were, like to enhance dark – and not just back to the laboratory…

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

Looking for a Guild

Shop Lvl 11 – 12 in a few Minutes^^

Blacksmith 20
Sorceress 20

Please invite :-)