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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

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Topic: Game Design / Suite vs Individual Entity

I’m making a collection of online abstract board games.

In my early planning stages of this project, I ran into a dilemma: do I make all the games under one roof and package them as a suite of games or do I make each game its own entity?

Each game will have essentially the same look and feel, whether or not it is part of a suite or an individual .swf.

My ultimate goal is to build a self-sustaining community and host online tournaments. Which direction better suits that goal?

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Topic: Game Programming / Turn Based Multiplayer APIs

No I am not. Last I tried Player.IO w/ Mono was around 2 years ago. I was unaware they fixed many of the problems. Thanks!

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Topic: Game Programming / Turn Based Multiplayer APIs


I have a bunch of little board game and turn based game ideas that I think would be fun as multiplayer games. I have yet to run into any of these ideas in online multiplayer form yet, so I figured it would be fun to house a bunch of these neat games in 1 package.

I have literally no background in server side scripting and the only languages I know are AS3 and Objective-C, neither of which are used for any multiplayer APIs. Ideally, I’d like to find a multiplayer API that uses a really easy language to learn, or one that’s similar to AS3 if possible.

My 2 needs of said API are: mostly automated matchmaking and sending strings/objects of data from one client to the other.

If you know of any multiplayer development kits, could you please let me know. Thanks.

I currently know of Player.IO, Gamooga, & Come2Play.
Player.IO is nice but requires Mono for mac users (me) which has caused me difficulty.
Gamooga seems relatively simple, but I don’t know Lua and their documentation is disorganized and incomplete.
Come2Play is pure AS3 but forces you to use their gambling system and adds their own GUI (ugly & annoying).


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Topic: Game Programming / Al Zimmermann's contest.

Now that the contest has begun, any strategies someone’s willing to share. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit lost as of how to attack this.

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Topic: Collaborations / Jojn a team, make a game, earn money, get equity

I am a relatively decent AS3 programmer. You can check out some of my games in my profile. I’ll be honest, I’m not very creative, suck at graphics, am decent at design, and am not ambitious (when working by myself). However, when with a team, I always complete my task my a deadline and can usually take on most programming challenges. I also have a list of game concepts, mostly mechanics, that I can roll out if need be.

Also, I’m a bit unclear as to what/when will be happening. You (Bronsoner) will be in charge of funding/all things marketing? Together a team of ??? people will be working on a few small games or one big small game? Also is there a timeline for when this will all start/conclude?

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Topic: Game Programming / In Game defined script?

Say I have a little program (in AS3) that has a text box. The user can type some AS3 code into that text box and press an execute button, and the program will execute that specific code.

Is this possible? Turning a string into an executable bit of code?

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash CS5 changes properties by .05

Ya like Draco said, my problem isn’t small fractions or classes. Occasionally, when I make a rectangle (or any object for that matter) and set its x/y/width/height to some integer, right after I press enter to execute the change, Flash automagically adds/subtracts .05 pixels to it. Any attempt to change it back to my wanted number is ignored. I’m asking why this happens, and how I can fix it.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash CS5 changes properties by .05

I would be highly surprised if nobody else has experienced this.

Every so often I am doing some basic art in Flash, and the properties (x, y, width, height) get changed by .05. So 100 becomes either 99.95 or 100.05.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Topic: General Gaming / Wreck-It Ralph

New movie all about video games!

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Topic: Game Programming / Programming in game

Thanks, not entirely sure I understood it, but I understood it enough that it was helpful!

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Topic: Game Programming / Programming in game

How would I go about having the player pseudo-program their character?

Example: Lets say I’m making a basketball game. The user wants his best shooter to always shoot when they’re open. The code would be something like this:

if(player[3].hasBall == true && player[3].closestOppenentDistance() > 5) {

In the game, the user “programs” their team with a system of drag and drop conditional and variable blocks. Think Stencyl or GameMaker.

My question is how would I go about turning these “instructions” into actual code?

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Topic: Game Design / Turn Based Come Back Later Games

Words With Friends
Prose With Brose

Are these games worthwhile to make for browser? Is it realistic to expect a Flash gamer to return over and over to a game that progresses very slowly like WWF? Would it help if there was an AI to play against while they wait for they’re friends to play their turn?

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Topic: Game Programming / How long have you been programming for?

About 5 years?
Started out with GameMaker. Used GameMaker’s drag & drop system for a little bit, then moved on to GML (GameMaker’s programming language). Got pretty good with that and made some pretty good games in GM. Eventually came to my senses and switched to Flash about 3 years ago because I wanted more people to appreciate my work. Learned AS2 from the Shootorials and eventually moved on to AS3. I also started learning Objective-C 2 years ago.
I like many of my fellow Kongregators, am extremely lazy and nonchalant when it comes to finishing projects, and I haven’t completed any of the 10+ projects I’ve started in the last year or so!

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Topic: Game Programming / Word game dictionary

Going off of what simplegoogly said:

Instead of searching through all the words of a certain 2 letter combo, you can use this function to drastically reduce the amount of array scanning:

function checkWord(array:Vector.<String>, value:String, left:int, right:int):int {
    if(left > right) return -1;
    var middle:int = (left + right) / 2;
    if(array[middle] == value) return middle;
    else if(array[middle] > value) return checkWord(array, value, left, middle - 1);
    else return checkWord(array, value, middle + 1, right);

Use it like so:

if(checkWord(wordDictionary, “word you want to check”, 0, wordDictionary.length)) {
// is a word
} else {
// is not a word

Basically it checks if the word is between two arbitrary positions in your dictionary array, if so, it cuts it in half and continues checking in this manner until 1 word is left. If that 1 word is the same as “the word you want to check” then it is in fact a word.

With a standard word list, the function loops around 15-20 times. It would be about 2-3 times faster if you employed simplygoogly’s strategy of benchmarking the locations of each second letter (aa, ab, ac, etc). Meaning you could check if any combination of letters makes up a word at 7-8 loops max.

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Topic: Collaborations / In need of a competent UI Designer/Artist/Polisher


I am currently making 2 relatively simple games. 1 is a board game and the other is a simple gridded puzzle game. I expect to be done with both of them within a month or month and a half.

The gameplay of the board game is already coded with programmer art in place. Still needs all the menus (main, options, game over, etc). Also needs art for the pieces, the board, and the UI. I am terrible when it comes to designing, so I would also need a lot of help in that department.

The other game is a very unique chain reaction game. The game is currently implemented on another gaming system and has been very successful, so I expect the same (especially since the art isn’t great on the other system). At the moment, I have not programmed a working demo yet since I would like to finish the board game first. Again, the art for the pieces, menus, UI, etc would need to be made by you. And again, any design help is very welcome.

The revenue will be split between us since I am looking for a partnership type of deal more than a employee type deal.

Please be aware that I am a college student, and my school work comes first. That being said, I still have time to program and work on my games. However, I won’t be able to be available at all times.

Please check out my profile to see the quality of my previous works.
I prefer to stay in contact through email. My email is

If you are seriously interested, email me and I’ll show you the demo of the board game and I’ll give you plenty of information about the other game.


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Topic: Game Programming / PGGC #1: Voting

2 Aant
1 UG

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Topic: Game Programming / Anyone up for a procedurally generated graphics contest?


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Topic: Collaborations / Rhino poaching

Originally posted by averagejoedev:

Sorry dont support that cause. If you were to make an anti-sopa game instead I’d jump right in.

No need to post this.

I’d love to hop on board this project. I am an AS3 programmer and can make very basic art, probably not goon enough for this project. If you could supply the art, either through yourself or some artist that would be great.

Sidenote: I have a particular interest in this subject b/c I took a course last semester about the environment and my professor is very passionate about the issue. He visited South Africa last year to study the White Rhino and also contribute to the poaching solution. I’d love to make this game and show it to him.

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Topic: Collaborations / Need Sound Composer


I am in need of somebody who can make sound effects. I’m not looking for your very basic sound effects you can find from Google. Please pm if your a serious composer/sound engineer and would like to contribute. Please include a starting price your looking for in your message.



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Topic: Game Programming / Matrix Hopping Algorithm

So I try out a possible direction and if it can’t find a path that has a length > X, then I backtrack a node and make another guess?

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Topic: Game Programming / Matrix Hopping Algorithm

I have a 3×3 matrix. I want to make a function that starts at a random node in the matrix and travels X amount of nodes by moving to an untraveled adjacent node.

For example, I start at an arbitrary cell (1,0). I can move to (0,0), (2,0), (0,1), (1,1), and (2,1). Lets say I move to (0,0). Now (1,0) is off limits and I am left with (0,1) and (1,1).

The whole moving to adjacent nodes part, I understand. However, part of my problem is I have to make sure the path I am going to take is at least >= X nodes, which causes problems when the algorithm traps itself, i.e. the path length is < X and there are no more available nodes to travel to.

I’m not looking for the code, just some guidance as to how you would implement this. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

- Hen

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD # 24

I won’t be able to join b/c school is starting back up then but there’s no reason people who can make the earlier dates should suffer because of people who can’t.

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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

Hey, I’m an AS3 programmer. I love making puzzle games, but am flexible and would love to make any type of game (except platformers, not my thing…). I’m always interested in making a tower defense, just can’t make good art to go along with it. Take a look at my account to see my games and hit me up if your an artist or you need a programmer!

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Builder environment

Yes. If you are really an experienced Flash developer, using Flash Builder should not hinder your ability to make a cool ass swf. It may slow down your workflow a little bit but once you get the hang of Flash Builder, you’ll like it.