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Topic: Technical Support / WASD or Arrow Keys "stick" on moving games only on Kongregate - Problem solved, check the sticky!

Originally posted by PokemonFan7:

Look everyone in this thread is just posting the same thing over and over. Look the problem is probably windows explorer 8. The solution is:
1.go into tools on internet options
3.go to the security tab trusted sites
5.make sure the “enable protected mode”(or something like that) is un-checked
6.add kongregate as a trusted site
Believe me, I had the “sticky keys problem” but this fixed it.

Originally posted by chriskallen1:

I think I’ve drilled to the core of the problem. I’ve encountered the same problem for a long time, and the fact that it persists across browsers, across platforms, etc. makes me think it’s related to how Flash fundamentally processes keyboard input.

Speaking as a Flash developer, I’ve found keyboard latency issues pop up under very specific circumstances. Most of the time, Flash programmers have event listeners trap keyboard “KEYDOWN” events. I was not sure at first whether these events log only once (for the initial keypress) or log a whole bunch of times (based on the typematic rate and delay).

Turns out, it’s the latter. When you hold a key, you’ll get literally hundreds of repeated events stuffed through the queue, just waiting to be dispatched to the listeners. But why is this a problem only some times and not others?

Well, during the development of my first game (Atheist Armageddon), I found that this issue was negligible to nonexistent…until I started adding more objects and more listeners. Once that happened, there was more stuff to display on the screen and more input to check for. And that’s when the issue, previously not present, suddenly became quite serious. I should note this issue appeared in Adobe’s own player—NOT in a browser.

The culprit, it seems, is how Flash reads and dispatches messages to event listeners. Real-time code expects keyboard events to be dispatched and handled almost immediately, but Flash takes a different approach, spanning the dispatch of a large number of keyboard events over multiple frames. The events will EVENTUALLY get dispatched, and in the correct order…but several frames too late, pissing all of us off!

The “spanning input queue across multiple frames” issue will tend to crop up when there’s more stuff in the background that needs to be processed, drawn, etc. This explains why tweaking some performance settings can alleviate the problem sometimes, but not always.

How to fix this? Well, Flash programmers should be aware of this from now on. But seeing as I can’t force every Flash developer in the world to recompile and republish their projects, here’s a radical but effective solution. Go into your Control Panel, open up the Keyboard settings, and reduce the Repeat Rate to a much lower amount. This means fewer KEYDOWNs forced through the event listeners, and less of a chance the events will span multiple frames. Worked for me!

Just don’t forget to knock the Repeat Rate back up when you want to type something like “-—————-”. :-)

These are the suggested remidies. Second worked for me.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

What a great christmas presant that would be!

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Topic: General Gaming / best strategy for civilization wars

Does anyone know what the shield spell does? It should act as a shield, but it sais + 10% damage. Does this mean it improves the attack of the people coming out of the building?

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Topic: Dream World / New server?

dont worry about merging, server 1 will soon be dead. thats the way it goes.conintrate on server 2. its the one that matters now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Rebalancing Legendaries/Uniques

While some buffs are definatly needed, more thaught needs to put into new cards. Refresh with 5 health wouldn’t be too bad, but it shouldnt activate until the card activates. The fact that new silver cards can own an old legendary shows that something is definatly going wrong. the new cards need to be withdrawn and reivaluated, and new card need to be well thaught out, and come out occasonaly, instead of spitting crap at us like its being shot out of a minigun.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Suggestions

Refresh shouldn’t activate until the card using it activates. And you should only be able to have a certain # of a particular card per deck. its really annoying to fight a person with only missile silows in thier deck. decks should be custom designd, instead of these decks that are the same cards all the way through, like iradiated infantry, or the sundering ogre. a deck full of sundering ogre, with the leader Dalia, is the most common deck, and it is getting really annoying to just the some deck over and over again. all people need to do to make thier deck is get a bunch of sundering ogre and a leader with weaken. if refresh didn’t activate until the card activates, then sundering ogre decks wouldn’t be a problem. Unicard decks are becoming a real problem, a problem that needs fixing.

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Topic: Dream World / Best class to play

It all depends on personal preference. Do you like to inflict lots o damadge, but die fast? gunner. like to live long and prosper, in exxchange for a weaker atk? sword. Like a more rounded unit, not great at anything, but competant at everything, and with good healing and lots of skill points? mage. the combo classes offer more rounded skills, and might possibly let you use skills from multiple classes(needs verification) wich would give more options in battle. it all comes down to personal preference, and your playing style.

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Topic: Dream World / facebook polls affecting kongregate players

Facebook is Evil. It should be shut down, and its creator thrown in jail. An old lady got scammed on face book. It’s only going to get worse.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Death star blows up teh planet. Super Star Destroyer does orbital bombardment to destroy instalations. Starwars has massive space armadas. A better question is: who would wis StarWars or Star Treck?

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Medals

what are the EXACT locations of the 5 flowers?

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Topic: General Gaming / what starfighter:disputed galaxy 2 should contain

i dont like the no ammo reloding, couse you mite find your self in enimy teritory with no ammo. so if a wepon can hold 50 ammo, maby changing sectors can relode it to 5 ammo.

also, when a new galaxy is made, maby it can hav a new, say a new galaxy is made,
and it has a race that thinkes its bettre, and launches a big attack so other races have to work together to defeat the new race. there could also be peacefull races, or maby a deseas, or parisite or something