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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Some General Feedback

Right now, the game seems to be focused on reincarnating over and over again, which requires you to be present. Idling is a remarkably poor way to progress in this game, which makes it not much of an idle game.

I’d like to see a non-linear way of rewarding Ryos. 1 + Boss Number (2, 3, 4, etc.) really isn’t rewarding enough. I don’t know how many bosses are in the game (Like A Boss IV indicates the game isn’t infinite), but it may be worth looking into a quadratic curve, like floor(.33x^2 + x), where x is the number of the boss (results in 1, 3, 5, 9, 13, etc.). In theory, the faster the rewards scale, the more worthwhile idling to get to the next boss will be. It needs to be less worthwhile to repeatedly beat the lower bosses and more worthwhile to attempt to reach new bosses. This may result in the need to have Ryo bonus prices increase slowly.

Some of the achievements are really out of line with the others. Let’s look at MiniGamer V. 1,000,000 coins. I don’t know if a new, more rewarding minigame unlocks at some point after stage 6, but here’s how this currently looks:

Going by an average score of 64 (my average is less, but 64 evenly divides into 1m), you would need to play a total of 15625 games. At the rate of 1 game per 3 hours, you get 8 plays per day. Taking into account the fact that people sleep, let’s optimistically assume you manage 6 plays per day. At that rate, it would take you 2600 days, or 7.14 years. Nobody’s getting that one legitimately.

The interaction between attack, defense, and health is a little dull at the moment. It basically boils down to all-or-nothing most of the time. Either I can kill the monster almost instantly or I can’t damage it at all. Either I take 0 damage from the monster or it kills me almost instantly.

I think it would be interesting to see health values drastically increased and defense values decreased for both the player and monsters. I’d like to be able to tackle tougher monsters that can damage me when I’m actively playing, then have to go back to fight weak monsters when idling. Right now, I can only do that for 15-30 seconds at a time when using skills.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Costumes are worthless?

I think it depends on how they stack. Is it additive or multiplicative? If it’s additive, clothes would be worthless unless you want the mission completions. If it’s multiplicative, they may be worth it.

Additive formula: stat * ((1 + ryo bonus / 100) + (1 + clothes bonus / 100))
Multiplicative formula: stat * (1 + ryo bonus / 100) * (1 + clothes bonus / 100)

Given that you can assign stats unevenly and that costumes cost more the more you have, it would be very complicated to figure out at what point getting a pair of clothes would be more effective than using the coins for the ryo bonus, if the bonus is multiplicative.

Edit: Correct additive formula is probably stat * (1 + (ryo bonus / 100 + clothes bonus / 100))

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Originally posted by asmodeojung:

Awesome Adventures
Display the amount of chests, keys, fertilizers, arcade tokens and any other stuff that you are selling/exchanging, except for coins, when the corresponding adventure happens.

  • Trade 2 Bronze Treasure Boxes (Currently: 8)
  • Sell 1 Fertilizer for 100 Blue Coins (Currently: 37)

I was coming in to suggest the same thing.

Also, you know how you can hold down the shift key and the game uses boxes without you having to click? Maybe you could add the same thing to some of the buy buttons in the mystery shop. That way people could hold down shift instead of having to click up to 1666 times to buy Chaos crates from max coins (or whatever they want to buy).

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

Make it so that having the Battle Arena inventory open in the Mystery Box screen stops you from opening boxes. Attempting to sell an item in the BA inventory to make room sometimes results in opening lots of boxes accidentally because the item was on top of one of the boxes in the background and you had to hold shift to sell the item.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Other new changes?

Rings have been rebalanced to be totally awesome.

You can no longer use Om Nom Nom with Dark Ruler by holding the Nom key as a monster is spawning.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Need Battle arena help :/

Originally posted by Fexghadi:

@above: getting pickaxes to 25 speed is impossible as they already come enhanced at +9.

Well, obviously. The 25 speed I was referring to was “ATT Speed” in the stats window. Nobody’s getting 25 speed on a pickaxe without speed coming from other sources. That’s why I suggested Elm Boots that have 50% attack speed built-in and made note of how Rage Speed is a good option in that area because the rage meter will stay capped out because of the suffocation damage.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Need Battle arena help :/

Originally posted by Clusterone666:

Ok so i’m rank 130, and level 897, the farthest I can go is the beach for battle arena and I honestly don’t know how to go any farther, or get kills anywhere but beach or before :/ anyone got any tips or guides or anything? I’m sick of only being able to go to like 4 places >.< thanks, i’ll give you my equipment and stats too if you need them.

Hmm… things have been changed a lot since I was that level, but you might try this: Go right as far as you can, to Triangle Land, then go into the hole in the wall. Click on 9001: Ye Olde Pub. Fight Invisible X enemies until one drops their IA. Wear protection ring, because Chuck Norris will one-shot you if he shows up.

Once you get the IA, equip it and go to Mystic Path, which is off of the Pirate Ship. You should be capable of anti-idling here. It’ll supply you with… well, a lot of things. Unob, SCM, elemental weapons. All kinds of stuff. Epic enemies are also good for leveling your Fighter career. The gear I would suggest for this is:

Weapon: Strong Machine Gun, or a pickaxe if you can manage to get one to 25 speed. It doesn’t matter what attack it has, as long as it’s fast (all of the monsters are max defense), but you’ll get extra damage on the gems if you use a pickaxe.
Armor: Make whatever armor you feel comfortable making with your finances. The higher the rank, the better. If you can make a pair of Elm Shoes, those give a lot of attack speed.
Accessory: Pendant of Epicness or a similar pendant. You should get some good pendants fighting at that area.
Enchants: Green enchantments should all be Epic Monster Rate. Purple enchantments should be Exp: Epic Kill. Orange bonuses… aren’t as obvious. You could go with Damage Taken if you want to prolong the duration you can be there before you start dying of suffocation. Not a lot of other orange bonuses are useful in that area under Worst Moon. I doubt you’ll have all of these enchantments going in, but you can work toward them while you’re there. (Edit: Rage Speed works too. The suffocation damage will eventually fill your rage meter, even on Worst Moon)
Ring: Protection. The killer lily might one shot you if you let it hit you, though it dies easy.
Skills: The skill system has been changed since I’ve been a higher rank. How many pages of skills do you have access to and how many skill points do you have? You’re going to want Quick Attack maxed at least.
Edit: Well, I’ll assume you have access to all but the last page and have 1950 skill points. Put 30 in Quick Attack. Put 1 in Coup De Grace and 5 in Poison Ability, which will let you inflict an additional 1 damage per hit when poison is active. 50 in Learner. 50 in Drop Rate. 30 in Double Hit. 514 left for anything else.

I’ve been wanting to try this out myself, but my ability to start an impossible ascension is still quite a ways away. It should work as early as rank 70, and I bet it’ll be great if it does. I’d try this in a speedrun, but I can’t find information about how it actually works, and I don’t mess with things like save file locking until I know exactly how they work.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

If you’re soaped but not potion blocked, you can tell if your health is full or not by whether or not the Health Potion button is lit. If the button lights up and stays lit, you’re under max HP and may want to heal. If your heal is level 10 and the button doesn’t go dim when you heal once, you’re likely zombified and you just damaged yourself, but you can spam health potions to heal up while zombified. If you’re soaped and potion blocked, you won’t be able to tell what your health is at. I think I heard once that you can’t be zombified and potion blocked at the same time, so it may be okay to spam heal in that case.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

I’d like to see the potion mechanic for the BA expanded some. As it is, I’ve felt no desire to ever craft any of the normal potion types. Before reaching rank 500, I had potions coming out of my ears just from random quests and PMBs. After reaching 500, I have no use for potions at all. I can just grab a buff from a random loot drop and it lasts forever. So I had some suggestions:

1. Certain IA buff powers need rebalancing. I’m looking mainly at IAs from Frosty Zone and Volcano Peak. Quite a few of those IAs are low level and have 60 second duration, 60 second cooldown Elemental Boost abilities. That’s a permanent +80% defense and attack power against a large portion of the monsters in the game, which just seems overpowered coming from such a low IA. Even on end-game IAs, the permanent Elemental Boost ability is very powerful.

2. Potion Efficiency should be nerfed hard enough that it’s no longer possible to have effortless infinite potion durations. The incoming 50% nerf is a start, so we’ll see if that’s enough.

3. Buff Boost is changed to Potion Mastery. The potion power buff is changed to .5% per level (+25% max) and you now get +1 Enhancer Capacity (To Do: Come up with a better effect name) every 10 levels. More on that next.

4. The crafting panel for potions has been changed. There’s a slider for Duration/Power and five check-boxes next to five panels in the crafting window. Also a few panels for costs.

4a. The slider for Duration and Power lets you create the type of potion you want. The longer the duration, the less the power and vice-versa. This is where potion efficiency comes in, allowing you to get the power without sacrificing as much of the duration.

4b. The five check-boxes are for how many buffs you want the potion to have. One buff at 100% power, two buffs at 60% power each, three at 40%, four at 35%, or five at 30%. The buffs are randomly generated from all applicable buff effects. Whether you should be able to roll multiple of the same buff and have them stack is debatable. I think you should.

4c. The five panels start out locked but are unlocked when you level Potion Mastery. The five panels serve the purpose of letting you choose what buffs you want. To get the particular buffs you want, insert an enhancer into one or more of the panels. The potion will obtain a buff effect of the same type as the enhancer inserted (IE: Crit damage enhancer → crit damage potion buff) and the enhancer will be consumed. Whether you should be able to insert multiple of the same enhancer and have them stack is debatable. I don’t think you should be able to insert multiple of the same enhancer and have them stack. However, if you have an enhancer and a random buff and the random buff ends up being the same as what was on the enhancer, they can stack in that case.

4d. The power of the buffs on the created potion should be determined by how many buffs the potion has, the position of the Duration/Power slider, and the level of your Item Maker career. The buff from the Potion Mastery skill is applied while the potion is in use, but is not reflected in the potion’s item tooltip, like how things are now. Can’t have it apply the buff to the potion itself otherwise people will put points into the skill, make potions, and then remove the skill points.

5. I’d change the current Power/Mastery/Reward buffs to be IA-exclusive. And no more free buffs from every single stat loot that drops. Maybe remove the +2 second potion duration buff from ring drops, since they already give pixels. That will help with the infinite potion problem.

All balance-related concerns are subject to change, obviously. The goal here is to create a system that not only functions as an additional currency sink, but provides additional uses for enhancers once you have the enhancements you want (or once you can use the machine). If creating potions with random attributes has a chance of creating multiple of the same buff and stacking their effects, it might also double as a gambling system to blow even more currency. You’ll make a ton of potions and most of them will be crappy, but you’ll have one of those awesome “Jackpot!” moments when you manage to roll a potion with just the right attributes.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Poll — Battle Arena balancing

I like being able to have the long-term goal of making myself totally overpowered. Of course, I realize how difficult it must make balancing content for you.

I guess you’d have to find the amount of stats that would make the content challenging, then put a soft cap on stats there, where stats count 100% up till that cap and then hit massive diminishing returns after that point. So like, people could get stronger, but it would take 50x longer to make the content trivial. I guess the cap could be different for each area, since you already seem to have some idea of what the balanced stats are for each area given the rating system on the map screen.

So yeah, diminishing returns sound like a good way to both have some balance and preserve the long-term goals. I think I already voted for #4 on question 2.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Poll — Battle Arena balancing

Q1. I think that zones are just fine in regards to monster level and difficulty, though it has been quite a while since I’ve been to lower level areas. The only thing that comes to mind is the Tower of Darkness. It seems like the enemies there could use a reduction in level, but not stats, because they seem too weak for their level. By the time you’re level 9000, Chaos is probably fodder, let alone BoD.

Q4. Either 1 or 2 are fine.

Q5. I guess we’re talking about areas like Mystic Path that have a high rate of rare, but weak, enemies? Maybe some formula that would scale down the drop chance of rings based on the base chance of finding a rare enemy in that area. Or maybe just stop rings from dropping from the problem areas like you stopped them from dropping in Dark Pyramid.

A lot of people are choosing option three, but that would result in a higher pixel rate everywhere, which I’m not sure is necessary. Beware people choosing options just to make the game easier in general.

Q6. Battle arena exp or AI exp? I guess it doesn’t matter. I’d keep NCI the same because it has a timer (but you might lower the timer), SD the same because there’s a run limit before rewards are nerfed, and SC the same because you can only run it once at full rewards. So I guess “hidden” would include pretty much every single non-ascension area in the game after level 4000 except for Triangle Island?

Q7. Every weapon I’ve ever used has been crafted, except for the Censor Sword my robacon is currently using. The elemental weapons are decent, but I’ve never actually found myself using those over something I’ve crafted. The ultimate elemental weapons have terrible locked-in bonuses, so I never use those.

Q8. I guess I’d go with a combination of #3 and #5. You’re already increasing requirements as stated in the nerfs thread, and unless the cost of other craftable armors comes down, people will still skip from Berserker to Holy Glory. There are armors I’ll never make simply because I’ll never get them. I’m not gonna want to sit around and kill Chuck Norris 200 times, nor am I probably ever going to run either the Prehistoric or Defense missions 200 times to max out those recipes.

Q9. Is it? Out of the reward-based green bonuses, drop rate isn’t even close to first place for me. When I’m under level 9001, I’m usually running exp on everything. When I need pixels or crafting materials, I have pixel on everything. If I don’t need anything in particular or everything equally, I use reward. I only use drop rate if I’m looking for specific items, such as Chaos Fragments or Fairy God armor pieces. Or possibly if I’m mining. If you’re going to nerf something, I’d nerf the temp ascension perk. Making it like 20-25% would bring it closer in line with the other temp perks too, because it was a no-brainer for me to take that after my first ascension.
Didn’t vote.

Q10. Any of these options sound fine. Like I said in the other thread, I’m neutral. New bonuses that only work for Rob sound interesting, but I’d need more info to really tell.

Edit: More questions, will give answers shortly.

Q11. I don’t have enough knowledge about attack and defense purple bonuses to know whether they’re good enough or not. I just use Equipment Attack because everybody says it’s better. In my experience with the loot and exp bonuses, they’re quite nice because they add to the base amount.

Q12. When buff boost is used with an power potion, does it knock the bonuses to 2.4x or 1.4x? Mastery potion is kind of overpowered with those bonuses doubled. Elemental Boost is also quite powerful when you get 160% all elements instead of 80%, and makes the Elemental Bonus legendary skill look weak. On the other hand, Reward Potion is kind of weak even with all of those bonuses doubled. I’d probably reduce the effect to +1.67% per level and reduce the max level of the Buff Boost skill to like 30. Which I guess is under the umbrella of choice number 3.

Q13. Is it because the ally mastery bonus applies to the base chance, which is then increased by monster rate bonuses? If so, maybe have it apply like ((Base*Rate Bonuses)+Mastery Bonus) so the bonus from mastering the IA can’t be increased by green bonuses.

Q15. It’s nice to have additional areas after level 4000, but the enemies seemed a bit tough for their level when I went there. I thought about leveling there, but it took long enough to kill things that I just went back to Smiley Island to get my level up fast. Once I reach higher levels again, I’ll return to get the armor sets, but I don’t see myself wanting to continue fighting there. I guess that makes it option 3.

If you nerf the other areas mentioned in question 6, it might have the side effect of making these areas more worthwhile.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Official] Balancing issues

1. Even if you reduce the green bonuses and increase the rewards on monsters, it’ll only solve the reward problem for a time. Once new areas are introduced and have harder enemies and better rewards, BA will once again outclass other activities. It doesn’t really matter to me anyway. My motivation for playing different parts of the game is fun, not rewards. Even if you nerfed rewards to the ground, it wouldn’t make me stop playing BA in favor of the other parts of the game.

2. I don’t quite understand the tier system or how many tiers there are in a 500 rank item, but doubling Legendary Weapon’s (LW) tier bonus would make it +10 tiers. That, as far as I understand it, would only cover the +10 unobtainium bonus on somebody’s Robacon’s Meteoric weapon, meaning an overall loss of (tier of rank 500 bonus) tiers of bonuses. That sounds like a lot of lost bonuses. And then there’s the additional 50 Equipment Attack we gain from doubling LW, but that pales in comparison to the Equipment attack you would have gotten from a meteoric weapon’s purple bonus. And then the 20% more ignore defense we’d get, which is…arguably useful? I don’t normally hear people praising ignore defense.

So it seems like losing Robacon’s bonuses would be a pretty big nerf even if you doubled LW’s effectiveness.

I’m mostly neutral to the idea, mainly because I haven’t yet taken the time to grind out a Meteoric weapon for him. You might want to rework Meteoric items if you do remove robacon’s bonuses. More on that later.

3. Pure Darkness and Crimson armor are both far too expensive for what they give. I’d probably do a combination of option three and four. More on that later.

4. I’d probably make harder areas. More on that later too.

5. I haven’t noticed a problem. The rings give like 100-250k pixels, which, at best, is five times what a normal kill gives for me on Censorship. In most of the later areas, rings don’t drop that much, except in Smiley Island where the enemies seem to drop a lot of items. When farming crystals or unobtainium, rings drop frequently, making it more profitable in pixels per enemy than any normal area. However, the enemies have max defense, so they also take longer to kill, and the exp is much lower. Maybe slightly reduce ring drop rates from rare and epic enemies.

6. I haven’t noticed much of a problem. Most orange bonuses have certain activities where they’re preferred over other orange bonuses, which means a lot of them get a fair bit of use. The ones I never use are: MP (might be useful with Protection epic skill?), HP Regen, drain, and Mana Eater. Adding potion block to the Spooky Crypt would suddenly make Mana Eater a lot more useful, but people would hate it.

7. If you’re in an area without a high rate of rare and epic monsters, I wouldn’t count on ever getting the right green and purple bonuses. If I’m farming crystals or WM MP, it usually doesn’t take that long to get the green and purple bonuses I want. Oranges are dropped by many areas, but getting the right orange bonuses can still take a long time because there are just so many possible orange bonus rocks.

I think even low ranking people have access to Worst Moon Mystic Path, since Invisible X is easy and Mystic Path monsters have max defense anyway, so green rocks might be good unless you have an issue with only one single method being viable for getting them in adequate amounts. Purple rocks are available as early as you can get a wooden pickaxe, so pretty early. Oranges have plenty of options, including both of the above. So it looks like access to the rocks isn’t really a problem.

Edit: They can use the WM MP method as soon as reaching Rank 70, which is needed to enter the Hole of Time. But it’s kind of hidden, because it requires you to go to an area beyond a bunch of areas that’ll instakill you to find an area with level 1 enemies. Not obvious unless you read a guide on these forums.

If anything, I’d suggest reducing the drop rate of green bonus rocks from epic monsters. And maybe consolidate some of the orange bonus rocks, like any rock that can work for weapons, armor, AND accessory doesn’t need to have a separate weapon, armor, or accessory version. Just to bring the amount of possible orange bonus rocks more in line with green and purple if you want.

More 2, 3, and 4 I’d do something like this:
1. Make it so that Robacon’s bonuses don’t transfer to you.

2. Remove Meteoric items. Bring them back later when the weapons actually have a purpose (having lost their purpose: robacon bonuses) and the armor isn’t just a marginally better form of Emperors Clothes that have an obscene cost attached to them.

3. Fairy Tale areas should be reworked to be the harder areas mentioned in #4.

4. The next harder area after Fairy Tale can bring back Meteoric to be the set reward for that area or something. Or maybe it can somehow be associated with The Corruption, since the corruption is from Terraria, and Terraria also features armor and weapons made from meteors. I dunno.

I honestly don’t know what you should do with Pure Darkness and Crimson. But it’s really not just them. The path to power skips a lot more than just PD and Crimson. For armor, you just wear whatever until you can make a 10/9 fused growthed Berserker Set, then you skip from that to non-permanent Holy Glory, then from that to Chaos. For weapons, you do whatever until you can get a good Strong Machine Gun/Premium Sword 3 fusion, then wear that until Glaive of Smiting and then Fiend Glaive. Like 95% of craftable items don’t get crafted. Ever. So I wouldn’t start worrying about it now. Even things that we’re using now will probably fall into disuse once we get harder areas.

About the only way to ensure that things get crafted is to require a crafted item as a component for crafting the next tier. Like if you had to have a Broken Ranseur to craft a Ranseur, and a Ranseur to craft a Halberd, all the way down to needing, like, a Greatersword or G5 as part of Fiend Glaive’s crafting recipe. Kind of like a monster hunter crafting system. But that would require a stupid amount of work at this point to create a branching crafting system like that. It would be awesome though.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

I changed the formula to (attack + 20 * x) * (crit + 10 * (70 – x)) / 100 to test Corrupted Elm armor. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but I assume the 50 represented the total number of possible enhancements. With the attack starting at 0 and crit starting at 100, it looks like it’s saying that the correct balance is 40 attack and 30 crit. A total of 800 attack and 300% critical, which is pretty bad compared to that chaos set. Orange bonuses would have to go to Damage Taken, since the armor has no defense. At only -7% damage taken per piece, I’ll need all five pieces to have it, plus rank 50 Overpowered Tanker and rank 16 Invisible Armor to reach 90% damage resistance.

All-in-all, corrupted elm isn’t looking like a very good set for general playing. I bet it would make a really good mining set, though, with all the crit enhancements it could get and the ability to get the boss damage orange bonus.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Gifts for everyone!

Oh wow, I was just typing it in wherever. I never paid much attention to that text box on the achievement screen. Thanks! Now I have everything. :D

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Gifts for everyone!

It seems pretty obvious what the code is, but I can’t get it to work. I thought I’d just wait and see if it sorted itself out, but I guess I shouldn’t. Yes, the first letter is capitalized, yes I have ample room in my inventory. I’ll give it a go with another browser and see how it works out.

Edit: No luck on a different browser. I tried entering it in several places, including the stats screen.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Triangle Apocalypse – Open Testing

Whenever I need a good laugh, I can just go to the mystery shop and scroll to the gambler’s boxes. Yesterday: 35,000 GC per box. Today: 500,000 GC per box. LOLOL.

Edit: And then I found out four days later that the chance of getting an item was increased 10 fold, so it’s not nearly as bad of a deal as I thought.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Triangle Apocalypse – Open Testing

There are a lot of awesome things about this update. There are also some bad things. Unfortunately, those bad things are REALLY bad.

I’ve been grinding for the last week or more to make a Pure Darkness set. I was at 3b of 5.5b pixels, so I was happy. Progress was slow, but steady. I thought of it a few minutes ago, then suddenly my heart sank. I hadn’t checked the price of PD since the patch. “Surely it couldn’t be too bad, right?” HA! 20m CM changed to 250m CM, 1.1B pixels changed to 4B pixels! This right after I just fused myself a new weapon, an SMG with 840 attack (up from an SMG with 612). With that and the PD set I was about to make, I thought I’d be able to move to Smiley Island within days, but now it’s looking more like several months.

I had to move back to idling Binary Battlefield from idling Dragon Cave because of the changes to one monster: “Boogie”. With a combination of health and defense that allows him to get to you almost every time through auto-attack, combined with his speed and the random status afflictions, it seems like he’s become an idler’s nightmare: an enemy that can randomly kill you through sheer luck by stunlock and poison.

I'm idling in the most efficient area I've found. I have maxed Money UP! (+50%), either Pyramid Dragon or Corrupted Treeman (either should come out equivalent to +30% pixels, right?), Pixel/Attack Immortal Pendant (+42%), and the Encounter Ring (equivalent to +20% pixels). It'll take me about a month per piece of PD at this rate. There must be something better. There probably is, but I haven't found it yet.

Edit: Underlining not intentional.

But other than that, I’m enjoying most of this update, particularly the Dark Pyramid, which is a veritable never-ending fountain of loot.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] logged in but then..>!

I bet the server didn’t save anything during any session that ended with the server outage. My level 10 character is now back on the beach, naked and level 1. Why would anybody make an online game that never autosaves data? /sigh

I’m not terribly interested in grinding out those levels again.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Trouble Logging In

As I was playing earlier after trying the game out for the first time, I went to turn in a quest involving killing Small Dirt Spiders at level 10 or so. I turned it in, and then my character was stuck, I couldn’t move items around and I couldn’t move my character. I assumed I’d disconnected, so I logged off with the intent to log back in. I couldn’t. The game stays at the “Establishing Connection To Fantasy Online” indefinitely once I choose a server. I’ve tried it many times, selecting different servers even.

IGN: Anatolius

Edit: I’m using Firefox (4.0.1). I’ll try it with IE to see if it makes a difference.

Edit: Using IE was a no-go. If it’s peculiar, the available servers always appear to be the same. It recommends Server 9, and the only two servers available other than that are “Server 3 (High)” and “Server 4 (Medium)”. It doesn’t seem to change anymore. Woops, it changed. Server 9 is gone, and 4 is recommended. I guess the previous can be discarded.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Dead

They seem to have moved on to other projects, such as Papa’s Burgeria and Cactus McCoy (which was released today). RoS’s future seems bleak indeed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Awarded Brass

Good post. I agree that the NG brass rewards have become a bit inadequate since the introduction of so many desirable 1000++ brass items. (My suggestion on the official boards) However, there are some things I have to point out:

Originally posted by Enokrad:

1. Only reason why i bothered spending some money to buy Brass (through kreds) was to be able to buy weapons for level 2 and 3.

2. On the other hand though,
trailblazzing (the 10 trails side quest) awards just 4 Brass.
Trailblazing 10 times takes a long time to do.
Why not at least 10 Brass?

I spent 4 Days to farm a specific item only to recieve for 3-4 brass.

3. i have amassed a huge inventory of food and fizzes that would take forever to even use at this point.

4. if the Brass awards are raised (lets say 20 average among all missions) the most you would be able to collect is 200 among all possible sidequests.

But even so, completing EVERY single one in a day would take A REALLY long time.

most Brass people would be able to collect in a days time (unless they have a hard core addiction) would be about 100-120 average.

1. You bought brass on the side. Their plan worked. The (our) argument as a whole has been weakened because of that.

2. I especially agree with these. The golembombers and simple collection quests are worth the time, but trailblazing takes so much longer and I’ve never felt that the effort was worth the reward. That goes for baking quests too.

3. I hear you. I have over a million HP worth of recovery items. It’s just getting ridiculous at this point. Hopefully the later areas turn the difficulty up to 11, otherwise NG guys are going to be invulnerable.

4. So basically, double NG brass rewards again. That might be what it takes, though there are other solutions (see my linked post). However, it’s nice to see that you’re knowledgeable about getting brass and that most people aren’t even capable of maximizing their brass returns. Most people only look at the possible maximum.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Co-Op, basic enemies, all of the time.

As far as I know, they’ve had problems getting targeting to work when there are two players present. This is why none of the current co-op mimics target the player – they all just go about their own business.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] weapons

I feel a bit sorry for the people who were inclined to collect every trophy. Before the weapons, it was doable, but now, you’ll need to get the trophy for each weapon, which comes out to 54000 brass. You’ll need to get the $100 package and then some. Or you can try for them as an NG, which is probably going to be 25 days per level 2 weapon, and 35 days per level 3 weapon. You’ll have them all in… oh, 675 days for the level 2s, and 945 days for the level 3s. If you’re going for the weapons with just the 7 brass from the free dailies, it’ll take you a total of 7722 days, or about 21 years. Good luck. :D

But it’s still technically doable, so you can’t complain; isn’t that the rule around F2Ps?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] We need MOAR Planter Boxes

Just in case nobody has brought it up, the planter boxes aren’t linked by account, so you can have a total of 15 planter boxes with three characters at the end of the Hatchwood Wilds. Spice quests are linked by account, so only one spice per character per day, which brings the ratio of grown plants:spices closer to even. This helps ensure that you’ll get the brass rewards, but doesn’t really help your main get the Baking Trophy. Unfortunately, it also means you’ll have to do triple the amount of planter box runs per day.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Level 40

Your level remains at 40. Additional information can be found at the bottom of this Game Guide page.