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Topic: Kongregate / GamesNitro Is In Kongregate!

Glad to see new developers making a home on kongregate! Welcome and thanks for contributing, I look forward to seeing your games.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Name one thing you like about the above user's avatar.

Green hair is amazingly stylish.

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Topic: Off-topic / Post a picture that represents how you feel.

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Topic: Off-topic / Fictional character you would want as your wife?

Hunka. He’s my fictional lover. /thread

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you want to be when you are older?

A pretty pretty princess
Software developer.

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Topic: Kongregate / World of the Internet: Kongregate City

I would have personally made a few changes to the design, and I was expecting to find a building filled with books and half a dozen chickens labeled Off-Topic (I kid. :p) But it was great overall! I loved it, Nice job Melbourne.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who do you think is the most immature user in OT?

I strongly dislike that noobface.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your first name?

Ryan. :P

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Topic: Off-topic / Radiation tinting of eyes and hair - would you do it?

Well it obviously wouldn’t be very legal if it had such severe side effects,
But I’d do the non-anime person thing and spend those 27 and a half episodes spent having flashbacks of my horrific childhood actually thinking of an alternative if I want it so bad. (Like hair dye! :D)

If I decided to take the slightly lesser path and wait until I had kids, It’d be highly likely that I’d be quite old by then and look like a goofy old man with florescent blue/green/pink hair. (I WANT PINK HAIR! :( )

If not, theres always the cheap investment of colored wigs.

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Topic: Off-topic / Between Your Legs

The little Fockers between your legs
Pineapple express between your legs
Balls of fury between your legs
The kings speech between your legs
The matrix between your legs


No-one’s done What things may come? Weirdos.

What things may come between your legs (You’re welcome? D: )

Cheaper by the dozen between your legs
The Incredibles between your legs
Sex and the city between your legs
Eat, pray, love between your legs

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Topic: Off-topic / The latest movie you watched.


I really enjoyed it, 8/10.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongeaster Egg Hunt ~ Signups (Closed)

Yet another egg:

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongeaster Egg Hunt ~ Signups (Closed)

My easter egg creation.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongeaster Egg Hunt ~ Signups (Closed)

Sign me up.
Sounds like fun, good luck with it.
Thanks for arranging this.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is a good cheap computer?

Custom build a computer for as much as you can afford, good computer with all the parts you prefer.
Half the price. (Or, close to that!)

Originally posted by xDaniBananix:

The iPad 2 just came out.

I never understood all the rage about the Ipad, I don’t care to induce myself into something that’ll rob my wallet again.
But it sounds lovely, I commend apple for their creativity.

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Topic: General Gaming / Learn 2 Fly question

Originally posted by Darkboy5846:

As long as it doesn’t, in any way, help someone achieve a better score, I’m alright with it.

I agree with this.

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Topic: Off-topic / The longest you've ever gone without sleep

Nearly 72 hours, I was feeling quite insane by then.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't click play on game screens

Have you tried other browsers, and what browser are you currently using?

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: We keep dividing a number in half until we can't anymore.


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Topic: Technical Support / Flash Plug-in causing massive lags?

Originally posted by Darth_Sirov:

I am using McAfee’s Total Protect, and I’m sure it tends to eat up a fair amount of resources, but mostly when it’s updating or scanning. For malware and viruses… nada, always been checking for such. Mentioned Anti-virus covers that.

Not much you can do about your anti-virus program using up your resources, Mcafee tends to use up nearly all your resources. It’s not the best anti-virus you can put on a slower computer. Other than uninstalling and finding another anti-virus there’s not much to do with it.

Flash player tends to lag more depending on what browser you’re using, Have you tried testing it on other browsers?

It’s always better to limit the number of tabs you’re using, closing tabs you may not need might help a bit.
Uninstalling programs on your hard disk that you do not use always helps, it’s best to keep your hard disk space at 15% or more for best performance.

Doing a disk cleanup and disk defragment is also good for getting some extra speed out of your computer.
Here are a few more tips for getting your computer faster that I just don’t care to type out.

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Topic: Technical Support / Keyboard doesnt work for flash games

What browser are you using, have you tried a different browser? Sometimes IE is a bit funky with games.
A small workaround that is reported to work on a few games is keeping your mouse cursor inside the flash applet area.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't Shoot Portals

It would be easier to diagnose what’s wrong if you provided a screenshot, andnun.

Originally posted by Tatsko:

hey i already had the achievements for both of the portal medals, and it wont let me pick a side, so i cant take portals or shoot them what should i do?

Choose whichever side you want, load up a game (any game on that side should be fine.) wait for the chat to connect and let it it report that you’ve completed all badges for the quest.
Happy gaming.

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Topic: Technical Support / Flash Plug-in causing massive lags?

I’ve had the same problem with flash player lately, I have a fairly old-ish laptop. But it used to run fine. But now it sucks up all my CPU usage.

I tend to try to close all unneeded background softwares, and yes. Adblock does help slightly if you decide to use it. (I don’t generally use adblock, I don’t feel right about it.)

Ccleaner is a software that helps clean your computer up a bit, it might help it run a bit faster. (100% free and downloadable here )

I also recommend running malware checks and anti-virus scans regularly if you don’t already.
Good luck! :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Poll: Dogs better than cats?

Cats. They won’t raid your hotdogs at night.

just me?
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Topic: Off-topic / Delicious cake.

Lemon cake.