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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Official Update:

UPDATE 7/6/2014
New units: Gladiator, Artillery Halo, Cobra, Hyper Repair, Naval Yard

New techs: Base Cannons, Base Shield

Buffs: Cataclysm, Hawk, Fury, Rapier, Cutlass, Tremor, Cloak Aux, Armor Regen, Flash Charge

Nerf: Spectre, Goliath, Primer

Bug fixes: 25% hangar mod bug, lives bug, server crash store platinum bug, aux shield collision, shield fighter laser damage calculation

-Repair turrets prioritizes based on health
-Gun cooldown before first fire so you have time to counter.
-Old pvp map modified, plus a new map.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Update update:

Shield Technology getting doubled in power.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Update update:

1 new cap to come:

1 more turret:
2×2 Repair Station.

And turrets now have a start up time, so they don’t fire immediately on drop.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

The ideas I think that are essential to making ObliterateEverything a long term success.

1) The multiplayer needs to be split into 2 leagues. (or 3, but 2 at least) The only way the leagues should be split it by wins. Wins = platinums. By keeping the leagues dynamically split by wins you keep the new players in 1 league, and the more experienced in the other. Do not split the leagues by rating/rank, or win/loss ratio, as these 2 measurements can lowered on purpose to intentionally fight the weaker players.



2) Campaign needs to be balanced so that the quickest way to get platinums and credits is in multiplayer. IMO it’s too easy to just stay in campaign. There’s little reason to go to PVP. Levels 1-4 should probably be nerfed in terms of payout.



3) We need to have at least 2 (or infinite) armories. It’s a huge pain to swap gear to go from playing in campaign, to playing in PVP, and then go back again to campaign.
By having just 1 armory set up, you are encouraging people to NOT use one more, or the other.
Please allow us to have at least 2 armory set ups. 1 for PVP and 1 for Campaign. (ideally I’d love to have even more armories to set up different ways, but at least 2!)



4) Campaign maps are very samey same over time. They need more variables. 2 things you can do to spice up the campaign. First, make the prize for the map a big part of the enemy’s fleet. (even clouds and infestors) That means if the item to win is a Piranha, the enemy is using it. If the prize is a mega shield, the enemy is using it. If the prize is a Red Goliath, the enemy is using it. (if the prize is credits, then the enemy is normal)
Second idea is to bring back stage hazards, like black hole or close sun. To be fair, please put these conditions up front.

Here are some conditions:

a) Black hole – time limit.
b) Close sun – all units take 1 damage per second.
c) Thick nebula – All ranges are cut in half
d) Electrical anomaly – random shut down of ships, and shields.
e) Comet storm – random freezing Area Of Effect asteroids flying through the map.
f) Solar panels – Double boosted energy for both sides.
g) Meteor storm – Random damage asteroids flying through the map.
h) Infested system – Random alien ships come into the map.
i) Close flanks, close skirmish, close pincer – Some Flanks will be closer than others for 2 of the enemies. Like, here’s a flank: O——x—x or another flank: o-x———-x Play with the ranges a bit so the maps will be unique! In my experience almost all flanks are easy because I can always count on the enemies to be closer to each other than to me. Make it unfair sometimes!



5) Even losers in PVP need to get a prize! Newbies get disheartened by losing. They need a prize to keep playing. I suggest giving all losers in a fight a free unit. This unit will be grey (rather than white/red/blue/green) and that signifies it cannot be upgraded, nor can it sold for credits (0 on sale) but this at least gives the newbie something to experiment with!



6) Make getting to higher campaigns worth it.
The best way I can see this working is to make it so that the last boss you best boosts your Upgrade shop by that amount.
So let’s say I just beat level 11. That means my upgrade shop will say : Level 11 Upgrades!
And the items I upgrade will be more awesome. (higher chance of blues and reds)
If I beat level 8, but then go back level 4, that means my shop goes back to level 4 upgrades.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

2 more updates to come.

Cataclysm buff (new missiles added to it)

Tremor buff (mines layed quicker)

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

One more update Wallis said he was going to add:

Fighters with Shields are no longer immune to Laser damage penalty.

A fighter ship takes 5 times damage from lasers. But in previous version if they had a shield, this penalty did not exist. Now CWWallis is saying that penalty will also apply to the shield. So all fighters, even with shields, are now much more likely to 1 hit die to any laser.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Update to game (soonish?) to include:

More multiplayer maps. (bigger longer maps, so constructors don’t always work)

Multiplayer map with asteroids in center, rebalanced.

Spectre nerf. (-15% range)

2 new techs.
1, cannons on all buildings 2×2. (can be stacked)
1 mega shield on on main command center. (can be stacked)

Goliath nerf.

New Fighter. A flying Phalanx fighter.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Originally posted by desciclope666:
Originally posted by WillyNailer:

About time someone did this. Thank you Fate :)

the chump just copied it from the wiki.

Specifically, copied what from the wiki?

Nothing here was copied from any wiki, it’s all my own observations.

BTW, your art sucks. :p

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Updates that Wallis will be adding into the game.

Technology that adds Turrets to all 2×2 base structures (except constructors)

Technology that adds a mega shields to the command center.

Some multiplayer maps. (bigger ones)

Spectre range nerf.



So you want to get good units?

Well you need to know that a good green or good blue, can be better than a red! And even a blank unit can be better than a really bad upgrade! (Engine can make Miners/rangey/carriers bad, Miner hangar can make a Carrier terribad)

So, let’s list some of the best green upgrades you can get. That offers the best single boost. (shields are really good for capital ships, but let’s skip them, cause that’s boring)

Plasma Halo = Cloak (phalo is a glass cannon, with lesser range, needs to get in close)
Void Lance = Cloak (best saved for caps that get too close)
Hades = Cloak
Spartan = Cloak
Cutlass = Cloak
Exhumer = Cloak
Engineer = Cloak
Mosquito = Cloak
Athena = Cloak

Miner = Fire Rate
Repair = Fire Rate
Goliath = Fire Rate
Phalanx = Fire Rate
Grendel = Fire Rate (improves phalanx and guns)

Beam Halo = Range (range lets other beam halos cover the front line halo)
Quad Micromissile = Range
Laser Cannon = Range
Myrmidon = Range (add plasma mastery, range covers other myrmidons)

Mastodon = Fury (add racks)
Jupiter = Fury (add racks and plasma mastery)
Odyssey = Fury (add racks)

Legion = Sapphire (add racks)
Corvette = Sapphire (add racks)
Arch Angel = Sapphire (add racks)

Mjolnir = Fusion
Artillery = Fusion
Spectre = Fusion

Piranha = SD
Tremor = SD (add racks)
Mantis = SD

Biohazard = Shield (this protects the spores, and your own ship, from the acid)

Microlaser = Mini-reactor

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Time for Legions with Miners!

Tons of miners!

223 Metal per second!

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Idea on upgrades.

I think there should be a really good reason to go higher and higher in campaign.

One idea I had is above, and it’s the “upgrades to your base” idea.

An additional idea is that the higher your last boss beaten battle is (let’s say you just beat the boss on level 11) the better your upgrades are. (make sure this is visible on the upgrade screen, make it say something like Upgrade Level = 11)

The reason to do this is to make sure people want to play the higher and higher levels of campaign to get upgrage bonuses in the shop.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**


Another idea to keep people playing multiplayer. Give people gifts when they lose. But nothing too good. It should only be blank items. But these blank items should not be able to be sold for money. (they sell for 0 credits) Nor can they be upgraded. Instead of white, color them GRAY. (also make sure there is a TRASH button there) I think this might encourage newbies to play more multiplayer, along with my previous idea of creating 2 leagues of players (based on wins). Another benefit of this idea of losing gifts, is that it allows any player, even if they sell all their items! To get back into the game.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Nysion asked me to test my ROF ROF ROF miner.

So, I did.

Bottom left corner of small asteroid, 1 triple rof miner.

Total metal = 32

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**


There are good reasons to add some sort match making into the game.

And there are good reasons not to.

Reasons Not To:

1) Any sort of ranking system encourages players to DE-rank to only get newbie fighters, for easy platinum.
2) Matches are quicker to find.
3) Matches pull from a bigger pool of players, more diversity.
4) All players see what all the other players consider good or powerful. (you learn from this)
5) You also learn smart unit usage, even when you lose.
6) It’s harder to match up with a SPECIFIC person when there is a bigger pool of people.

Reason to add match making:
1) It’s a bit more fun to fight a closer match.
2) You can learn much more from a close fight, than a blow out.



So, then, what would be a solution that reduces most of the disadvantages, and increases the advantages the most?

Well, firstly, quick match ups are great.

So, only splitting the community EVENLY… into 2 groups seems best.

So 2 groups.

Next, we want to have a system that cannot be abused.

We could match people up, based on rating rank. Or on win / loss ratio. But those are no good because those can be faked. (intentionally lose/surrender to get into the NEWBIE ranks to farm platinum)

However, we can instead just measure the number of wins a player has! This can never go down. Therefore, it’s impossible to abuse.

Next problem then becomes…. What’s good dividing point? If you want to split the online players into 2 groups, you need to find the right middle point for NUMBER of wins. Well let’s say there are 20 players online.

And we count their wins. And then we put them into a simple list.

1 iworkshop 2,506
2 Gedge 2,412
3 puga007 2,380
4 liguzu1992 2,348
5 dr_ugs7 2,318
6 Alsee 2,283
7 billiska 2,264
8 jan_is123 2,226
9 tigertank3 2,224
10 mrbean97 2,197

11 145914 1,150
12 sebidooo 1,148
13 xenniax 1,145
14 PanzerStofa 1,142
15 sappoie 1,142
16 Skeltek 1,141
17 Qu4ck3r 1,140
18 NEWBIE 483
19 NEWBIE2 284
20 NEWBIE3 133



Now as you can see, I split the group of players into 2 groups. The top group can only play with the top group. (for right now, it changes when new people come online, or go offline), and the bottom group can only play with the bottom group.

This helps greatly to split the group up into more even skilled groupings.

It also preserves the greatest speed matching that it can. (2 large groups, evenly sized)

Another thing to note is that the list changes dynamically, so people near the middle will often pop into the the top list, but can also pop into the lower list too, depending on who is online at the moment.



This also encourages the top players to play their best, and only make really good set ups that can kill other really good players.

Instead of relying on free platinums from newbies.

So, I think is the best solution.

Base match making on splitting the current players online into 2 groups, based on win number.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

So what’s the best munition round type to use?

Well, if we assume every enemy is a ship with a 25% shield (average shield size) these are the results we get.

Let’s assume the base ship is 400 hp, and the shield is 100 hp (that’s 25%) (the HP number doesn’t matter, it can be any number)

500 = 400 + 100 = for No rounds (worst)
467 = 267 + 200 = for Fusion rounds
433 = 400 + 33 = for EMP
417 = 333 + 83 = for Neutron rounds
408 = 308 + 100 = for Thermal rounds
398 = 348 + 50 = for Iridium rounds (best)

Turns out, Iridium is the best! :O

But also take into consideration that building in your base never have shields, and there are plenty of ships that have no shields.

And if you take into consideration that you might rarely ever run into shields, you can just go all Fusion munitions, and then just use something like an EMP quad for the rare shields you do run into.

A good combination for fighting bosses would be to start with 1 or 2 EMP units, then add in Fusion units.

Iridium is the best efficiency if all you are fighting are capital ships with 25% shields. But Thermal is not really that far behind. Iridium does reduce shields quickly though so it could be combo’d well with Freeze.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Trivia Q::

If you have 100 Mini Reactor (turrets), how much energy are you producing?








Energy is fiftyeight per second.




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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Game updated! :D

2 new capital ships. Beam Halo, and Plasma Halo. (high energy, or high metal)

1 new Tech. (Dark Mastery = Homing Black Holes, instant killers)

UPDATE 6/12/2014 New Capitals: Beam-Halo (from OE2), Plasma-Halo

New Tech: Dark Mastery Buff: Biohazard spores, Scorpion cost

Nerf: Constructor armor (400 life., to 50), Turret Self-Destruct damage (half damage), Micro-laser damage (33% lower)

Bugs: Archangel Shield mod recharge rate (fixed tac shield and shield mod are now separate)



More ship ideas for Wallis.

How about more Capital and Medium ships that have some functions built into them?

Like, some that always come with a Cloak. Or always come with a Shield. (similar to the above idea about some ships having CERTAIN GUNS, always coming with Force rounds, or Freeze, or Acid)

Or carriers, that always come with Mosquito carriers.

Another possibility is that lots of carrier ships could come with a specific squadron of ships. Such as, Piranha, Piranha, Rapier, Mosquito.



A new technology idea: Explosive Munitions. These rounds cause much greater damage to enemy buildings.



A new upgrade idea: Allow all ships to not only get Piranha hangars. But Miner, and Engineer hangars.

Think of it. Every player who uses carriers (med or cap) always sells their Miner/Engineer modded ships.

If you make this mod available to a lot more ships that can’t normally use hangars, some people might actually use the Miner or Engineer hangars.



I think some changes to the turrets might make them more individual.

- Quad Missiles should have slightly shorter range. And a maximum range cap of their Circle. Why? Because Laser Cannon is nearly completely useless because Quads own.

- Laser Cannon, its only benefit is its a laser, and that mostly only good for fighting against Yellow ships.

- Plasma Caster, so many turrets that fire forward. Why not make a turret that fires from the front and back at the same time? Maybe this is a way to get Plasma Caster to be more individual. (for example, it might make them really useful in Pincer missions, or fights where there are lots of units to the left and right, like fighter swarms)

- Edge Slasher, maybe a way to make this more individual is to make the boomerang bullets it fires to hit larger targets more. Lasers would be seen as the way to fight fighters. Quads more as an anti med. And edgeslasher as more an anti Cap. (along with void lancer)

- Bomb Racks, they should be loaded with 2 user chosen munitions. First, you place the bomb rack down, then you can upgrade it again to a combination munitions. 0 munitions, 1, or 2.
Freeze, Acid, Force, EMP, and/or Fusion. In this way, you can choose how you want it to behave.



Bug with Carriers:

I noticed that the +25% Hangar Rate upgrade mod for Carriers is not working properly.

What I did was bring into battle both an upgraded carrier, and a carrier with +25% Hangar Rate, and build them right next to each other, and right at the same time (pause the game).

Then what I do was carefully watch the release of ships, and test (with pause, and placing units, 1 at a time, to advance the pause 1 frame) to see how fast the carriers launched their hangars.

What I found was that the first wave from a hangar is NOT affected by the +25% Hangar Rate, but the follow ups were.

2 Corvettes.

1 with hangar rate, and 1 without.

The bug:
25% Hangar Corv: 100 frames until Hangar release. Then 75 frames until 2nd release.
Plain normal Corv: 100 frames until hangar release. Then 100 frames until 2nd release.

That’s what happens.



But should be like this:
25% Hangar Corv: 75 frames until Hangar release. Then 75 frames until 2nd release.
Plain normal Corv: 100 frames until hangar release. Then 100 frames until 2nd release.



Consider that most ships only launch twice in a close fight, thats pretty much making the 25% hangar rate into a 12.5% rate only.



Idea Suggestion:

Free Upgrades to all basic units in the game, based on your performance in Campaign mode.

The idea is, you must beat each Campaign boss level, against each boss possible on that level. (red, yellow, orange, purple, green)

So, beat level 3 against those 5 (game keep tracks) and you get a free upgrade to your units, like your Command Base gets a small laser. (or other possibilities)



Some ideas for free upgrades.

Extractor Laser Miner Boost.
Extractor Extra 5th center laser.
Extractor Laser Range

Command Center Laser. (single tiny laser)
Command Center Shields.
Command Center Shield Boost.
Command Center extra Laser (4 tiny lasers total, over riding the single laser)
Command Center laser range boost. (range, then later rapid fire)

Reactor energy boost. (150 to 145)
Reactor energy cost reduction. (maybe from 3 to 3.1)

Fighter bay armor boost.

Medium bay armor boost.

Capital bay, laser turret.
Capital bay armor boost.

Constructor shield.

Mega Shield armor boost.

Cloak Field Range boost.

Tac shield regen boost.

Biolab speed boost.



Any of these possibilities should be available for each level. Meaning, the player chooses what upgrade he wants. That way, there can be less argument over an upgrade being too good, but too hard to get.

Also, if you beat Level 6 (and beat each boss on level 6) then you get all the Free Upgrades from Level 1-5. So in this example, if I beat all the bosses on level 6, I’ll get a +6, and can spend 6 upgrade points on my units.

It should look like this:

Green Highest Boss: 9
Yellow Highest Boss: 6
Purple Highest Boss: 9
Orange Highest Boss: 7
Red Highest Boss: 10

If you look at that example, since I beat all the bosses up to level 6 (yellow), that is how the game keeps track.


All these upgrades should be SMALL BOOSTS. Nothing too big. These should be seen as tiny gifts to the good campaign player.



What is the point of all this?

The point is to encourage people to beat the higher and higher campaign maps! To get upgrade points for all these tiny boosts.




Tremors lay mines.
These mines act as motionless fighters. They can be shot down.
But they can also be augmented like a fighter can.
One of the best upgrades you can get on your Tremor is the Launches Extra Ships.
This causes the Tremor to lay extra mines.
Each Tremor lays 2 mines, 1 out each side.
With 2x Launches Extra Ships, that will be 6 total.
And if Tremor has Self Destruct, the mines become doubly powerful.
So, that’s like 6 times 2, meaning 12 mines.
You can also use Carrier Rack technology to further boost Tremors.
Another consideration is that since each mine is a real fighter, they can be shot down.
If you want, you can use Cloak on a Tremor to have cloaked mines.
This has positives and negatives.
The mines can now no longer be shot down! More effective!
But that also means the mines cannot act as diversions to guns. So, it’s a positive and a negative.
And since mines are considered fighters, they may also benefit from Range+20%, to home in on ships with.




People ask, what use is an Engine?

Well, Engine A is the weakest, and Engine E is the strongest.

Generally if you want an engine, you want E.

IMO the best use of an engine is on ships with low range weaponry.

Think of it like this, the less time a short range ship spends at LONG range, the better.

All long range turrets want you to stay away. So, get an engine to close that gap!

But that also means that any ship with long range, doesn’t really want an engine.

He wants to keep his range advantage as long as possible.

You can think of Carriers as the ultimate long range ship. They want to spit out as many fighters as possible, and that’s less likely the closer they are to enemies.

The biggest exception would be the Arch Angel. It does have 6 side launching ships as a carrier, but it also has a very deadly Black Hole turret. This ship can perform very well if it can get into the enemy base with this black hole turret. All in all, Arch Angels are one of the weirder ships in the game. And it can do a little bit of everything.



The best mod upgrades per unit.

Let’s give our opinions.

Rate + Rate + Range
Cloak + SD + Rate

Sapphire + Shield A + SD
Cloak + Cutlass + Shield A

Fury + SD + Shield A + Plasma Mastery

Cloak + SD + Piranha

Range + Range + Iridium

Rate + Rate + Reactor
Shield + Rate + Range

Rate + Rate + Range
Shield + Rate + Range

Add your favorite combos. Add technology if it’s important to the combo.

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Topic: Game Programming / High Score Cleaning Idea: Include Version Number in Score (or date)

I’d call this automatic score board cleaning.

The idea behind this is that when a new update comes out, this can reset the score boards to take into account the new play balance.

It also has the nice effect or removing previous hackers from the high score lists.

An alternate (or combination) version of this idea would include a date of some sort.

An example of this idea would be this:

Get a score of 123456 in typical game.

In new game, version 10.1. The score would look like this. (start version in the 10s)


A dated version (dec 3rd, 2014) might look like this.


or this… (for monthly score boards, 2014 dec)


Or you could count since the game was out, monthly. (say the game has been out 2 months)


Or a combination of version and date… (10.1 and 2nd month of scores)


We could also make the version number into a counter, rather than the literal number. (let’s say this is your 5th update to the game, start at 100)


Another possibility is counting by year up front. (1-9) Then divide the year into 10 parts (0-9). So in this example, first year, Dec. (most compact score keeping, but not directly based on version, but roughly it does the same)


Would be the score submitted.


This idea is to keep the score boards fresh, and cleaned of exploited scoring, because you are able to rebalance the game to get rid of certain player exploits.

What does anyone think?

Good? Or bad idea? Improvments? Any game that does this?

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Good ideas.

I’d also love to have “go to Sell Inventory Window” button when I win an item.

The way it should work is after winning a battle, I click this button if I want, and it will take me to the right spot in my inventory. Then I can compare, and sell, right there. Or not.

Right then and there I will know if I want to keep it. It’s a bit of a chore to dig down into the shop menu, sell, scroll around… HOPEFULLY click the right thing…. haha. The shop is a bit of a minefield with how easy it is to lose your favorite unit. Kinda scary.

Also, game updated!! :D




Possible update in the future:

(chat room)

cwwallis: 2v2 or 4 player FFA?
cwwallis: other idea was 4 players vs huge boss
cwwallis: maybe a portal in the middle that launches progressively stronger ships
cwwallis: im looking into 4 player raid bosses

WillyNailer: are we gonna get rewards for boss raids?
cwwallis: yeah plat or chance at unique ship

Americankiller98: How about a carrier that launches ship backwards and looks like the great fox?
cwwallis: i was going to add one that launches backwards next actually



What do any of you guys think?

2v2? is best?

4 vs Boss is best?



Suggested idea:

Allow for multiple armory load outs. Allow these load outs to be auto selected when you enter a map. Based on what type of map it is. These are the load outs I’d want.


So 6 load outs, and also maybe allow for several alternate load outs, for each type.

If we have more than 1, show a menu with a list of the load outs.

We can name the load outs so it’s easier to tell at a glance.

I think this would not only be user friendly, but increase the desire for having lots and lots of units.




Along with this idea, if I sell a unit, it would be nice if all load outs automatically replace the sold unit with the best alternate available. (red blue green of same unit, or if not same unit, then same class, most expensive)



cwwallis is thinking of adding some 3rd mode to the multi player.

Here are the ideas.

2 vs 2, multi player:
Wallis says this is guaranteed to be unbalanced. But isn’t it the exact opposite?
2v2 is guaranteed to be more balanced.
Imagine if it were possible to do 8 vs 8. Wouldn’t having that many players on each side, on average, make the fights more likely to be balanced?
Because it is more likely to get a few newbs on each side.
The funny thing is, if 2v2 is unbalanced, 1v1 is wildly unbalanced!
The more players per side, the more likely balance is achieved.

Here’s how the 2 vs 2 map should look


Player 1 and player 2 should be adversaries. Player 1 and player 3 should be allies. (odd vs even) And notice that 1 and 2 are nearer to each other. That means 1 vs 2, and 3 vs 4 will usually happen first. And then the winner from that team, will move onto the next guy.




The other mode Wallis has mentioned to consider if 4 player free for all.

This map would be similar to the one above. But with no one any anyone’s side.

This might be more fun.




And finally, the best idea.

Campaign Co-op!

Allow 2 players to tackle any campaign level they want. (also keep a separate score board for co op progress)

The beauty of this idea is that with only 2 players needed (unlike 4) the game will…

… not lag.

… not have to wait for people to join. (4 player Free For All sounds like a long wait time to get a fight in)

Also fun would be if all the winnings from the map could be fought over between the 2 players.

Like, the items from each map.

When the whole map is done, both players should vote on which items they want.

They each choose half the blues. Each choose half the reds. (2 out of 3) And half the greens. Half the techs. Half the blanks.

Everything they agree with, is granted. (he chooses 2 reds, but you choose 1 of the others)

If they can’t agree, they can do a duel to fight for the item they want!

I think this would lead to some fun times. :D

Of course, we could just randomly give the items out, but that’s no fun.

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Topic: Kongregate / OT has been spammed for the past few weeks

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by bobby71983:

Just give mod to the 3 OTers with the highest post count.

I think no amount of mods is going to keep up with spam bots thought…

They need an automated sistem of some sort to take care of (some) of the problem by itself. As in, the one badge requeriment for posting. It was perfect.

I don’t get how this works.

Isn’t it really easy to get 1 badge?

Lots of games only need 1 save file.

And… I have heard of people downloading the entire library of Kongregate SOL files and visiting each game and getting most badges right away. (turn on game’s title screen, go into 1 menu, or achievement list, etc)

All the spammers need to do is find 1 game where all you have to do is turn on the game and the badge is gotten.

Am I wrong in this?

But on the other hand, 1 badge does seem like a common sense requirement. Any real user would have at least 1.

I guess what Kong should do is think of several anti spam ideas, then secretly flag all posts that activate this secret anti-spam system.

Then count up which ones do the best jobs of catching true spammers, and don’t stop legit posters.

That might take some work though.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Updates hopefully this weekend. (but maybe not?)

But here are the plans for the update, from the chat room 1 (the best chat for OE3)

cwwallis: 3 new turrets
cwwallis: 2 new caps
cwwallis: balance, and private matches

Some of the bit for balance include a Freeze nerf, a Self Destruct nerf, and a Hammerhead buff, and a EdgeSlasher buff.



Couple more ideas:

A new Tech that allows us to set any 1 space in our Armory to any 1 unit. For example, let’s say we wanted an 8th Turret. But we couldn’t decide which of the prior 7 to get rid of. Well, with this Tech, we can take that 8th turret, and place it in any other spot. (Such as a Medium ship spot)



How about a new capital ship that concentrates on Freeze?



How about a new capital ship called The Bull? It should have a weapon up front that Force Pushes ships a decent space back. Think of it like a ship with rapid fire + force rounds. But better.



How about a bunch of new ships that have different weapons built into them for some of their weaponry?

For example, some have a top side acid gun, but normal (changeable) bullets in front. Same with EMP, or Freeze, or Force rounds.

Basically, make more ships that can have “combo munitions”, in their onslaught.

These would be fun ships to add to our selection and strategies.



I wish less capital ships would spawn at once from a star port.

IMO capital ships should not be their own back up.

The way capital ships should work is they work best with some medium ship back up.

Think, a fighter escort for a bomber.

Or battleship cruisers, that go along with naval airplane carriers.

So my idea is to tone down capital ship spawning by half (at least) forcing us to use more med ships as escorts.

I think it would create a more interesting dynamic in battle.

You’d know a player by his COMBO of med + caps, rather than just his “one ship” (cap, or med ship rush)

More interesting.



Another idea would be to let us use a feature I call “syncing”.

Allow us to sync up two buildings on screen, so they release at the same time.

Like, I might want to sync two med ships to release at the same time, always. So all I do is drag and drop 1 Dock, onto another dock. And now, they are synced. They will always release their ships at the same time.



Could we get a meter under carriers that tell us when they are about to release their squadrons? Just like a fighter bay.



Could we get a separate shield meter for the Arch Angel’s tactical shield?

It seems to be a confusing issue with the Arch Angel because it has 2 shield systems. (no other ship does)

Also I heard there is a bug with adding a shield to an ArchAngel where the regen doesn’t work right.

1 more thing, please add the shield stats for an arch angel into its stat sheet when upgrading a unit.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Suggestions for the game:

There is lots of talk of matching players up with rankings.

But this is a bad idea for 1 reason.

Platinum farming.

The current system prevents this by matching up random players with another random player.

I think this is great because it allows all players to play everyone else. And to see all the possibilities in the game.

It allows the ranking system to be fair.

But if you segregate the players by rank. For example, only high rank players play high ranks, and only low rank player play low ranks, then what will happen?

What will happen is high skilled players will lose on purpose in order to gain easy platinums.

That’s no good.

So what solution is there?

The only solution I see is there could be a NON PLATINUM MATCH.

I think there should be a second option to specifically ask another player to a match.

Another solution would be if we could watch other players.

This will give newbies a chance to learn the game, but without being obliterated.

So, I want online to have 3 options.

1) Quick play. (fine as it is)

2) Invite play. (type in another gamer’s name an invite him to a non-plat match)

3) Watch mode. (type in another gamer’s name, and watch his matches)



I think there should be a “level” shown for all player who fight.

That level should be adding up all the red units a player has, 1 of each unit.

For example, let’s only talk about if a player has EVER HAD in his storage (not his armory, or inventory!) a Red Goliath, a Blue Jupiter, and Green Legion, his level would be 8 + 7 + 6 = 21

That would be a level 21 player. (if we just think about Capital Ships)

But what if he also had blue Ragnarok, but sold it? Then add on 7 more. For level 28.

The reason I chose 5,6,7,8 as the numbers is 5 is the base power of a unit, but a lot of the upgrades in the game are +20%. Which makes a 5, a 6. (20% bigger)



Along with the “level” system. We should have an achievement system in the game to tell us when we do noteworthy things.

Some achievements.

Beat level 1,5,6,7,8,9,10

Reach unit level 10, 20, 50, 100, etc.

Beat a certain number of matches.

Place a certain number of buildings.

Win a long match.

Quickly beat a match.

Come up with some more.



There should be timers for game events in 1 spot, please.
Shop timer.
Life +1 timer.
Daily Bonus timer.

That way people know to come back to the game.



I think the shop updates too slow to be fun.

Every half hour would be better, and get more people checking in. (people’s work day often revolves around half hours more than full hours)



Try to make the campaign matches more unique.

For instance, if we are going to fight a match over a Corvette, please feature Corvettes heavily in the current battle!

This serves a dual purpose, it mixes things up.

And it teaches people about the unit!

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

Very common traps.

Freeze fighters, to beat them place a laser behind you base. If shielded, place in front.

To beat aliens, also place a laser somewhere nearby.

Is the enemy using missles, plasma, artillery, and self destructs on you? Use a Phalanx.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

More tips.

Technology set ups.

The commonly used Techs seem to be… Battery, Metal, Freeze, Iridium, and Plasma Mastery.

Battery and Metal start you with bonus energy or metal. This can essential to getting started running beyond the other guy.

Freeze is just good good good. The counter to freeze is shielding everything you own. Which is very time consuming to get. So you can guarantee most people won’t!

Iridium is the best anti shield, anti armor combo munition. It’s what the highest level players use higher in the campaign.

Plasma Mastery makes all plasma shots homing and more dangerous. Extremely deadly when paired with the right ships.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game to update July 12th**

I agree, beating a freeze rush is annoying, but can be done.

The way I do it is I place a laser right behind my base. The base is pretty tough. But you want to place an empty fighter bay in front so as to absorb the freeze.

This placement of the laser also allows you to take out cloaker fighter spam. 2 lasers is often good enough to take out swarms and swarms of them.

Also add in 2 repair turrets to further repair any minor damage done.

You can also use Quad Micromissiles instead of lasers. These cost less, but are less accurate and you will take more damage. If the swarm isn’t too big it might be worth the 50 energy.