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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / OE4 Suggestions

Obliterate Everything 3

The OE3 topic:

Disconnects should always take some rating.

The way disconnects should work is…

1) If a disconnect occurs, have the server try to get in contact with both users.
2) Whoever the server can connect with, he is the winner. (if only 1 person)
3) If the server can connect with both players, the match continues.
4) If the server can connect with both players, but the players cannot connect, then the winner is the player who killed the most buildings on the enemy side (measured by scoring energy + metal cost to the enemy)

The way multiplayer match ups should go is:

1) Take a list of all online players in the last 10 minutes.
2) Divide this list into two, down the middle, by # of wins. (NOT rating. Rating can be faked via losing on purpose, so a good player can troll weak players)
3) Players in the bottom list can only play with each other. Players in the top list can only play with each other.
4) This keeps newbies playing with newbies, and vets with vets.

I think segregating players more than this will end up boring.

Miners should work based on number of shots, rather than a timer. The reason for this is, a timer based miner is too chaotic.

New multiplayer mode -

OFFLINE multiplayer, Base VS Base.

The way it works is this, I pre-build 1-100 bases. (no economy needed)

These bases, I give each 1 a percentage to appear.

Then, anyone can fight my offline Bases, with their own custom base.

The percentages I give to my bases is part of what makes my base set up strong, because if I make my bases have a smart balance, you cant just make 1 base to counter all my bases, because I’ll have another random base that handles that sometimes.

Think of the idea as battlebots vs battlebots. And the advantage to this mode is it never runs out of players. Once a player submits a base (as little as 1, to as many as 100) then this guy will forever be a possible opponent.

So there would be 3 modes, campaign, multiplayer, and base wars.

Each mode would have the own scores. Campaign level. Multiplayer Rating. And Base Wars Rating.

There would be “setting limits” on what your opponent has. The opponent has his own build and that’s that.

Enhanced Campaign mode.

Campaign is nice, but what if it was part of a great war?

All players, every month, will be assigned a new faction. (in the first 2 months you choose your 1 faction. But after, it’s randomly assigned to make each month unique and the factions balanced) Then as you play campaign, you contribute to the war effort.

If you do lots of low level campaigns you are weakly contributing to the war effort. If you do high level campaigns, you are greatly contributing to the war effort.

Campaign bosses should follow a pattern.

All boss colors should be available as bosses (including clouds and infestors, orange and purple) but they can only be fought 1 time, every X levels. For example. Let’s say there are 10 enemy races. That means every level, 1 to 10, will have 1 boss of each color. (randomly picking from bosses not fought yet)

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / The clan to join is Aka Ryu Red clan. Armor Games is joining blue and hunting us.

Wouldn’t say it’s all that serious, but it is fun! Go Kongregate! Go red!

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Rebirthing = 25 FREE Gold, let's talk about best Rebirth elements and what to do with that gold.

Originally posted by Zombiecross:

Back to the topic, I believe the best use of the gold is probably orange gear with the specific stats you want for your build. Masks and gloves, specifically. I could be wrong, though.

That’s what I’m doing now.

I’m using the gold for transfers. And maybe 15 gold for a good mask or glove at the shop.

My first transfer was a blue into an orange sword. -10 gold. (saves me a ton of weight in the future on carrying swords)

And then I bought a very nice mask for -15 gold.

And that was it, for my gold. LOL

Leveling takes so long….

Now for the elements: Element power goes like this: Water > Fire > Earth > Wind > Water

This means let’s say you choose Earth as your Element – it will give you 10 earth ATK and 10 Wind DEF, because wind is weak against you.

Now for choosing element: if you don’t want to use Element skills at all for some reason – probably good idea to go for balanced elements to get a little DEF in every aspect.

Ok, so it’s been confirmed that the maximum elemental power you can get nowadays is 100 total elemental attack.

That means it is possible to get 3 elemental nukes, and 1 more incomplete element.

For example, you could get Tornadoes, Typhoons, and Earthquakes, but you wouldn’t be able to max out Fire.

30 wind, 10 fire, 30 earth, and 10 + 20 into water. (for example)

Another possiblity would be 70 into your main element, and 30 into the 3 side elements. (but that would mean you couldn’t teach until your 9th rebirth)

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / The clan to join is Aka Ryu Red clan. Armor Games is joining blue and hunting us.


Don’t let Rune get to you. :p

Calmly shred him.

Like once Rune said in chat that “Straw Hat Samurai came out on Armor Games first. Therefore this series by Lut is actually an Armor Games title.”

Terrible logic first off.

Second off, of course, checking his claims shows that Straw Hat Samurai 1 was out on Kong on October 1st, 2008. But on Armor Games on October 6th 2008. He can’t even make a bad point, half right. :/

He’s no rocket surgeon.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Getting FREE Oranges/Glove/Mask! Do 31 Daily Prizes and Clan War actions.

Originally posted by kunchi:

so level 80 is the best level to open a 30 day login bonus?

In general, no.

IMO, you open the present when you are ready to make some transfers to make some better items.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / The clan to join is Aka Ryu Red clan. Armor Games is joining blue and hunting us.

Thanks for telling everyone how to play the game, Poomi. If they want to follow the advice here, they can. If they don’t, then they don’t.

If they want to play with their friends in the chat room, chances are much higher their friends are in red.

No one has to play the game via the 3 line story for each clan. Or the wiki. Or based on what’s in the facebook. Or based on any other role playing rules. And yes, they CAN choose to play the game as Kongregate VS Armor Games if they want.


(Poomi/Laxus: a Green clan member from another website who signed up HERE on Kong, just to try to promote their clan, when they were failing on getting new members naturally. As can be seen by this thread’s success, as other players from other websites try to come here for members. I guess Red is doing too well?)

Originally posted by iostiogic:

If you are just reading this after having chosen another clan. Don’t be afraid to delete your char and start over! It’s worth it!

I often see players donating their old equipment in clan chat, so say say hi after you turn level 10. Everyone is here to help! go red

BTW, congrats to IostIogic. The new leader of Aka Ryu. =D

Kongregate has successfully taken over the Red Clan and now leads it, and Red Clan is now among the stronger clans in the game. [we have massively filled up red]

As a matter of fact, the Kongregate clan has gotten so big, Red Clan was temporarily closed to new users. So any new users that want to join red, just know that space is now limited in Aka Ryu, so get a seat while you can.

I guess we can say, Kongregate has ‘officially’ entered the “Straw Hat Samurai History books” and changed Aka Ryu forever.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / How to grind for Levels and EXP, the easy way.

Added some more data to the top post.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / mines

I might be good to list places where there are no mines either. Just so people don’t look in the same place twice.

No Mines:
46,40 and 46,41

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Our wiki

Originally posted by Captain_Catface:
Originally posted by Hida_Kisada:
Now my question is, should these decades of content be removed from the wiki now that they’ve been uncanonized?

Wookiepedia, unlike the SHS:D wiki, has a large warning on information that is non-canon— Which now should be on nearly every page on that wiki. A similar warning should/could be created on the SHS:D wiki. And user pages should still be moved to the user pages.

Right on.

Even in the supposed prime example of Wookieepedia, [Star Wars, Kisada, is quite different from a game. It’s a pure work of fiction, while a game has player interacting code, the game, while fiction like Star Wars is 100% passive. 95% of the people who go to a wiki want the non-passive parts of the game explained to them. They want the SCIENCE. Not the History. Not the Fictions of the players.]

In Wookieepedia, There are canon, and “legendary” (expanded universe, non-canon) pages FOR EACH SUBECT. Clearly Wookieepedia knows not to mix in Canon with Non-Canon.

So, here are the 3 game subjects, and they should NEVER mix in the wiki. (it’s like mixing sections in a library)

1) Non-Player Generated info. [AKA Official game]
a) Game science and math. [wiki-edited]

^ most VISITORS want this front and center. The wiki is for visitors.

2) Player Generated info. (most people don’t care about these two, and they definitely don’t belong in sections BIGGER than the above section)
a) History [highly moderated]
b) Role Play [100% unmoderated!! 0 lore moderators]

^ these 2 can be on a Wiki, in theory, but should be clearly marked off, if they are. (first, due to new players finding what they need, and second, due to the huge bias involved in these last 2 categories)

Originally posted by Hida_Kisada:

Lore moderator is the term we used on my old game, but it is not written in stone, we could very use the word RP moderator or content mod. The name matters little, the idea is important, and I think we’re on the same page now ;)

Lore moderator is definitely what the wiki does not need.

Why? Because IMO, the only good part of role playing is the freedom to do what you want with YOUR story. If Chronos want to be master of all time, and Calsan wants to eat up a Tengu, let them.

I am FOR god mode, if that’s what that player wants.

I love how we’re on completely opposite pages with this :)

IF role playing is on the wiki or wikia. IF. Then Role playing should never be moderated. Other than the simple idea that 1 user, gets to decide his user page. No one else. [of course, not counting offensive rule breaking stuff]

Originally posted by ZetsueiChronos:

don’t bother trying to stop me or get in my way because it won’t work anyway.

Sounds like the new wikia, is gonna be the exact same as the old wiki, if you’re setting it up this way. :(

Nothing is going to change from the old to the new wikia.

Originally posted by Lutgames:

The wikia will be used as the wiki for official information while the old wiki will be used as a place for RP and fan-fic. When the wikia is ready, we will change the links on the game pages to point to that.

While it isn’t everyone’s cup of t̶e̶a̶ sake, roleplaying is encouraged in the game since it adds to the flavor and the theme.

I totally think role play is fine too. It just needs to be separated and marked as such on a wiki.

BTW, here is how I define “official” via example.

Imagine some company buys this game, and starts it over in some foreign country. With 0 players, and 0 player guilds.

If we look at that server, day 0, everything on it as of that moment, is official.

Everything that happens afterwards, in non-official. (player generated)

I think that’s a good definition of official. It makes a clear line between things.

So if I am reading you right Lut, you are disagreeing with Chronos, right?

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Our wiki

Originally posted by MalayangPilipino:
Originally posted by Hida_Kisada:

“I despise roleplaying so it should be banned even though it has existed on this game for more than two years and that I’ve personnally been playing this game since one month and haven’t done anything relevant for the community save messing it up with ridiculous considerations about the gamsite origin of players”

Can’t argue with that. Flawless.

Only acceptable option Silver_mist is option 1. Again, respect and tolerance people, I don’t like grinding, yet I don’t ask for rebirth to be removed and for the combats to bring more XP…

By any chance, are you referring to what I said?
Look, every community site has its own culture that I respect. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not allowed to voice out my opinion. Saying that something must not be removed simply because it has been there for years is just another word for rejecting improvements.
It’s the very basics of evolution: If it is not desirable nor needed, it will be a burden trying to keeping it. Just sayin

Unfortunately I have to agree Malay.

I thought we could come to a compromise. User Pages seemed a good one.

But apparently, the role players don’t compromise. This is their fantasy world.

So I guess the only option is the one I didn’t want it to come to. 2 wikis.

The old wiki, for those that want the role playing.

And the new wiki (minus role playing, minus player bios, minus other player only generated stuff, and minus other non OFFICIAL info). Official developer game based stuff only. Just the BUILT IN facts, ma’am.

And on the front page for both wiki’s, a link to the other one. Just so people can choose what they want.

Two ways of thinking here, as no other compromise seems possible. Oh well, not a big deal. One group will do things their way, and the other their own way.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / mines

| 12,69
| Tin
| Diamond
| 30

The mine at 5,5

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Our wiki

I myself don’t like role playing.

My in-game-name is " 0wwWWwwWWwwWWww "

Just reading that name will tell you I don’t care one whit about role playing, or making my name “fit the era”, or making my name fit some anime that I want my character to seem like, or to fit any sort of fan fictiony idea at all.

So you can see that that kind of thing holds no interest for me. But, I do agree that what I like, isn’t what everyone likes. I think if fan fics, and LARPing, and all that kind of thing, if people want to do it? Do it! Do your thing. :)

The issue Catface brings up though is when there gets to be too much of it, and it intrudes on the use of the wiki’s search and front page. Now we’re getting to real usage issues and conflicts of interests.

Is it possible we could categorize the role play / history info into some sort of “other” page? Maybe tag it with “player stories” or something?

Catface originally suggested moving a lot of the role play/history stuff to “user pages”.

Why don’t we do that? User Pages can be segregated in the search.

This should solve the issue for both segments of the population, right?

(I am personally fine with using the old wiki’s URL/address, it’s just hard to USE IT, because all the role play gets in the way)

Oh, and Catface’s suggestion also solves the other issues with the fanfics! User pages are protected spaces! You see now that other users have to police other users in the fan fic area because “other users are editing player specific pages”. If the players instead edited their own USER PAGES, we would be killing two birds with 1 stone.

1) Clear up clogged search.

2) Prevent unauthorized users from editing pages that don’t belong to them.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / So, so, so many spammers in the game chat. A suggestion to fix it.

I found a temporary solution till the bug is fixed.

Use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN buttons on your key board.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / So, so, so many spammers in the game chat. A suggestion to fix it.

Please consider the above suggestion about auto merging spammer comments into 1 comment. Also…

With the new TRADE chat room. Can we expand on the TRADE room idea?

Here are some things I’d like to see.

1) No more items shown is ALL chat. Ever. Anytime an item is show, it automatically goes to TRADE chat.

2) Could we add a CLAN chat room? Just pure clan chat.

3) Can we also do the same for ROOM chat?

4) Could we please have a LONGER chat room history? It scrolls away so quickly!

5) Can we make the chat rooms like check marks? Meaning, can we check which ones we want to see, and then have them all combine?

For example. If I click ALL and TRADE, that means, the trade chat gets mixed in with ALL chat.

That way we can customize the “chat stream” to merge the streams of chat we want to listen to.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Our wiki

I vote that the fanfiction stuff is kept, but put out of the way.

If there is a way to do that, that would be great. Catface’s suggestion sounds good. Move the character role playing to the user’s profile page.

On the other hand, using Wikia is a way to give the guide some more exposure outside of this community. An outside Wikia gives the game more exposure.

So I think Lut’s idea might be best. Move all game info to the new Wikia, delete it off the old. And leave the old Wiki as a collection of role playing.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Stats bug

Originally posted by borshon:

they just found a way to make the game in balance

Uhmmm, the game is not balanced.

Old gear is still OP.

New gear the newer players can get is still weak, and always will be weak.

That is not balanced. It’s merely a tiny step in the right direction. But it doesn’t fix the issue.

You can’t have old gear, that is super powered and now impossible to get, compared to new gear.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / auto slash "on" or "off" ?

Originally posted by phoenixbasher:

i also wish there was a hotkey for changing stance _

I wish there was a hotkey to turn off/on Auto Slash! :(

Maybe if I HOLD the SHIFT key, it turns off auto slash temporarily? I think that would work awesome.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / AKA RYU ROLE CALL

Well certainly don’t recommend Blue or Yellow. So the only choice left is Green. (plus we already have a decent number of Kong in Green from before)

As a side advantage, if the Clan Cap is limited by the smallest clan, filling in Green makes a good deal of sense to further Red clan activities.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / How to grind for Levels and EXP, the easy way.

Added some more data to the exp levels and SI levels.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / AKA RYU ROLE CALL


^ _ ^

I was totally expecting a last minute screw up by those against you. But you pulled through!


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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / Tips Compilation

Yes. You will get a level 80 orange.

You can also transfer a level 1 blue item, into a level 80 orange, and get a level 1 orange.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / [suggestion] chatroom tabs

The game needs an auction system:

So all the trade stuff can be done there.

It’d also be nice if the game had a lot more space for chat history so it doesn’t scroll away forever so quickly.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / auction system

Oh, and when browsing the auction area, items that have lots of bids are in front! (this encourages more bidders)

But there are options to sort the auctions.
(YMN = yes, maybe, no. All options defaulted to maybe, yes means it definitely has this, no means it definitely doesn’t)

Y M N Sword
Y M N Hat
Y M N Armor
Y M N Gloves
Y M N Mask
Y M N Ring
Y M N Shoes
Y M N Pants

Y M N Attack
Y M N Defense
Y M N Speed
Y M N Critical
Y M N Pierce
Y M N Chi
Y M N HP Regen
Y M N Chi Regen
Y M N Water Att
Y M N Water Def
Y M N Fire Att
Y M N Fire Def
Y M N Earth Att
Y M N Earth Def
Y M N Wind Att
Y M N Wind Def

1-80 Level Range

1-17 Stats (0=white/1-2=green/3+=blue)

Y M N Orange

So this will let us sort through the items people have for sale by limiting the items you see.

Also, the items with the most trade requests will be at the top. (or you can sort by newest auction). That way the best stuff rises to the top for you to find.

However, if this is too much for Lut to think about, a smaller simpler idea is to allow THREE PEOPLE or MORE into 1 trade room.


That way, multiple people can auction for the 1 item, and the seller can pick the best one. :)

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / auction system

The game totally needs it.

Here’s my idea for it.

Selling items in this game is a bit tedious.

Here’s my idea for an auction system.

Anyone can put any item they own (or wear) for auction, FOR FREE.

Any item on auction can be given a SUGGESTED price. But that’s just to start the auction. There is no “Buy it now!”. It’s pure auction.

In the auction system everyone who wants the item can put a bid on the item.

These bids are public! (but people don’t know who the bidder is, but the bids are sorted by “value” so the top value bids are at the top. This is important so other people know what to bid to outbid the other guy!)

The bids can be any item or coin amount or gold. (your account must have at least 3 gold, to bid gold, so that way people cant abuse newbie accounts)

The trick to this auction system is any bid is TEMPORARILY NON REFUNDABLE
(these items stay in your bank or backpack, but cannot be removed). Until the item is sold (or 1.5 days pass from time of the bid. After 1.5 days you can retract your bid).

Then the seller picks the winner at any time. (it can be any of the bids, or none. The seller can also dismiss bids he doesn’t like, and that bidder is made aware of this)

Items that are for auction stay in your backpack/equipped or bank, and do not get moved to an auction area.

Auction items that are 1.5 weeks old are removed from the list.

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Topic: Straw Hat Samurai: Duels / The clan to join is Aka Ryu Red clan. Armor Games is joining blue and hunting us.

Because that’s what a troll does. He mixes in enough lies, with some reasonable statements, to fool you. That’s why you don’t trust anything Runedude says.

This is a message board. All we have to go on with Rune is his PREVIOUS behavior. We already know he’s a liar and a troll, and that he’s a racist against Asians on top of that.

Strike 1) Troll
Strike 2) Liar
Strike 3) Wrong a lot
Strike 4) Racist
Strike 5) Aoi
Strike 6) Thinks Kongregate is lame, and that Armor Games is much better.

Oh sure, let’s give Rune chance #28932 to prove he’s legit. (nope)

Here is two unabashed racist comments. (PROBABLY what got him warned. He’s probably lying about the German thing)


No one’s got time for that.

-Fate’s implied reasoning is this: Armorgame players are congregating in the blue clan and hunting kongregate players. Therefore, you join Aka Ryu (red) and shouldn’t join Aoi Hoiri (blue).

That doesn’t make sense at all!

Of course it makes sense.

Why would a person want to join a clan that is hunting your friends on kongregate?

However, if The Reader is a friendless loner, then why should Red care that much about them?

From my perspective, I’d really want people who can play with the team. If that implied reasoning doesn’t persuade The Reader, then That Reader is less likely to be Aka Ryu material. I’m trying to stay on point in the intro post. (add more “Join Aka Ryu, we have cookies!” ?? Nah, I’m fine with how the intro post is.)

As far as I am concerned, my initial post does exactly what I intended it to do. (and the follow up supporting posts by Catface and iOst do too) No more, no less. I do thank you for your concern though, Datata.

Originally posted by warriorman222:
Originally posted by runeman64:

as i said before,the reason why i got silenced is because i was speakin the wrong language in a german chat room,and dude no matter what reason you make ,its clearly stalking

Originally posted by warriorman222:
Originally posted by knightwolf95:
Originally posted by pazzlebox:

Stalker :O

It’s not stalking, it’s taking a look at the account to check if he’s been banned yet, only to discover this in the place. At least, that’s what I think it is. I wish I could like that post, but I can’t. believe me, I tried.

“Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.”

Checking someone’s profile is not obsessive, and you never said you didn’t want it. He is not harassing or intimidating you, and he is not monitoring you, just checking your profil cuz reasons and seeing this interesting note. Nothing is wrong with posting it as, if we all wanted to, we could check it ourselves.

Exactly correct. His profile is public data. As a matter of fact, the moderators WANT you to know he’s been warned. That’s why they FORCE that warning onto his profile.

Runeman is a troll and liar (and/or just plain wrong), and the troll’s best weapon is to try to make you forget about his past.

The second best weapon Rune as a troll tries to use is tell people to mute him, so his trolling goes ignored by the people who would correct him. Rune literally tells people who dare to argue with him, to mute him. But in this very topic he pretends to not remember saying that in the chat room over and over AND OVER, to the many people arguing with him and pointing out his lies, inaccuracies, and just plain trolling.