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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Battle pic:

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Topic: General Gaming / Vox Populi, Vox Dei Walkthrough

Apparently, and I did not know till today, this game had a sequel and it’s almost 1 year old today!

Originally posted by szbszig:

By the way, does anybody know why this game is called Vox Populi, Vox Dei at all?

As far as I know, ‘vox populi, vox Dei’ means ‘the voice of the people is the voice of God’ in Latin.

I feel it means, that the Ninja (you), is the voice of the people, speaking out against the tyranny of the wolves.

Another possibility is it might be that the wolf leader, Dr. Wolf, may view himself as a god, and has manufactured “people” to give him that power. (his wolf slaves/creations, I would think)

Originally posted by MuscleMago1:

bold why does everyone call the girl “the pink thing”? shes like, his ex or something. not a pink thing.

I used to think that, but it actually seems to be his child. Why the wolves want her, I do not know.

Experiments by Dr. Wolf?

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I didn’t get the compensation either.

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Topic: General Gaming / OE4 - Obliterate Everything 4 - Developer-News, Wish List, Discussion

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Topic: General Gaming / OE3 - Obliterate Everything 3 - Update Ideas

Originally posted by solderq1:

Alright I’m tired of y’all ROF SLUTS in OE3. So I see neverbot wanting to nerf primers and range mod, and norakta trying to nerf beam halo range, and vova trying to buff blaster rof by bringing in “blaster doctrine”.
Well, you guys are all HYPOCRITES. I don’t see anyone lobbying for a rof/heatsink/mastery/doctrine nerf.

All I can say is, at least range works in a mathematically correct way. Consider a blank laser. If you put 2 range mod on it, it now has a range of 324 up from 225. That’s like a 1.8 range boost. But if you put 2 rof mods on the same blank laser, the laser now shoots EVERY FRAME up from about every 6 frames. (5 dmg/ 0.625 frames= 8 dps) WOW. 6 times better rof!!!!!! Gee, I wonder if range or rof is MORE BROKEN!!!? (not to mention there’s only a max of 2 range mods compared to 3 rof mods max, plus primer is already nerfed hard. GET THAT IN YOUR THICK SKULL NEVERBOT and other rof sluts! Plus there is like 5 rof techs out there compared to one crap range tech that you STILL wanna nerf.)
Even if frameglitching is nerfed (I doubt that it will rof is too messed up now), making a max reload of 1 frame is not enough. (Im gonna take a hint from you range haters here and insist a nerf is not enough) That frameglitched laser will still fire 4 times faster than a blank, thats way too high. Why don’t we fix rof?
So now a blank laser with 2 rofs will fire 1.5 times faster (1/. 0.8^2) IN A MATHEMATICALLY CORRECT MANNER for a rof of once every 4 frames.

I hear people crying out for a phalanx nerf. I agree, but they are missng the point. ALL rof should be nerfed as in rof should work properly now and frameglitching should be removed.

Maybe some people will argue, Only a few units like spectre, trident, laser, autogun, etc. can frameglitch No need to nerf. Well thats hypocrisy right there. Beam HALO is only one unit, which just shows that some units benefit more from some mods than others. And from what i have observed, there are WAY more rof- abuing units than range abusers. Look at norakta, he has frameglitched rof rof trident, roffed up tyrant, and probably several other culprits. Evernewb has rof rof hammerhead which fires every 2 feames with heatsinks, but no one complains about that one because EVERYBODY ALSO HAS A FRAMEGLITCHING PHALANX THAT NULLIFIES PROJECTILES. See what I mean, too much rof! Even naval yard is pretty useless without cloak now thanks to overpowered laser. Since my beam halo doesn’t have a convenient frameglitching unit to hard counter they say it is broken…
Anyway WATCH YOUR MOUTHS SLOFS (slut+rof),
Sincerely a proponent of non-HIPPOcrisy

I’d be fine with a ROF nerf.

Current blank laser = 3 frames. (fire, wait, wait, repeat)

If you add only 3 techs onto it : Beam Doctrine + 15% fire rate, beam doctrine + 15%, and 1 Heatsink +10% fire rate. It turns into a 1 frame laser.

That’s a +200% DPS.

Instead, 20% fire rate should boost DPS by 20%. No more.

To accomplish that, the rof formula should change to: FrameTotal * (FrameTotal / (FrameTotal * 1.ROF))

So in that laser example, it should be:

3 * ( 3 / ( 3 * 1.4)) = 2.14 total frames.

Round that down to 2. (below x.5 = round down, otherwise, round up)

So that means a 3 frame blank laser, becomes a 2 frame laser.

Phalanx would also be fixed by this. Phalanx is currently 2 frames total. (fire, wait, repeat)

In order for Phalanx to reach 1 frame blocking (which can be reached right now with just +10% fire rate!) it would take 35 rof. (35 rof would make phalanx fire at 1.49 frames, that rounds down to 1)

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Originally posted by solderq1:

For some reason I haven’t seen any really boss players on qm lately (no offense), like mebbi was on earlier today but I wasn’t able to play him. And I guess Fate just puts his head down and works on level100 campaign, never heard of him on multi.


I haven’t been playing PVP for a long while after reaching over 2600 rating back… in April 2015?

I then decided to reach for a high campaign level, and the goal was level 100 beaten. (moved it to beating 101, just to be sure) Which I reached maybe 2 months ago, and stopped. So the high score board at that time was Forex, then Rapidity, then me, as the top 3 campaigners.

I’ll get back into PVP eventually. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / OE3 - Obliterate Everything 3 - Topic Index


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Topic: General Gaming / OE3 - Obliterate Everything 3 - Update Ideas

Easy things that CWW can program in fast.

1) Edgeslasher (and all boomerang weapons) should release all their bullets at once, in all directions. Make it a burst weapon.

2) Falcon should get more laser weaponry. Maybe give it a laser turret, or, remove the bombs from its sides, and turn them into Lasers. But each laser will have a tiny different ranges and cool downs. (this will make them fire at different times almost always)

3) Mantis, I’d say it needs to be more different from Piranha. Maybe give it an armor boost to 30, and make its bullets closer. (to beat phalanx more)

4) Spores shouldn’t kill buildings instantly. Instead give the building permanent ACID (but a quicker acid) and let it die. After it dies, it will explode with an AOE acid effect.

5) HQ Station should not die to Black Holes and Spores. Or if it does, it should not take the whole base with it. So I’d suggest that if a Station is Black Holed or Spored, it blows up, but the battle keeps going. (it becomes like OE2, where every building must die)

6) Store changes? Well, I think it might be nice if the store was like this: 1 spot is a blank. 1 spot is either an Aux or Tech. And the rest of the spots are blues and reds.

7) I’d like to see more advantages and incentives to reach higher levels in campaign. Make this rule: “The llast boss you beat, is the bonus % you get to the upgrade menu” That means, the higher the boss you beat, the more good stuff you get from Upgrades. This would encourage people to play further.

8) Remove the Rating cheat exploit. Also make the gap for getting ratings about 2000 rating. (right now I think it’s about 500) That means, that if a 2500 fights a 1000 rating person, that 2500 person gets rating. This will help clean out the high score board of fakers.

9) Phalanx should shoot down Spores. (this will make yellow stronger)

10) All CPU human bases should get 1 Phalanx.

11) All tactical shields / mega shields / base shields should do reflect damage. Bouncing bullets back.

12) All tactical shields / mega shields / base shields should wait until they are at 50% till they return, but they should also start regenerating right away.

13) You should further encourage players to get to higher levels in campaign with more prizes.

13a) Give out the aliens ships as boss prizes. On Level 20-24, give out infestor ships as boss prizes.
On levels 25-29 give out Cloud ships. Alien ships might be too powerful in some cases, so perhaps, level 20 should give out an Infestor Station as an Aux. You must build that Aux to use any alien tech that mission. (make that the same for Cloud on 25)

13b) Give out Modded Auxilliaries as boss prizes too. On level 30-39 give out green Auxilliaries. 40-49 = blue Auxiliaries. 50+ = red auxilliaries.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Looting and Helium

Why not just give fractional Helium to the player, but hide the decimals?

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

The answers are as follows.

2nd artillery test is just an Acid Artillery, letting it fire continuously. How many shots it takes to kill a station.

The answer here, for you to guess was… it takes 20 Acid Artillery shots to kill a base! Which means, Acid SLOWS your DPS. Why? Because killing a Station without Acid takes 18 shots!

And on top of this, Artillery is one of the slowest firing weapons in the game!

3rd artillery test is just an Acid Artillery, but blowing it up for EACH SHOT, to count how many Acid arty shots it takes to kill the station if we let the acid burn.

The answer here is… 6 shots total!

That’s actually extremely huge.

Me and Evernewb did some further testing an figured out 1 arty shot can kill any 1 turret, if unshielded. An we tried to test the exact damage it did.

We came up with 176 damage.

So that means, a basic arty shot does 56. And a full acid burn shot does 176. So, 176/56 = 3.14

Wow, so acid makes weapons do 3.14 damage? Thats +214% damage. (Fusion is +50%)

Pretty wild. But, Acid sucks. Because the third test is unrealistic. While the second test is much more typical of a fight. Most fighting is done on frontal ships VS frontal ships, under CONSTANT fire. And even with one of the slowest weapons in the game! (artillery) it still couldn’t beat a non-acid BLANK version artillery!

In theory Acid does more damage over time. But in actual practice Acid is horrible. Don’t forget that shields highly stop acid (and each bullet is even less damage, not just the missing acid burn), and even if you do get the acid burn applied, in Multiplayer people can just use 1 repair turret and its all gone!

Acid is garbage. Sell Acid techs. Sell any ship you own with acid. It’s WORSE than a blank!

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

New test results obtained.

Ever wonder how good or bad acid is?

Question yourself, if Fusion is +50% damage VS armor, how much better or worse is Acid if you take into account the acid burn damage?

What is your answer? +40%? +50%? +75%?

Try to come up with an answer on Acid damage to see if you can guess, then read below.

Ok so here is the test I made.

3 artillery tests VS a plain Station that has 1000 HP.

1st artillery test is plain. Just to count how many shots it takes for a plain arty to kill a Station.

This is the base comparison.

Can you figure it out? It’s pretty simple. Artillery is 56 damage per bullet. A Station is 1000 HP.

1000 hp / 56 damage = 17.86 shots, which means it takes 18 shots.

Tested and confirmed. It is 18.

2nd artillery test is just an Acid Artillery, letting it fire continuously. How many shots it takes to kill a station.

3rd artillery test is just an Acid Artillery, but blowing it up for EACH SHOT, to count how many Acid arty shots it takes to kill the station if we let the acid burn.

So the last 2 tests get to the heart of the matter. What are the answers to those 2 questions if you were to guess? What would you expect?

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Another reactor comparison test.

Here is the set up.

1 player has 4 Batteries(+ 50 start up energy).
The other player has 4 Power Cores(+ 5% energy generation).

Its a standard PVP match. Which starts with 500 energy, and default of +8 energy generated per second. (each reactor costs 150 energy, and generates +3 energy per second)

The question becomes, how many Reactors can each build until the Power Core player over takes the 4 Batteries player in number of Reactors?

The answer is: At 15 reactors, 4battery is STILL AHEAD. At 16 reactors they are tied. At 17 reactors FINALLY 4PowerCore wins.

Conclusion: Power Core sucks.

The question becomes, why does Power Core take so long to catch up with Batteries. The math behind it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / OE4 Suggestions

How to deal with Disconnects and Surrenders in OE4

Rule for all PVP. There is always 1 winner, and 1 loser. Draws should be very rare.

If someone gets disconnected, here is what should happen.

1) Detect if that 1 player who got disconnected is truly not logged in or not.
Choose one of the following:

1A) If 1 of the player is not logged in, then the other player will play VS his AI. This will determine who wins or loses.

1B) If the other player IS logged in, continue to step 2.

2) If both players can continue to fight, reconnect both players and let the match continue. UNLESS, this disconnection between the 2 players has happened a certain number of times. (2? 3? 4? 5?) Then what happens is….

3) BOTH players go into SEPARATE matches on the disconnect, but continue to play VS AI opponents using the same ships and last know state of the battle. (AI matches cannot disconnect since the battle is local)
Then what happens here is based on 3 possibilities.

2A) 1 player wins. Player 1 beats his AI enemy. Player 2 loses to his AI. Outcome, Player 1 gets the PVP win. (1 player winning should be the most common outcome)

2B) 2 players win. Player 1 beats his AI enemy. Player 2 beats his AI enemy. They both won? Well in that case, which ever player won FASTER, is the true winner.

2C) 2 players lose. Player 1 loses to his AI enemy. Player 2 also loses to his AI enemy. If they both lose (unlikely), then whoever died FASTER is the LOSER. The other player will get the win. (rating and platinum)

4) If either player ever surrenders, that player is the automatic loser. BUT, the enemy player MUST continue the fight with the AI enemy. The other player will NOT be told his opponent surrendered.

4A) If a player surrenders/disconnects over 3 times in a half hour, he will not be able to play PVP again until the other player is finished with his AI. The PVP screen for the massive surrendering player will say “Too many surrenders, please wait.”

5) The only place a draw should happen is if both players get disconnected, and neither can do do their AI match. If such a thing happens this likely means there was some massive failure on the servers or internet for both players. This will be the only draw situation. No wins or losses will be awarded. It will be as if the match never happened.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

A small comparison test for “When is it smart to build another reactor?”

Lots of people just build reactor after reactor. But, when is it truly smarter to build a new reactor?

Here’s a small test.

2 extractors, these both gain +4 metal per second. (total +8)

Building an arty halo. (total 700 energy, and 600 metal)

Test comparison build orders:
1) Extractor, extractor, arty halo.
2) Extractor, extractor, reactor, arty halo.

Which gets you a faster arty halo? Arty Halo needs 700 energy, thats a ton.

Well, here is the test results.

2 extractors alone, when they reach 600 metal, at that moment, Energy reaches 602 energy.

However, 2 extractors, then 1 reactor, when we reach 600 metal (same as the above) we reach 622 energy.

That means that at somewhere around 600 energy is the switching point. Before 600 energy, 0 reactor is best. AFTER needing 600 energy, 1 reactor is best. (that means, to build an arty halo 1 reactor is best, because its energy costs are so high, but cheaper capitals might not need that)

But there is a further wrinkle, if all we want to build is 700 energy, we can sell each Extractor for 63 energy (total 126 energy for 2 of them) once you reach your metal goal. (you can even sell the reactor if you bought 1)

So 600 energy isn’t necessarily the point where you want to build 1 reactor, for a singular goal.

I guess I need to do a few more tests. But I didn’t expect the numbers to be so close at 600 energy.

That really makes the case for 0 reactors being really good for lots of builds.

BTW, I was rushing a blank Arty Halo on my all blanks account:

Proof of all blanks set up:

Proof of beating bosses with blanks: (check the turrets, they are blank/clear)

Rushing the arty halo with this tech combo: Base Cannons, Fusion Munitions, Base Shields, Manufacturing

Currently at level 12 with all blank ships. No reds. blues, or even green upgraded ships. And it’s not at all difficult yet.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

I officially call BS on the frames and Fire Rate Mod system.

Look at the above, and now look at the new data. I’ll post things as a comparison. First is a blank, and the next is a blank with a Heatsink.

[2 frames] fire,wait,repeat
+HS=[1 frame] fire,repeat Twice as good!

►200 Laser
[3 frames] fire,wait,wait,repeat
+HS=[2 frames] fire,wait,repeat 50% dps boost!

Keep those in mind. Now look at Spectre.

Outer blasters
[2 frames] fire,wait,repeat
+HS=[2 frames] THE SAME!
Center blaster
[3 frames] fire,wait,wait,repeat
+HS=[3 frames] THE SAME!

►Trident (4 main cannons)
[3 frames] fire,wait,wait,repeat
+HS=[3 frames] THE SAME!

►Quad Micromissiles
[26 frames] fire,wait,wait,fire,wait,wait,fire,19wait,repeat
+HS=[25 frames] fire,wait,wait,fire,wait,wait,fire,18wait,repeat 1 FRAME DIFFERENCE?!

2 Outer Center missiles

2 Inner Center missiles

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**


►Blank Quad Micromissiles
fire,wait,wait,fire,wait,wait,fire,19wait,repeat. (26 total frames)

►Blank Cataclysm
2 inner center most missiles: fire,6wait,repeat. 7 total
2 outer center most missiles: fire,4wait,repeat. 5 total.
giant outer missiles: ???
After first 4 center fire, on 5th inner firing, it syncs and repeat.
After first 4 center fire, on 7th outer firing, it syncs and repeat.
I:: 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 1 1 4
O: 4 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1 1 4
^ 35 frame cycle. 7 * 5 [key:4=all4, 1=wait, F=firing]

►Blank Trident (main gun)
fire,wait,wait,repeat (outer bullets have more speed than center bullets)

►Blank Spectre
2 outside blasters: fire, wait. (2 frames total)
center blaster: fire, wait, wait. (3 frames total)

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Dream units I wish I owned.

Rof Rof Rofs of Spectre, Trident, Cataclysm, Laser, Micro, BeamHalo.
(and for testing, Spartan, Hades, Apoc, Ragna, VoidLance)

Range Range Rof BeamHalo

Range Range Rof Laser

Range Range Iridium BombRack
Range Range Rof BombRack

Range Range Freeze Quad
Range Range Freeze Blaster

Range Range Rof Phalanx
Range Range Insurance Phalanx

Fury SD Fusion Jupiter
Fury SD ShieldA Jupiter
Fury SD Cloak Jupiter
Fury SD HangarRate Jupiter

SD ExtraFighters Cloak Tremor
SD ExtraFighters HangarRate Tremor
SD ExtraFighters Fusion Tremor

Sapp SD ExtraFighers Corv
Sapp ExtraFighters HangarRate Corv

Rof Rof ShieldA Tyrant

The only dream red unit I own is Rof Rof Rof Miner. (which is pretty awesome, probably best unit to own in general, it will never go out of style)

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

So let’s do some test cases.

Miner Bay cost VS Miner FY (miner=75 energy cost)
7.5(75 + 35) VS (200 + 75) + 1.25(200)
825 VS 525
825/525 = 1.57

That means Miner FY is 57% better than building the same amount of Miners via fighter bays.

Now let’s do a Scorpion comparison.

Scorp Bay VS Scorp Navy (cost = 25, 225)
3.33(225 + 1.25*325) VS 325 + 1.25*625
1833.32 / 1106.25 =

Navy Scorp is 66% better than building normal medium bay scorps.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Navy and Fighter Yard efficiency.

Earlier in this topic I did a small bit of math for Navy Yard VS Medium Bay efficiency. That work is outdated, so why not redo it.

Base data:
Fighter bay = 75 frames between ships (35 energy)
Medium bay = 100 frames (200 energy + 100 metal)
Capital bay = 100 frames (400 energy + 300 metal)
Fighter Yard = 4 fighters, every 40 frames (200 energy + 200 metal)
Navy Yard = 4 mediums, every 120 frames (300 energy + 400 metal)

1 Fighter Yard produces 7.5 times more ships than 1 Fighter Bay.

1 Navy Yard produces 3.33 times more ships than 1 Medium Bay.

To produce +1 energy every 10 frames takes 50 energy. (150/3)
To produce +1 metal every 10 frames takes 62.5 energy. (extractor, 250/4)
So that means that 1 metal is 25% more valuable than 1 energy.

It is possible to say there are different costs for metal, especially since you can have a Rof Rof Rof Exhumer. But it’s also true that you get +8 energy generation for free (and can start with 500, 1250 or even 2000 energy. And that really can cut down on the cost of energy.) So to solve that, I figure try to use a more objective approach. 1 reactor vs 1 extractor.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / OE4 Suggestions

With the new way that OE4 is doing ships (ships are built in parts,hull + weapons + engines + systems) I’m going to suggest a new system for telling whats a good ship, or a bad ship at a glance.

The old system was blank < green < blue < red, which referred simply to how many mods that ship had. (0<1<2<3)

Perhaps how the new system can work is more gradual? Since each part of the ship is unique, rather than the ship as a whole, it would work better as each part is given a color?

(also, I’d reorganize the color system into a simple light system, red < orange < yellow < green < blue < purple, based on light wavelength laser power)

For example, Engine A (red) < Engine B (orange) < Engine C (yellow) < Engine D (green) < Engine E (blue) < Engine F (purple)

Unless that’s not how OE4 works?

Perhaps that’s not good either as I don’t like the whole Engine A-E and Shield A-E system in oe3. Perhaps each part on each ship is unique, and there isn’t really a grading system at all. (I hope) Like, Plasma Gun vs Laser vs Missiles. You can’t really rank one of those as weak and 1 as powerful.

Perhaps the way the system works in oe4 is each ship is a mish mash or parts, but, on top of it allllll… there is the familiar oe3 mod system?

In that case, I guess the traditional system is fine.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / OE4 Suggestions

Also, skirmishes would have an even 3 way split.

As for the game’s goals, I think there should certainly be lots of achievements built into the game.

Ach’s are good for giving the general player a goal to reach for.

Here are some suggestions (since we don’t know how oe4 plays out, the suggestions willl be based on oe3)

Title / how it works

1) “God of war” / You have 1 of each possible unit in red. (Red Apocalypse, Red Ragnarok, Red Jupiter, etc) / Red = mars = god of war.

2) “So metal!” / You have built two carriers that use miners (Legion+miner and Corv+Miner) / Lots of metal

3) “Greenhorn” / All available slots in your armory are at least green or better. (all green turrets, meds, fighters, caps)

4) “Fat Plats” / Over 1000 platinum gained total, 100+ currently in bank.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Obliterate Everything 3 topic, online VS multiplayer space shooter **game updated 7/6/2015**

Doubled artillery halo, VS level 99 pincer.

Doubling a capital is done just by making a capital bay in 1 spot while paused, then blowing it up, and rebuilding it. This will produce an extremely powerful overlapping arty halo that can pierce even highly phalanxed and defended bases (my arty halo is fusion + fire rate) because all the mjolnirs aim at the same targets. (and the fusion eats any capitals in the way)

This technique is good to use in tight spaces when you don’t have constructor.

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Topic: Mini Heroes / You can buy Templates in the General Store for 1 Paragon... but...

You can also buy Templates for 1 Paragon in the Auction House.

So here is the question.

Would you rather give 1 Paragon to a player? Or 1 Paragon to the NPC?

Why and why not?

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Topic: Mini Heroes / How to fix Duels (make 1 AP moves cost 0 AP, easy) it's a way to keep players playing.

Yes, my idea divides people into arenas based on level.


Another big issue with duels I noticed is AP Drain.

It’s totally ridiculous that AP drain is so dominating in duels.

AP drain is -5 AP. Most people have 10 AP. 1 infuser with -5 AP is like adding 50% immobile to any piece of gear! -10 AP Drain usually means doom (99%). -15 for 99.9%

Two fixes I would put in to fix AP drain. First, easiest solution Likwid could add today, so easily, is he could turn every skill that takes 1 AP, into taking 0 AP. So so so easy to add! :D And it would fix so so so much!

Second (and optional for Likwid), AP Regen (and MP regen) should happen at the BEGINNING of your turn. Not the end.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / OE4 Suggestions

Other ideas for OE4 that don’t get much attention.

1) Achievements/Trophies.

2) EXP levels.

3) Battle stats.

4) Constructor limits.
Now in OE4 there is no more Constructor. Instead, Reactors get the constructor ability!
IMO this sound fun, but potentially iimbalanced.
Here’s my solution.

Limit the maximum build range to a center line. Splitting the map in half.