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Topic: Off-topic / Should killing an animal have the same punishment as killing a HUMAN?

morality:[sapient_kill: horrendous]

{non-human animal
[is.sapient=probably not.]

…it makes sense to me.

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

lovely avatar+name combo you got.

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Topic: Off-topic / Whats you're problem?

Wherever you are, there you will be.
That’s probably why people “are a jerk” to you.

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Topic: Off-topic / We all know its not true... It just happens all the time....

Originally posted by Aleazor:
Anybody throwing around the word fag is confused about their own sexuality.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Minimum Definition of God

Random jerk is in control of the matrix, and spawns a couple of worlds. one of them happens to be ours.

There’s your minimum god.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

Originally posted by Frostbringer:

I think if it helps to understand the position of atheists, if you look at the though experiment of the Invisible Pink Unicorn . Because that’s exactly what atheists see, if Christian are talking about their god.


I used to believe in the Christian God.

Then I discovered that the god who supposedly “cares about everyone, especially the little kids” was unwilling to contact me in a verifiable way.

Therefore, the God described in the Christian bible does not exist, as this unwillingness to contact me was contrary to the description in the Bible.

The rest is simple Occam’s razor: if two theories fit the data equally well, then the simpler theory is more likely.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ten questions evolutionists can't answer

Originally posted by Cwovictor:
Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

I agree with Cwovictor. If a majority believes in something, how can you say it’s false? We shouldn’t be letting an elitist minority decide what’s true for us.

You can’t deny the possibility that the minority is right, though.

To be more precise, believing what the majority believes, solely because the majority believes it, is the echo-chamber fallacy.
“majority believes X” is evidence for X, but it is very weak evidence.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ten questions evolutionists can't answer

“If X is true, i want to believe X is true. if X is not true, I want to not believe X is true. "

you want to use the bible as evidence?
LOGICAL FALLACY: appeal to authority.

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

1. If life came from nothing on random, why doesn’t it appear in sterilized equipment by accident?

we did not QUITE come from nothing. evolution does not deal with the existence of the universe; evolution requires matter to work with. The next level up is the “big bang” which is rather off-topic.

2. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

biological niches. A group of monkeys got separated from the rest of the monkeys, and managed to wind up in circumstances with a high selection pressure for more intelligence, thereby starting the cycle to evolve into humans. the other monkeys did not experience this pressure.

3. Why do bananas fit so nicely in our hands?

becuase our hands have evolved to be generally good at grasping.

4. If God doesn’t exist, who created the universe?

Exactly! nobody!
Theories requiring an intelligence are more complicated, and therefore a priori less likely, than theories not requiring an intelligence; this is Occam’s Razor.

5. Why don’t animals randomly give birth to new species like evolution tells us?

It’s not “randomly give birth to new species”. typically, only one base pair is mutated at a time. deletions/insertions are more complicated. rule of thumb: if the change is severe enough to force it to be a new species, it needs multiple generations to occur.

6. Why are lifebeings so perfect?

they aint.

7. How did cells learn to work together and form complex animals?

8. Where is the missing link?

What missing link? if you mean holes in the fossil record, that’s because every time something in a gap is found, it creates two new holes…but those holes are smaller in size.

9. Where does your morality come from? Where does your soul come from? Where does beauty come from?

a. from the same force that causes lions to not kill other lions: if you kill your offspring, you don’t get to reproduce.
b. define “soul”. too many people use “soul” to mean too many different things.
c. Beaty? a biological mechanism to say “so and so looks like a fit mate”. it got a bit…scrambled when human brains reached some critical threshold; this particular question happens to be near the present limits of brain science, so there is little more to say for now.

10. Who wrote the DNA code?

Nobody. if it had been written by an intelligence, it would have a a lot more “crystallinity”; for example, if you write some computer code, and edit a random letter, it will almost never work, and usually won’t compile. by contrast, if you change a single base pair in DNA, it will usually form an organism, and has a roughly 1/3 chance of being perfectly viable.

DISCLAIMER: that 1/3rd is based upon ‘top of my head’ calculations.

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Topic: Off-topic / Boo boos :(

Took a doorknob to the head, had to get stitches.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

i will get to doing dramatic reads on them asap

Do MLP Loops last if you do that, it’s crazy long.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Originally posted by acsagers:

even though the EU is now non-canon, it is still a big part of Star Wars and the flood would get its but whooped by force users

Jedis etc. only help if they nip the problem in the bud, at the early-game flood stage. Late game Star Road spam tears apart the galaxy once the flood gets to that point.

…except the trio of godlikes who sealed themselves away to avoid risking the destruction of the universe. Those could maybe do something. or maybe not. Nothing else has the feats to do enough damage to star roads, fast enough, to matter.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

I am morbidly curious as to what you said that got removed. PM me with the summary?

And now for my fic recommendations:
Past sins
A cult takes the leftovers of Nightmare Moon and puts them together to form a filly. Twilight adopts her and names her Nyx.
Nyx goes on to become one of the most widely-recognized OC’s in pony fiction.

Mlp Loops
Twilight sparkle is caught in a groundhog day loop. She’s not the only one. Hilarity ensues.
Actually, almost anything by Saphroneth is worth a read.

Great Alicorn Hunt
Twilight’s not the only one who turn into an immortal alicorn: her friends turn into alicorns as well. They go around trying to locate any additional alicorns in hiding, in the hope they can eventually get enough alicorns to start turning EVERYONE into an immortal alicorn.

Originally posted by ZombieLuigi:

All human fics are generic, boring and usually the same thing over and over again.

Oh, right!

Tries to be a realistic Human in Equestria story. Hilarity ensues.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Originally posted by VeryMature:

mlp dont exist it aint reel duh

And neither does DBZ or naruto.

Your point was?

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

I’m trying to figure out why MLP appeals to adult men, so…

what about the show appeals to you?

inb4 stots removes this post because only bronies are “allowed” to post here

They may be excessively cute ponies, but they are kickass, cute, nice ponies who thrive in a deathworld. Seriously.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Originally posted by CombatExclaim:

Lauren Faust said sometime ago that she doesn’t like how the show has gotten a reputation for catering to “widdle gurlies,”

It got that reputation because of G1, G3, G3.5, and “Hey, excessively cute ponies! It’s gotta be girly, right?”

Anyone who’s watched “Twilight’s Kingdom” knows this isn’t quite correct. Hello DBZ-style fight, but with slightly more intelligent participants.

Pinkie Pie

She is an eldritch abomination with reality warping powers who happens to love parties. Sure, she’s annoying at times, but she can kick ass if it’s funny for her to do so.
To be precise, she is part TOON.

Originally posted by Aleazor:

The first two seasons are cannon. Lauren Faust admittedly wasn’t making a show to sell products. She had a story to tell, and she told it. People who appreciate good stories picked up on it.

I hate the theme song. It makes me cringe.

Agree. I actually like the G1 theme better…or at least, the way it’s rendered in the movie.

for anyone who doesn’t know the G’s…

G1. bunch of pastel-colored ponies. Cheif super-weapon is the Rainbow of Light, which is mostly wielded by a human named Megan. Is mostly blatant advertising for the toys, but I do recommend watching the first two episodes and the movie to get an idea of what it was like.
G2: doesn’t have much animated material.
G3: widely regarded as the worst of pony stuff. It is sugarbowl world at its worst.
G3.5: many would like to pretend this bit doesn’t even exist. “Rainbow Dash always dresses in style” is the catchphrase of g3.5 bashing.
G4: FiM, Friendship is Magic: the super-weapon is the “elements of Harmony”, which are not as easily wielded as the old Rainbow of Light; you need 6 normal ponies with highly specific qualities, or two “Alicorns”, to wield them reliably. Admittedly, I want to smack Celestia for trying to keep the elements in a chest, but I complement the writers on their strategy for keeping the Elements of harmony from going the way of the Rainbow of light-aka a superweapon that has to be nerfed because it keeps getting used.

The characters are much more rounded than their G1 counterparts, and undergo actual character growth. There are actual season-spanning plots. (chest keys).

not to say it doesn’t have its share of idiot balls…

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Hey everyone!

The Extended Universe has now been rendered completely non-cannon thanks to Disney!

No more “herp derp teraton fighter weapons because of dis one book herp derp”.

You may now recalculate EVERYTHING.

I’ve been learning more about halo since I’ve last posted.

Based solely on Game-Mechanics, early-game flood looses, hard. Bobba fett shows up with flamethrower; bye-bye flood!

Early flood, given a half-decent amount of competence that it doesn’t necessarily have, spreads through Wars like wildfire, without being noticed unless the Jedi manage to figure out where their visions are coming from, and nip it in the bud within the first day or two.

Peak-strength storyline flood, on the other hand, has reality warping that outstrips any use of the Force seen in the movies, and even beats Palpatine’s EU (and now non-cannon) “Force Storm”. Furthermore, it can spam massive, nigh-indestructable things called “star roads”; I am sure a death star would be able to damage or even destroy some of them, but Wars won’t be able to keep up with the sheer production rate of these things.

However, I remain unsure as to how well the Covenenant could do against the Empire.

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Topic: General Gaming / FlashTrek: Broken Mirror 2

Originally posted by Kreigsheld:

this game is totally broken. They really need to patch the hell out of this game

I heard a rumor that the creator is dead.

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Topic: General Gaming / Ever met/know someone who says that flash games are stupid?

Originally posted by slasher:

I used to love flash games, but now they are all MMOs and pay to win games. The golden age of flash games is pretty much over. Just look at the newest hot games on Kongregate. Half of them are MMOs, the other half are idle games. It’s been fun, but the flash gaming industry is pretty much dead. There are a few games I am looking forward to from a few artists, but other than that it is just a waiting game for the one good game to come every few months.


Too true…though there’s a massive overlap, with lots of low-quality Pay2Win MMO’s coming out.

I miss the days when I could waltz into my offline files, open up the flash game directly in the browser, and mess around with buttons that I wasn’t supposed to push to break the game in random ways, or mess with it via forward/back…

Actually, I recall one “pay for full version” game that you could play as a full version if you did that…provided you didn’t mind the complete and utter lack of graphics. [cackles] ah, good times, good times…

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Best Gem?

That pic looks like it was from before the pylon cap.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / How to save this game?? (if clear browser history all lost??)

Have a completely different user account at the operating system level.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Supergemming(GCL + GC2)

My own expiriments with supergemming at low grades have produced abysmal results as well, but the results for high grades are quite clearly in favor of supergemming…

Perhaps I’ll do another round of testing now that I’m sure I know how to supergem correctly- my early results may have been contaminated by a botched combining method.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / GC2:CS hit or miss?

only 15 fields?

Yeah, the gemcraft games have been getting progressively harder. you expected otherwise?

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / How does the +/- additional waves get affected by the Multiplier selection?

I have no idea what you’re running into…except maybe some random variance in exactly how many monsters are in a given wave, which may have interfered with managain from angering…

Go with fewer monsters instead of reduced waves, since more monsters interferes both with gaining mana from angering, and the angering multiplier at the end.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / GemCraft Chasing Shadows

they will.

Peter (game in a bottle) has an agreement with armor games: he has to put it up there first for a few months before he can send it elsewhere. no I’m not quite sure what he gets out of this deal, but it’s probably More Money.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Suggestions for GC:CS

ah, the fusion [i]suggestion[/i] was what was messed up.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Suggestions for GC:CS

How does fusion stop you from supergemming? headscratch

For difficulty, I was thinking along the lines of “dooming” difficulty: +1337 starting hp, and…maybe 1 or two fewer waves to double hp relative to glaring…and an extra 50 waves.