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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Need help - mana farm or other leveling ideas

Originally posted by klopmand:

The game is gemcraft, version4ish. Not farmcraft. So allow me to poise some ?

wl105? Why mana craft?

Beat the fields, gain XP, gemcraft, baby!

Mana farm? Enrage, trait, earn XP. Lvl up.

WL502, never mana farmed, that I know of, just keep creeps off me orb

Mana farms are the only way to break into “grade 30+” territory. you can win without extensive mana farming, but mana farming is the only way to get obscene scores.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How powerful is a level 12 gem?

Originally posted by James146:

Tell me what does it feel like to have a level 12 gem. Would a single one of those gems be enough to destroy all the monsters in a tomb?

Also, what do gems look like if they are upgraded to a level higher than 12? I never realized that there was a level 16 gem in the first place, so I’m just a bit curious.

It doesn’t feel like anything special, if that’s what you’re asking. Then again, most of those who are likely to keep visiting this subforum are likely to have made grade 20+ gems as sacrifices to make the monsters tougher, frequently AFTER hitting the 999 monster cap.

They don’t look any different, unless you have the option to show gem-grade on, in which case a number appears over them.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Best Gem?

Red/Orange/black and Red/Yellow/Black are the best gems…in the post-game.

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Topic: Off-topic / I acidentally peed on my dad's keyboard! HELP

Originally posted by unicorns:
Originally posted by yesNOnoYESyesNO:

Blame it on the dog.

are dog is nootered he cant pee

He can. He just can’t aim properly.

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Topic: Off-topic / have you guys ever tried a meme before

This kind of meme?
not the memes

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How to play without the pouch?

Originally posted by vesperbot:

30 you say? I don’t see that a black gem with even 100M hits is better than a similar white gem at grade 45 (1r7b8y vs 1r7w8y, both gems grade 45 – bloodbound grants x23, poolbound grants x31). Maybe with skills they’d differ, but without skills black loses. That was on Y6 with almost-maxed traits, hatred at 2 and mana lock at 4.

Also I wonder does X5 drop talisman shards. And, how does the game drop shadow cores, barring pure random? When I first ran K5 glaring with 7/7/7/7/2/2 traits, I spent ~200 cores and got 400 in return, now I spent about as much at Y6 and got a mere 61 core.

Trust me, after a certain point, black >>>white, even without skills; it might be that grade 45 is the switchover point without skills, but the switchover happens eventually, regardless.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / What is your goal in the endgame?

Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:

The game hint says use poison on spires, since that bypasses the max damage limit. so make a high level poison gem in the path of the spire and start beaming, see if that works.

I don’t remember having trouble with spires before. High fire-rate gems or lots and lots of mid-damage gems are better…have they been buffed or something?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / sleeping hive can doom you quickly

I did that once, out of morbid curiosity.

I lost very, very quickly.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Whats the point of leveling up?

Originally posted by BLOONINCINERATOR:

If you don’t have the pouch, either go NO traits (to farm shadow cores or for beating the field) or AS MANY TRAITS AS YOU CAN HANDLE (to level up). By “as many as you can handle”, I mean to the point that you nearly die, even when using all your spells.

It actually depends. there’s a couple maps where, for best results, what you want to do is leave yourself margin room so that you can summon way more monsters.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Forgotten darkening the UI

It’s been a while, but I think it does.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Can't see tooltips

Go to options, and scroll down to “info panels”. It’s between visual performance and custumization.

check “show info panels”

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Whats the point of leveling up?

Originally posted by trwwells:

So you level up and become better, but then you have to add traits to make the game more difficult so its a challenge. But making the game more difficult rewards you with tons more XP, making you stronger. So then you have to repeat the whole process over again…

I feel like the game should add in the traits automatically instead of me doing it. The Shadow cores should be used to make the game easier, as in when you are stuck on a level you can use some to make it conquerable.

Most people do not add traits to increase the challenge of the map. Instead, most people add traits to increase the exp they get, at the price of making the map harder; too many traits, and the map cannot be completed.

As mentioned, the maps get harder as you go along. At one point, you will have to deal with periodically losing the ability to do anything because the Forgotten is messing with you.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / 4k screen problems

Zoom in on the browser, perhaps?

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / How to play without the pouch?

Getting levels “fast” should not be your goal. If previous versions of gemcraft, it was possible to do long endurance runs with lots of angering to get lots of levels quickly. In this game, without the magician’s pouch….that’s pretty much not going to happen.

Well, strictly speaking it’s possible, but you have to get up to the 100-200 range to do it and boost up to the level 1000-2000 range…and by possible I mean “if you know exactly what you’re doing you can adapt the pouch-based guides.”

There’s also a handful of fields where you can still do lesser jumps in level.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the biggest burn/butthurt moment you have ever seen on the internet?

The creation of “suggsverse”

This guy called Lionel Suggs was participating in various X vs Y debates, and was getting upset that his favorite franchises keep losing…

So he made a steaming pile of crap known as suggsverse in a desperate attempt to make himself feel better despite how butthurt. In the greatest of irony, his work doesn’t even win debates properly.

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Topic: Off-topic / if pichu evolves into pikachu

Originally posted by 15man:
Originally posted by burntfires22:
Originally posted by 15man:
Originally posted by Gabidou99:

I’m talking about instant evolution. Humans and other real life animals evolve trough years and years, while Pokemon just change forms like that.

in the pokemon lore they do

It’s like how your carpet darkens after a while, but you don’t really notice it until you look under the sofa

that’s not what i’m saying. . .
In the pokemon lore. . .humans evolve like Pokemon.
and are. a class of pokemon

Citation needed.

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Topic: Off-topic / Naruto VS DBZ

In a fight, DBZ would rofl stomp everything in naruto with the possible exception of kaguya; the problem is that, in Naruto, a moon-slicing sword and a planet busting attack were considered big deals, while Dragon Ball had moon busting attacks way, way back before Dragon Ball became Dragon Ball Z…and the power levels have only gone up from there; by the end of the series, we have Buu, who could spam planet buster after planet buster and not get tired, while Goku was able to put up a fight with him.

Which one is a better series, however, has nothing to do with which would win in a fight…though The Culture could totally take them both.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you trade 20 IQ points for 1,000,000 USD?

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:
Originally posted by fractalman:

No. I’d at least consider doing it for a billion, but at my level, 20 IQ points is worth more than a million dollars in potential money making…especially when one considers inflation.

From the way you phrase it, you sound like you are either a genius or an idiot. I’m curious as to what your “level” is.

Genius, albeit a lazy genius.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you trade 20 IQ points for 1,000,000 USD?

No. I’d at least consider doing it for a billion, but at my level, 20 IQ points is worth more than a million dollars in potential money making…especially when one considers inflation.

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Topic: Off-topic / You can get any mod demodded

Of course not. For starters, I’ve never played CoD in my life.

Second, risking my life just to get someone demodded…just isn’t worth it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do older people like my little pony so much? Whats so great about it..>?

It’s about a bunch of ponies who try to be nice to eachother despite living in a Dungeons and Dragons type deathworld.

Admittedly, some of the recent episodes seem to be suffering from trying to cram too much into a 20 minute episode, without taking the time to really flesh stuff out. The side effects include unfortunate implications that I really, really doubt the authors intended.

But…yeah, I do recommend trying to watch a few episodes, if only the “big episodes”, like the pilot episodes, and the Return of Harmony, and if you really like it, you can watch some of the other episodes as well.

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Topic: Off-topic / Crappy pickup lines

Are you an angel? Because your face looks like you fell from heaven.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are elfs the most powerful race ?

I note that your OP simply asks “are elves the most powerful race”, without taking the time to specify “within the Lord of the Rings universe”.

Thus, the correct answer is: they aren’t. Humans from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are far more powerful.

Restricting ourselves to the LOTR universe, the elves, for all their power, are a dying, fading race, with limited numbers, while humans are getting ever more numerous.

Thus, the correct answer is: Elves were the most powerful race, but they have faded; now, humans are the most powerful race.

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Topic: Off-topic / Did you know that Alligators have a portal to bunnyland in their mouth?

There is now a user named Ally the Alligator.

stop editing locked threads to be about me, you bully!

Brb lol’ing myself to death.

I agree with MmeBunneh: LOL

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Topic: Off-topic / Is it true that the my little ponies could take down GODZILLA ???

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Nope Godzilla would stomp those things to death. Hooray for Godzilla!

I will reiterate: which version of Godzilla are you referring to? There are certainly versions that could do it, but remember: the ponies have, as an ally/friend, a solar system level reality warper.