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Topic: Off-topic / Let's face the cold hard facts!

Climate change is a hoax created by tree-huggers who have no problem hurting the economy just so they can have their hippie utopia.

More evidence that Ubermorgen is insane or a troll.

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Topic: Off-topic / Describe OTers in one word

Ubermorgen: irrational.

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Topic: Off-topic / Regarding some anti-religious discussion on here

Originally posted by HoleOfSpam:
Originally posted by melbourneboy:

You can’t say Jesus didn’t exist but you know we’re wrong. Typical atheist pretending to be rational.

Typical religious believe in any bullshit that doesn’t exist.

Just because we don’t have particular evidence for it doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. Why do people believe in the Big Bang Theory if there’s no proof?

Ah, but there IS evidence for the big bang: background radiation, for starters.

You can’t say Jesus didn’t exist but you know we’re wrong. Typical atheist pretending to be rational.

Irrationality is dismissing evidence solely because the evidence doesn’t agree with your existing beliefs, and refusing to perform updates. You’re the only one who’s dismissed evidence on this thread. Why did you dismiss it? because it didn’t agree with your existing beliefs. That’s irrational.

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Topic: Off-topic / Regarding some anti-religious discussion on here

Do you know what else proves the existence of God? Cantor’s theorem. My link clearly supports my beliefs. Your Klomogorov complexity has nothing on Cantor’s theorem.

Ever heard of Occam’s razor? What I said about Klomogorov complexity is just a slightly more formal way of stating Occam’s razor, which in turn says that yes, in fact, the burden of proof is on you, because your theory (god) adds an entity.

Cantor’s theorem regards why the powerset of an infinite set is of a higher cardinality, and has nothing to do with proving/disproving God. klomogorov complexity, on the other hand, does have relevance.

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Topic: Off-topic / Regarding some anti-religious discussion on here

The burden of proof lies on the religious to prove that God exists. Why? Higher Klomogorov complexity

Theories with higher Kolmogorov complexity are the ones with the burden of proof, not the ones with a lower complexity.

Absence of evidence is evidence of absence and all that.

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Topic: Off-topic / (don't lock) Why do Dashneters ALWAYS take the bait?

Stop attacking dashnet. 4chan is a much more interesting target.

Fractalman grins evilly

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Topic: Off-topic / Thoughts on Unity? (engine, not the concept or game)

Originally posted by PuerMagnum:

more easily in flash.



There’s actually a good javascript game: Triglav.

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

Flash is pretty crap to try and program with. I never really liked coding in flash, but it is good for trying out random prototypes.

Unity is great to work with and is starting to become huge, plus it is pretty user friendly, unless you go into the more complicated stuff, and even then, it’s really good for a free engine.

Would this have anything to do with how low-end flash games tend to be horribly, horribly bug prone?

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

another fic rec:

a minor variation

Alternate universe in which the main characters wind up with different cutie marks. Warning: the author has some scene transition issues. These aren’t too bad if you are familiar with the events of the show, but if you’re not, the scene transitions will probably leave you horribly confused. Aside from that, the story is quite good, with a great balance between “fix fic” and “butterfly of doom”.

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Topic: Off-topic / Define a troll.

Fishes, lives under a bridge, and demands tolls from billy goats.

I am just a nice guy


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Topic: Off-topic / Furry vs Brony

Since this is already at the top…

There is an overlap between furry and brony. No comment as to how large that overlap is.


Topic: Off-topic / Off Topic Offical Corn Thread

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Topic: Off-topic / Tell me something you DONT know...

Originally posted by HC44:

It’s a paradox. But there’s a purpose in this topic.
I’m just checking the stupidity level of this community with a twisted attack.

So… let me hear things you have no clue whether they are true or not.


I don’t know if string theory is a valid description of our universe.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Originally posted by Ratonhake:

I fear for the future of this world.

raises eyebrow

I dare you to explain that in a calm and rational manner.

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Topic: Off-topic / I've almost finished downloading Skyrim and I think I'm hardcore (update: I dieded)

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

Argonians for life.

On a side note: Speaking of hardcore mode, yesterday I found out that RuneScape now has a hardcore mode where if you die your account gets deleted, and you lose your membership too if you bought it. Needless to say laughs were had.

links or its not legit.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

I’m glad you enjoyed me last night :)

I feel like you made an alt just to make that joke…whoever you really are.

Poor Fluttershy. In a crossover with worm, she winds up as the Simurgh. (it makes sense in context…). She wants to be the “make friends with humans” endbringer, but…

“There just wasn’t enough insulin!”

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Topic: Off-topic / What does "DP" mean?

Context is everything. Forums? Double Post. Pokemon? Diamond/Pearl.

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Originally posted by Holy2334:

Dammit I picked 3.14 before coming in here. Does that mean I fighnt nobody?

I think that means you’re fighting me, since I picked PI as well.

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Topic: Off-topic / So many idiots here in OT.

Originally posted by superfastjelly:

I could care less. I am sorry to be the baron of bad news, but with all do respect, you seem buttered,{snip}

nice copy-pasta. not.

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Topic: Off-topic / God isn't real

Careful, now. It took me 20+years to figure out that the god hypothesis lacked explanatory power, and I’m otherwise quite smart.

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Topic: Off-topic / autism ranking

I am morbidly curious as to what you think my “autism score” is.

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Topic: Off-topic / What would you do if the only font in existence was comic sans?

Invent a new font.

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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft

Originally posted by radar816:
Originally posted by Fronebular:
Originally posted by radar816:
Originally posted by aguspal:
Unafortunally, once you learn the basics and eventually learn how fucking dull the game truly is, and that its all about building and not exploring, surviving or discovering things, the magic goes away…. sad.

That was always my problem with it. It’s not a building game, but nor is it survival.

It’s Legos. That’s why it’s so popular with kids who are content to make their own wacky stories about whatever it is that they’re playing.

Kinda like action figure logic. They have no purpose, but kids always manage to give them one.

If it was like Legos it would be cooler, but if most of the time is spent collecting/making the blocks, it’s tedious.

Try creative mode?

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Topic: Off-topic / wasdwadwadswasd (Culture thread)

I am disappointed this is not about Ian Bank’s “The Culture”.

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Topic: Off-topic / [Bunnehs] are the best animal [:33333333333333]

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

Wow, mme edited the title and OP :’<

how could she HATE CROWS???? :’<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

What’s better than crows?
What’s better than bunnies?

Bunnies AND crows AND foxes AND

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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft

Originally posted by Gabidou99:
Originally posted by aguspal:

Its a decent timewaster if you havent got better games.!

Tell me any Computer games that is Better Than Minecraft. No CoD because you’ll immediately mention it.

Dwarf Fortress. Which…has a notoriously steep learning curve.