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Topic: Dream World / Puzzle Solver Site Disappeared

I just use a calculator to solve the chicken, 3 legged cows, horses puzzle, as well the gallons.
For the farm puzzle, it will give you two animals and ask for the amount of either of them. All you have to do is multiply the number of heads by the number of legs of the animal not being asked, then take the result from the number of heads divided by the difference in legs…
For example, there are horses and chickens. 116 legs, and 36 animals. How many horses are there?
step 1: Get the number of legs of the animal you’re not interested in finding the count and multiply by number of animals in total:
In that case, he wants to find horses, so you get chicken legs (2) x number of heads (36).
2 × 36 = 72
Step 2: Subtract the result from the total amount of legs
In this case, we found 72 chicken legs, so there must be 116 – 72 pairs of legs missing. You can do the direct math or inverse and the remove the negative sign.
116 – 72 = 44 or
72 – 116 = -44 (just remove the negative sign).
Step 3: Divide the result by the difference in the number of legs of the two animals
There are horses and chickens, so 4 legs and 2 legs.
4 -2 = 2
44 / 2 = 22 Horses in total, final answer.
a) 4x + 2y = 116
b) x + y = 36
Multiply b) by 2:
b) 2x + 2y = 72
Subtract b) from a):
4x – 2x + 2y – 2y = 116 – 72
2x + 0y = 44
x = 22
gg :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Use Boxmen (Game by Greg Sergeant) Text Comments by SiGim

My solution to level 10 is much simpler.

You just have to control the last switch so that it:

1) Is to the left, kills the right most Standing Boxman (wall)

2) Is to the right, let the Running Boxman pass by the first set of spikes

3) Is to the left, let the Running Boxman pass by the last set of spikes


Level 13 too, I came up with a much simpler solution.

1) Jump and create 2 Running Boxmen to either sides, and turn off the wall (needs some practice to synchronize both)

2) Go to the top right platform, create a Running Boxmen to right. You must do this when the middle Running Boxmen is about 1/3 of the way to set off the middle skull. Again, synchronization is the key.

3) Run go the left, and set the left switch so that the left side skulls are all gone, ie: XXOOO

4) Jump to the top right platform, face left, jump and create another Running Boxman to set the switch on top left platform

5) Set the switch on the top right platform to have: OOOXX

I have 4 surviving Boxmen, and I found doing it that way was much more accurate than depending on your Boxmen to set the switches for you.

have fun =)

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Topic: Kongregate / Hands of War Game Completed Achievement - Bug?

I am still having trouble acquiring the badges: The easy, and the hard one.

hard badge

I have defeated the final boss. Some have suggested to re-beat it, but it doesnt respawn

easy badge

I have restarted the game 3 times already, without saving and it doesnt change anything. I am still having this information:

Harvest Season Badge (easy – 5 points)

Farm your first 100 gold in Hands of War

  • 100 gold earned Best so far: 35
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Topic: General Gaming / Where can i find good starcraft maps?

If you want melee maps, I suggest you look for something called Mapdori mappack. It contain most maps that were used in Pro leagues, Star Leagues, and gaming tours (pgt, wgt, wcg, iccup, etc).

If you want UMS maps, go to and search for “Locked’s wonderful world of UMS~!”

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Topic: The Arts / Easytoon

I found those two hilarious:

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Topic: General Gaming / Talesworth balance hopelessly ****ed

i was having fun trying to add 1 extra stun second per artifact, and casting “taunt” right after stun. Would enable to me to do some serious damage.
I think the Juggernaut is fine overall. A bit tricky at times, but the shield reflect, uppercut, and poison ivy thing are very useful =)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Unlucky times in kongai

I am very unlucky at times too. Getting the Proc from Pile Bunker VERY often, and not delivering it when Im playing CC. I miss Popo all the time with physical, and I get stunned by all sort of stuff you can imagine. I think I got stunned like 3 times in a row as a record… the one I hate the most though is when Im andromeda, and I am facing Anex. That power Toss ALWAYS kicks me out before I can shoot. Then, I decided to unwind a bit, go outside for some fresh air, and I stepped on a dog’s manure ">_<

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Topic: General Gaming / Whats The Worst Game You Can Think of Thats on Kongregate

yet another thread on this subject :p
But definetly Mario with a knife, its not even a game

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Topic: General Gaming / Game you want added to Kongregate.

I think Kongregate should try to get the following games in the website:

Cute platform game. You have to collect all your objects while dodging the maids

Nanaka Crash
Very entertaining. You have to keep a guy in the air, preventing him from landing on some girls/guys

Eye Maze
There are a lot of games in Eye Maze. I think Totonko Family, and Tontie would be great additions to Kongregate

Winter Bells
Who doesnt love a bunny hopping on bells and doves with a relaxing song?

Never End
A lot like Shift

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Favourite Kongai Character

Cornelius Constantinus is probably the best card. There arent many cards that are good counters vs him. His ‘Pile Bunker’ is freaking strong, he is a fair fighter at distance, and at close range his ‘Hypnotic Glare’ leaves people wondering if using a certain attack is a good idea. He is best with the girdle of iron will.

Helene is for sure another hell of a good card. She can fight with dark and switch to light depending on opponent, and her ‘Shield Bash’ just tops it off.

Cain Salomon is really good too. Strong both far range and close combat, and has those neat power ups (Tantrum, and his inherited)

By looks I find: Rumiko, Helene, and Amaya probably the coolests.

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Topic: General Gaming / should loops of zen medium badge be a hard badge?

i dont think its particularly hard, just VERY time consuming.

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Topic: General Gaming / most frustrating game?

Pandemic 2 is just ridiculous.

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Topic: General Gaming / Screenshot of Greg achieving impossible Pandemic-2 badge is requiered.

That game is not impossible, not even hard…
Its just very unlikely.
COMPLETELY reliant on sheer luck!

Bad game, and bad badge. The game had a lot of potential, though :p

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Topic: General Gaming / Light-Bot Thread! Walkthrough and post your solutions here!

AzureDawn, functions are just a set of predefined actions.

For example:
In Light-Bot you have Main method, Function 1 (F1), and Function 2 (F2)

So, you can define Function 1 anything you want, like “Move Forward, Move Forward, Turn Clockwise, Jump”

Then everytime you need the robot to perform “Move Forward, Move Forward, Turn Clockwise, Jump”, just put a Function 1 in your main method. Simple, no? =)

Jakarno check MrRubix video on page 3

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Topic: General Gaming / Light-Bot Thread! Walkthrough and post your solutions here!

Trying to do like MrRubix.

  • Level 1: 3
  • Level 2: 9
  • Level 3: 9
  • Level 4: 10
  • Solution to level 5 with 9 moves, please. I cant get that few =(
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] (Unofficial) Kongai suggestions!

Super Card
A super card is a slightly stronger card that can never be acquired. It can only become part of your deck during gameplay if the player chose “Random Deck (All cards)”.
This would benefit new players who havent earned enough cards to make a strong combination, and older players who grow tired of their decks and like to play random.
This would probably lower the amount of players who flee upon seeing higher ranked opponents.

Allow to see the player win-loss ratio on the game channel. Though not of the players who join your game, because that would result in a lot of kicking and leaving the games.

Fun play mode
No stats, no ranking, just fun casual play. Stats could be made private in fun play.

More Passive Moves:

  • -Spy (reveal opponent’s hidden cards)
  • -Foresight (reveals opponent’s move on the dialogue for the next 2 turns Attack selection timer will reset after the opponent has selected her move for display. That way the player can react and wont be penalized by time disconnects.)
  • -Confuse (opponent will perform a random action (any possible attack/intercept) in the next 1-3 turns)
  • -Prevent opponent from changing range for the next 2 turn (crippling shot does damage)
  • -Prevent opponent from switching cards for the next turn
  • -Block (takes no damage from a physical attack)
  • -Steal/copy buffs/Inherited Ability
  • -Transfer curses
  • -Increase speed of all attacks for the next few turns
  • -Counter physical attacks for some damage 10-20 for the next few turns
  • -Doppelganger (Copy the physical, light, and dark defence of the opponent for some turns)
  • etc
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Topic: General Gaming / Who or What introduced you to Runescape?

People flaming it in forums
I went to check it out why so many people in Tibia hate RS.

I dont see anything wrong with RS. I find it infinitely better game than Tibia.

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Topic: General Gaming / Runescape... this is not another hate topic but now changed to one due to no one caring

Yes, like Carados said those games require installation.

Anyway, as for runescape, it might be a misfit in Kongregate because it is not a flash game, but a java console. I dont see any harm on it being in Kongregate though. It is a popular game, and it will probably increase the visits to Kongregate, and players for Jagex.
It can be a win win situation.
I dont understand all the hate towards RS, I think its an awesome game, really well made. It has gone through so much progress since its release and I found was often for better. Unlike other free online massive game like Tibia, or Gunbound that they ruined the game with their updates.
RS may have ugly graphics, simple game play, terrible chat system, but it is very entertaining and cute. Very light game play. =)

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Topic: General Gaming / Light-Bot Thread! Walkthrough and post your solutions here!

MrRubix, can you post your solutions? I am having a hard time optimizing the moves.

Thanks in advance =)

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Topic: General Gaming / Which class do u choose in every game?

Any class that sounds cool, magic or heroic:

Ninja, Pirates, Ranger (Cool!!!)
Paladin, Crusader, Knight (Heroic)
Wizard, Warlock, Mage, etc (Magic)

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Topic: General Gaming / What would be the best game ever, in your opinion?

Starcraft: Brood War
The best RTS ever made. The game is perfectly balanced among the 3 playable races. It is very easy to learn but impossible to master. Because it requires a lot from the players (strategy, multitask, macro/micro management, timing, and control) it makes the game so thrilling.
It still a big hit in Korea even 10 years past its release date, being broadcast in TV station.
Even after 10 years of game play, we still see innovated strategies and moves.

Counter Strike
I can’t say much because I played so few times. But it was such a huge hit. I think like Starcraft, it is a game that you can get around very easily in the start, but its so hard to master. And just like Starcraft, it takes a lot of skills from the players themselves to become good. Therefore, your experience pays off, the more you play the better you get, and there seem to be no limit on the mastery level.
Very entertaining, quick fast games.

Ironically, the 2 best games of all time (imo) have the acronyms sc and cs. =)

Since you are starting however. You might wanna look at something smaller.
I think Tetris in that case would get the cake, being the most popular game ever made among all genders and ages. It was innovative, easy play, hard to master, and a great way to kill time.
I personally, prefer Puyo-puyo over tetris. Multiplayer Puyo-puyo would be awesome, but I never had a chance to play.
Games like Runescape, Tibia, Ragnarok are for sure among great free RPGs, though I hate Tibia and RO, and got a bit tired of RS.
Gunbound used to be awesome too, but I dunno… They ruined it with updates.
Civilization II is a great game too, imo. It is very straight forward, and you feel in complete control of all your decisions. The management of the game has a lot of impact on how your civilization turns out. It is amazing that you have to play it several times to find out what are the best strategies.. The AI ruins that game though.
Kongai is fantastic game too, imo. Though the concept is not new, I think it came out very clean, and has a pretty strong strategy base for a card game (usually its pure luck)

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Topic: General Gaming / Light-Bot Thread! Walkthrough and post your solutions here!

damn, i was so happy with my 194, then I found this thread. Now i wanna cry…
almost 50 wasted moves for me lol

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Topic: General Gaming / Worst game on Kongregate

Mario with a knife – that was not even a game.

Badge games:
Pandemic 2 – I dont like the idea of having to repeat several times a game to get an impossible badge. Pure LUCK!! Very annoying and slow start up. Otherwise, its ok game. Its just that stupid badge that ruined it

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Topic: General Gaming / Girl gamers - What games do you like to play?

There arent many girls in Kongregate.
You should go to a forum where youre more likely to find them for a good sample.

Try gaiaonline, popmundo, or neopets.
Sorry, I cant think of a popular game that is marketed mostly towards girls on the web…

Anyway, I think a game that is more passive like “the sims”, and with strong player interaction (support chat, forum, mail etc) is bound to attract a lot of girls.

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Topic: General Gaming / Runescape Haters

i really dont understand why people dislike Runescape so bad. I find the people playing it are rather polite.
Only thing it lacks for me is a decent chat system and more player interaction. I often feel like its a single player game.

Otherwise, it offers a lot of features, wide range of items, fun quests, dynamic game world, and really nice character development system.

I think Runescape is one of the best Free MMORPGs out there.