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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / [to devs] suggestions

I actually came to the forums to make suggestions, so this is more useful than me making a new thread. :)

Specifically this is for the layout, and making it more convenient and user-friendly (or at least laptop-friendly).

I play on a laptop, with a pretty standard resolution height of 768; I’ve had to zoom out the page to make it even moderately usable, though I still can only barely see slivers of the bottom buttons without scrolling around, which would be frustrating. (I know the devs’ suggestion is “adjust your resolution”, but no, I’m not changing my entire computer just to play a browser game.) However I won’t demand making the game smaller, because I think there’s an easier solution.

Would it be possible to change the page arrows on adventures from up and down arrows at the bottom and top to left and right arrows on both the top and bottom?

(Similarly, adding a duplicate set of page arrows for the sworn sword list at the top? I assume that the fact that it resets back to the beginning every time you send one will eventually be fixed, and in time there may be a ‘send all swords to this adventure’ option, but in the meantime it’s a real pain.)

Right now the fact that you have to click in six distinct places (seven or more once you’re off the first age of SS’s), including a small target on the verrrry bottom of my screen, to send each sword on a high-level adventure is a lot of the reason why I only do it once a day, when I go to bed. It’s a large inconvenience with a touchpad, it tires my wrist if I use my drawing tablet, and it’s tedious to even consider with a mouse. Having everything you have to click over and over at least in the upper two thirds of the screen would be a great help.