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Topic: Crush Crush / <BUGS> Post your bugs here!

A simple typo. “You reached level 1 in all hobbies! Great jorb!” appeared in the header bar upon gaining the achievement.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Corrupt a Wish-AC Edition

Granted, but all upgrade costs increase when you buy any upgrade.

I wish for everyone to lose their saves.

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Topic: Star Era / "Trap" in Diamond Prices

First, let me start off by saying that I am a free to play player, I only clicked the purchase option out of curiosity, and I’m not here to complain about how expensive diamonds are. What I am here to complain about is a potential trap a purchaser might fall into, which is assuming that buying in bulk will get you a better deal.

When I first looked at the pricing on diamonds, two things caught my eye. At the bottom of the table, a minimum purchase size of 440 diamonds for 50 kreds, and a “best value!” of 50,900 diamonds for 5750 kreds at the top. I instantly wondered if that was actually a better value, so I did the math, and found that it was just barely better. Since I had started doing numbers, I decided I might as well do the numbers for everything else too. These are my results.

50,900 for 5750 = 8.85 diamonds per kred
9,500 for 1150 = 8.26 diamonds per kred
4,700 for 565 = 8.32 diamonds per kred
1,850 for 225 = 8.22 diamonds per kred
900 for 110 = 8.18 diamonds per kred
440 for 50 = 8.80 diamonds per kred

The consequence of that is that the “Best Value!” advertised actually is the best value, but the second best value is actually achieved (and by a fair margin) by buying in the smallest increments, not by buying in bulk.

So for anyone looking to buy diamonds, if you’re spending less than 5750 kreds at a time, don’t think that you will get a bulk discount. Buying in units of 50 kreds will get you the most diamonds per kred.

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Topic: War of Omens / Harder for New Players to Start?

Originally posted by chocobonight:

Newer players NEED an unfair advantage against older players. We’re all already established. We don’t need these bonuses to keep us going. We can easily farm for whatever else we have left to upgrade. There are constantly players complaining about how hard it is to get into Multiplayer. So many matchups are just instant wins. They NEED a way to get boosted up to our level.

The problem isn’t quite so much that you cheat people who’ve opened 10k oak packs.. It’s that you cheat people who’ve opened 100, or 200, or even 75 packs. If you have someone who opened 200 oak packs before the change was added and someone else who had opened none and then both people open 100 more packs they will end up with the same number of cards, despite the fact that one player had played longer and spent three times as much silver. Someone who had opened 100 before the change would end up with only two thirds as many cards after opening 100 more packs.

Additionally, it means luck in the first 100 packs becomes a major factor. Imagine if you got lucky enough to have an epic pack in your first 100. You’d end up with three epics. Someone who was slightly less lucky and got their first epic pack as pack 101 will get two less coins. The same goes for rare and scare cards.

Even ignoring issues of rarity, since you lose the ability to focus cards you become entirely reliant on luck for what you unlock and upgrade. Sure you’re just getting free stuff compared to if you only got to pick one, but if you’re comparing to other people who got to take the full packs you could end up with random chance focusing cards that aren’t good, don’t belong to the faction(s) you use, or that you simply don’t like.

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Topic: War of Omens / Card Design

I don’t really think Rat Totem combos favorably with Mogesh. Yes, it does mean that you will (almost) always have tribute fodder, but those tributes are one health, and the fact that they’re there means that you can’t eat magic to shoot a leper. Compared to boar which can stack and still allow lepers to be shot, and doesn’t have its effectiveness mitigated if you eat a lamb, it doesn’t seem very good.

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Topic: War of Omens / 1v1v1 Multiplayer

You could restrict it to one from each faction.

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Topic: War of Omens / Good Baba Deck?

You can’t have a reliable Baba deck. One day it might be amazing, the next it doesn’t work with his ability at all.

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Topic: War of Omens / Lottery hero

The problem with making him random on a game by game basis is that even if it would be fun to play as him, it wouldn’t be fun to play against him. You wouldn’t get the same sense of his ability being random unless you were matched against him consistently.

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Topic: War of Omens / cant feed magic to gold panners?

While the case where a game is changed due to not being able to exchange magic for something else is rare, the only argument against it is “People could make bad plays.” With that logic it would make just as much sense to stop green from ever being able to play their last coin. Playing the last coin is bad unless you need exactly one more gold, and a lot of people that are lazy and click spam will play it without realizing that they’re doing something wrong. Locking out options for good players because bad players might take those options and shoot themselves in the foot is just silly.

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Topic: War of Omens / Opinions and feedback

Originally posted by zzxxzz3:
Even fairly upgrades green decks fall fast. The problem is that green decks always take a few turns to get going, and that Listrata/Pocci can’t kill resource-producing creatures quickly.

I play Listrata with no upgraded cards yet. Playing against lightly upgraded red decks I usually have no trouble getting out a militia or generating a skull or magic early to deal with an early herd of rats. Perhaps it’s different with more upgraded decks, but I can only imagine that getting a single point of damage would get much easier with a more upgraded deck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Q&A

Originally posted by Cazuul:

@ SirFred131:
Check this link. It contains a table of dependencies.

That table is actually a bit interesting, as it lets you see that some but not all of the signs have complete opposites, which can only be bridged with a net zero.. But again, it doesn’t show the 5% boots and penalties. Look at Scorpio Libra. It shows nothing. Look at Leo Pisces. Again, nothing. I suppose I’ll go figure them out and make a chart myself, because apparently no one can figure out what I’m talking about from words.

Edit: I suppose I have answered my own question.
Looking at that table more, and some of the changes of 5, you can see that zero or six steps away has a value of 0, one or five steps away has a value of 5, two or four steps away has a value of 10, and three steps away has a value of 15. All that needs to be determined is the positive and negative.

It would still be nice if they were documented.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Q&A

Originally posted by Gigathorn:

@SirFred131 :
If you read carefully the topic with the graphic all is explain there. There are some prefered links, those from extern/intern of the graphics (Aq/Ta) (Can/Ar) (Gem/Virg) etc… this give you perfect ration +15%. With a perfect team of 5 Libra / 5 Capricorn you can reach 30% bonus for each Hero, reaching the 300% Max bonus to Stat.
You need to be lucky to found 5 Libra and 5 Capricorn that are good enough (with good skills) and give you a good balance in term of unit type etc…
Negatives works the same way… but actually you need to focus on bonus, and evade any malus so finding the -5% extra malus is pretty useless !?

Again, I am Not talking about the 10% and 15% bonuses. Look on that chart, and tell me the link you see between Scorpio and Libra. I personally don’t see one, but perhaps I’m just blind. Scorpio appears to link only with Cancer, Leo, and Pisces. Looking at the tooltip confirms that those are the only three links Scorpio has. And yet, when I put a Scorpio and Libra next to eachother they get not a 15% boost, not even a 10% boost, but a 5% boost.

Finding the negative as well is important because when I tried to bridge a Leo and a Scorpio with a Pisces, I got the anticipated +10% with Scorpio, but an unexpected -5% synergy with Leo, despite no negative synergy being mentioned. When I tried to bridge them with Libra to give Leo a +10% boost, I found that Scorpio was also granted an unmentioned 5% boost.

I’m not sure how these 5% boosts and penalties could be accidental, but because the creator didn’t recognize what I was talking about, I’m assuming they are and need to be fixed or documented.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Q&A

Originally posted by heroesoftherealm:

You can check out this post one of our players have made:

I would prefer if you would at least actually read my questions in a Q&A thread, rather than simply linking me to something on a similar topic that says absolutely nothing relevant. That post is a clear representation only of the listed positive synergies, and notes the difference between the 10% and 15% positive synergies. My question is specifically about the unlisted synergies, both positive and negative, which seem to provide a 5% increase or decrease.
That said, I am no longer going to continue playing this game, so I don’t care if you actually give me an answer or not. I’m posting this in the hopes that you will explain it for future players who notice these 5% synergies.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Q&A

Beyond the synergies listed on mouse-over, I have noticed some additional ones like Leo and Pieces being -5% and Scorpio and Libra being +5%. If this is intended, is there any way to see all such relationships? Or is trial and error the only way to learn them?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of the Realm Archer AI settings not working

Originally posted by VinersDraftsman:

If you think that kind of behavior is silly and archers should advance in attack, well that would actually be a bigger disaster. In the late-game phase archers usually get killed within 2 hits by a well trained fighter, yes a fighter which archers are strong against, so it it essential for the archers to keep moving away from enemies regardless of effectiveness.

What I find annoying is that archers will always move if possible. Given the choice of standing still and shooting, advancing and shooting, or moving another direction and not shooting, the archer will advance and shoot. If that means stepping into the move and attack range of a defender? Oh well. If that isn’t an option, they will move another direction and not shoot, instead of standing still and shooting.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Minor: if you start a day in the process of making something then cancel it and do not use any of a resource it gifted, the end of day summary will show you having used over 4 billion of that resource

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Topic: Card Monsters / Magic, annoying both ways

I find magic attacks to be quite useful because you can aim them. Even if my magic damage does the same amount as my ranged damage, I can make my magic hit the enemy with ten health, while my ranged only has a 50% chance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Terra Monsters] Suggestion Box

I didn’t read the thread, so I’m not sure if it was mentioned yet, sorry if it was, but the chat box doesn’t give any kind of notification that you received a message. Perhaps make a pop-up with a link to the chat box if you receive a message while you don’t have the chat box open?

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Topic: General Gaming / how to beat my pet protector

Originally posted by 7sMyLuckyNumber:

Just wondering, which tiers are best? Is 1 the HIGHEST or LOWEST?

it’s the lowest, but also the best :)

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Gloria or Elwyn

Originally posted by Clane:

No, you don’t have to train everybody for the impossible badge. Just train your team like always and ignoring those who you’re not using at the moment.

actually, you do have to train everyone, because you need to beat all of the survival tournaments.

also, was I making a horrible mistake when I decided to stick with Elwyn, Gloria, and Solaar, even after I got Legion?

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Fortitude and hp

so that means fortitude is irrelevant for quests?

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / The game, like I saw it

Originally posted by secretjesus:

Geraid, spend a little less time ranting and showing off your grasp of rhetoric so that you might actually be taken seriously by people like myself who would normally be somewhat concerned about these issues by going over your grammar when you type up an entire essay on a free internet game.

First issue quests: You complain about the click adventure setup of many web browser based games. Do you see what I’m getting at here? Because later you go onto to mention Dream World and use it as a reference to a better game from the way you stated it. If you are going to reference another game then maybe you should pick one where the basic design of the game isn’t the same.

Second issue market: I’ve got an idea! How about you don’t be lazy and click on one thing to go to your profile screen and remember the number and then, this might be very hard for you, click just one more time to go back to the market.

Third ridiculous issue battles: I’m sorry I was under the impression that every Kongregate point and click RPG wasn’t exactly like that.

Fourth issue profiles: First of all you can see what stats each item gives as well as your total. Oh yeah, and that “detailed” profile that you mentioned is more detailed if you actually took your time and used it. In case you didn’t know it gives you a more detailed look at your equipment. I also take it you are heavily involved in code as well as being able to easily design concept art for every combination of items so please just feel free to do the work for them.

Fifth issue library: You and I actually stand in a way somewhat eye to eye but not entirely. I feel that things like these should be ignored until basic game mechanics are generally accepted.

Sixth issue raids: If the bosses would fight back new players would be screwed or higher level player would just have an advantage.

Seventh issue allies: I got an idea how about you ask somebody and I’m also fairly certain that it tells you in the beginning of the game that the more allies you have the more damage you will deal in raids. Not to mention that if you knew nothing of how allies work why would you care to know their stats beforehand.

You ask why people would purchase something that doesn’t even exist and has absolutely no value? Lets just assume that this is like every other aspect of life and there is always people who want to be the best. Yes, at the moment armor really has no purpose but mososh is going make stats have an affect on raids.

You also seem to think that you know the developers intentions. How do you know that it isn’t just to get attention for the game so that more people can give their feedback? That’s because you don’t know and because you aren’t some almighty omniscient being who can read everybody’s thoughts.

So I think its time to move on to reviewing your review. You have some childish diction and while this game may be intended for younger audiences don’t expect to be taken seriously. Grammar mistakes that are very obvious and that you didn’t fix are present throughout this article/essay/review/rant. You call the game an alpha and proceed to be concerned about it being underdeveloped. Honestly if you hadn’t complained about so many just plain lazy things on your part I would have never even written this counter rant. I myself have spent no money on this game and have played it since it came out find your review terrible, for one, but also borderline belligerent.

I haven’t played this game very much, but some of the stuff you said here just sounds stupid, and wrong. For example, “If you are going to reference another game then maybe you should pick one where the basic design of the game isn’t the same.” this is just wrong. If you want to say that a car is not a very good car, do you compare it to a motorcycle? No? What about a toaster? Or maybe a bath tub? You should compare something to something else that is similar in as many ways as possible, so if you want to say one Final Fantasy game isn’t a very good Final Fantasy game, you compare it to another Final Fantasy game, and if you want to say Need for Speed isn’t a very good series of racing games, you compare it to another series of racing games. “In case you didn’t know it gives you a more detailed look at your equipment” I could be wrong, but I can’t find anything more in the detailed view of an item than in the normal profile view, except for name and flavor text, which both have no actual effect on anything, plus a “detailed profile” should have some more detail about, you know, your character, it is their profile after all. maybe it could show their HP somewhere? Or maybe tell me what my quest level apprentice 1 means? Or tell me how to advance it? Or really, just say anything at all about my character, besides level, allies number, wins, and Current streak, it doesn’t even mention my highest streak anywhere, that I can find, other than right after the end of a battle. I do agree with you on the avatar with your items on it, but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a generic “sword” and then have it shown if your character has a sword equipped, with maybe custom models for rare stuff. “If the bosses would fight back new players would be screwed or higher level player would just have an advantage” What’s that you say? Higher level people being more likely to beat a high level boss than lower level people? Not everyone being able to easily take on the biggest bosses at level one? Unheard of! “I got an idea how about you ask somebody and I’m also fairly certain that it tells you in the beginning of the game that the more allies you have the more damage you will deal in raids.” While asking someone is a good idea when you don’t know about something, the game never tells you what allies do, at least as far as I’ve been, and leaving a game mechanic completely unexplained, or explained in such an out of the way manner that you could easily miss it is just sloppy. One final note, you criticize his/her grammar, while having an obvious mistake yourself, “If the bosses would fight back new players would be screwed or higher level player would just have an advantage.” unless you mean to say higher level player is an idea, or a collective noun? Because having a singular there makes no sense whatsoever.

Edit: now that I look at it, the makes one post every six hours for eighteen hours. Yay, patterns.

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Topic: Elements / Card Trading?

If there were a trading system, using it to trade away cards you have too many of would be the purpose, not a form of abuse…

Originally posted by qazzaq123:
Originally posted by sprinter101:

What if you could only trade cards of equal value. So that you couldn’t transfer cards to one account, but you had to trade. So you couldn’t trade a Red Nymph to one account without that account trading say a Gray Nymph or something along those lines. Dragons could be traded with dragons, creatures without skills with creatures without skills, and so on and so forth.

There is a flaw in your suggestion as you said “Only trade cards of equal value” and it’s that If i had 2 accounts, 1 named A of which has 8 titans and other named B having 5 titans but also have 7 Druidic Staff. I would just trade 1 titan from A over to B for 1 Druidic Staff because i already have 6 of the weapon already. With this trading system alot of players wouldn’t be selling their extra rares if they can trade it for those which they don’t have. Think about it noone will trade common cards since there sold in the bazaar so it’s all about Rares. Don’t exclude nymphs because i heard of some players already having 7 of the same 1 nymph so see how the abusing can still occur.

If there were a trading system, using it to trade away cards you have too many of would be the purpose, not a form of abuse…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Critter Forge] Healing is a Waste of PP: The Noob Guide

I might be missing something, but if your strength costs 47 PP, with a duration of 36, and you gain 5 PP a turn, you are going to be sitting on maxed out PP for most of the time, which is much more of a waste of PP then any skill, and if you can heal faster than strength, the most damage dealing ability in the game, there isn’t much reason not to put on a heal when pp is maxed skill, and it could be helpful if you’re fighting something that isn’t a healer. Also, your post shows not that healing is a waste of PP, but that strength is more powerful than healing. if you coun’t up the PP usage, the healer uses exactly 10 more PP than the strengther, and very soon the strength user is going to be sitting a full PP watching it’s PP regen going to waste. additionally, this battle goes for 7 turns. with missing one in every five attacks, if the strength user gets unlucky and misses twice, the healer survives long enough to use heal again, buying it an additional attack before it dies, so if the healer gets lucky and doesn’t miss at all, although chances are with 8 attacks it will miss at least once, it ends up winning.

Edit: actually, the healer can, I think, miss once and still win if the strength user misses twice

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Look out Kongregate, the big dogs are walking into your yard [Facebook Division]

Originally posted by Blockinlick:
Originally posted by nafaekim:

Oh dang.. things are getting heated.. and I can not help, but laugh! Not at the concept of the thread, but at how much people are willing to go out of their way just to rile up opposition. This is the perfect way to start up a war add a little twist to the competition, well done!

Do I support Facebook? Yes. Do I support Kongregate? Yes. Facebook provides my needs for communicating with my cousins out of the country along with keeping up with those friends who have moved away. Kongregate provides the entertainment for short study breaks (if I go out to play ball or go out with friends, I can be out for hours..) or even enjoy some competition of a different sort.

All in all, I hope no one takes this too seriously and gets stressed out because it’s well not worth it. Games are to relax and have fun, not pull hairs and have breakdowns over. Let the games begin!

I forgot to mention one thing.. if anyone would like some help, I’d be more than willing to provide my services! : D

Yeah, this is exactly the reaction I expected from these people. It’s hilarious. I think I may just brag a little more and see how much hate I can boil up here.

“Brag a little more”? what happened to not bragging, and never having been bragging?