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Topic: Spiral Knights / whats this game needs is exp

I agree with most of what nol5000 says (maybe not the 7 part…) but the problem isn’t with the players being too anxious to play the game, its just that they need a way to get more without having to pay or fill out infuriating surveys. I agree with most people that the limit should go down from 1 energy in ten minutes, even if not all the way down to 5.

However, nol5000, you are definitely right about heat: That doesn’t need fixing nor major adjustment. Exp would take this wonderfully simple but effective system and make it over complicated and too annoying to use.

One more thing: The fun won’t magically “Run out” if you play this 8 hours per day. My little brother can spend 24 hours a day on Call of Duty and will still never tire it out….

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Lord of Time
passive=Cannot die unless hit while health is 1 and then hit. If hit to where it would normally die it wil have 1 HP.
Attacks=Time travel- resets everyone back to level one, including self. Everyone recieves level one armor, the one you start with if appliable.
Tick tock- causes the target to lose focus equal to 7% of their health.
Last stand-Used when health is under 300. Increases strength, instinct, and speed by 250%.
Final draw- Used when health is 1. Kills all your teammates.(you get a checkpoint) A attack button appears. When it says draw, click it. you must win 3 times in a row. If not you die. If you do then you win and it goes to an epic cutscene.
Stopwatch of Time

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Topic: General Gaming / Escape Frome Really Boring Island 4

that’s too bad…. I really thought they were funny. How does kongregate pay you, anyway?