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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Getting 0 EXP/YC from PB since newyear

Just this morning I noticed that my PBs were giving me +0 on both YC and EXP. So I went and checked out the stats screen (see img).

Turns out I somehow had a negative EXP multiplier running. I don't know what it was or how it got activated, I didn't do anything to cause it.

I'm currently only on my first ascension, and I was doing nothing different than the days before newyear - idling in ba and checking up on the game every now and then.

I lost about 300b EXP this way, but that is sure to be much more for any others who might be affected.

I don't have the slightest idea in which category it belongs, and I can't reproduce it since the only cause I can think of would have to do with newyear coming around.

Screenshot of problem:

GeneralYouri | 18,611 / 2,128,546,856,482 | [d1]–343 | F0 | v1,656 | WIN 11,7,700,224 | Thu Jan 2 11:55:41 GMT+0100 2014

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / V1656 Cakeland Adventure!

With V1656 a new Adventure area has been added which is only available in December and January of every year.

EDIT: Seems someone else had the same idea.

While waiting for someone to scan the code and mine the % outcomes for each adventure, I’ve been tracking the adventure outcomes, and below are all the options with their outcomes I’ve come across.

The area costs 2,500 GC. According to Tukkun, there are 5 different adventures, including three exclusive ones.

The first three adventures are unique to this area.

10 Million!

[ 2 ] Get 10,000,000 Coins

  • (100%) Get 10m YC

[ 3 ] Get 10,000,000 Green Coins

  • (0.1%) Get 10m GC
  • (99.9%) Nothing


[ 2 ] Eat

  • (3%) Get an Energy Refill
  • (9.7%) Get +3 Energy
  • (8.73%) Get +2 Energy
  • (23.571%) Get +20% Boost
  • (16.4997%) Get +10% Boost
  • (11.54979%) Nothing
  • (26.94951%) Get -1 Energy

[ 3 ] Feed to Pet

  • (100%) Pet gains 1HP and 5 Fullness for
    Note: Only works if pet is alive.

Anniversary Gift Box

[ 2 ] Open

  • (2%) Get 1 Legendary Box
  • (4.9%) Get 1 Pixelated Mystery Box
  • (4.655%) Get 1 Mega Fertilizer
  • (4.42225%) Get 100,000 Green Coins
  • (4.201137%) Get 1 Energy Refill
  • (7.982161%) Get 1 Fertilizer
  • (7.183945%) Get 20,000 Green Coins
  • (12.93110%) Get 1 Yellow Coin
  • (10.34489%) Get -1 Energy
  • (41.37952%) Nothing

Raging Triangle

  • (100%) Get -1 Energy

Adventurer’s Trophy

  • (100%) Get Adventurer’s Trophy
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 1-Hour Challenge

Originally posted by Parsee:
Originally posted by Tukkun:

I think it should be noted that I am not giving any rewards to winners of this so-called “challenge”.

I’m behind Tukkun on this one. It’s far too easy to manipulate a screenshot.

It’s for fun. You have to be pretty pathetic if you really feel like cheating just to get at the top of the scores while there isn’t even a prize.

Originally posted by Burn1ngR4g3:

@Unwrittenlaws You cheatet
First of all you first play was After the Time you needed for this ascension
Second: your *1,5 coin/xp least for just 2 Hours and 2 Mins that means that you got both of them in 2 Minutes
And Third thing: you cant get to level 800 in that short time

He did not ascend (doesn’t have a triangle above the exp bar..). His ‘session’ playtime is over a day because that counter doesn’t reset when switching saves. So aslong as he doesn’t reload the page, but just switches from his main file to a brand new file to do the challenge, this timer persists. You can see this on almost every screenshot in here.

As for the very early 1.5x bonuses plus rest: as of the Revive! update there is a way to instantly get these upon starting a new save. Also, it takes two minutes of playtime before you unlock the Mystery boxes screen.

Then lvl800: he used a very similar strategy as what I used. Be very careful about the feature you choose to play, and when + how long you play it. Some features are very powerful in leveling you up early (hint: BA is NOT one of those!).

I feel if I say any more I’d be giving away too much and make it easy, so that’s all you’re gonna get from me. Now try to piece things together and retry the challenge :)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Mega Events!

I guess they’re a drop much like pixels or unobtanium, just much more rare.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Mega Events!

4. Quadruple Drops!
Loot Days are not awesome enough? Now you can enjoy an entire Loot Month, with different items dropping at a 4x rate (or being worth 4x as much) each day!

That’s taken directly from the Revive! update post. To me, it clearly states that we’re talking about Loot Drops.

So you see, the clarification is already there, you just need to know where to find it.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 2-Hour Challenge

Since this is still empty, I’m gonna go ahead and post my 1hr result here (it’s within 2hrs, so it counts!).

Level: 781
Rank: 20
Achievements: 174

Points: 781 + 20 * 18 + 174 * 5 = 2011

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Mystery Box Contents

Just going to leave this here: the average Insta-Progress gained from Progress Boxes is 18.56295. Might help if you’re interested in the boxes and wish to calculated whether or not they’re the best choice.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

News shared between savefiles

It seems that most (if not all) of the Breaking News messages are actually shared between savefiles.

Order of actions I made:
1. I was playing on my standard file0.
2. I switched to a completely new file3 to attempt a 'challenge' that someone in Kong chat made up (
3. I played this file3 for 30m, after which I posted my challenge results and switched back to file0.
4. I then found all News from file3 were also posted in my file0 News (example, I got several cards from the Dragon Level Up reward)

GeneralYouri | 8,643 / 2,152,258,661,397 | [d1]–835 | F0 | v1,652 | WIN 11,8,800,94 | Mon Dec 16 01:56:20 GMT+0100 2013

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 30-minute Challenge

Now I wanna start off saying I really screwed up the printscreening a bit, which resulted in the screenie showing one lvl and rank more than I actually had at the 30m mark, so I’ll be subtracting those.

Level: 435 – 1
Rank: 15 – 1
Achievements: 146

434 + 14 * 18 + 146 * 5 = 1416

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 1-Hour Challenge

After the first testrun, here is my second try:

Level: 781
Rank: 20
Achievements: 174

Original calculation: 781 + 20 * 18 + 174 * 14.3 3629.2

New calculation: 781 + 20 * 18 + 174 * 5 = 2011

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 1-Hour Challenge

Level: 231 * 1 = 231
Rank: 25 * 18 = 450
Achievements: 143 * 14.3 = 2044.9
Total: 2725.9 points

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / secret code

Try tJv89gX6

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Spreadsheets project


I have quit this game more than a year ago, but right now I have returned to find that every single bit of it has improved, epic!!

Having said that, the google docs spreadsheet that this topic is about, is old and super outdated.
So now I’m wondering if there by now exists a similar but better collection of data on AI.
If anyone knows a proper place, please let us know here.
Incase there isn’t really a proper data collection yet, I’m looking for people to help remake the old spreadsheet and add even more info than the old one had!
If you are at all interested, please let me know!

Many thanks, Youri

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / g13 challenge

Did you get that in three battles after getting lvl 4 on one battle? I’m pretty sure you can get 5 there. Although that probably won’t be allowing you to add 10x hp and waves getting faster tougher in on battle 2, so 3 battles is probably the limit.
Exams actually just finished today, but I don’t really feel like playing GCL anymore, I’m not going to continue on the challenge.
Basically found other things to do during my absence… that’s how it goes.

Gratz on getting it down to 3 battles though, I knew it was possible! There are probably some more amulets to gain on the second battle too, allowing easier 3rd battles.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Last achievmennt should be 60 points!

And as usual, impossible badges are only put on tasks that are really really hard to do, and practically never on tasks that simply take a lot of time. There are exceptions, but then the task is really hard and takes long. It’s never an easy task that just takes ages, as far as I know.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Last remaining amulets?

Hmm, figured doing the beacons one like that was pretty smart, so decided to go for it.
Then I found that for every battle on H1 I did, destroying 10 beacons with gem bombs per battle, I got 20 points on the amulet metre instead of 10!

I checked it every time. Started at only 18 before doing this tactic. After one battle I had 38, two battles 58, three battles 78, four battle 98, and on the fifth it gave me the badge after destroying 2 beacons.
Seems like it is correct while doing the battle but it might be adding to the amulet progress twice after the battle, probably a bug.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / GCL general discussion

And what was the point of replying to a post that’s over 3 weeks old?

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / The magic orb at the map

Many more than 5 probably. There should be a sticky topic here with all of this information at a glance.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Is it a coincidence that it caps at 1337 waves?

Yes I know that but then what’s the use of having to do that EVEN LONGER?! I’d rather not have to do it at all, it’s a complete waste of time. Unless the hp cap is removed or a different cap system comes in place, I’d like to see it go lower than 1,337.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Is there any kind of formula/strategy for Gembombing?

It’s basically about comparing the gem cost with the additional mana you gain from the monsters you summon.
The Violent Explosions skill will summon 15% more monsters, making it cheaper to summon overall, since the same gem grade will give more monsters of equal mana gain.
The Replenish skill gives more mana per kill, thus making gem gombing more rewarding aswell.
Battle settings also influence here. Increasing the amount of monsters will decrease the mana gain per kill, because it simply divides a set amount of mana over the entire wave. Summoning will then become more expensive. The same is true for the wave composition changes. Whenever you change to a setting that will give more monsters per wave, like swarm only, they are worth less to kill. Changing it into less monsters per wave, like giants only, you will get alot more mana per kill.
Increasing the monster hp will NOT increase or decrease any mana gain. It only makes the monsters take longer to kill. The same is true for the extra options, they don’t affect the mana gain.

As for the actual formulas used, you have to compare mana cost with mana gain like so:
Total earnings per gem bomb = ([monsters summoned] * [mana gain per kill]) – [gem cost]

The amount of monsters summoned and the gem cost are directly influenced by the used gem grade. Every next gem grade is just over 2x as expensive (2x plus combine cost), but doesn’t give double monsters for summoning. Without using the skill (see above) a grade 10 only gives 15x what a grade 1 gives, instead of 1024x (which is 2^10). Additionally, higher gem grades will provide a bigger increase in hp, making the wave take even longer to kill. Armor is always increased by 25% per used gem bomb for summoning.

The mana gain per kill is the calculation you can see on the info on the wavestones. This calculation has 3 components:
1. A certain number, unique for every wave. This is the number that is influenced by the battle settings. It depends on two factors: the amount of monsters on the wave, and the set amount of mana that is to be earned on this wave. This last factor is preset in the game, and goes up gradually for every next wave.
2. Your Replenish skill. This skill provides a direct increase in the mana you gain per kill. This number is set before a battle, and won’t change during the battle.
3. Your mana replenish multiplier. This is the multiplier provided by your mana pool. Every mana pool upgrade adds 0.05x on this multiplier. This is the main factor that will allow you to grow incredibly fast.

To make calculations easier, you can make a small table with a list of gem grades (say 1-12), their cost, the monsters it summons, and the mana gain per kill that is required as a minimum to earn mana from gem bombing with that grade. Then compare it to what the wave gives you, and pick a grade to summon with. Note that every next gem you use on the same wavestone has the exact same effect, there is no decrease in effectivity.
This however still requires calculations on your end, so you could also add fields for inputting the second and third factor in the mana gain per kill equation (Replenish skill and mana replenish multiplier). The first one was set for the entire battle, but you have to update the next one whenever you upgrade your mana pool.
Using this table you can then compare the first factor of the equation with the results in your table without doing calculations. You could also make an extra field holding the actual profit you will make for bombing with that gem grade.

The above is basically how you get the max out of your summoning strategies. The lowest grades are the most rewarding, but in the end your gem powers will limit the amount of gem bombing per wave, since hp and armor then start to rise drastically. That’s where you have to increase your gem grade, to get more monsters at less hp and armor costs.
Another limit would be lag. Once you start to grow extremely fast you can handle hundreds or even thousands of monsters per wave. At that point it might be best to summon a bit less. To save some mana you could also decrease gem grade.
As for your first question, there isn’t an exact formula or anything, but most people will agree that a L/Y or L/Y/x is the best killer gem you can get. Something that might help you grow alot faster, and that I don’t see mentioned in your post, is a mana farm. Once your killer gem and its amp block are good enough to allow several gem bombs per wave and still having them killed easily, you might want to create a trap at the entrance (or entrances, but that’s harder to manage). Put in for example an O/L gem, surrounded by Orange or O/L amps. This gem doesn’t have the purpose of killing, but only of earning mana. I’ve heard that the minimum grade you need for orange to start working nicely is grade 7, but that would depend on how you create the gems. I’d say you should be starting to feel the difference at grade 10-12.
For both gems, the killer gem and the mana farm gem, you will at some point reach hundreds of chain hits from the lime component. Don’t push this component too much, usually 100-200 is more than enough or even too much. At 500 my own pc starts to lag a bit. Also to make the mana farm more effective the monsters will have to go all the way over the trap, giving max mana gain. So you have to play around a bit to prevent your killer gem from killing them too early.
The mana gain component is also directly influenced by the mana replenish multiplier, so once you start upgrading your mana pool, you start earning even more mana, allowing you to upgrade your mana pool even faster, giving even more mana even faster, etc etc.
And then you hit the hp cap, create a killer gem good enough for the remaining 1100-1200 waves, and let the waves roll in a row as fast as possible. No need for summoning, you’ve already beaten the endurance mode!

If you manage to complete the entire endurance, your endurance multiplier is 138.31 I think. Add to that a 61.10 multiplier from battle settings (that’s what you should be getting with all options except shadow clash), and then make sure to use some mana and earn all battle amulets during your endurance run, and get a 3.90 multiplier from the amulets.
You now have a total XP multiplier of 138.31 * 61.10 * 3.90 = 32,957.8899×. The first field, G13, gives 348 base XP. 348 * 32,957.8899 = 11,469,345 XP! That’s 50x your 200k!
For question three, no there’s no simple way. The best thing to do is compare to the waves before that one, see if you can handle those, then try to imagine if you can beat this wave too, which probably has a slightly different hp, armor, and amount of monsters. If you want to be sure then you will have to go and calculate your total DPS for all your gems combined, and then see if that’s enough to kill the wave. This is extremely difficult to do precise since it’s hard to factor in monster speed, gem range, and the influence of lag and the 3x speedup mode. There are also other factors involved. For your own sake, don’t go this way :P


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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Guide to 1337 / 75x endurance to get the 40k+ multipliers

Might help if you add approximate levels in there rather than low, average, and high.
But yea I’m still in the low level region it seems, with my lvl 600ish. Only 164% from Resonance atm, so indeed Focus is an obstacle for me.
Gremlion shows that summoning is the most important reason why Focus starts becoming important, which is something I didn’t consider myself.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Guide to 1337 / 75x endurance to get the 40k+ multipliers

One question I have for everyone.. is it good to raise focus always? the way the max mana upgrade works and the way the multiplier works are at odds with one another…. i’m considering LOWERING my focus

I never thought about that, but indeed they are a bit conflicting.
It seems that, once you have maxed your wild gem, you should be able to lower Focus a bit for normal field runs (aka non-endurance). Though you will still need some points in it to earn the maximum amount of mana from your wild gem.
As for endurance, it’s almost common sense to want to use Focus (at least it was for me), until I did some calculations and thinking…

Halving your initial mana pool size effectively doubles the amount of mana you need to get to an equal mana pool size. But at the same time your replenish multiplier goes up twice as fast, making the average multiplier over this whole run twice as high, making you earn twice as much mana. And that means that, no matter what Focus level you have, you will always pretty much need the same amount of kills to rack up enough mana to reach a certain mana pool size. Lower Focus in this case should then be more rewarding, even easier to play since your mana flow is twice as fast.

After testing, it seems that I need about lvl 20 Focus to be able to sell the wild gem without losses (after using all my starting mana to increase mana pool size).
Until I find any downside on this method, I’ll be using it. Nice idea Sirry :)

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / My Guide to Endurance (hardest settings)

Absolutely agree with Sirry here!

Also in my opinion summoning is basically a means to make things go easier and faster. You can do endurance without summoning, but then you will just need a higher lvl to do equally good.

Looking forward to seeing the differences between this setup and the new one you are going to make for lvl 1,000!

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Beginner Help??

Originally posted by calvindang:


armored only should only make it easier…(i can’t win with normal settings, started using on M9)

I hear many people talking about this, but I never did so myself, and now I’m premium and usually put max battle settings on, so it doesn’t really help to test that anymore. Basically I can’t confirm it so I can’t write it down here. Though I can imagine that it might be easier.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / Best Ratio of Amps:Towers?

Actually, yea 1:8 is probably the best setup. I was just trying to create an extensive test to prove this and to gain some breakpoints like how many amps you need to start being better than towers only, etc. Since it required 6 amps to do this, meaning 7 tiles used total, one could try for two towers arranged in a smart way, maybe like so:
Total DPS on this might be better, but you still have to take into consideration that you divide it over 2 gems instead of 1. I’ll probably test this layout later too, and also other things. For example this used all equal gems at equal grades, and your amps are usually at least a grade lower.

I wasn’t really trying to convince you that 1:8 setup wasn’t the best, I was merely trying to put down a test that included as much stats as I could. Because really, in your test, what’s the point on having grade 1 amps around grade 6 tower?