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Topic: Realm Grinder / [New Feature] Reincarnation

Originally posted by Matrix4767:

In other words, this is a Hard Reset, so everything except trophies and the Reincarnation Power upgrade vanishes.
Well, I’d only do this if I unlocked absolutely everything (except maybe the Uvg coins trophy) and racked up a lot of gems for the mana boost.
At least you can prepare for Equality (if you didn’t get it yet) easier with this.

A Hard Reset is a reset where everything is reset, no exceptions. Everything should be the exact same as if you’d be on the game for the first time. A Soft Reset occurs when not everything is reset, the game will know that you’ve actually had a run before this one.

Any type of prestige reset you can ever add to a game will by definition be a Soft Reset, this one is no exception. Reincarnation is the second tier of Soft Reset for Realm Grinder though, and you should only expect it to be tougher than the first tier, tougher as in resetting more and/or giving less rewards.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Option 'Exchange warning' bug

The option ‘Exchange warning’, which should generate a warning popup upon trying to buy an exchange (similar to the Excavation warning), doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’ve double checked, and the option is infact turned on.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Rubies are utterly useless

They’re separate resources, how is that not already clear enough? If they’d just add together into one multiplier, then you’d be buying Gems directly, not Rubies. Sure the description can be better, but you should still be able to figure this one out with some common sense..

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Hidden Trophies Guide

You can’t ever screw yourself out of getting a trophy, no trophy will be added that becomes impossible to earn at some point in time.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Various in-game formulas

While you’re looking into the game data anyway, could you confirm some of the formulas derived here?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / How to keep (some) older players here longer.

Giving up everything you have in the game, except for Shop purchases, in order to earn a couple free Rubies? How is that going to bring incentive to continue playing? You literally lose everything and have to start all over, while the start is probably one of the most boring parts of the game!

What you’re suggesting, essentially means that once you finish the game on normal, difficulty, you get the choice to play easy mode. I don’t see how anyone would go for that, not on this game.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faceless/Druid

To clarify one piece of misinformation: you need 30 excavations, flat. This does not differ between players, neither does the order in which you find them. You find a report every five excavations. As warownslife said, there are six reports in total, and every neutral faction is tied to two reports. You should easily recognise which reports belong together, since their description is very similar.

Also, every neutral faction has a different upgrade which you have to buy in order to permanently unlock that neutral faction. These upgrades each have their own requirements to be unlocked; namely you must have found the two reports tied to that faction, you must not have unlocked that faction yet, and you must have met the other requirement that’s hinted at in these reports (Googlybear has those down). These upgrades are not permanent – you must meet requirements to unlock them, buying them permanently unlocks the neutral faction, and soft resetting locks them again.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / "Based on" upgrades

Originally posted by lolomator:

boni for facelesss heritage:
[…, 82.861, 89.426, 95.873, 102.21, 108.46, 114.61, 120.68, 126.68, 132.61, 138.47, 144.27, 150.01]
I didnt write down the first 5 -10 values because i thought i would stop after the achievement and never play them again, so the list starts somewhere around 7

I remember the first being 13.133, and after five I had 47ish, filling in the blanks would meak your numbers are for 10 – 21 runs.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Hidden Trophies Guide

Originally posted by ss4naruto2:

I had gotten speed run in literally 2 mins and 35 seconds … I thought it would’ve taken a lot longer. Here was my set up, lol ..

I was just reading about it and I was like .. Damn.. I might not make it and by the time I hit 300k before 2 minutes, I was like .. wow. This is a lot easier than I thought, but the thing is .. I didn’t get the “Speed Run” achievement at 1m .. It was like at around 600k something, which is really strange …

It’s 1m total earned that run, not 1m on hand, so it counted whatever money you spent as well.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / "Based on" upgrades

Originally posted by Rahler:
Originally posted by SlvrStchdCrow:

I was talking bigger increases from something like 610-620 compared to 590-600

Yes, unlike most things in the game, Grand Balance seems to have increasing returns.

Not just that though. Try comparing 610, 600, 590 vs 600, 600, 600. While both total counts are equal at 1800, the former seems to yield a higher multiplier. This means that some formula with increasing returns is applied on all three building counts separately, and the results are combined afterwards.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Save games lost

You’re the only one posting about this issue on the forums at the moment. Have you ever considered that perhaps it’s not the game’s fault that you’re losing your saves? There can be many reasons, and the vast majority are due to a fault of your own, such as setting your browser to automatically clear local data or w/e.

You have no right to go screaming at the devs for something they’re not responsible for. If anything, you were foolish for refusing to use the game’s export feature even after you first lost your save data.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / "Based on" upgrades

Strong Currency’s % bonus seems to be the square root of the amount of Faction Coins found this game. I only have one data point here, but it matched so perfectly: 29160 Faction Coins, 170.77% bonus

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Upgrade Suggestion: Transcendent Autocasting

Originally posted by UeberBob:

Happy to hear it, DG! You rock!

Originally posted by lolomator:

a much simpler solution would be to autocast only when at 100% mana.
once mana is full, all queued spells are attempted to be cast in the order 4-3-2-1, this way you can autocast, God Hand, CAll to arms and spend the remaining mana on Tax collection

What if the player wants it to cast 2 tax collections before it cycles again? And what if the player does not want spell 4 cast, only spells 3 and 2 and maybe 1? Or vice versa, only 4, 2, 1? Your idea simply does not meet the diversity of player needs in this area.

Infact it meets all of your examples, when the current system is kept where you activate autocast for specific spells. Autocast would activate at 100% mana, and then go bottom-to-top, activating every spell that’s set to autocast until it can no longer. If spells 1, 2, and 4 were on autocast, this would result in casting spell 4, then spell 2, and then spell 1 until you run out of mana. After this, it would revert to waiting for max mana again.

Either way, I’m sure devs have a good idea of how they want to tackle this new and improved autocasting system, I can’t wait!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / My issue with druids...

Honestly I find Faceless to be much worse in that regard. They require both many previous Faceless runs, as well as the run prior to your Faceless run being lengthy. How’s that for setup time..

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Max Mana Upgrades

The main benefit of increased max mana is either to enable new spell combos altogether (for factions without a scaling mana per second (mps) boost), or to enable certain spell combos earlier on, ie with less gems and/or earlier in a run (for factions with a scaling mps boost).

First of all, to simplify calculations, we assume no Angel heritage. Next, we’ll be considering a full mana rotation, which I hereby define to start at max mana, use a certain combo of spells, and then regen back up to max mana.

For the first case, calculations are simple. Consider Titans, a faction without any upgrades to either max mana or mps. At their base 1k max mana and 4 mps, they can cast either Gem Grinder (GG) for x50, or Lightning Strike to get a random building up by a lot. LS is a bit trickier to calculate, so I’ll use GG instead. They earn x50 production for 20 seconds, for a 1k mana cost. Alternatively, they can cast Call to Arms (CtA) for 400 mana, and a +1400% multiplier (ie x15 production). This should be easily reachable for anyone who’s unlocked Titans.

A full mana rotation when triggering GG starts at 1k mana. At 0s in, GG is cast, and you gain 20 seconds of x50 production. When finished you have 80 mana, 920 more mana must be regened before this rotation can be repeated, which takes 230 seconds. This means the full rotation takes 20 + 230 = 250 seconds, during which you gain production equal to 20 * 50 + 230 = 1230 seconds of base production. Over the entire rotation, you end up with a production multiplier of x4.92.

Now consider Titans again, but this time including the Druid heritage, which we’ll put at the ideal max mana bonus: +400. This takes a bit longer to reach than most other numbers used above, but it’s mostly to ease calculations. A full mana rotation now starts at 1400 mana, at which point you cast both GG and CtA and gain x750 production for 20 seconds. Afterwards you’re at 80 mana, and need another 1320 mana to finish the mana rotation, which takes another 330 seconds. The full rotation lasted for 20 + 330 = 350 seconds, during which you gain production equal to 20 * 750 + 330 = 15330 seconds of base production. Over the entire rotation, you now end up with a production multiplier of x43.8.

As a third measuring point, what if you only have enough max mana to sustain one second of double spells? To do this with 4 mps, you need 1324 max mana. You can then cast GG, gaining 19 seconds of x50 production. Now you have exactly 400 mana to cast CtA and get 1 second of x750 production, after which you have 4 mana. After this GG’s effect finishes, and you gain 19 seconds of CtA only, thus x15 production. You’re now at 80 mana, and thus need another 1244 mana regened to finish the rotation, which takes another 311 seconds. The run took you 19 + 1 + 19 + 311 = 350 seconds, during which you earned 19 * 50 + 1 * 750 + 19 * 15 + 311 = 2296 seconds of base production. Over the entire rotation, you now end up with a production multiplier of x6.56.

As should be expected, a full double spell combo vastly beats a single spell combo. While the latter is cheaper in mana cost, this difference far from makes up for the difference in production boost. In fact, the difference is so big, that even just gaining that one second of double spells already increases your production multiplier by roughly 30% compared to using only single spell combos. Practically speaking, there should almost never be a case where

Finally, I’ll leave you with a much quicker and easier to use approximation to compare two different spell combos and determine which of those is best for your situation. For both combos, calculate their combined production multiplier, as well as their combined mana costs. Divide the new combo’s mana cost by the old combo’s mana cost, then multiply with the old combo’s production multiplier. If this number does not exceed the new combo’s production multiplier, then the new combo is best.

Apologies for how lengthy this post turned out to be, I hope it helps some :)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / About Grand Balance.. (post patch!)

I double tested the first point by isolating the specific test case, and have to confirm that GB indeed already fixes the multiplier during the run. Previous test results were likely influenced by either an increased CtA bonus from the extra buildings bought, or the Druid spells that increase building production as you buy more of each type. The main point was the third one though, which still remains. In he end, gaining 10x your total production in a mere 30 minute run, when you start this run with over a quadrillion gems, is still many times faster than any other regular strategy will get you, so I’d say it’s an exploit regardless.

Whether you end up finding the current GB exploitable or not, I still think the best possible solution to fully fix this problem, is to make Grand Balance’s target dynamic. As a fellow developer myself, that just seems like a much nicer solution, while the current solution just feels ‘hacky’.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Magical Treasure + Mana Multipliers

Considering you get a ‘+1 Mana’ whenever you trigger this effect with a manual click, it should give you exactly that 1 Mana, no more no less. A quick testrun seems to support this theory, at least for Autocast. Angel heritage is only 10%, would take longer testruns.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / About Grand Balance.. (post patch!)

So with the latest patch, the Grand Balance (GB) ‘exploit’ is supposedly fixed. However.. it’s not.

The fix in this patch makes GB record the amount you own of the building it’s boosting, and this number is used to base the production off of for the entire run.

What this means, is that if for instance you went for the Pyramids as your lowest producer, and buy more Pyramids, this will not affect your income directly.

However, there are several ways around this:

  • First of all, if the building you’re boosting is one of the three buildings you own most, it affects the GB multiplier, and this effect still changes during the run.
  • Secondly, Druids own two faction upgrades that increase a building’s output by 1% for every one of that building you own. This effect is also not frozen with regards to the GB calculations, so this will also still increase your production.
  • Third, and probably the biggest problem, is that buying upgrades also still increases the GB output during a run.

While the first two points aren’t that massive, the third one is, consider the following scenario:

  1. Blacksmith normally makes up >10% of your Druid output, and their upgrades combined multiply its output by a factor 40320.
  2. You own 600 Blacksmiths, but no Blacksmith upgrades. You own enough other buildings and upgrades to make GB target Blacksmiths (should be easily done).
  3. Start a triple spell combo, get a click or two off, and buy all Blacksmith upgrades. Next, click your ass off (or autoclick) for the remainder of GB.

The result? Well in my initial testrun, I still tenfolded my total coins earned.

How to fix this
Instead of fixing numbers in place (with regards to GB), such as the amount you own of the targeted building, simplify by allowing GB’s target to change during the run. You just have to ensure that GB’s target selection does not take into account GB’s modifier, this will prevent it from constantly switching targets. With this fix, no matter what change you apply during GB, it will always target the building that produces the least at that moment.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Charged Clicks bug

Then do a proper test and record some numbers: first note your current coins from clicks, and coins total, and charged clicks bonus. Then go away for a while just like you said you’ve done before. Now repeat the process and note the numbers again. With this data we can confirm whether there is an issue or not.

While I don’t expect there to actually be a bug, reporting the above numbers will confirm whether there is an issue or not. There are several factors in the game that can affect the bonus from this upgrade, most have to do with spells.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faction Combos

Originally posted by demonwonders:

I’m at 30 excavations and only have the first 5 reports. I know I’ll get it soon though. When I do I’ll post/edit when I get it and at what excavation. Though the first 5 reports I got at 5/10/15/20/25 excavations. Hoping to get before I reset. Nearly day 2/3 for faceless. Hoping to get all 3 factions this run.

Nope, you’re at 29 Excavations. The number on the Excavation upgrades tells you the next one you can buy. So if it says 30, you have done 29, and need one more.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Inconsistent wordings

It still evens out the field a bit, since autoclickers are bound to get lower bonuses from that upgrade.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / No offline gains and neutral factions anymore

Originally posted by Pandah:

Since the update, I soft resetted when I had all the excavations available(excavated yet not purchased for use).

Getting the excavation reports is one of two requirements to unlock the upgrades that in turn unlock the new factions. If you soft reset before buying these, you will have to meet that second requirement for each of these upgrades to unlock them again. Only once these upgrades are bought, will Neutral factions be unlocked – permanently.

As for the offline progress – the update introduced a bug with this system, but this bug has since been patched. Make sure to refresh your game to get the latest patches, and then try offline progress again. If it still doesn’t work, I think the devs will be very happy if you let them know (ie by following up on this post).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

There are people actually using it beyond 50, on purpose. Although I do agree it can be pretty annoying having it there when you don’t intend to use it (and then accidentally use it).

Besides that, what’s always bothered me is that you’ve technically bought the upgrade, but it doesn’t show up in the bought upgrades section. What may be useful, is an intermediate group in the upgrades tab, just for upgrades with multiple levels, when you’ve bought at least a level off them before, but can also unlock the next. This would basically group exchanges with excavations, add in a togglable like with the bought upgrades section, and you should be set.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Potential Bug with Titans/Charged Clicks

Originally posted by ikud:

I can also confirm that the money per click lowers as the percentage changes. Not really sure what’s up with that.

Well ofcourse, the upgrade gives you a higher bonus if your clicks make up a smaller percentage of your total earnings. However my question was in regards to the upgrade giving -950% bonus – that’s impossible, since the lowest boost seems to be 10%.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Minor Feature Requests]

Originally posted by Rahler:
Originally posted by grodgo1:

A boost to how noticeable the flashing in on boosted buildings – especially the neutral ones. Wasn’t an issue before lighting strike as it was a fixed building boosted but is a bit difficult to see which one is activated by lightning strike.

Or maybe just have Lightning Strike tell you which building it’s boosting the way Grand Balance does.

Except not even the game knows which building will be boosted until the actual LS spell is cast, so this is not really an option.