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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Originally posted by hellby65:

there is many element like light , water …. but not the fire ?

Well.. there’s the Sun I guess

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Statistic Multi - How to increase fast

  • Always keep a couple clones leveling the lowest training(s)/skill(s) to help get more stat multi from those levels.
  • Whenever you’re not having to create clones, or creations for achievements, create stone as it’s the fastest together with Light, but gives more creation. This helps get more stat multi from creations created.
  • Always spend all your divinity before a rebirth to help increase the stat multi from divinity spent.
  • When playing active, it doesn’t hurt to lose clones often and rebuild them, even if you’ve already hit the clone cap. This can still increase stat multi from clones created/died.
  • Rather obvious, but always keep atleast one clone on every enemy you don’t die to, to help increase stat multi from enemies defeated.
  • Always get the creation achievements that you can easily obtain, every rebirth. You don’t have to spend tons of divinity, just get achievements until you start feeling the divinity loss. The more achievements, the more stat multi from them.
  • Similarly with monument upgrades; going past 20 levels doesn’t increase rebirth multi, but can still help increase current multi aswell as stat multi, just make sure the levels are still cheap and fast enough for you.
  • Another pretty obvious one; once you own the divinity generator, make sure to use it as much as possible. The more divinity you gain, the more you can spend.
  • And last but not least; always, ALWAYS get as many monuments as you can. Ofcourse your primary goal is to progress through the gods, but monuments are a very good secondary (divinity generator would be the only other candidate).If you can get even just a couple more Mighty Statues, that can increase your stat multi by a couple % already, even if they don’t really help your stats at all.

That’s about all the factors you have decent control over. Again, monuments are especially important since they multiply all other stat multis, rather than add onto them.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Unresponsive UI

Have you by any chance put the FPs at a really low rate? Or perhaps your pc has very little resources available for the game to run on (VERY little)?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Bug with rebirthing coloring

Did you check your current multi, or current base multi? The former is shown on screen, the latter only when hovering the number, though that’s the one compared.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Update 0.984.331 Timer broken

Same, timers now go crazy and won’t ever act normal, regardless of the amount of clones put into the skill or enemy. Additionally, I’m no longer getting 30 or 33 per second, atm it seems I’m getting about 24/s. Others are reporting various speeds, seems to depend on what your pc can afford in resources. Finally, changing FPS affects not just the bars, but the gains aswell. The 24/s gain is at 60FPS, the lower I get the slower the levels come.

All in all I don’t see the purpose of this update. Instead of fixing timers, which weren’t broken in the first place, they’re now broken for everyone. Please revert asap.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Is Statistic Multi working as intended?

Your monuments built act as a multiplier for your stats multi, so the 2 per rebirth is actually 2 * monuments built, etc.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Monument Ratios

You guys seem to be forgetting about the monument upgrades though.. there’s a long time where those early monuments are going to outperform the later ones by far due to these upgrades and the relatively short build times for these early monuments and upgrades. Getting 400 added to the multi for all four pales when compared with 40k in one of the four stats, especially if the former takes longer to build aswell.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Next on feature not working.

While the intention of ‘Next at’ was to expand on ‘Stop at’, the implementation means that it also loses some functionality. Namely, when it moves the clones to the next training/skill, it won’t check whether that has already hit the cap. Instead, it will get one level, then see ‘oh, this is past the cap already’, and continue to the next training/skill. Make it check before getting that one level, and you’ll have a feature that is a pure expansion of the old one and shouldn’t have any downsides compared to it.

Additionally, you say it intentionally doesn’t check caps, but there really is no reason not to. Whenever transferring clones to the next training/skill, simply check if that new one then has too many clones, and if so just move the excess one step further, etc. Right now, say I cap the first 10 trainings and leave, it’ll only put clones on the 11th training when the 10th is finished. If 1-9 finish, those clones just eventually end up at #10, doing nothing at all. With the change I just explained, they’d be moved to #11 if not capped yet.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Small font issue

Above image shows my stats, as you can see the word ‘quattuordecillion’ is being pushed to the next line. I’ve noticed the stats’ font getting smaller once or twice when reaching longer names, it seems that it should just be adjusted a tad more in this case. A similar thing happens on the divinity generator with the current filled amount.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Saving the game

You can still run multiple instances of the game if you manually manage the savefiles, ie by always exporting and importing to keep track of the various saves.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Pretty much every progress bar in the game includes an example speed or time to complete in the tooltip, for instance training speed/s at 100 clones, or building time needed at 1000 clones. But the amounts of clones used here are a bit arbitrary. Sure, on training you can just add those clones, see how the number changes, and decide if you like it, but this doesn’t work for things like buildings. Those have requirements, and I’d like to be able to see the time needed without owning the requirements beforehand.

So instead of having to take this number and then adjust it to whatever amount of clones I’m looking to put in, what about making the tooltip use the current amount of clones as entered in the input field above?

And while you’re at it, what about adding an additional number to creations to show how many you can make per second or minute or something like that? Currently it only shows the amount of creation you earn per second, which is less than useful.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Divine Generator patch issues

Adjust the amount with the buttons at the top, and make sure you actually own enough creations to convert.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Divine Generator patch issues

So a new patch just hit, with the main change being the addition of the divine generator.

As usual though, several issues have come through seemingly untested:

- For some reason, monuments are being created too slow, or at least it seems like that. The timers only tick down by a second, every two progress bar ticks (and those are 1s/tick on monuments).
- The ‘Clones to add/remove’ on the divinity tab is different from the others, and they don’t sync together either. This feels really weird when using it, either make all those inputs be one and the same on every tab, or make them all different, don’t go inbetween.
- For the billionth time, checking for >0 seems to have been forgotten, leading to the ability to sell creations without actually owning them. Seems to be a slightly different issue where the buttons will always have a value one greater than they should have, putting your creations to -1.
- The capacity amount seems to have too little space, as for instance ‘trillion’ is pushed to the next line (of which you only see the top 2 or so pixels).

Edit: After having been able to use the generator, it seems that the second point has been added the way it has because you add creation amounts into the generator, not clones. However when you don’t have the generator built yet, you have to add clones to build it, at which point the input for the amount of clones to use should be the same as on every other tab. It should then change to what it currently is upon completing the generator. At the moment it seems that the name of the input changes, but not the input itself (which is pretty useless).

Edit 2: Not sure if this happened with the new patch, but whilst on the god power tab you can click the kong kreds tab, but it won’t work the othe way around.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Creation is terrible

What dev will likely want to do is keep track of the stack of creations being made. Currently it seems to just remember a single creation. For instance in your example, Light will be created, but it won’t trickle back up beyond Air since it only remembered Air as the creation that was lacking resources. In that case, simply change this in a stack-based system where you simply have the stack of all lacking resources being kept track of. When making Plant, it’ll put ‘1 Plant, 2 Soil and 2 Water’ on this stack. Next it attempts to create these, if either then isn’t owned again, it simply adds to the stack instead of replacing, as it currently seems to do. So you get ‘1 Plant, 2 Soil, 2 Water, 6 Air’. This process continues until finally creations have sufficient ingredients, can be created, and subsequently can be removed off the stack until you arrive back at the 1 Plant again.

Main advantage of such system, when properly implemented, is that it’s fairly fast due to calculations mostly being done upfront (in the case of 1 Plant, it won’t calculate the need for 3 Light 6x because it needs Air 6x, but instead it’ll calculate this once only). Furthermore, it obviously fixes the issues in the current system and supports any amount of creation requirements. As an added bonus, this system would make it very easy to add an input for the player decide the amount of creation x to make. If the player chose to create 10 Plants, the stack simply starts with ‘10 Plant’, then becomes ‘10 Plant, 20 Soil, 20 Water’, and so forth.

Apologies for the rather theoretically tinted comment, I felt a need for explaining it and I hope dev can use this to further improve the game :)

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Future Updates

Originally posted by goku90504:

i think you misunderstand how often you get gp as it seems you only get gp the first time you beat a particular god

This only goes for the gods before Izanagi. Starting at Izanagi, gods will give you one GP when killed, every rebirth. Counting these gods then gives us that there are 19 gods that give gp every rebirth (and 9 gods that only give gp the first time they’re killed).

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Creation is terrible

That message is basically to show that creations are not included in offline progress. You don’t create anything while offline, while pretty much every other feature does progress offline. This is intentional.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Monuments

An important thing to keep in mind though, is that there seems to be just one monument multiplier per stat, not per monument type. What this basically means is that the various monuments’ bonuses are counted together, before being applied as a single multiplier.

For instance, say you have two tomb of gods that boost by (1 + 30*2), and a godly status that boosts all stats by (1 + 200*1). Your battle will not get multiplied by 61*201 (which is 12261), instead it gets multiplied 261 (or 260, 262, depends on the exact usage of the 1 in the formulas).

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Required Base Materials for Creations and Max Achievements

This doesn’t fully address the issue though, since creations you buy don’t actually count towards the achievements. So instead, once you get the ability to buy creations, you’ll want to buy ingredients, then manually create the endproduct to earn these achievements the fastest.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / God Power

While you’re at it, fix the bugs and exploits that this new feature has brought with, you should have messages about those from others already.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / God Power

Yes, every god killed counts, even if you have killed it before. Which opens up a pretty major exploit in that you can rebirth asap, kill all gods you can, get somewhat reasonable multipliers, and rebirth again. Repeat until satisfied with god points.

Additionally, this new feature pretty much means it’s never worth beating more than one god more than your previous best per rebirth, as the extra time that takes isn’t worth it vs rebirthing and getting all those extra god points (atleast, not in the early stages when you don’t have many god points to spend yet).

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Now vs Rebirth multi question/issue

I’ve started meddling with monuments a bit, and until now I thought that the multipliers simply showed green when they would improve just by rebirthing, but I found that it’s a bit different:

As you can see, both Battle and Creation are higher now than they would be after rebirth. This is due to monuments boosting these stats only now, not after rebirth, yet they’re still green. What seems to happen is that the multipliers you got from the previous rebirth are compared to what you’re getting from the upcoming rebirth.

My question is, is this intended or not? It seems a little counter-intuitive due to the way the information is shown.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Getting 0 EXP/YC from PB since newyear

Just this morning I noticed that my PBs were giving me +0 on both YC and EXP. So I went and checked out the stats screen (see img).

Turns out I somehow had a negative EXP multiplier running. I don't know what it was or how it got activated, I didn't do anything to cause it.

I'm currently only on my first ascension, and I was doing nothing different than the days before newyear - idling in ba and checking up on the game every now and then.

I lost about 300b EXP this way, but that is sure to be much more for any others who might be affected.

I don't have the slightest idea in which category it belongs, and I can't reproduce it since the only cause I can think of would have to do with newyear coming around.

Screenshot of problem:

GeneralYouri | 18,611 / 2,128,546,856,482 | [d1]–343 | F0 | v1,656 | WIN 11,7,700,224 | Thu Jan 2 11:55:41 GMT+0100 2014

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / V1656 Cakeland Adventure!

With V1656 a new Adventure area has been added which is only available in December and January of every year.

EDIT: Seems someone else had the same idea.

While waiting for someone to scan the code and mine the % outcomes for each adventure, I’ve been tracking the adventure outcomes, and below are all the options with their outcomes I’ve come across.

The area costs 2,500 GC. According to Tukkun, there are 5 different adventures, including three exclusive ones.

The first three adventures are unique to this area.

10 Million!

[ 2 ] Get 10,000,000 Coins

  • (100%) Get 10m YC

[ 3 ] Get 10,000,000 Green Coins

  • (0.1%) Get 10m GC
  • (99.9%) Nothing


[ 2 ] Eat

  • (3%) Get an Energy Refill
  • (9.7%) Get +3 Energy
  • (8.73%) Get +2 Energy
  • (23.571%) Get +20% Boost
  • (16.4997%) Get +10% Boost
  • (11.54979%) Nothing
  • (26.94951%) Get -1 Energy

[ 3 ] Feed to Pet

  • (100%) Pet gains 1HP and 5 Fullness for
    Note: Only works if pet is alive.

Anniversary Gift Box

[ 2 ] Open

  • (2%) Get 1 Legendary Box
  • (4.9%) Get 1 Pixelated Mystery Box
  • (4.655%) Get 1 Mega Fertilizer
  • (4.42225%) Get 100,000 Green Coins
  • (4.201137%) Get 1 Energy Refill
  • (7.982161%) Get 1 Fertilizer
  • (7.183945%) Get 20,000 Green Coins
  • (12.93110%) Get 1 Yellow Coin
  • (10.34489%) Get -1 Energy
  • (41.37952%) Nothing

Raging Triangle

  • (100%) Get -1 Energy

Adventurer’s Trophy

  • (100%) Get Adventurer’s Trophy
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 1-Hour Challenge

Originally posted by Parsee:
Originally posted by Tukkun:

I think it should be noted that I am not giving any rewards to winners of this so-called “challenge”.

I’m behind Tukkun on this one. It’s far too easy to manipulate a screenshot.

It’s for fun. You have to be pretty pathetic if you really feel like cheating just to get at the top of the scores while there isn’t even a prize.

Originally posted by Burn1ngR4g3:

@Unwrittenlaws You cheatet
First of all you first play was After the Time you needed for this ascension
Second: your *1,5 coin/xp least for just 2 Hours and 2 Mins that means that you got both of them in 2 Minutes
And Third thing: you cant get to level 800 in that short time

He did not ascend (doesn’t have a triangle above the exp bar..). His ‘session’ playtime is over a day because that counter doesn’t reset when switching saves. So aslong as he doesn’t reload the page, but just switches from his main file to a brand new file to do the challenge, this timer persists. You can see this on almost every screenshot in here.

As for the very early 1.5x bonuses plus rest: as of the Revive! update there is a way to instantly get these upon starting a new save. Also, it takes two minutes of playtime before you unlock the Mystery boxes screen.

Then lvl800: he used a very similar strategy as what I used. Be very careful about the feature you choose to play, and when + how long you play it. Some features are very powerful in leveling you up early (hint: BA is NOT one of those!).

I feel if I say any more I’d be giving away too much and make it easy, so that’s all you’re gonna get from me. Now try to piece things together and retry the challenge :)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / REVIVE! - Mega Events!

I guess they’re a drop much like pixels or unobtanium, just much more rare.