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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Petition to revise the trade limit


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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Lack of New Content

Originally posted by KCForest:

The new buildings appear to have 4 levels each

upgrading to lv 2 costs 10m coins and takes 10 days
lv 3 is 80 m coins and takes about 21 days
lv 4 is 640 m coins and takes about 28 days

The building bonus appears to be

building temp perm
pier 1,1,1,2 1,1,1,1
monastery 1,1,1,1 5,5,5,5
tiltyard 20,30,40,50 1,1,1,1*
lighthouse 5,5,5,5 1,1,1,1*

*means additional break chances of -1/-2/-3/-5

The mayor can activate temp buffs for klash points (value in thousands)

1 day 3 days 7 days
lv 1 5 10 20
lv 2 10 20 40
lv 3 20 40 80
lv 4 30 60 120

So to have all lv 1 buffs activated continuously using the 7 day buff, your town needs to be able to do roughly 12k war points total each klash

lv 2 23k
lv 3 46k
lv 4 69k

lv 4 buffs can be done with three (3) players farming 100 krowns each gathering 24k points. Or twelve (12) players farming about 50-55 krowns each would be enough. A slight reserve needs to be kept for the 3 day break between tournaments though

Also multiple customers can sell items in a single game day

One thing you didn’t explain in your post is that you have to activate each bonus individually, that means, the lvl 2 bonus will give you 1% bonus duplication on items the same as lvl 1, so you have to activate both to have a 2% bonus, meaning 60k/week, and so on.

To have the full bonus, you’ll need 260k/week for each bonus, which means that you’ll need to do a 150k damage per war to have the 4 full bonuses active permanently.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Lack of New Content

Originally posted by EdgebeeStudios:

Hello folks, I understand your concern. Next week we gonna roll out an upgrade to the game. Player will be rewarded for the klashes. Upgrade will be performed at the beginning of next week. Stay tuned for more details.

Hello Edgebee, it’s cool that you have updated the game and the update is actually good and longterm, it would also be good if you’d care to explain how it actually works. We know the basics and have a rough estimate of the next lvls bonuses, costs, etc.
What we don’t know is,
how do you unlock them? Vp seem to be the answer, but how many for each building? Are they permanent or do we lose them at the beginning of the next klash. What if we lose a building with a 2 weeks bonus activated previously? do we lose it, it keeps going and we receive the bonus, it keeps going and we don’t receive the bonus, it’s frozen till we get the VP’s necessary to unlock said building again?
Please edgebee, we need answers, putting an update and saying nothing is quite lame
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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Fight Cloudcade!

Originally posted by EdgebeeStudios:

Thanks for your support, We didnt sell anything, they just decided to copy us.

Originally posted by GamerCubed:

The evil people from Cloudcade that nearly destroyed Edgebee are back and with some force! They launched a game identic to S&P2 and they are trying to overtake Edgebee!
Players of Edgebee’s games : We need you! We need to fight against Cloudcade and their identic copy of S&P2 ( and even worse! not gonna give details tho ) that and bring them down! Don’t let Edgebee down!
Vivant et Edgebee! ( aka Long live Edgebee,translated in latin )

Idk for how long have you been playing the game, but I haven’t seen you around on the chatroom nor in the forum until 2-3 days ago and now you are all over defending edgebee, attacking people that demands updates on a freemium game.

I, for instance, am a elite player which means that I payed a bit of money once to get some upgrades on the game, but mainly to support a developer of a game that I enjoy, the problem is that that support I gave (I know people that spent thousands of dollars into this game) hasn’t been corresponded with updates regularly.

There has been from small requests like adding a flag on the customers list to know whom have you sent to war, to big requests like new buildings, customers, ways to spend VPs and almost all of them went unanswered. Yes, they fixed some bugs and errors, made some updates, minor and substantial (PvP), since I started playing but in the year and a half since I did, I have only 14 recipes left to finish and I’ll finish 3 more in 1 or 2 days, leaving me with 11, the PvP system is win for the bragging rights which I don’t care much about, my city is close to be maxxed and the player base has diminished a lot, chatroom #2 on kong has between 30-90 players now when it used to be 130-200, which leaves me with little reason to continue playing.

Maybe for a new player the game seems pretty good and has little flaws, but since Edgebee returned (they abandoned the game for 6 months or so), they fixed some bugs and added PvP and that’s it, most high lvl players are starting to abandon the game and favoring the new “S&P3”, and to be honest, I think I might do it too, I was already playing less and less this game and even when the game may have flaws or if I’ll start from zero, I at least will have something to do (this is a game to relax and vent off).

I think that edgebee must support the playerbase that is what sustain them or they will die, or at least S&P2 will.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

I think that rearranging your city should be free or at least cheaper, building a city as the game it is would need a lot of planning and sometimes you need an extra tower and you can’t wait to unlock a tile next to the bulk of buildings of the same type. Mainly is a aestethics thing after all the most you need to move to build something is 200-300 gold and compared to the price of some buildings is nothing. That would render more organized and pretty cities which I at least would appreciate very much. And also an “arranging mode” where you can remove ALL your buildings and “store” them to re-positionate wherever you wish and you can’t exit the mode without placing all the items or they will count as demolished.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestion and ideas thread

We need a new Fighter class or new customers in the current classes. Fighters are clearly the hardest category to make good points and with a fewer number of them the options are very limited. My idea other than adding a new class (which would equal the number of classes of each category) would be:

- Add a lvl 20 Knight, there is lvl 20 illusionist and musketeer, which would make perfect sense and would add another max lvl 20 fighter. There is only 3 currently, 5 Rogues and 6 Spellcasters.

(I can’t seem to edit the next paragraph to be separate)

- Add a couple new Mercenaries, Barbarians and Guards, 2 of each would lvl the field in terms in amount of customers, as for the lvls they don’t need to all have a lvl 20, maybe only one class with a lvl 20 and the rest with variations from lvl 16 to 19 (the Barbarian would be overpowered with a lvl 20 considering that it can use swords, maces and spears all with 1m+ items).

And that would be it, you would fix a bit of unbalance in pvp, add new buidings or upgrades to the current buildings without going out of the way overthinking a new balanced class, and for these upgrades/buildings you could implement some of the VP use ideas that some players suggested.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Suggestions, opinions and feedback

One thing that you HAVE to fix is how you give points to win matches. I mean, sometimes I end with a 3-4 K/D and some noob with exp boost and less than 1 K/D and 10-20 kills less beats me by 500 pts. I think that you shouldn’t consider the XP as a decisive aspect on a match and rather do it by most kills and less deaths or something like that, and in another separate context the XP points. Something like, 1pt/Kill and consider streaks as extra points 1pt/double kill, 2pts/Double Headshot, 5pts/Rage, etc. That way if 2 guys have 30 killed, but one dies 10 times and the other 25, is less likely that one got as many streaks as the other and you actually win a match if you are better and not if you make more headshots or longshots or something like that, same as radar, which is a great match advantage.

OR, if you don’t want to change this feature, remove contracts that complete by winning matches as well as achievements, took me forever to complete some of these because the XP boosts are really OP in this aspect.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestion and ideas thread

Posibility to undo expansions and walls bought:

So, I was in automatic mode and bought walls instead of the 10mil expansion and I can’t undo that, which is pretty annoying, not to start cursing on the forum, so, make the undo possible here. Also, if edgebee would give me back my 9mil and undo it for me, I’d be very happy.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestion and ideas thread

My suggestions are mainly for information pages.

Customers List listing who is in dungeon quests and war, not only on events, also how many xp each one needs:
Because if I decide to lvl 3 monks specifically, knowing that I sent 1 monk lvl 12 is not enough, since I have 5 monks lvl 12, same with a lot of cust that I have at similar lvls.
The same with cust that you already sent to war, to be able to see who have you sent, though I read somewhere that edgebee is taking care of this.
Last on the customer page, to tell you how many xp has each cust, to be able to plan who are you going to send and where.

To be able to see the recipe list on the city:
– This could be done by some kind of tab, like the “City” and “World” on trade, where you click one and the other to switch between inventory and recipes.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] How difficult are boss battles without elwyen?

I ended the game once, and a few months ago I started again but I quited before karnos, I’m thinking to go back to it soon, and both times I played with rotative teams and never had problems with any boss. gloria and elwyen are my favorites characters but I use others as well so I can know what I’m missing, and it’s possible to do it with whoever you like, I did it twice. I do each dungeon with a complete different team, sometimes I just had to grind to give them basic defense skills because it’s the first time I use them but it’s very doable.

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Voting Thread for the Best of 2010 Quest

Mardek 3