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Topic: Collaborations / Basketball Evolution - NEW (1/10/09) - Positions OPEN

okay, make a GDD (Game Design Document) if you want to be an “idea guy”. that way people know A) you are serious about leading this project and B) to show you have a well thought idea and C) to display that idea in a way that’s easy to understand

In short. your post is confusing and stupid

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Topic: Collaborations / a rather good concept

Originally posted by Vara:
Originally posted by studioslug:
Originally posted by Vara:

Give an example of your work. You’re requesting examples from others, so you should give an example too. Where is your concept art and the game you’ve made? (No, I won’t shut up)

oh and when did I ever mention myself making a past game?

Excuse me, but I did interpret

Originally posted by studioslug:

Basically I would like someone who won’t bail on me, a week into production. What I need is an Artist, an excperienced Programmer (Cs3 or Cs2), A musician, and a cutscene animator. All people who want in on this must have examples or excperience. Now if your wondering what I’m doing thinking I’m just some random guy who wants all the people to do the work, so I can say I’ve made a game, your wrong. I will be writing the whole script, providing concept art, and all the voice acting. So shut up.

as “I’ve made a game before”.

Vara, you might want to re-read that :facepalm:

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist, Looking for a Project/Team

Leading a project right now. See this thread for details and contact me if you’re interested:

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Topic: Collaborations / Storyline Writer

I’m looking for a writer. See this thread for details:

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Topic: Collaborations / Online currncey game (Me Need A collab!)

Originally posted by Seanproductions:
Originally posted by SamWilliams:

You have no idea what it would take to make a game like the one you’re talking about.

I’m ready for what it takes. I’m motivated even if it takes a year i will work as much as I can to finish this project!

Then take that year to learn how to program it yourself.

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Topic: Collaborations / Online currncey game (Me Need A collab!)

You have no idea what it would take to make a game like the one you’re talking about.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artists, Musicians, and Writers WANTED

What I’m About:
I’m a no bullshit kind of guy. I want to make the best games that I can and am only interested in working with people who appreciate quality. I intend to take full responsibility for programming and putting everything together and in return expect you to fill your role to the best of your ability and effort.

Game Concept:
The game play is inspired by the Helicopter game for the iPod. The intent for the game is to have the game engine react dynamically to the player, producing new, harder, and more interesting enemies the better the player is doing. My hope is to produce a skill based game that rewards the player with new, interesting content for playing the game over and over.

Where you come in:

- Great eye for composition (everything should fit together nicely in a pleasing and effective style)
- Design of helicopters, planes, turret, paratroopers, etc
- Animation abilities a plus

- a loop that is exciting and fun
- If possible, dynamic music would be ideal

Writers and Creative Minds:
- create a story/plot
- design enemies and achievements

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work with me send me an email:
with the subject “Heli Game: Artist” replacing Artist with whatever position you are applying for

Proof that I’m actually working on the game: