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Topic: Serious Discussion / Escapism in Games?!?!

I loved video games I played them since I was probably 4 or 5 I dont know, I am 18 now. Video games are a great stress reliever for me, nothing like getting on a shooting game and blasting a few people after taking a 100 question test that you studied hours upon hours for. Playing xbox live allows me to communicate with people I dont know or friends that play too. Its become a social gathering with friends growing up to go over to one anothers house and play a frag fest of halo or mortal kombat tournament on nintendo.

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Topic: General Gaming / Text/Dialogue in Games

It depends, in mass effect I read almost everything in the codex, in WoW I read through a couple of things not extensively just what I had to. In Oblivion I only read two of the in game books haha. Now that you mention it kinda makes me wanna go read some for fun. Maybe next time when I play an RPG like oblivion or mass effect again I will fully immerse myself into that world. Take my time.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

Ok the spartans are enhanced super soldiers built for quickness and strength theres a lot more to them then just assault rifles and rocket launchers.
Star wars and Halo realm facing off this is considering that all the spartans besides master chief are involved then hands down the Halo realm is going to put up a fight.
They employ military tactics and other things they are like the star wars bounty hunters on crack. This would be a battle of the age I think =D

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can someone explain the nerosis around this strange Japanese 'sport'?

Wow I wanna say that was pretty cool, those bugs are huge!

The Japanese always have these strange things I seem to enjoy.