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Topic: Spellstone: General / What Epic did you get- Elements Guild War

I received the most amazing epic, the Elementalist (a.k.a. Ms. 30 Dust)!

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Topic: Spellstone: General / How do the developers make it so 3 and 4 delay cards are valid again

Another possibility would be to have pre-activation abilities get a bonus prior to card activation, amount being dependent on the ability. 50% armor buff would improve survivability significantly, and a 33% bonus to vengeance (preferably rounded down to keep it from being too OP) would make the cards relevant to the battle. Upper end examples of how this would work would be a quad twilight would still just have 1 armor, but a rather formidable 10 vengeance, prior to activation, or a Winged Colossus would have 7 armor.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestion and ideas thread

In the trade window, it would be nice if mousing over the item, or clicking on it, would allow you to see the item, including level, who makes it, and resources involved, much like when you open the suggestion page in your shop. It would assist greatly in identifying items to purchase/sell, and the coding seems to be in place, so it’s hopefully not much of a problem to implement.

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Topic: Astroflux / If you have lag issues, read this

Re-posted from Astroflux forums –

By Peldor
If you play AstroFlux you will eventually experience lag. A number of things can happen when you lag: you can be killed by “invisible projectiles”, your hardened shield doesn’t protect you, Death Lines kill you when you aren’t close to them or your ship is jumps around the map and is impossible to control.

When you start to lag It is easy to think that the servers are overloaded – this normally happens when the game is updated; it will fix itself after a period of time. However, that is rarely the case. The servers have blazing fast Internet connectivity from Tier 1 and Tier 2 Internet service providers. They can easily handle load the game generates. Normally the only time you experience lag caused by the servers is when the Developers are performing an update.

So if the servers aren’t overloaded, what’s going on? Why are you lagging? You have a fast internet connection and play other multi-player game on your PC like Crysis, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty or Skyrim. You don’t have lag problems with any of those games. Well those games use a protocol called UDP to move data between the servers and your PC. Unfortunately, AstroFlux does not use UDP, it uses TCP instead.

TCP requires network packets to be processed in the order they were sent by the server. So when a packet is lost/dropped, it needs to be resent by the server. While your computer waits for that dropped packet to be resent, it cannot process any other data received by the AstroFlux servers. This delay causes lag.

UDP on the other hand can process network packets out of order. So if a packet is lost, other data from the server can be processed. As a result, games that use UDP don’t lag nearly as often and when they do, the effects are not as noticeable.

So if UDP is so much better for multi-player games, why doesn’t AstroFlux use UDP? The short answer, UDP is not supported by Adobe Flash Player. So the lag you experience is not unique to AstroFlux and happens in any fast-paced multi-player Flash game.

That said, there are some things you can do to reduce your lag:

It is HIGHLY recommended to connect to your network with an Ethernet cable. Even with a strong signal, wireless networks can drop packets which will cause AstroFlux to lag. Disable the Nagle-Algorithm (Vista and Windows 7) Disable Google Chrome’s Pepper Flash player (Chrome for Windows and Mac OS X)

Additional Resources
If you want to know more about the differences between UDP and TCP when designing multiplayer games, check out:

Game servers: UDP vs TCP UDP vs. TCP
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Topic: Astroflux / Clan Dreadnoughts

I like the idea of a clan object, but I see it more as a bonus pet, that takes two or more clan members together to summon, with a max of 10, and would follow the clan member with the highest clan troon contribution, or in the case of a tie, highest player level.

The pet would be a Nezerian Battleship with a level equal to the average lvl of the clan member summoning it minus the avg lvl divided by the number of clan members summoning it [average player level – (average player level)/(number of summoners)]. This pet would have have it’s speed set to the clan member it was following. If that player leaves the system, or enters a safezone, it despawns like a normal pet and will need to be re-created.

For example, if a lvl 120 and lvl 52 summon the Battleship, it would be lvl ((120+52/2) – (120+52/2)/2), or lvl 43. Gather 6 clan members lvls 120, 120, 120, 52, 52, 52 and it would be lvl 72 battleship. The max currently would be 10 lvl 120s working together creating a lvl 108 battleship.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unable to use Kreds in Project Restoration

I’m having problems using Kreds for weekly special items in Project Restoration. I have been trying, however I just get the purchase window popping up with the following text:

There was an error while contacting the game server to prepare your order, please try again later (Order ID: 2978656)

This has been going on for several days.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Ingame text corrections

The flavor text at the top should read “Sensors show that the ceiling collapsed into the corridor a little. If it blocks your path, take it away.”

The first task should be “Open the door to the central corridor.” There is only one door to open.

The second part that states “Take away the pieces of the trimming in full.” is not clear. A possible edit would be “Completely remove the collapse piles.”

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Topic: Project Restoration / Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support

In the quest Thorny Path which occurs after Old Dumping Zone opens, only the 30 point dry bushes apply towards completing the quest. The smaller 8 or 20 point bushes do not apply.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Ingame text corrections

Originally posted by Horix:

While this is not really incorrect, mistletoe is more precise.

Mistletoe has white berries and smooth round leaves. Holly has the sharp pointed leaves and red berries depicted in game.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Hologram request

You need to complete the quest Get Proofs in order to get the Survived Plant from the Tramp. This quest comes four quests after you complete the Lack of Energy quest completing the Generating Station. To see other quests that come before that, visit the Project Restoration wiki,, or click this link to go to the Get Proofs page and navigate the previous quests to find where you are in the chain.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Game questions

Just thought I would put in a plug for the new English language wiki project that has been started. Please visit the Project Restoration Wiki for assistance with quests, buildings, or just general information. New content is added daily, so keep visiting.

Big thanks to Skillznpillz and Restorationgl for creating such a great game.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Hologram request

Just a thought, but having the ‘In search of Technician’ quest spawn after opening Halt, or upon getting the survived plant would make a lot more sense than where it spawns so early in the game play. This causes needless chat room inquiries, and a quest that you get to stare at for weeks while you grow.

Another option would be to give a small quest reward for talking to the technician, which is what the quest text indicates.

Later, another quest to get the survived plant could be implemented.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

Bug – I was just looking around the Kaine Detective Agency, after completing the Mystery of the Missing Cows and noticed a globe on the file cabinet in the top left room that says “A Globe – Scavenged from the Mystery of the Evil Hat”. I’m just guessing that the globe should not be showing up yet.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / new commander

Rayo/Titan divine, why it’s coming out December 20th! How did you know?

However they did change the name to something much less descriptive ლ(`ー´ლ)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

I just ran into the auction house bug as well. Just had my Sharp Samurai Sword +42 auction end, and the system took it back almost immediately instead of waiting 3 days. Here’s a few screen shots. Please note the time is the same.

Server: Frost
Name: Talos

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Should I get Spartacus?

Spartacus is a good hero to get and level. He uses intimidate which can prevent an enemy unit from using their special, also he has decent stats for his level of hero. You wont keep him for very long, but definitely not a bad hero (i.e. snoever).

Enjoy, this is your time to learn which formation work best with different heroes, and see how adding a new hero impacts your army.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Bug threads

I haven’t seen anyone report this bug:
When you click on the image of your hero to access the town hall, the promote button is disabled. Clicking on the town hall itself, or the levy timer will allow you access to the promote button.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Shadowland Online] Great battles of SLO

This is what happens when a low level castor and a healer fight each other… I thought it was funny and worth posting.

Ready set… yawn… DRAW

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] Post If u have all gold

yeah, got all gold, and now I have the game ruining void potion. Might as well just give us a nuke :(