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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Stadium Bug finish

Sometimes when i jump towards the finish i fly over it, and it does not register me winning. So im on the right side of the screen, having to walk back towards the finish.

Wcband | 814 / 1,794,897,529 | [d1]–86 | F0 | v1,536 | WIN 11,5,31,137 | Sun Jan 13 20:24:55 GMT+0100 2013

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [Guide] How to beat 10c CHAOS HCWM

Does this build also work for apocalypse mode?

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] After Achieving Everything ..

Actually.. I think its gonna be pretty balanced. Its just like the damage cap…. 9999 is the maximum.. That isnt going to be enough for the next chapter… Is it? In chapter one you hit about 5… in 2 a bit more.. And suddenly you do a lot more damage. So chances are.. One: You’re going to lvl a lot quicker. Two: The items are going to severely overpower the previous ones. Making the items the source of strength.
One bit of speculation… Being injured so bad that you get a lvl-reset.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / God, the Bible, and religion - a Kong search for truth

If you’re saying that things written in a book aren’t true, what about the history books, the Bible is just like a giant history book.

Ever read one of those fake chineese historybooks? That are Official?
There is no god, there will never be a god.
Jezus could have been a nice fellow, Maria was pregant because she boned Jozef before marriage and blamed"God".
And for the creation story about Adam and Eve, Load of bull.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do you support gay people? If not PLEASE explain?

I don’t support it, but i don’t i’m not against it aswell. It’s not like you’re gay? Good for you!
I’m like: You’re gay? Buzz of i don’t care. (And btw gay used to be an actual disorder, something about you’re brain having an anomaly. Which used to be “real” gay).

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Topic: General Gaming / Challenge Rubix

Orchestrated death, 10:984.

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Topic: Technical Support / Fix for Keys sticking in Games in Internet Explorer

Clicking on the green questionmark worked for me.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Remnants of Skystone Badges

Mayby doing a long combo? C-C-C-C-Combobreaker