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Topic: The Gate / 2.3 Full patch list (Help fill out)

The hope change could easily be made acceptable with a minor tweak:

Instead of claiming the hope at a specified time only, make the 40 hope point claimable with 1.5 hr / 2 hr login respectively. 80 hope would be a fair trade for 50 hope that could be saved, and Spicy still gets the increased logged in activity they want with a 2 hr login requirement.

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Topic: The Gate / 2.3 Full patch list (Help fill out)

As there are lots of changes in the patch that is unannounced per standard Operandi Modus for Spicy, I’ll post the unannounced changes here for your reference.

Please help fill in any unannounced changes and post them up if its not in my list, thanks!

Unannounced patch change

- New button in battle, “Alpha strike” which makes all your disciples focus fire a single enemy.

- Hope potion is gone from daily, nerfed into 40 hope pts that must be used when claimed and can only be claimed 2 hours out of a day, available every 12 hours at server time 00:00-02:00 and 12:00-14:00. This is already in patch note without much details (with good reason heh), but is a hope nerf instead of what Spicy said so I added it here.

- 10 shard equipment from arena shop has been nerfed into 50 shards. (Spicy say it will be fixed)

- fixed

- Disciple selection screen for pvp interface nerfed, now more annoying to pick through your team members.

- Palette change for some skill in battle to make it more visible. (Purson’s shield wall …etc)

I’ll add more as I find them.

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

Updated a new section to the post, slowly adding highlight to each SR individually.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

thanks, I’ll give the 1 stat off a past and put a circle next to it lol.

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Topic: The Gate / Skill Upgrading

Tier S

2 → 3: 4800 coins; 4h
3 → 4: oops
4 → 5: 38400 coins; 21h 47m
5 → 6: 28000 coins; 40h 43m (checked twice, yes its 28k coins… maybe I got 4-5 coins wrong?)
6 → 7: 85340 coins; 71h 07m

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Topic: The Gate / Getting the most out of raid boss for you and your friends

I’ve noticed that some folks 1 shot 4R raid boss often or whenever they can and would like to suggest a better way if you aren’t already doing it.

The mechanic for boss drop (normal raid only) is that you get a “tick” when you A) Score the most damage. or B) kill the boss. A tick is a ~1% increase in boss drop chance plus a chance to get the boss card drop.

Killing the boss from 100% hp does NOT give you double tick, it still counts for a single tick only.

That means that ideally, 2 players can get a tick off the same boss! What do you get out of leaving a boss alive after doing 50%+ damage other then being a good guy team player? You can save rood most of the time depending on how much hp the boss have!

Basically, I either plan to do 50%+ damage to a 4R boss, or finish it if I see one less then 50%+ damage. Usually I get to save a rood or 2 doing that instead of going for a 100% kill. The exception is when the boss doesn’t have much time left, then I kill it outright in case it escapes without my friends noticing that it is ready for a finisher.

Of course, assuming you’re doing the 50%+ portion, you do miss out on the kill bonus, which is pretty negligible. Fair warning, the kill bonus do have a very very small chance of giving you a recharge of some sort (rood, rebirth scroll …etc)

Of course, 3Rs are plentiful and a perfect way to increase your drop chance until you hit a certain drop % based on your preference (For me it’s 8-9%). You can get your 1hko and kill bonus fix off of those.

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Topic: The Gate / Bandage or Heal

I’m fairly certain Bandage only targets the caster himself the few times I tested it. Although I haven’t done detailed number testing on whether it regens the healer’s hp or whatever.

As for the regen x% every 5 second like on Furcas (recover, recuperate), that’s an always on passive working on himself.

Heal (xx% over 10 seconds) however is cast on any team member, usually the one with lowest health. I think you can see which to use between this and bandage =3

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Topic: The Gate / Guide to Evolution Super shortcut - and its cost

I’m sure each of you have read this definitive guide to evolution by Laserman:

Some of you may have seen evolution bonus of over 66%, or have heard of someone getting 100%+ evolution bonus, and some surmise there may be a super shortcut to evolution . Well I’ve taken these whispers and did some testing, but before that I’ll present you with a pic:

TL;DR summary – A super shortcut to evolution does exist, but you lose a few percentage point in stats. The best practice is still to do the original evolution by maxing the main branch. However, Evo mistakes can be mostly remedied by using the super shortcut if you messed up the evolution somewhere, you’ll lose a few percentage points in stats but that’s better then a complete FUBAR.

The super shortcut method

My testing involved 4 copies of queen succubi, on which I have applied the super shortcut method as follows:

(See “Testing Completed” chart, ignore the “Extrapolation” chart for now)

I then compared the stats of my 4x Evo Queen as seen in the pic above using the super shortcut to a perfect Evo 4x queen. For reference the perfect Evo 4x queen stats was arrived at using a prediction formula I have tested four times with perfect results minus rounding. Of course, If you have a 4x perfect Evo Queen Succubi at L15 and no equipment / devil blood, please help post her stats here to help me penta-confirm thanks.

The results

The results of the comparison is that the super shortcut 4x queen has:
0% change in HP
3.2% less attack
2.9% less defense

compared with a perfect 4x evo

Note: the super shortcut actually has 0.2% more hp then the perfect Evo, but I wrote that off to rounding due to immateriality.

Now the same super shortcut method should work with a 8x evo, per evo chart linked above under “Extrapolation”, but keep in mind you’ll likely lose a bit more attack and defense then the 4x Evo.

The verdict:
Stick with the original laserman perfection evolution method, but if you mess up the perfect evo (both the main and feeder branch) then you can patch it up using the super shortcut.

You might also decide to use the super shortcut on your weaker and backup 4Rs if monster XP happens to be tight for some reason, but that’s your call and one I personally have no plans of doing myself (well except maybe my queen succubi, whom I’ve sacrificed to science).

I still plan to finish the 8x super shortcut test and come up with the exact %, but that’s looking pretty far away… like 4 queen succubi away, and I’ve yet to decide if I want an 8x queen missing a few percentage points in stats. The possibility always exist for some surprise on the 8x super shortcut, such as a more then expected stat variance, both good or bad, so that’s the disclaimer and you’ve been warned!

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Topic: The Gate / Guide to Mare and FAQs

Originally posted by aj2000:

…I honestly don’t care even if it were to be true about this credit thing and that was not the intent of my post above anyway, it’d be crazy to claim the origin of this tactic. I’m certain many veterans and Armor games forerunners have used and have long progressed past this into more advanced tactics that are available with a bigger and powerful event card pools (looking at the leaderboards sometimes can yield inspiration!)…

Originally posted by aj2000:

Edit: deleted

Just when I was about to leave Provokes’ reply alone as one back and forth is more then enough for reasonable individuals, another jumps in? =.=’’

I noticed that you jumped on another post of mine looking for trouble a few days before while I just ignored it as best practice. I’m sorry as while your name looks veery familiar I can’t remember where we meet previously… Tyrant (the good one)? SAS4? I’d guess Tyrant since that was a long long time ago that.

Do work on that reading comprehension though. Understanding issues and stances before speaking is often helpful in not appearing less then fully present. Alas, as meaningful communication with your type is quite impossible from my experience, let’s desist shall we?

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Topic: The Gate / Guide to Mare and FAQs

Originally posted by Provokes:

Also guys, there’s a bug with Mare where when you quit the battle and if your disciples die, they don’t stay dead after.

I discovered it this morning and honestly thought it was intentional to the game design.


Now I think I know why aj deleted his Mare thread.

? Lol man, I already apologized in the other thread unintendedly insinuating that you took the tactic I shared in chat and made it your own, but I see its become quite a festering pet grudge for you now. You really should look in the mirror sometime and do some introspection dude.

But since you really wanna start, k:

I’ve been wondering why you said you were clearing Mare everyday at L30 since awhile ago and that it was easy, whereas I found it very hard to full clear and takes a lot of concentration. Well maybe now we know why heh, so much for the manual dual healer tactic I guess, now I really don’t know whether my apologies was called for.

Oh yeah, interesting how you added a clarification said you discovered it this morning, since that’s not what you were saying in chat this morning when I heard of it. Nice. Oh I like how you kept saying it wasn’t an exploit against the other folks who were rightly putting down this weak cheating bull.

I approve of covering up after the fact btw with announceing the exploit here and in comment, after you revealed your Mare trick to the chat. I guess you really have to practice the manual dual healer strat now eh? (I upvoted the comment because it really is a bullshit exploit that needs to be fixed though, so props there)

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Thx Niceguy, that will come in handy.


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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by ThatsANiceGuy:

This looks fun!


Wailing Crispus – 7554/646/399/FAST/X

Well, you seem to have most of them, can’t find any more new ones, but I’ll try harder when I have more time to preview premium summon over and over again c:

We already got crispus stats =3
Props for contributing~

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by CyberSe7en:

Ngu Tinh X– 5787/497/249/Very Fast

Wow, this thing is so much weaker then the wiki stats of 8144/528/350

thanks again~

I wonder if some ppl get careless, see the stats on wiki and target an UR, only to buy it in Mare without looking on the card stat carefully heh.

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

Originally posted by DarkKaiser:

So Octopain is pretty much as good as any other SR that is R4? Thats pretty crazy. Should I use her over any SR that is R2?

Right now I am thinking about using this team.

Argetes R8.
King Purson R4
King Rimmon R2
Octopain R4

sub: Lili Scortch R2

Yes she has more stats then any SRs of the equivalent level, but this holds up only up to the 4x vs 4x evolution comparison, once the R4s hit 8x evolution they will outpace Octo again.

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

Just logging my daily Mare here for reference between me and my frds, please ignore.

Data collection complete

8th Oct:
first 4 parts – Full L25 teams, no healers (quadra assault mostly), little to some DB, few synergy team, somewhat easy but harder then 4th-7th.
5th part – First 5R appeareance, otherwise weak teammates 2x L20 and 1x L15 ekek, looks to be Armor games player with new 5R. Arg 390k hp, 8.5k att and 9k def. (Easy due to chase lock)
Island 2 – same as 1-4 stage, but many max db Argestes, Rimmons in a few team.
Island 3 – same as island 2 a bit stronger, 1 strong team with elem synergy + max db argest.

7th Oct:
Another similar one.

6th Oct:
Similar to 5th Oct.

5th Oct:
Easier overall. Same at 4th Oct. Yesterday may not be fluke.

4th Oct:
Easier overall. Full L25 teams rare, mostly 2x 25, 2x 20. Tier decreased by 1? Random factor?

3rd Oct:

5th stage:
Perf Evo, mid-high skills, few DB, no equip, fairly easy.

6th stage:
Nasty semi elem synergy, diao chan tons db *energy flux, very high skills, hard. Guy hates hellforge?

9th stage:
Dual element single boost, avg stats all fairly high, high skills, hard.

2nd Oct

3rd stage:
deadly fire vs wind, full burst max invested skills, queen 1HKO stun combo 1st priority target, med db on everything.

6th stage:
1 elem boost, deadly fire vs wind, burst build again, some db on everything, highly invested skills.

7th stage:
More of the same, non-burst, decent avg stats, no synergy fairly easy.

1st Oct

2nd stage:
Easier then it looks, 3 UR 8x members, no elem synergy, no equipment, perfect Evo, some db, high lvl skills.

4th stage:
Hard, mono liquid dual elem boost, no equip, some db on all, medium db on qing qiu, high lvl skills.

9th Stage:
Looks easy, surprisingly hard. Argestes full DB, all other med DB, high avg stats, very high skill.

10th Stage:
slightly hard. Med DB on all, basic 2R equip, very high skills.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by profile4:

The Hoarfrost – 7499/666/449 Very Fast

You missed an ‘e’ on Glortor Flam Face btw :3

danke, fixed

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

Great idea on the Pause and quit to get friend points, never thought of it!

That’ll help in getting more disciple xp without getting player xp.

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

Well liquid team first:

Maw – you can’t avoid him, because of 2x water boost. He’s not as glassy as the archer glass cannon but he’s not gonna tank. Skills are obvious, 2x water boost + Tidal wave. Tidal is a 15% progress line type burst, excellent.

Vepar&Princess – They are interchangeable burst machines. Given you have a poor healer, triple AoE no exception, the problem with the defense buff is you can’t target the buff manually last i checked and the AI is retarded. At high enough skill level and L25, these 2 bursting their skill cycle with Maw’s boost will end most fights against opponents of the same tier.

4th – You need a tank here, there’s no way around it. You know what? Use Argestes here, 2x Wind boost + fear or 1 boost+AoE+fear. The fear in particular buys you a lot of time. With a team like we have here, Argestes is your tank, but you need to know how to position her and how agro pulling works to do it right. Frankly, I don’t expect much to be alive at the after fear’s stun expired if you go full burst with Vepar + Princess. Note that obviously you don’t want to pull too much agro if your playing vs a Fire team, but on the other hand against a fire team nothing short of a 5R or fully devil blooded non fire tank would have any chance of surviving your water burst.

The more coventional way is to swap a healer for Vepar or Princess, once you have a doable healer. Also note, if your healer suck in dps, that’s not the end of the world, as heal skills are % based, a healer with high Heal all, Heal (over time), and even unholy Nova if you can swing it will do a lot in prolonging your argestes and everyone else. Still, it’s debatable if a good healer is worth it to replace a Vepar/princess going by a burst strategy. (Vepar/Princess are the best bursters in the standard set)

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

edit: deleted

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

edit: deleted

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

Originally posted by lordhuekaiser:

Can someone post proper skill builds for each standard 4r by build type ? Like it seems some sets would even be better changed based on how the aggro is handled eg king purson as off tank it might be better to take his ward aura instead of shield if he isnt the sole front liner.

Problem with this is that a skill build should be looked at in a team synergy composition, your style/skill, your strategy (burst/stall/mix/double manual…etc) and enemy composition. (elemental matchup included in the compositions of course)

For example, your enemy packs a high offensive strategy with subpar defense, say you’ve choosen your strategy as “burst” and Purson is on your roster:

You’d want Purson to pack double AoE + either shield wall or Ward, depending on how good you are at pulling aggro with him and enemy composition. An example consideration is if enemy pack a lot of “Line” type AoE which mostly hits just one enemy, you can use shield wall and aggro them with Purson to counter all those burst, if enemy pack a lot of “circle” type AoE, Ward all might be the way to go especially if your micro isn’t top notch, though it is still fairly easy to draw off circle AoE if you have a mass stun (fear!).

You can see why I would hesitate to post a “best” skill build for each 4R given the above example, although I suppose you could make a generalist skill build that is decent, but that’s usually fairly obvious and I think it may obstruct players by holding them back in learning fluid skill selections given the factors I listed.

Though if you have some specific criterias and example line ups I could give you some concrete analysis.

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

Originally posted by Daisuke89:

How difficult is Mare Island at Level30+ exactly? Let’s assume you run a good team of 4 x level25 SR/UR which is the best what you can get without Mare Stones. Is it still too hard to beat more than 4-5 stages per day?

I also sent another ticket to the devs about that topic, explaining the issues from the perspective of a paying player.
I am in the late level 20’ now after playing the game for 5-6 days. After the first 3 days I only fought against area 1 + 2 bosses to reduce my XP income drastically for slower leveling. But since I do some powerplay (lots of hope flasks to lvl my cards fast and get some decent equipment) I still level on a decent pace.
But Isla Mare punishing you for spending money to get a head start would be a poor design decision and really bad in terms of revenue aspects. Maybe the game should introduce some sort of noob protection (e.g. easier matchups for players in their 1st month).

It’s true, a power player Kalkaph, is the classic case of being punished for using too much gold to level too fast, he hit L40 quite early on and wedged himself into a situation where stage 1 of Mare was impossible for his power level.

As for how hard, I did put a model of the MM tier example above, so it can vary even if everyone is at L30, depending on your inventory scoring. Note if you are a power player and bought + powered up a lot of backup cards (many 2x/4x evo 4R in inventory), you are likely being punished for that too.

I’m L31 and I’ll post some screenies after today to show you some of the teams I’ve been fighting.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by Daisuke89:

Thanks aj2000. But it’s a bit annoying to check if a card is on a list to see if it’s an UR or not. Maybe devs should put a small symbol on the cards (e.g. small “U” symbol).

I am quite new to the game. Maybe it’s much easier to spot if a card is SR or UR after you played for a few weeks. Like I exactly know if a Pokémon is 1st Generation or not :)

you got it Daisuke, after a few days you’ll recognize them all =) from seeing them on boss raid list / mission …etc

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by Daisuke89:

Bump and I have queston: How to check if a card is an UR or SR? I was about to post the stats of Duke Cresil until I saw that it is apparently a SR and not UR. Is it possible to see that on the card or do you have to check the wiki? When I got some premium summons I had trouble to find out which of these cards was the UR. It’s not very transparent for new players or do I miss something?

Good call! Here:

Everything on this list is a Super rare, everything else you see that is 4 stars is an Ultra rare.

I’ve edited the info to the OP thread, thanks again.

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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

Originally posted by aj2000:

… it’d be crazy to claim the origin of this tactic. I’m certain many veterans and Armor games forerunners have used and have long progressed past this into more advanced tactics that are available with a bigger and powerful event card pools (looking at the leaderboards sometimes can yield inspiration!)…