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Topic: EMP Game / Your Ideas and proposals

Allow loading of resource onto your ships from planet stores, instead of only allowing commercial dock to transport resource.

There’s no reason why my empty frigates can’t participate in helping planet resource transport.

If balance is a concern, enable a resource loading time.

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Topic: EMP Game / Your Ideas and proposals

A button that will combine all ships in a system into a single fleet.

For those time when I want to re-arrange engineering fleets, resize battle fleets …etc

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Topic: EMP Game / Kill or Nerf the Engineering Ships

With just 2 systems, the amount of micro I put in to managing the engi fleet is slowly driving me insane.

Yet I can’t compete if I don’t use them. I imagine the process is similar for many and this onerous micromanagement is a major factor in driving people to quit.

And that’s with just 2 systems.

To have more interested players stay with the game into the mid-late game, the game really needs a less micro intensive design overall.

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Topic: EMP Game / Your Ideas and proposals

Micro for Engineers get pretty bad later on and it would be wonderful if engineers can mine a system as a whole, and so you don’t have to assign each fleet to each planet.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Server Merge for General War on Kongregate

Originally posted by bladewarior:

Besides, in all servers, the top players with the most scores will have chance to get the first Air Force available for players in GW

its how you read it but in all servers 99 out of 100 times for mmo means cross server

“Besides, in all servers, the top players with the most scores …etc "

99 out of 100 seems quite an exaggeration. Cross-server is very specific condition when it comes to MMO ladder reward, and MMO develops always make sure that if a given reward is cross-server, the specific term cross-server will be used, or other terms that make it very clear that it is cross-server. I’m certain you would know this.

The way it is phrased here “in all servers, the top players with the most score…” would tend to mean each server in the given case, to say that this is interpreted 99 out of 100 times cross-server seems… highly unusual if I may understate matters.

There is also the fact that the poster is not a native English speaker, which does muddy the matter both ways I suppose.

Well, either way those are all semantics and pointless at this time as I’m pretty sure of the script they’re going with.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Server Merge for General War on Kongregate

the scoreboard button may say cross-server on it, but that’s only the score display. A reward of 10 special units would naturally be individual to each server.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Server Merge for General War on Kongregate

Originally posted by gameboxcy:

Dear all,
To provide our loyal players a more active game space and share the server resources at their best, also as the two servers hold approximately similar starting time, we will conduct a SERVER MERGE between KGS-1 & KGS-2 at 11:00PM Dec. 29th,2013 (PST). The merge will take about 3 hours, and we will announce here as soon as the server is back on. Please pay attention to the server shut down time and save your game process in advance to avoid unnecessary loss. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

General War Team

Hi gameboxcy,

I noticed the server merge happening soon and I have a question.

For the top 10 score airship reward, will the top 10 of both server get them? Or only the top 10 score in the merged server?

If the plan is only to have the top 10 in the merged server getting anything, then I think it’s quite underhanded and deceitful to host the top 10 score event only to have planned for merging the server at the end and screwing 10 people over, and that’s alienating the 11th-20th players who contributed most money to your game during the event, which I find to be an extremely bad gesture on your part and sents quite a message to the player-base. If this is indeed what you have planned and is going to happen, I find your message “To provide our loyal players a more…” highly ironic.

Also, while I’m not one of those people, I kinda feel sorry for whoever played on S1 before moving to S2 for a new start, especially those who spend gold on both, how will their base on both server be merged as both are linked to a single kongregate account? Will one base override the other? Which server overrides the other? What about the gold/unit/resources in both base?

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Topic: General War: Memories / Christmas Events for S1&S2 [24/12 - 01/01/2014]

deleted duplicate post

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs

Have been unable to do Colosseum for the past 2 days:

1. Button greyed out:

I’m in power battle but so are others, but they can still do colosseum battle:

2. Another finalist doing colosseum:

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Topic: General War: Memories / Christmas Events for S1&S2 [24/12 - 01/01/2014]

Originally posted by InAFlash:

and here is another issue, xmas event stuff like candy stick ect, only stacks up to 10 and not to 99 units…. waste of storage space… or is that intended, so we need to buy more storage space?

Lemme help you out there. You don’t need to keep more then 8 of any parts.

The smallest exchange takes Tier 1 – Tier 4 xmas parts, and it is designed so that T1-T3 drops often, while from T4 onward it becomes a whole different ballgame, it’s designed that way to string you along~

Basically, you won’t find 8x Tier 4 parts ever in a week, unless you can farm L41 or L61, which may have slightly higher drop rate for T4+ parts, but since no one on server 2 can fight L41 that’s a moot point.

A rough guess based on observation on L21 drop rate on xmas parts (Also ran through a few other ppl farming xmas, who all agree is roughly accurate guess from their observation):

35% Tier 1 – lollypop
35% Tier 2 – Candy cane
25% Tier 3 – Candle
4% Tier 4 – Stocking
1% Tier 5 – Hat

To my knowledge no one on server 2 have gotten a single hat yet, there may be a very few ppl who has it but just doesn’t talk. I know of 3 ppls with 1 stocking (including me). Alas I don’t expect to find the hat, so looks like I’ll just get 1 or 2 level 1 xmas gift pack.

It’ll take some insane luck to even get the Level 2 super exchange reward for the reindeer. As for Lvl 2 tank and Lvl 3 snowman, it’s just on display to fvck with you.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs

Okay so I’ve burned my recharge pack protection tokens and I’m sure the protection is bugged now, it doesn’t actually work.

I’ve circled the 3 relevant display that shows that protection token does not work.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Christmas Events for S1&S2 [24/12 - 01/01/2014]

L21 drops Hat, lollypop, cane, candle, stocking, Bells. No Snowman or tree

I’m guessing Snowman is L41 drop and tree is L61.

A question gameboxcy, in server 2 (fairly new) no one can even challenge the L41 instance yet, not even the top 3 together. So I just want to make sure I understand, you can’t get Snowman or Tree in server 2 and so snowman and bigfoot tank package is really just for show there?

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs

On Alliance application screen, you can’t scroll the applicant list so you can only see the 1st 6 people who apply, while there may be a lot more.

The only way to get the list to show the other applicant is to reject one of the six applicant on page one.

Really annoying for an alliance leader or staff =3

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs

Edit: figured it out

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

An issue:

When selecting crafting during shop opening hours, clicking on an item you don’t have enough resource to craft brings you to the resource refill screen, some of the refill buttons overlap the space of the crafting item selection. On the off chance someone double clicks one of those items without enough resource, they lose a ton of starry tickets.

I’ve lost 6 starry tickets due to the above when I double clicked (pretty tired at the time), pretty much lost most of my stock.

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Topic: Outernauts / Metal type upgrade retroactive?

I’ve read all the help, description and been told both yes and no by a number of people.

If you upgrade a metal type of a L30 beast (from say iron to silver), will it get the stat boost of L1-29? Or will the bonus stat come into play lvling L30+ onward on a per level increment basis?

The mouse-over description can mean both:

“Increase all stats by a bonus average of x.x per level”

basically it could be a beast level x metal type bonus from that wording… yet it wouldn’t be totally wrong for it to mean the other way around either.

Could anyone who’ve tested it give me some idea of which it is?

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / A New Slayer's Guide To Zombie Slayers


Oh, and squads only help you out in pvp fights?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list (updated)

Anyway I’ll stop further discourse with Demdisco from this point, anyone reading this thread is free to make their own conclusion based on what evidence is available, inferences and reading between the line. I think any reasonable person can read between the line and make their own conclusion at this point without further input from us.

And really, all I want in making this list is for people to take care and receive first before sending when trading with these folks, in which case everyone wins.

Edit: If any 3rd party is still confused and request clarification, I will create a concise logic chain with proof showing precisely how to arrive at the proper logical conclusion, as Dachende has reached.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list (updated)

You’re avoiding the question, I’ll repeat it again:

you are saying you never said it? Trading 3 light for 1 battery that is?

Cause I’m not sure where you’re standing. One moment it’s 3 light: 1 battery trade is true, and only 2 lights were lost to glitch, the next moment you’re implying you never said you’re trading 3 light for 1 battery.

A little consistency here please if you would. Maybe if you sticked to 1 story instead it’ll be more believable to me?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list (updated)

Interesting, so you are saying you never said it? Trading 3 light for 1 battery that is? I’m curious as to how you’d answer that, it would clear away my last bit of doubt as to your true nature.

Edit: I saw your reply as I was about to remove your entry, solely due to not hearing another scam from you for awhile and doubting that you’d scam again after having been caught. Also a few of your alliance mates who I know has spoken on your behalf. However, seeing to your reply and what you are implying, I’m now completely certain of what you are.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Halloween reward (Spoiler)

Reward for completing halloween challenge (750 pts):

100 skeletons
75 zombies
50 jason
25 demons

Usable only in combat, so you can’t place them in bunkers. Also you can buy them with chips after beating the challenge, duration 2-3 days, some of the deals are quite decent.


HP- 1,800
Dmg- 290
Type- Single attack
Target- Defenses

HP- 9,000
Dmg- 1,500
Type- Single attack
Target- Any

HP- 12,000
Dmg- 3,500
Type- Single attack
Target- Defenses

HP- 17,000
Dmg- 2,000
Type- Area blast
Target- Any

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list (updated)

First off I’d like to say that the Kong Galaxy community is in general really nice, but alas even in such a community there are always going to be bad apples and lately there’s been an increasing number of scammers running around.

I’d like to make this thread where people can post up who these bad apples are and take care when trading / dealing with them!

General guideline:
1. Have a screenshot of the conversation / trade …etc. Not always possible in which case I’ll put a (?) next to the name.
2. Concisely state what the trade was suppose to be.
3. When trading, try not to refresh (to keep chat log, in case you need to screenshot for scammer listing).
4. Stay polite, this is intended to be purely informative for the community and not a QQ thread.
5. I recommend using for image hosting, very user friendly =)

Scammer listing:
1. Killer404
2. removed – settled. Certainly of being a scammer below 90%, thus not shown based on benefit of doubt.
3. Demdisco – Old thread

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Halloween 2012!

edit: nm

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list

Scammed by Demdisco, backed up by screenshot.

Trade was his 3 mana light for 1 battery, he only sent only one mana light which I have received. When asked about the other 2 you can see what happened in chat log. He even said he sent only one himself in the log and ask me to send 2 more battery for 2 more mana light, then proceed to ignore me. That he can deny it even now speaks volume about his values.

Demdisco is saying he sent all 3 mana light? With a screenshot like that? Heh.

Again just bringing this to the community’s awareness, who cares about a battery in this game, but on principle scums like these needs to be made known in a self-policing community like Kong Galaxy.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] List for Interface Improvements, streamlining and stuff

Allowing to build lower rank units is due to the current research progression issue. To actually understand this problem you have to know the research stat values, which I can tell you have not seen. (link at bottom)


L1 zeppelin cost 279,000 gold
L6 zeppelin cost 1,488,000 gold

a 433% cost increase. for which you get:

L1 zeppelin has 16,000 hp, 2,000 damage
L6 zeppelin has 20,000 hp, 3,200 damage, oh and +.25 speed

Do you think a 25% hp bonus + 60% dmg bonus is worth a 433% cost increase? Maybe in some very rare cases you can justify it (stretching it…), but more often then not I’d take L1 any day, especially since researching to L6 would destroy my chance to build L1 forever on that planet, it’s adding a big penalty to your planet.

Some units are worth researching, many are not, and the rest are borderline.

Wiki link with the values I’m talking about:

If you look at S-trike’s (one of the unit with best research stat increase value) stat increase and have some high level war experience you’ll see that there’re circumstances where you want to use Level 4 or level 5 rather then the max level 6. In some case you don’t want to research a unit at all (Falcon, zep …etc) as the cost:power ratio is way out of wack.