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Topic: Wartune / Trouble with likeing Wartune for Facebook

I did connect Kongregate to Facebook. Yet even favoring here didn’t work.

I even went to my Facebook and liked every single Wartune thing I could. The quest still isn’t completing!

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Topic: General Gaming / Badge Master changelog.

This where I say any bugs or stuff?

Well, theres badges for Battalion Arena, but clicking to play it just brings me back to the start of Kongregate.

I even looked for Battalion Arena and didn’t find it. It seems the game doesn’t exist here or not anymore?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ministry of War] MoW Expansion!

i think it was a really bad idea with the xp capsusles, people just used them and someone has a level 49 already within the first couple of minutes!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ministry of War] Suggestions

I think that the copy and paste should be able to work in the chat, the only cord links that i only see you can put into chat as clickable are for CZ cities. when i right click like for instance the cord to my city, in the info, theres a copy link location option. I try to paste it into the chat but i cant. I would like it if you can copy and paste your cord from your city or outpost into the chat as clickable. Since i havent found a way yet.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ministry of War] Glitches/Bugs

Originally posted by THX1386:

Anybody else had their missionary get locked in Defame mode? I have a guy that’s been on the same city for about 36 hours now. His remaining time counter says 0sec but yet he just sits there still doing the demoralize animation.

if i remember correctly, you can recall your missionary even if he is defaming. so i dont think that is much of a problem if the countdown timer doesnt finish.