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Topic: General Gaming / The BEST metroidvanias on Kong

I’m interested in locating the absolute best metroidvania style games on kong. best quality, best design, best graphics, best all around.

THE cream of the crop.

Any suggestions?

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Topic: Game Design / Why videogame players never value their lives.

Originally posted by Ace_Blue:

I would advise against making the character weaker when the player fails: you’d be creating a positive feedback loop of failure. The more you fail the harder the game gets, so you fail some more… you can see where this ends.

I think the paradigm is shifting from the old arcade view of rapidly increasing difficulty to incite the player to put more coins in, to a Goldilocks model in which the game tries to find the difficulty that is just right for the player, so they barely succeed.

Excitement comes from operating at the limit of one’s ability, and it’s a juggling act. I don’t believe there is much to find at either end of the scale.

Well put, that said, Dark Souls is endlessly exciting and addicting and dramatic and immersive because you can potentially lose a lot of progress and because the game occasionally clobbers you with something unexpected and brutal. Sometimes it does push you beyond your limit. And sometimes it’s even unfair — Not THAT frequently, but the fact that somethign horrible COULD happen to you adds that much more tension and drama to the whole game. It’s brilliant design.

this is the website I recently put up to show some screenshots and stuff of my game. I plan to add a blog in the near future. It plays somewhat similarly to metroid.

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Topic: Game Design / Why videogame players never value their lives.

I’ve become very weary of popular thought in game design — Where games like uncharted amount to little more than theme park rides, where seeing the end of the ride is a foregone conclusion. Most indy and flash games, sadly, aren’t much different, where designers tend to be completely uninterested in inconveniencing the player in any way on his way to beating the game.

I have a different idea. I think true drama and immersion is ONLY possible in a game if there are stakes involved. Something has to be on the line.

So Engage the player. Challenge him. Don’t make it easy. That’s not to say that the game should be pointlessly frustrating or unfair, but present a fair challenge where you do not want to die.

The best “big” game that follows this design philosophy is Dark Souls. This is a revolutionary game, and its success has already sent little ripples of change into other games, as we see things like Zombie U and Dragon’s Dogma come about.

I’m working on my own Metroid style game with a lot of this in mind. Minimally, death sends you back to the last save room, which will be used somewhat sparingly. On top of that, I’m also considering stripping away stats a little at a time each time you die (max health, max armor, something) but I’m honestly struggling with that decision.

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

Originally posted by ST3ALTH15:

Wow, I’m really loving the art style! is each bit of the ground hand drawn or is it based with the bitmaps overlayed on it?

thanks. in that case, it was custom art for the area. other areas are more centered around generic tiles, like these.

My technique is to combine a basic tileset with individual graphic bits I place on top in the visual editor to help dress it up, because I kept finding I’m kinda bad at doing efficient tilesets and often end up with ugly bits to smooth over. I’m pretty new to this, at least, relatively speaking.

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

I’ve been working on a metroid-style game for the past 5 months (off and on).

I’m getting more serious in the development now, I’ve mapped eveything out and designed everything. There’s much to explore and many missable items and power ups. While this game doesn’t overtly resemble Dark Souls, that game has highly influenced my design sense.

Plan for a Summer release and a trailer in the next few weeks. If I can keep the size somewhat reasonable (I’ll allow it to be somewhat big in file size, because it’s so ambitious and I believe so strongly in it,, but there are still some limits to how long someone wants to load something) I may release as a flash game to be played in the browser on portals such as this one. I’m doing everything but the audio on my own.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist trolling for last minute Ludum jam collaborator -- Examples inside

I’m kinda into the idea of trying to do this jam, depending on the theme (Several of them look very workable).

I’m an experienced artist/animator/illustrator with a background in comic illustration. I can draw/animate almost anything, as far as video games go.

I’m highly influenced by 2D platformers, shooters, and beat’em ups, with my favorite games being Super Metroid, Mega Man X, Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, and so on.

I’m motivated to do something actiony/platformy/shootery/ or all of the above. I’m also interested in doing something very emotional and atmospheric (along with being a platform game) if the theme is right for it.

Some examples of both still art and animation:

And here’s a stencyl prototype character I made. Z and X and arrows to play.

PM me if interested!

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#25] Entries and Discussion

Zombies are chasing you in go-karts while it rains: nope

someone get on this now

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#25] Entries and Discussion

can someone just make whatever game they want and then make it raining in that game?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#25] Entries and Discussion

what’s “rain” mean as a theme exactly? can someone give me a hypothetical of something that would fit within the spirit of the contest?

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

also, if you’re the kind of person to go missing for days at a time right after getting started on a project, then don’t bother — I need someone who likes to keep frequent contact, and, quite frankly, has the time to do this. I realize some of you have lives that get in the way, but my style is to be in frequent contact so if you’re gonna be hard to reach after we start kicking ideas around or — even worse — after we get started on a project, then don’t bother.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

thanks all to replied, I appreciate the comments and compliments.

I am a little backed up right now, I will get to your pms. I try to limit the number of people I talk to at once. When I’m shooting ideas around or entertaining possibilities it’s hard to do that with multiple people at once.

feel free to PM me if interested, I’ll read it. also, if you PM me, please include your AIM or gmail chat info, those are my preferred communication methods.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

thanks — the zelda thing is making quagmire alarms go off. what I want is to finish something.

I’m nerding it. I can work a lot on this right now. I want to finish something. I’m chatting with a couple programmers from here but nothing is solid yet. The idea that some form of shootemup (see: BioMetal on SNES) would be a way to make a game that’s relatively painless from a design and program standpoint but would still enable me to really flash it up has occured to me as a decent choice but I still haven’t gone firm yet.

if you’re motivated and will put time in and want to finish something and the idea of a very attractive game under your belt sounds good, then please hit me up. The GOAL is to make a good game, desirable to sponsors and people in general. “Feature lite” does not mean trash. I only want to make something polished and attractive and fun.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

Originally posted by saybox:

Your art is amazing, but a Metroidvania style game is far more work to make from scratch than it sounds. It’s above the ability of many (not all) of the programmers looking to collab in this forum.

You could check out the Collabs forum on FGL if you want to keep working on big projects like that – it’s a lot less active, but you’ll get higher quality programmers there.

Alternatively, if you were willing to work on smaller, simpler projects, you could do pretty well here on Kong.

metroidvania was a passign comment. I’m very flexible regarding what I’m looking for now. As I said, one idea I had floating around would involve a transforming character (flying and walking) that sort of merges shooter and platformer. but it’s wide open.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

thanks guys for the feedback — it feeds my ego but I’m definitely more interested in feeding my need to make some kinda game :) (keep in mind I’m focussed on a finishable project, meaning taking one or two things and doing them really well, rather than doing a bunch of things)

re. tower defense — I’m not sure it’s quite my bag in regard to collaboration, since you seem to be fishing for programmers and artists — I’m really looking for a partnership with one programmer who knows what he’s doing.

Originally posted by DrBBi:

To be honest, I’d say you’d be better off looking at the Unity Collaborations forum.

explain? I’m not very familiar with any of what you speak.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

thanks for the very kind words. :)

when I first became interested in game development, I looked at the sea of games on kongregate and thought to myself that I could do better art than a lot of them, and as such I thought finding collaborators would be a snap. it turns out I was wrong (or just unlucky). I’ve certainly found talented people but it always seems very hard to get them beyond a certain point ebfore they sorta vanish or slow way down. So from now on I’m saying up front that I need someone motivated who has at least a certain amount of time they can spend on it. With my art and a motivated partner I think we could make a very popular kong game.

don’t get locked into thinking about your current project and whether I’d fit into it. I’m very interested in birthing a concept with another person and fleshing it out and finishing it. And it’d probably be something fairly feature-lite because I want it to be finishable. I certainly have ideas floating around to start us off, but, as I said, I’m looking for a collaboration.

To wit.. I’ve sorta had the idea of a game that meshes horizontal shootemup with platformer, by having a character who “transforms” between flight form and walking form. But that’s one of many ideas and I’d like to get the ideas of the other party as well.

my favorite games tend to be 2d sprite based platformers. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow… Super Metroid.. Both GBA Metroid games. All of the very awesome Wayforward games (boy and his blob wii, bloodrayne xbla, contra 4). I love this stuff. Most of the 2D Mega Man games (Mega Man zx is gorgeous!). Common interest is key, it’s preferable that my partner has at least a good bit of overlap in his or her tastes then we could really get somewhere.

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Topic: Collaborations / Does anyone want to actually finish a game? (artist seeking collab)

I’m an artist looking to actually finish a game. I’ve worked with people who are abundantly talented but can never finish anything. My whole objective at this point has become coming up with a concept that can be finished and finding someone who is willing to stay with me until it’s finished. I don’t care if that means the game is small in scope. I need something finished. I’d be willing to work in a few different styles if necessary, and I can even attempt a pixel style if that’s what’s preferred (though I have little experience in that so far, from afar it looks doable).

I’m willing to work hard and spend the needed time on it, I just need a programmer who can make progress on the project. I understand people have different time demands, so this post is directed towards someone who is motivated and confident that he or she can finish a project.

I’m looking to collaborate. That means shared design input and if necessary shared compromise on decisions. I have a strong preference towards making a platform style game, either straight up action or metroidvania. I’m willing to compromise/dumb down a lot if it means actually finishing a project. For example, I may be coaxed into doing a beatemup or an isometric or top down game if the other party makes a compelling case. I just need a finished project for my portfolio. I’ve seen some people on this forum complain that artists are mercenaries who all demand up front pay. Well, here’s one who wants to collaborate.

About me:

Super Metroid is my favorite game of all time.

I do traditional raster images and animation. I don’t work with vectors. I also have some experience with the popular flashpunk library (this is what my programming friends so far have used) so I’d have a strong preference towards working in that direction. I prefer to develop with game files in dropbox folders so I can update and tweak art files in real time.

Re. general art:
I have a background in comic illustration and have been published. See examples here:

Re. game art:
I have a lot of snippets and examples from game projects that never went anywhere or are in defacto stasis. I am relatively new to game art in the sense that I’ve never finished a project, but I’ve learned how to make a spritesheet, how to make a tilesheet, and have an awareness of generally how the game is assembled in terms of its art assets. I know about scrolling background layers and particles and incidental graphics like explosions and puffs of smoke. I can cover all the bases. I’m incredibly detail oriented, to the point of obsession.

This is a character that has nearly an entire moveset finished, including aiming up and moving + shooting, transitional frames, etc. The second image represents an earlier design iteration. This is a project I have going with a very talented programmer but he has been MIA for a while.

You can see a demonstration of the controllable character here: — this does not have the final moveset programmed in, just running and double jumping, and it also lacks crouching and “forward jumping” (all things that have been animated but are not in that demo) but I’m hoping it demonstrates what I can do in terms of level of detail in my art and animation.

Recoil animation with nozzle flash:

here’s a flavor animation that results on some occasions if you shoot while standing still and do nothing afterwards.

example of a landmass assembled by one of my tilesets. This pattern includes 45 degree angle slopes, 4 alternate versions for the “middle” omnidirectional tiles, as well as alternate versions of the side tiles.

here’s a little explosion from the same project that the above tiles are from. This project seems like it may go somewhere, so I’m not going to show much from it, but I’ve done a ton of art on this project. I feel optimistic about the guy collabing with me on this one, but currently I’m pretty ahead on art and feeling antsy to finish something.

I could show a bunch more, but it’s getting tedious. If you like my art and you know how to program a game and want to collaborate on the design elements, and you are serious and can finish it, reply here or PM me.

It does not have to be a huge project. In fact, I’d probably prefer a somewhat unambitious, small project that is actually finishable. with the right art and gameplay something pretty simple can be pretty awesome.

I’d love to learn to program my own game, but it’s very difficult and would probably take me years to learn to do it well enough. You know what else takes years to develop? Art skills. So let’s combine our experiences.

Merry christmas!

p.s. I also have some musical experience, and know people who are even better. So I am pretty sure we’ll have the hookup on sound/music if we need it.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

I’ve looked over some tuts, and while I think that making a very simplistic game appears quite doable, as far as trying to work in the more complex systems — it’s just a lot to learn, and I’m already a person who sucks at thinking logically, sucks at math, sucks at working with these types of systems. not sure if I have 2 years of patience in me to get started on something.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

Originally posted by Josepiphus:

I would animate twitchy with code unless you’re doing a cutscene or something. Use a class (I use as3) to randomly switch the frames or have a stand cycle animation and switch to a later frame with a twitch animation. You could have small, mid and large twitch and since the likelihood of them occuring would be random it would appear pretty authentic. This could be achieved without frames by swapping animations as well.

Love the layout of you’re designs. Cool stuff.

thanks. there’s certainly stuff that I suspect could be done differently with the power of coding, when it comes to the idle cycle. I was already thinking how I’d like to sort of have the head look around and do some things, but it if’s limited to a cycle of X frames it’ll look too rythmatic. I’d be into the idea of having the head programmed to randomize some of this behavior independently of the body. ultimately, right now I have no programmer, so my animations are for the purposes of concept so I have to do it all the old fashioned way as this is currently my only way of literally SHOWING people what I’d want something to look like.

while I’m not currently interested in the idea of doing vector art and motion tweening (my interest is in making a game in the TRADITIONAL way with traditional sprites) I would be capable of breaking up some of the graphics so they could be assembled to suit certain purposes, as long as it could be done seamlessly.

as a spare thought, I’m currently under the assumption that there’ll be ways to change the appearance of the “things” at the end of her arms by having these graphics seperate from the rest of the body, and aligning them onto the body with the engine. if I’m not mistaken this may be possible with careful tweaking.

remember that I’m not a programmer and only have rudimentary knowledge of what goes on when it comes to programming a game. I definitely want to get involved in a game project, probably a smaller one to start with, so I could get some real experience with the process.

there are some interesting “robot” things I want her to be able to do, especially related to “acquired” abilities/powers, and I have ideas about little physical transformations, panels moving, things folding out, etc. I’m going to do a trial animation of one of these ideas next.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

thanks for replying. I’m interested in projects where I can have a high degree of contribution to the overall look of the game, its backgrounds, its sprites, not just do story art for in between levels if that’s what you’re asking me to do. I can be hired to do stuff like that, but as far as “collaboration” goes I’m looking for a partner.

I did some experimentation with an idle cycle today. my first thought was to try to make something that looks kind of twitchy. it’s harder than it sounds.

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

I don’t play keys, only guitars, but I was playing with some filters and came up with an idea for “mizoti’s theme”. :)


here’s an old melody idea I found in my folders that may be applicable to a game, if arranged differently.


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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

Originally posted by AldenRogers:

You have a great sample there. You can probably wait to do more until you have a specific purpose to the animations, now, unless you just want to do more for fun. Once you have specific moves the character needs to do for attacks, for instance, you can more accurately set your key animation points to accurately reflect the timing and specific poses needed.

Of course, if you are looking to do some sort of side scrolling game, you can surely put together/finesse some basics like jumping/landing, walking and running, as those will always be needed.

thank you for the comment. I’m looking at it as a building process. I know certain things she’ll almost certainly be doing regardless of the game design, so I have plenty of animating I can still do on her without a finished game design… and then if a game with her in it is being worked on, if we come up with something that we need her to do, I’ll make her do it. ;)

next I think I want to do something very basic but still very important: a really good idle cycle. this may not serve specific game purposes but to me it’s important as it fleshes out the character and brings personality and charm to the game.

and even if this character is never used in a game, I’m still leveling up my animating skills big time. you can’t be good at something unless you keep doing it!

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Topic: Collaborations / Artist/animator seeking collaboration! Examples inside

Hey guys. I’ve been doing graphic design and illustration for years now, including a lot of comic making. Recently I’ve taken a great interest in animating sprites and being involved in creating a 2D video game, particularly (but not necessarily) a metroidvania style game. Two of my all time favorite games are Super Metroid and Castlevania, (although I’ve got childhood memories of SOTN and love it, I actually think I like dawn of sorrow the best!) so I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from those.

I’d like to come up with/collaborate on a good game concept and make a relatively small version in flash, that serves as a proof of concept as well as to entertain. And, depending on what we think and what the response is, maybe we could work on a “full” game for retail.

I’ve got a game concept in mind, and it’s in the metroidvania vein. it would have a focus on exploration/discovery as well as action, and have a presentation, from the visual to audio design, that would create a bit of a lonely/quirky feeling, and, at times, a bit creepy. I’ve got a ton of ideas.

I’m also open to getting involved with someone else’s idea so long as I find myself digging it, and so long as the programmer knows what he’s doing.

I’ve been working in traditional cell animation. I am not particularly interested in a lot of flash tweening or other stuff that really looks like typical “flash” — but something more traditional. Meaning I would provide spritesheets and other grpahics to populate the game as opposed to drawing things in vector art.

All of my work so far has been drawn frame by frame, by the brush tool, in photoshop.

My first idea for a character was something sort of “samus-like”.

I started working on some animations for her to see what was possible. Before this, I had not done much animation, so I was still not sure how well it’d go.

I also had some other animations, such as little 2 frame transitions to connect idle to running. stuff like that. I don’t really want to give out EVERYTHING here — but I started to have some concerns about how the cannon would be implemented and aimed graphically and whether it would look good, so I decided to move onto another character idea.

This next character is what I’m currently more keen on. This is sort of a quirky cybernetic girl, tentatively named Mizoti, with sort of these strange plant-like growths having replaced her arms. They can change shape, extend, stretch, etc, and used in a variety of mean ways.

When I first started animating her, I took the same approach as my previous character. I started to realize, however, that the “true” side view was bothering me, and I noticed that most side scrollers aren’t drawn this way. They’re actually usually angled a bit towards us, so we can see the character better. So that’s what I ended up doing for Mizoti.

(edit: here’s my first idle cycle attempt)

I have a ton of ideas about different things she’d be able to do, and while many of those things have yet to be animated, my confidence level is high. With each new animation attempt, I get better. My very first attempt (which predates all the stuff in this post) is so bad that I’m embarrassed to show it, and it was only weeks ago that I made it. Like all things with art, it’s just a matter of patience and determination. Keep tweaking until it looks like something. Same principle applies to painting and to animating.

I also have a variety of specific ideas about the game, and I’m open to collaborating on it, or collaborating on someone else’s game (so long as it’s something that I’m interested in). At this point I’m just very interested in getting some kind of experience making some kind of game. I’ve got the bug but I just can’t seem to learn to program. I’ve tried, but I’m more of an artist, I’m not good at looking at code and solving problems critically. I have friends who are good programmers who work in IT and would likely be capable of doing this, however, they are adults with grownup lives and simply have no time for game development.

I want to make something and am very confident that whatever game I was providing art for would be a good looking game that would stand out from most of the other games on this site.

BTW, here’s a link to some of my old comic pages for one of the many comics I’ve worked on over the years:

I’m good with art and colors in general, and more than capable of making interesting backdrops, tiles, scenery, anything. (I’ve already been experimenting with making seamless tiles and so forth) Being new to the specific practice of game making there may be some things I’ll need to learn, but I’m confident I could ultimately draw or animate anything I needed to for a 2D game.

I’m also a guitarist and have experience writing/recording music, but it’s usually been rock/indy/that type of stuff. whether I could make a good game soundtrack remains to be seen, but I think it’s a strong possibility, especially if I convinced any of my music friends to help.

If you are interested, and you are a programmer who can put together a solid 2D game and understand 2D gaming at its core— and you are driven and want to finish something and actually have some time to work on it — then contact me, because I’m all of those things on the artist side.

reply here and/or email me at and we’ll take it from there.