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Topic: Wartune / Sorry to complain, but..

Want me to tell you a secret?

Even after they set brackets for bgs, people will still complain about p2w players being unkillable…SHHH

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Topic: Wartune / Problem with Knights

Originally posted by gruntarswe:

Epic wall of text topic is always fun ^^

\/\/oulD B3 FuNnI3R If joo ADd3D l33t 5pE4k

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Community Leader Needed

Knowingeye was awesome as a mod/rep

I vote for knowingeyes again even thou i know he cant commit :)

Hopefully the next guy who take over isn’t some self obsessed righteous idiot a.k.a overly sensitive idiot which many kong mods are these day and go around locking thread base on his own justification/emotional state.

We got alot of idiot mods on kong these days

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

Did you not read this post? Or do you even play this game?

Spending 3000 dollars just shows how imbalanced this game is to knights.

Ybrik spends 3k just so he could be on the same level as archers or mages. Maybe a self implied pressure to be the best but not certainly not an addiction

Even then he one of the few top level players who does not log in for every single event, hence the balen spend for compensation.

And rather then continually criticising the man, why dont you start worrying about how this game or even where this game is going because it really does look as if the game is heading towards the trash been for most veteran players as they go higher in level.

It unbelievable that people can be so ignorant when many top level players are quitting even after putting in an amount of work. Doesnt that action transpire a statement about the game itself?

Why would someone make rage story about quitting and how bad this game is then go back to the NR 1 guild a few days later?

That would be the ultimate sarcasm towards the game and its clueless people wouldnt it?? Once again ignorant people will be consumed by their own ignorance and focus on everything that does not really matter.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

I know how you feel ybri. People in this game are selfish :)

Many of the so called guild leaders are incompetent idiots who really are clueless about running a guild. They think being a guild leader is simply logging in for guild tree and starting guild battle But it actually take so much more

I’ll miss you in game good luck in real life or whatever game you’re playing next

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Bonus Recharge Goodies!

Originally posted by YbrikIkus09:
Originally posted by darkghosts1313:
Originally posted by Bloodlysen:

any stats on wings yet? LoL would be nice if it was stackable with current wings =, like mounts :)

40 patk/matk/pdef/mdef , 400 hp and 1% patk/matk/pdef/mdef/hp.

I don’t get R2games or whoever’s setting the price.

If the small wing’s stat is 40patk/matk/mdef/pdef, 400 hp and 1% increase in patk/matk/pdef/mdef/hp and it cost 1000 balens, which is about proportional to 10 dollars.

Then wouldn’t players just go for 120patk/matk/mdef/pdef, 1200 hp, and 2% increase that cost cashers 20 dollars instead?

Some people do surveys for kreds. Its harder to reach 2k then 1k….

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume: Kongregate

has anyone received the payout yet?

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Topic: Wartune / What do you do while blitzing?

I sit in front of my computer full of anticipation starring at the count down button wondering what loot i am going to get at the end

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] It Pays to Consume: Kongregate

Originally posted by Steaming:

30,000 balens costs 3,000 Kred which costs $300 American. If I’m going to give you $300 in just 4 days, I should get something really special. Not just more of the same.

I will personally write a congrats u weetard to whoever spends that much within the event date

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Topic: Wartune / Do something against leechers during BG

To verkade

So Mr “self righteous”. The guild you are currently in is exploiting the GB mechanics

You gonna stand by them?

Will u make a thread to complain about them exploiting Gb system and proceed to leave your new guild for exploiting it?

At the end of the day, I figured this thread was nothing about helping the general population to fix the game.

It was more about one mans selfish/self serving rage when he was in the “loosing” team.

So much for hypocrisy.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Originally posted by extelon:

Save $0.10 on buying 10 whips!


Save $1.50 on buying 50 whips!

Save? Booster pack 2 is rubbish.

50 mounts whips with package = 50 X 35 = 1750
Package with level 3 gem = 1899.

You are paying 149 for a gem 3 that not everyone want or need since u get so much from completing cata level 100.

Bad package if u only want whips.

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Topic: Wartune / Do something against leechers during BG

Originally posted by Verkade:

I wasn’t talking about you Sisel. I am talking about Archer, your (and used to be mine) guild leader. Plus I am not talking about someone that goes AFK for a minute and come back… but those that joins twice a day (2nd time not for quest!) and doesn’t help the party at all, by leeching!

I caught few of our guild mates leeching, and no this wasn’t just for quest. I complaint about it in guild chat. At first Archer, leader of OutOfRehabs said ‘Its personal’… as if he tries to say whatever they do, its their own doing. While some others agreed with me that leeching is not good… we kept the discussion going for a while. Then Archer suddenly said ‘I am going to get fed up with you Verkade’, because I didn’t agreed with him and criticized him. I told many good reasons why they should be stopped, but Archer did not care. So he is a supporter of leechers. He rather have leechers than a guy that does his best during all activities.
Also, Archer said: ‘By going out in the field they are giving other team points so staying inside isn’t so bad’ or something like that. So again, he suggest we all stay inside, and leech… Only time you really give other team points is if your score get lower than 100. I rather have 5 players that scored 200 – 250 points in the end, than 5 players that scored 100 because they never got out.

And Whoopie, how does it make me a moron when I try to stop leechers? If someone does a team activity and he lets others do all the work, then he is the moron. [Whoopie edited his post, but he was making me out for a moron… or is this a false accusation as well Whoopie?]

Anyway I left that guild because of their retarded leader.

No but looking at the way you’ve conducted yourself here, you have defined yourself to be moron.

Life doesn’t always go the way YOU want it.

Get your point across diplomatically instead of throwing tantrums. No one will take you seriously.

You have yet to answer my question. How does that make ALL of rehab afk supporters.

So if I was a high level balen spender and got group with a low level player like you, does that make you a leecher in my opinion regardless of whether you tried or not? Trying is one thing but making an impact another.

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Topic: Wartune / Do something against leechers during BG

Originally posted by Verkade:

Well they better hurry with it. Plus I hope they add vote-kick function as well. Kicking out every guy from OutOfRehabs, bunch of leechers… or leecher-supporters (like the leader of OutOfRehabs)…

Explain this?

False accusation.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune January Events!

Originally posted by WhoopieBurger:

Limited Edition – Booster Pack!

Duration: 1/12 – 1/17 23:59 (Server Time)

Description: Available for only a short period of time, select Booster Packs will be on sale in the Shop! These packs are sure to give a push in the right direction.

339 Balens – Booster Pack I – Lvl. 1-3 Gems Pack x1 and Mount Training Whip x10. You can only buy 100 packs per day.
1899 Balens – Booster Pack II – Lvl. 3 Gems Pack x1 and Mount Training Whip x50. You can only buy 5 packs per day.

Are we going to get this event too? took from r2 new and event forums

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Topic: Wartune / There is hope for us poor Knights

Originally posted by Atombender:

Or maybe it was just a glitch in the Matrix.

lets play wheres woaka in the picture? :D

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 1/11 Wartune Emergency Maintenance @ 1:00 AM EST

Will they give us bonus packs for the delay thou ;D

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Topic: Wartune / Mages and mps

Originally posted by Death1698:

Why is it people think when we got a 30 rage start and have 8 rage gain (with maxed passive and using lightning) we can spam heals? We have slow rage gain we cannot just blast heals. Can someone explain to me why people think we can when such is the case please? I made this topic because I honestly don’t understand it. They want me to cast suntoria (30 rage) and restoration (35 rage) constantly. Even with only casting those two and using lightning it’s impossible to constantly be healing without the blacksmithing sets and I don’t got the gold to enchant two sets and I don’t got the gems to socket two sets. So maybe people reading this will realize mages cannot just blast heals constantly. Even with two of us healing we cannot so please stop asking us to people!

Whats your point? Proving to others that mage cant solo heal hence we take 2 mages significantly boosting their importance in dungeon runs?

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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Originally posted by Death1698:

I’m sorry to you and Gilbert Whoopie that they didn’t make archers the most powerful super class with a special that does 21,000 on a crit at 10 rage and that they don’t got a passive that gives them a 100% crit rate. If you’re so unintelligent that you cannot see thats what you’re saying they should be then yer I dunno what. All the delphics are 80 for the first one you can get and then 100 for the more advanced one it’s made so it’s not hit twice and delphic. Delphics are made as near as I can tell as a last resort. It’s a finisher it does a danged couple 100% of your attack!! I sure hope it’s not easy to get the rage for it or we’d never have a fun fight it’d be a matter of WHO CASTS THE DELPHIC FIRST instead. Thats all I got to say right now I’ll come back to rant at annoying people another time.


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Topic: Wartune / Why are mages so important and so good? Why is this game so racist? We all need a mage to do runs. Why?

Archers are weak due to their unstable crits. No crit no rage gain simple as that. No crit = bad damage too. Out of the 3 classes archers are the slowest to gain rage.

Archer also have useless ultimate skill. Takes too much damned rage to use and usually useless when boss have reflect up unless you want to suicide. Also due to the unstable nature of crit rate, you dont usually get the best out of the skill.

They also have VERY VERY bad itemization to improve their stats.

As the game progresses, archer get lousier and knights and mages over take them easily. Archer will own from 1- 44 but at 45 + and depending on the gearing, mages and knights start to reveal a small percentage of their power and it only goes on further up from then for these 2 classes.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] A Little Extra Holiday Magic

so is this event activated on kong already?? Dont wanna charge one now then get a sorry QQ more we havent activated on your server

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Topic: Wartune / Petition for oceanic server.

Anyone else oceanic based or at least within the oceanic time zone wanting an oceanic server?

Please petition here for support for kong to open an oceanic server.

I have spoken to the in game GM and they’ve said it is KONG that decides what server time zone to open up on kong website.

GM also mentioned that there is oceanic server on official website but I am sure most of us kong based player in oceanic region want a kong oceanic server and not to play on the main website.

My voice alone might not be heard but if we stand together and voice out it might be possible to convince the kong admins.

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Topic: General Gaming / The last Stand : Dead ZOne


Well was hoping they would send the developer a email or something :DDDD

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Topic: General Gaming / The last Stand : Dead ZOne

When is this game coming to kong or why isn’t this game on kong yet? Its an absolutely awesome game, very original in its genre.

Do the admins have any intention to bring it to kong? This game is going to get a high rating if it ever hits kong..Am sure of it..

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / New userscript (based on Sreject's one)

Awesome, thanks for working on it :) Much needed delete raid button.

Would be better if you could filter already visited raids out of the raid tab into a new tab called visited or something so we dont have to scroll all the way down.

or make it so new raids appear on top and older ones/visited one below.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Legions have been massacred. GAME OVER. Continue? 3.. 2.. 1..

I loled at the Adam sandler part :D

In be4 threat lock