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Topic: Game Programming / HTML5 - Looking for games

Some developers had some questions about the IP for the games entered into the cvontest. Here is a answer that hopefully clears all doubts:

Q: What happens to the IP of winning games?
A: SPIL GAMES is committed to progress the HTML5 standard. We have the best interests of developers in mind to ensure they are at the forefront of the mobile gaming revolution. When it comes to the winning games in the HTML5 contest, developers get the monetary reward associated with each prize and we offer developers several ways of working together.

Firstly, they can transfer their IP to us fully. The reason we do this is so that we can throw the full weight of our global resources behind the game to make it as successful as possible in the most efficient way possible. With the full IP we can ensure games are spread to our network of 130 million unique visitors by translating it into close to 20 languages. Additionally, we can easily and quickly update and customize the game throughout its lifecycle to meet the needs/request of players. Owning the IP ensures we can move quickly to spread and customize the game, otherwise we’d need to take up the time and resource of developers to constantly create a new IP for each language the game would be translated into or if we were going to make any changes.

If developers prefer we can also work with them on an exclusive license basis. This gives the developer the choice to retain ownership of future versions of the game, but they would need to take the responsibility of integrating any changes to the game (e.g., localization) on their own.

Finally, if these options aren’t of interest we are happy to discuss with entrepreneurial developers on a one-on-one basis how we can bring great new games to reality.

Ensuring developers have the best possible experience working with SPIL GAMES and that we can make their games successful is our top prirority.

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Topic: Game Programming / HTML5 - Looking for games

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but it seemed most appropriate to post it here.

There are some iPhone and Android mobile contests going on, and I’m getting quite a few emails from developers asking if SPIL Games is also interested in this content. So far I had to disappoint people, but I am now happy to announce that SPIL is also looking for new mobile content. We’ve chosen HTML5 as the right format. Please check out for more information, or feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions (no whispers please, because I’m bad at checking my Kong whispers ;).