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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Religion Outdated?

The argument against (religions are outdated) suggest that religion is consequence of human curiosity/belief and other such emotions/feelings, and thus religion is fundamental and impossible to move from the human psyche.

If that is so, how is it possible for atheists to exist? (If religion is the natural consequence of belief, then it should be impossible not to participate/ believe in religion)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Bombing Of Gaza

The way I see it, Israel is a organized, modern nation capable of ending the circle of violence if only it worked to build up Palestinian infrastructure instead of bombing it. It is immature of Israeli leadership to expect short-term solutions like bombing/ quick invasions will be effective in preventing future Isreali casualties. These incidents only increase support among Palestinians for violent groups rebelling against what they view as a tyrannical force.

I think the long term solutions are necessary. While I have no idea what they could be, I would imagine them having something to do with the building of infrastructure within Palestine, the creation of some semblance of a functional economy. This would decrease support for terrorist organisations and make whatever military actions against them much more effective [less new recruits, more trouble finding sympathisers an hence less funding, less missiles fired].

(Note, open to counter arguments and will comment again saying this post is stupid/ amending it should anyone provide valid counterpoints. Not a troll. Will edit if the argument is incomplete instead of wrong)

On an unrelated note, is anyone down with me making another thread? With the intentions of cutting off any potential infections by lingering trolls.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I love socialism!

I know, but I think it just kinda sucks that almost every thread degrades into this rather quickly, then dies off even if the subject matter is not explored to its full potential.

anyway, more on the subject matter:
“why there is so much against socialism and whether it really is the best”

I think, at least in the states, that the general hatred of socialism stems from
the fact that the two main parties have created a divide in which everybody hates (or at least refuses to discus the pros and cons) the other side, instead labeling them left or right. This is especially true in the media, where the majority of left vs right “debates” are actually an excuse for the network to bash one of the political sides, and no to be informative or create meaningful and illuminating dialogue.

I also think socialism is the way to go, but only after doing a thorough assessment of corruption and making laws to counter that.

In hind site, my previous post was just lashing out for all the dead and derailed threads, that failed spectacularly and made me look like a idiot. I shall now creep back into the shadows and stalk threads from the deep. adieu. (plus I really just wanted to type “hate thong”)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / I love socialism!

What are you guys even debating anymore. Could you maybe get back on socialism, instead of slapping each other with hate thongs.

Maybe everyone should stop including little barbs before every point in your arguments, which results in the everyone else doing the same, which then results in someone directly assessing the barbs, the jhico comes in with insane (Its not even right wing, its just fking batshit crazy) weird posts, then everyone starts slapping away with those hate thongs. rinse and repeat.

If you guys stop including personal barbs/ attacks and debate the issue, the thread would be a lot more interesting, especially cause I personally am interested in what everyone thinks on the topic, and in the rare moments where the opposing viewpoints have not stabbed each other in the balls I found [this thread] very informative.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / why all the hate against athiests

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by teh_hobo:

this year im going to be a freshmen

Yea, highschool age. This sort of shit will happen all the time. If it wasn’t your belief system, they would have picked on something else. You’ve plenty of time for them to do that anyway. Kids be kids – cruel, demonic little buggers with their hormones playing hell with their thought processes.

your Jack thinks you’re abnormal because you’re not one of the ‘cool crowd’ from his perspective. In his perspective, those who worship Yahweh are the ‘cool crowd’ and are following the herd instinct, in a life plan that’s set out for them. You’re shattering that comfort blanket that surrounds him, and making him think. You’re wrong. Right now he’s trying to set you ‘right’ as he thinks right should be. Save you, make you one of the cool crowd, just like him.

He’ll keep on at you until he gets bored and goes away, or it escalates into something you can press charges for. Most likely he’ll get bored and go away, once he’s wised up you cannot be intimidated into having the same belief system as him.

At least you know out of this, that he would never have been a true friend. Better to find out this sort of way than later when you really need someone to lean on.

also on a different note im not like most athiests
i dont believe in evolution nor the big bang

Scientific understanding and atheism aren’t the same thing. Just because you don’t believe in Yahweh, doesn’t mean you automatically gain knowledge of science, or that a religious person cannot be scientific.

Hell, I’m an occultist, and embrace the empirical data collection and analysis methods as one of the major tools in my search. Belief systems and science can work hand-in-hand regardless of the nature of the belief.

and i also believe that their COULD BE (not is) a higher form of being than myself that has influnce on the afterlife and earth and is sick and twisted

Yup, could be. Or it could be that there’s a higher form of being that sees our disembodied remains as little more than a tasty snack.

Where we have no hard data, it is always best to keep a mind open to the possibilities, lest you fall into the trap of discounting data that doesn’t fit with your world-view.

I discount Yahweh as a source of all creation entirely because of the data I have that he’s a psychological emergent creation of the human psyche. In other words for Yahweh to exist, humans had to be around first. That doesn’t stop me being open to the possibility of other deities out there.

I would never worship any deity, not how I approach the matter at all, but knowledge of what Yahweh actually is, means I can completely skip wasting time trying to serve that creature.

Why do you use the Hebrew/ old testament term “Yahweh” instead of God or the holy spirit or the plethora of other terms? Just curious

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Fascist Economics - What's Wrong With Them?

ok…. any facts/ figures to back that up tricky?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Quote Discussion, Current quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Look at Vietnam and Iran. In Vietnam, the initial loss of life was atrocious and the US lost. In Iraq the US “won” but they had to rebuild and establish stable gouvernement over a long periode of time. In both situations, the wars had large negative consequences and very few positive ones, hence there is a small différence in total between losing and winning

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Topic: Serious Discussion / World war 3

Do you think large scale warfare, as seen in world war one and two, is still a option in conflict today? I say this because the seeming lack of any conventional warfare in today’s wars and the no will by any of the major powers to ever deploy troops even in petty conflicts beacuse of economical repurcussions. Plus, you know, nuclear deterrent between most of the major power.

By large scale I a mean a major power with millions of troops fighting in conventional warfare ( against a state with a more or less equal military prowess

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun Issues

Is it possible to ban karma and Jhco from this thread? they have not contributed anything since the flame war started. Its much more intresting to read the post of people who are talking bout’ guns then Jhco and karma at each-others throats.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Quote Discussion, Current quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

that in the act of asking a question, you open yourself to more ideas then if you were to answer a existing one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are Corporations "People"?

You could say the same thing about big labor. But you didn’t, because you’re a liberal and liberals love their (often corrupt) labor unions. It’s a bit disingenuous to have this post decrying those nasty corporations while completely ignoring labor unions who do the exact same thing except in favor of the left.”

Yes, you can say the same thing about big labour. BUT, it still does not excuse big corporations. Plus, it would be kinda unfair if the right gets all the (unethical) money. And unlike corporations, and the objective of unions is not to increase the overall profit margin, instead it is to focus on benifiting the standard of living for all its members. And no who supports unions approves of corruption. It just happens, specially when lots of money is involved.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Politcal value of live

I dont normaly post quickly, but I just wanted to say that this perticular topic Is rather important, and has branches into almost all aspects of modern gouvernements. It deserves a better discussion. If someone post a vague, stupid post then be the better [wo]man and get the flubber over it and dont waste your time when a proper discussion could be taking place.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Blue Angels: Should they be grounded?

Its funny how accepting the american population is of it a huge military budget.
If those billions of dollars were spent badly or inefficiently by ANY other ministry, there would be huge backlash. But since this is the military, it seems all those BILLIONS of dollars that are being spent on weapons and equipment (most of which are barley used) are just shrugged off. the US gov. instead of 2 billion on bombers, could get infantry or drones to do the same damage, for ten times less $.

BTW, I bet the Us gov. could make a lot of dough by selling all of those graveyard planes to civilian airlines, and the blue angels should not be scraped
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun Issues

Originally posted by jhco50:
Originally posted by softest_voice:

The Court stated that the right to keep and bear arms is subject to regulation, such as concealed weapons prohibitions, limits on the rights of felons and the mentally ill, laws forbidding the carrying of weapons in certain locations, laws imposing conditions on commercial sales, and prohibitions on the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons. It stated that this was not an exhaustive list of the regulatory measures that would be presumptively permissible under the Second Amendment.

Oh gee look, SCOTUS admitted that firearms regulation is permissible in that D.C. vs Heller decision the gun nuts like to throw around.
So the Court didn’t just say “HEY GUNS FOR EVERYBODY NO RESTRICTIONS!!!”, huh? Crazy.

The outcome of D.C. v. Heller leaves some issues unanswered, including whether the Second Amendment restricts state regulation of firearms, and the standard for evaluating the constitutionality of other laws and regulations that impact the Second Amendment “right”. These issues will be the subject of future litigation.

Oh look, by your own quote it says it leaves questions of constitutionality that will be looked at later. It discusses whether or not a state can make regulations against the 2nd Amendment. You don’t’ have to be a lawyer to understand what that quote says.

Tell me softest, do you think it will stop with gun control like you are suggesting? You know better than that. So let’s say they manage to take our guns, the 2nd Amendment Right. What will they go after next, now that they have broken our Bill of Rights? Your wonderful freedom of speech? A speedy trial? How about freedom to be safe in your home and possessions? What are you willing to give up, because if they break the Bill of Rights they will clean house of all of our freedoms. Government is not our friend anymore.

What is it you think our government wants? They sure as hell don’t care about your freedoms. Or is it you can’t handle freedom and need a nanny government to guide you in all you do?

lol. look up here in canada. We dont have a right to guns, but we’re doing allright. This hole debate looks funny from up here, as you americans seem to tie guns to freedom. guns are made to kill things. buy a super-shotgun-taser thing if your you need to defend yourself.
And btw, no one could commit all those mass murders with a baseball-bat. non projectile based weapons are not as efficient or deadly, especially when you want to kil as many peuple as fast as possible 

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Topic: Off-topic / Bad teachers

I once had a spanish teacher that only ever spoke spanish in class. that sucked

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Topic: Off-topic / Bad teachers

What are the worst teachers you’ve ever had?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Quote Discussion, Current quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

The more horrible (or good) the situation a given people are in, the harsher (or nicer) the god they worship to will become.

As a example, look at the upwards curve the god from the Torah vs. the bible.
As the quality of life improved, so did the portrayal of god.
I believe this is because, as god is viewed as directly/ indirectly influencing everything, the peeps who worship various gods thought that he (the gods) are (brutal/ neutral/ merciful) depending on the quality of life (level of pain).
A poor man probably views his god as a much crueler deity then, lets say, a king.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Videogames

DO you think playing violent video games increase violent/ negative behavior (as a rule) in youth?

Personally, I think playing violent video games do not have a prominent effect on mental health/behavior, and if they do, its probably minimal, or the player started playing before they had reached the level of maturity to comprehend what is happening and understand that it’s fiction.

(As a side note, why is the portrayal of videogames in the mainstream-media so overwhelmingly negative? They make it seem every shooting with youth since mortal combat is ’cause of videogames)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / This game idea stolen from Rebuild 2?

lol. Is this a joke? Rebuild is nothing like this game.



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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can Communism Work?

Currently communsime is not a viable form of gouvernement, But I belive in the future it will be.
If everybody could beceome doctors or scentists, company managers or a lawer, who would be the country farmer? the worker or the janitor? even the stupidest of people have higher ambitions.
Plus, currently, If people slack off, it would result in them leeching of the system, taking the same chunk as hard working pplz without doing anything.
I think in the future the costs of manufacturing basic human needs (housing, food, water) and goods will fall to a point where, if distributed equaly by a central system would be able to provide all humans with enough of watever that even if half the population are slackers it would not matter, as all humans would be able to live comfortably (if the wealth is evenly spread out, that is)

Right now, we have capitilisme cause if we shared everything with everybody (comunisme) The pplz that work hard would be pissed that there living in the same shack as dudes who do abasutly nothing.
But when we get to the point where we can previde the hole human race with Nice houses in the suberbs, and no one lives in a shack or in a mansion, Everybody would be pleased.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Faction System - The Power Struggle In Union City

nice, exept the zombie cult should be called somthing else.
I assosiate zombie cult with worship of the zombies, but that fac instead veiw zombies as undead (I cant do slash cause my keyboard just changed to french. hate it when that happens) SLASH sinful

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Deathmobile upgrade still possible?

Are (premiums on) free flash games a waste of money?
I give thou permission to flame duel in the depth of SD.

more on topic, I think that upgrade would be a little OP. You could do a high level zone twenty times while dudes who haven’t paid wait like 2 hours.

(BTW, Benderboys argument>Xpines argument)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are you a good person?

This is a mystery only god can claim

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Corporations... in space!

Itll be almost impossible to launch a Big ship from earth. If we were to build a colonization or large ship for whatever reason, the thruster pack would have to be so totally massive, If it is even possible to chuk something as big as a colonization ship into space from earth using current methods

If you look at the picture on the top, the fuel tank used to break orbit is bigger then the shuttle itself!)

I think large for scale space operations, If we actually plan to start a REAL colony on mars (not just some mangily space huts), we would not only need a base on the moon, but a vessel big and efficient enough to make the journey their and back in reasonable time (to resupply, bring back research, people and any ressources gained).
to launch such a ship, we would need moon base. their is simply no alternative.
if we were to build a fleet of ships with current tech, from earth, and send them to mars, it simply wouldn’t WORK as well and cost the same…

plus the long term infastruture (moon base, space elevators, ect) gained would continue to be useful for future construction/missons.

But of course, this is all impossible until somone thinks up and gets funding for a space elevator.

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Topic: Off-topic / How tall is Kongregate?