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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Hot Key for Default Weapon

as above: next to 1 on my keyboard is `/~but Hotkey is ’/" near enter key. Looks like apostrophe and single quote mix up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] [Guide]Reactors for dummies.

I think We disagree on the fundamental value of the reactor. It is not to generate uri while you sleep. It is to generate Uri ALWAYS so that your next need is met and your research is never idle.

Originally posted by Seizan_7:

Total amount of resources held has nothing to do with conversion rate.

This is correct. I was talking about managing the Production Time Remaining to a specific target. I optimize Fuel Stocks so they contain the amount of res needed during the interval between fills. If you want to fill it everyday, great, you need 24 hours of res. If you want to fill it less or more often, one can modify their target level for this tech. Never stall your reactor. Uri Hold Fill Time is determined by the Uri Hold and the Conversion Rate (if your fuel is never allowed to exhaust you can ignore production time remaining). Uri hold raises this time, and conversion rate lowers it. Uri hold gained increases with each level, Conversion Rate level always grant the same increase. You can buy more Hold and get larger and larger jumps in the time it would take an always on reactor to fill it, but you can then buy more conversion rate to decrease this to your target collection frequency.

Except not for low levels or people who log in once a day.

Uri is easy to get for all. When you forsee a need for it, you go and raise it. I just don’t think players need to set long term goals to raise Uri for the next research. The time you have between each research is more than enough to raise uri for next expense, and making your reactor generate more uri when you collect is a part of why it s easy to get the uri you need.

If you log once a day or you play 8 hours does not increase the games difficulty as long as your reserach is never idle – then its the opposite: slowing advancement while never idle researching you will be more advanced than others who played the same number of hours.

All that text and you still failed to explain how exactly spending 1M+ for upgrading conversion rates is good choice if it would take you over year to see any benefit. Have too much uranium? Invest it or just store. Spending for the sake of spending is pointless, there are better sinks. Fast cash? You know what is even faster? Not investing that uranium and keeping it with you. Reactors are supposed to be something that gives you uranium while you sleep. Not optimizing it doesn’t make sense.

Saving uri without an explicit purpose for it is waste and a risk of loss. Uri is easy to get, so spend it on something – never have any research clock idle, and the uri you need to buy next tech takes less time than current tech. Putting Uri Need Fulfillment on your reactors frees you up to seek other goals. Again, reactors are not an investment in Uri; having the most uri is not the goal, having a high income to expense ratio is not the goal. Never idle research is. Reactors aren’t about earning while you sleep, they are about allowing you not to have to pay opportunity costs: high output will pay for your next expense, so you can instead raid, trade, farm gems from nonxp nonuri dropping mobs, or GET THOSE HOURGLASSES, or BE THERE WHEN RIFTS OPEN.

Storing Uri is stealing from your guild in more ways than one. And again, whether to buy a level in conversion or not depends on the value and cost of the alternative (once you are at your target fueling and collection frequency).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] [READ ME] Connection / login problems

I also had trouble… moreso with performance than with access. Avira was the root cause. I have wised up to the Anti-Virus BS. These free apps are resource hogs that provide Virus Protection. Do you, gamer geek, really need PROTECTION? No. Detection and Removal is sufficient if you have a robust maintenance plan that includes regular scanning. No more virus programs on my machine thank you.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] [Guide]Reactors for dummies.

I disagree STRONGLY with the advice to ever calculate or consider the payback time to recoup the cost of investing in increasing output, although I understand the urge to do so.

You are not buying output from reactors to gain an increase in your Uri Net Worth, or to improve some worthless ratio of Spent to Earned Uri. You are buying quick output, fast cash, and optimization for increased levels in the total Uri Hold for that reactor.

Furthermore, Uri is easy to get. Time and the limitation on the number of Techs you can research at once are the real commodities: both are fixed resources the same for everyone: 1 Tech per Reactor, and Time passes at the rate of 1 second per second; The time cost goes up with level, and other than stars to end early, you have to wait. Buying a level in reactor output is a consideration of opportunity cost not of uri cost – Uri is easy to get, you always can in short order afford at least the next tech you want. But getting +100/h uri output that takes you 18 hours to gain you give up the opportunity to raise, say HP 3, 4, 5, or more levels.

Spending Uri is not a sacrifice, dont count the cost. Time and what you don’t have for make one decision over another is the critical path in optimizing your reactor.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Hot Key for Default Weapon

Yeah, i cant figure out the hot key. `/~ doesn’t work for me. :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Cancel Research Confirmation Bug

So, if you click CANCEL in and active reseach in your reactor, your get a dialog that says something to the effect of

“Are you sure you want to cancel!?

Well, I didn’t want to (I had pressed CANCEL instead of CLOSE while looking at an active reseach). So when I got the confirmation above I pressed CANCEL as in NO I AM NOT SURE I WANT STOP THE RESEACH versus OK, GO AHEAD AND CANCEL MY RESEARCH.

But of course, the research ended.

This should be clearer. If you click cancel on a reasearch, it should ask “ARE YOU SURE” and the answer should be “STOP RESEARCH” or “CONTINUE RESEACHING” or whatever.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Anger by Grade, +#Monsters +#hp, etc?

I know I saw it somewhere, but what it the progression of monster stats by gem grade angered? I thought that at some point (G14??) the # monsters grew faster than the rate the armor or hp did? Is this true, or am I thinking GC0?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] High Level Skill Allocation Question (Grimlion Analysis Request!)

Originally posted by Gremlion:

6. G7 lime-yellow dual on any field [selling max Wild w/o manapooling]

Just to clarify, the other skills when Focus is at milestone 6 :
} the Focus mana will unlock the L and/or Y, plus a tower?
} or is mana earned from the anviling of Wild Gem for gems/a tower and mostly angering?
} Forge and Violent Explosions are maxed? Flexibility= 0?
} is Ritual incremented past level 1 and Amulets raise Ritual output? Or do I max Ritual with the purloined Focus points before moving on to Resonance?

Resonance: … Increase until bonus is … 300

300% bonus is so expensive, Im surprised its worth the cost!

… same scaling as Resonance but way less skillpoint cost. … Replenish gets the leftover

So, when not enough skill points to raise Resonance by a 100% increment, then bank them in Replenish until you can? or do you mean to have the % bonus for Replenish and Resonance equal even though the latter is more costly?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] THE ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED

Originally posted by DJFaust:

ctrl+shift+click on waves is even faster, at least all monsters will be released in the background and you can do something else on your compuer.

I can’t get this to work?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] Easy-Cheap Journey Amulets (Premium only)

isn’t that “# of unique gems created”

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] High Level Skill Allocation Question (Grimlion Analysis Request!)

“adding the third color causes you to lose a significant amount of firepower …”

Wow. The metrics for assessing this game keep getting more complicated! Relative “Mana return per damage per skillpoint per mana spent” on a skill by skill basis given a wave over wave progression? Tic Tac Toe was easier to solve by far!

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] High Level Skill Allocation Question (Grimlion Analysis Request!)

“If you can’t anger for mana, you need to fix it with replenish or resonance.”

This is exactly what I am trying to assess: Resonance makes more mana per wave vis a vis easier to kill monsters allowing more angering = more monsters, Replenish improves mana per kill.

Which does one prefer a 1% point increase in, all things being equal? Each is a Individual Rate of Return problem with Resonance being the more complex of the two problems (as maximizing the return on resonance depends solely on ones optimality of play, and replenish includes a passive component of mana gain).

As Celaeris notes, the return on Focus (in terms of the %-point increase each skill level) decreases with each level. I think the same is effectively true for Resonance and Replenish except it terms of the skill point cost level over level – I am not sure which is more costly.

I think Poingi has a good point: Focus has what I consider the negligible value of improving the time it takes to complete an Endurance run, which speaks to the reduction in the number of mana pools needed to facilitate getting to a ‘send all waves’ state. I’m more concerned with the relative value of it providing a strong opening to the other skills affect on mana gain. I don’t think I fully understand exactly what Pongi’s table of gem grade and “hp/mana” is (hp per mana [spent] or hp and/or mana [gained]?) I presume he is also basing his analysis on dual gems not triple.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] High Level Skill Allocation Question (Grimlion Analysis Request!)

I’m a min/maxer, and I play endurance with premium. My tactics are fairly invariant: I start with a triple gem, G7 Y/O/L (not O/L/Y or L/Y/O etc, always G5/O into G5/L and then G6/Y into that). I anger Wave 1 with 4 G3 at least, and I strive to Anger W1-W5 with 4 G3, W6-W10 w 5 G3-4, W11-W20 with 6 G4-5, and then I up my grade and count by 1 each every 10 waves.

Over the first 10-15 waves I build 9 Amps with same triple gem, until maybe 1 or 2 grades lower than my G7 starter. I build an O/L trap with 6- O Amps at each entrance. I shrine 120 monsters after W10, then avoid using shrines to kill. I dont upgrade my G7 until 2k kills with it. I delay spending mana on anything and empty my pool each wave on angering. I never anger with G1, and rarely with G2. Eventually (W20ish) I anger with max of 10 gems, and then only increase the grade but not count of my angering. I don’t bother angering beyond 10 G13/G14s as by then I can put my ceramic giraffe’s nose on the N key.

I am trying to complete endurance on each map. I always pick Tenfold, Armored, increased Banishment, Banish heal. I pick shadow before I pick +20%, I add either Faster or Armored. My goal is to beat endurance with this setup until I can get up to including Quad and Tougher (i.e. max the diff).

I find myself allocating skill points to Focus/Res/Rep until 0 points, which doesnt favor any one of those three (in terms of cost for next skill level – i.e. I buy the cheapest of the three at any given level up).

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft chapter 0] High Level Skill Allocation Question (Grimlion Analysis Request!)

I have a question on the relative merits of spending skill points in the three uncapped Skills:

Focus = Starting Mana Pool
Replenish = Mana Gain and per Kill Rate
Resonance = Gem Damage Modifier

Focus seems to give you a stronger opening setup, and (possibly?) reduce the number of mana pools needed between the higher level gem upgrade thresholds. Not sure if the latter matters vs mass duplication / combining to get high level gems, or how sensitive a given run is to the former.

Replenish improves the early to mid game, but I don’t think it has a great weight in ones end game effectiveness.

Resonance, if my logic holds, improves the whole as well, but more so the latter waves where ones gems have a higher base damage.

Which skill should be favored over the others?

Fwiw, I have 6468 skills points total (level 678), and my skills have levels of: Focus 147, Replenish 223, and Resonance 117. Any analysis or feedback (Grimlion?)

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Topic: Kongregate / Managing Favorites + Rated Games

Hello. I am fairly new here, and am really enjoying the site.

When I first joined, I used my browser to bookmark any favorite game I found, but now I would like to use the favorites features here. I have some questions about that:

1) is there anyway to see a list of games that I have rated and how I rated it, before I add it to My Favorites list?

2) can my list of favorites be sorted? I’d like to be able to browse my favorites like I do the list of games, either by (my) rating, alpha, or date?