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Topic: Galaxy Online / gumball event bugged

well i have a problem atm where i have 30 spins…. i click it and it goes to 14 and does the same ball over and over and doesnt use spins and i don’t gain any balls either…

after 5mins just realized i have to close my browser and reopen the game and i do one and after that one it goes to to the same thing again…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Soul of Guardian (SOG)] No gold from double event.

I did a few top ups during the beta and we got told that we would also get double gold from the event… i got told to put proof on here so here it is =)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Soul of Guardian (SOG)] Did not get any Gold from event 18-19

i also topped up 1400 gold during the beta aswell…

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Topic: Crazy Fairies / Suggestion Thread

i agree again with marfa’s suggestion on CLAN BUILDINGS but it is a bit overpriced xD it took me 3 days to get 700k silver from selling gold so youl have to do that just to get 1% extra of something? but its a very good idea just need the cost to be lowered or the % higher

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Topic: Crazy Fairies / Changing Reset Times!

I agree alot with this… i have started silver to gold merchanting to buy chests to get and few extra gems becuase today and yesterday i did all 6 PVE chests and out of all 12 i got 1 emerald which was really annoying. and also the quest chest i always get rubbish aswell. =S a decrease will be much much appreciated =).

tbh is really bad after you become lvl 25+ becuase there is hardly any players above lvl 20 anyway, and even to upgrade 1 weapon or equipment will take days to upgrade. im lvl 25 and i have not got 1 lvl 5 item yet, thx for reading.